Sisters Pt. 05

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Author’s note: Sorry I have been away for the few of you that read my stuff. I promise there is more to come. Work has been insane. I also am working on a piece of art related to this story. 😀


Daphne sat on the edge of her bed, spread eagle, plunging her fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Her other hand worked her clit furiously. Her body quaked in pleasure. In her mind’s eye, she pictured the love of her life, he younger sister, Calliope. Her beautiful face, her full lips she loved to kiss, her sweet little breasts. She loved her breasts. She was obsessed with them, and wanted them in her hands again. Her body began to stiffen up as her orgasm closed in, and threaten to throw her into a state of uncontrollable ecstasy. She shoved a third finger in her dripping wet sex and she remembered the taste of her sister and gushed more. Her ears rang with the sounds of Calliope’s blissful orgasms brought on her herself, and her mother. As she closed in on her orgasm, she began to moan loudly.

“Caliopeee… oh god Calliope…”

Just as she broke that bliss barrier, and climaxed, her roommate entered.

“Oh my god! Daphne!” Then girl screamed and slammed the door behind her.

Daphne grabbed for her sheets to cover herself, “I-I didn’t think you’d be back so soon!”

“Peterson ended class early.” Her roommate explained as she put her things down. Daphne grabbed her night shirt and tugged it on. She retrieved a bottle of water and took a long drink.

“So, how was class?” Daphne asked trying to not bring up her masturbating so openly and loudly.

“Good, review for a test mostly.” Danika replied as she sat on the edge of her bed facing Daphne, “So… Calliope huh?”

“What?!” Daphne replied uncomfortably.

“I could hear you from the hallway. You were calling out to Calliope.”

“Oh, I uhhh.”

“So… your sister huh?” Danika pried.

“What?! No!” Daphne replied defensively.

“Daph, it’s okay. I understand love isn’t always what “normal” people think it is.”

“Really?” Daphne replied.

“Yeah.” Danika reassured her. She pulled off her hoodie and pulled her hair up in a pony tail. Daphne had been roommates with Danika for three and a half years. They lucked out, were selected as roommates during their freshman year and ended up being good friends and staying together. After spring break, Daphne confided in Danika about coming out to her sister and her reaction. The moment Daphne got back to school, Danika could tell something was going on, she had never seen her so happy she was almost always giddy. Danika slipped off her boots and smirked at Daphne, “So… your sister huh?”

“Yeah, I couldn’t not tell her how I felt. I couldn’t be happier with the result.” Daphne explained.

“That’s so great Daph.” She swept her hot pink bangs back and pinned them back, “But tell me, what happens next? You graduate in a few weeks and head home.”


“I mean, you told me you and Calliope are in love.”

“Yes.” Daphne smiled, “Very much so.”

“Okay, that’s cool and all, but listen,” Danika slid over to Daphne’s bed and sat next to her. “You guys are biological siblings. That means-“

Daphne raised her hand, “Stop.” Daphne pivoted on the bed to face her friend, “Cali and I have been through this. As a matter of fact, we each individually have discussed it with my mom.”


“The topic of incest was a huge hang up for Cali.”

“So, she’s NOT sure about the two of you?” Danika asked.

“No no, it’s not that. She was concerned about societal repercussions with two sisters dating, etc.” Daphne sipped her water, and continued. “My mom and I, over several conversations convinced, or rather reassured her that our love is pure and true. Society may have issues with it, but why should we care what others say or think if we are devoted to one another.”

“Okay, I think that sounds logical.” Danika replied.

“We still have a lot to deal with. We just didn’t have time to really discuss all the pitfall of an incestuous relationship.”

“Other than the obvious, what do you mean?” Danika asked as she took a sip of Daphne’s water. The girls were very close and shared a great deal, including food and clothes.

“Well, we need to How do we deal with partner type actions. Maybe not the right words.” Daphne paused.

“Hey,” Danika put her hand on Daphne’s shoulder, “It’s okay, take your time. I am here to talk or just listen, if you need.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that.” Daphne replied with a smile. “If we were to try and get married, obviously we never could. How would say a landlord handle us applying to an apartment as sisters?”

“Well, as far as the apartment thing, you can ‘pretend’ to be JUST sisters.”

“I thought of that, but that also means we’d have to hide who we are at all time near where ever we live, so people won’t know.” Daphne replied.

“That’s true.” Danika replied. “As for marriage, yeah, that’s a tough one. But, isn’t it a little early to being thinking about that?”

Daphne stood up and moved to the window of their dorm room. She looked out over the quad, and naughty america porno spied a young, likely freshman sitting under a tree reading. Her heart soared when she thought of her little sister, not just the incredible sex, but how she felt being near her. When she heard her sister’s name mentioned, or her voice ring in her ears, she became dizzy. Her love for her sister was deep and powerful.


“Huh? Oh, sorry.”

“You spaced out there for a minute… Calliope?”

There is was, her name. Daphne smiled to herself and spun on her heel, “Sorry… I guess I haven’t been able to express the depth of my love and passion for her.”

“Hmmm. So, like butterflies in your gut?”

“That’s one way to put it.” Daphne replied. “I am overwhelmed with concern and worry.”

“Concern and worry? Why?”

“I need to protect her, I need to make sure everyday she is loved, and always will be. Our bond is so-“


Daphne reached for her phone, tapped it a few times and a smiled stretched across her face.

“Calliope?” Danika asked with a smile.

“Yeah.” Daphne replied to the text and set her phone down. “She was between classes and want to tell me she was thinking about and loves me.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet.”

“She’s perfect.” Daphne sat next to her roommate, and took a deep breath. “Every single thing about her makes me love her even more.” A smile spread across her face again, “Her voice, her scent, her curves… her… taste.”

“Easy girl!” Danika laughed.

“Sorry, she’s just… my everything. She’s perfect.”

Danika took a sip of water and swallowed hard. “Are you sure? I mean, are you sure it’s true love, and not familial love?”

Daphne turned and looked into Danika’s eyes. An expression of hurt masked her face.

“I-I’m sorry Daph, I should know better.”

“It’s okay.” Daphne replied in a small, quiet voice. “I thought it was for years, but I realized over the last few years, that is true, deep romantic love.”

“Awww, that is so sweet!”

“I can’t see my life without her…ever.”

“I can see that, Daph, I am happy for you.” Danika replied.

“Calliope…” Daphne whispered wistfully.

“Calliope!” A voice rang in Calliope’s ears. “Calliope!” Shaken out of her daydream fog by a voice calling her name Calliope turned to see her good friend Allison standing near the entrance to their high school, “You’re going to be late for class.”

Calliope nodded her head while gathering her things. All the while her mind wandered to thoughts of her lover, and sister Daphne. Of course the thought he being with her intimately turned her on to know end, and caused her to soak through her panties, but most of her thoughts reflected on her feelings for her older sister. Her heart fluttered, and her stomach twisted, she was in love, truly in love. She never felt happier.

“Come on!”

Calliope bolted across the yard to her friend. “Yeah yeah, let’s go.”

“What’s going on with you? Ever since we got back from spring break, you’ve been… different.”

Calliope smiled to herself, “I ‘met’ someone.” She stated flatly.

“Wait what?!” Allison stopped short, right in front of their class room, “How can you just drop a bomb on me like that?!”

“Sorry, I-“

“Girls? Are you going to join us for class?” Their teacher called form the doorway.

All through class Calliope daydreamed of her beautiful sister, while Allison wracked her brain as to who her friend might have met in such a short period of time. She ran down a list of guys they knew, but none of them made sense… What the hell, who could it be?

As the end of the day bell rang, Allison stalked the hallways, looking for her friend. Finally spotting her at her locker. “Cali!” She called as she hurried to her side.

“Hey Alli, what’s up?”

“What’s up? You know what’s up. Who did you meet? How?”

Calliope laughed, “Come on, I’ll tell you.”

The girls raced off to the parking lot. Calliope paused by her car, her green eyes sparkled in the afternoon sun. Allison leaned up against the car, “Sooo… tell me who this guy is.”

Calliope paused for an almost uncomfortably long time, “It’s… Daphne.”

Allison stumbled back a step, “Daphne?! Your sister?!”

“Yes.” She replied in a small voice.

“You can’t be serious! How can you be interested in your sister?” Allison glanced around at other students still lingering in the parking lot. She stepped closer to her friend and whispered, “You know you can’t do this, right?”

Calliope climbed into her car, started it and rolled down her window. “If you are willing to talk about it, follow me to my house.”

While Allison watched as Calliope drove away, she shook her head in disbelief. This can’t be real.

At her house, Calliope burst through the door and raced up the stairs to her room. Samantha, her mother watched her, and worried. This was very unlike Calliope to not stop and say hello and even sit and talk with her mother. She stood at the bottom of the stairs concerned, but wondered if she should even go talk to her. Maybe nubiles porno she needed a moment to calm down or just get it all out. Then her front door swung open again, and there stood Allison.


“Hi, Sorry, is Cali in her room?”

“Yeah she is, but-“

Allison nodded her head and raced passed Samantha and up the stairs. Calliope’s door was slightly ajar, so Allison pushed the door open, “Cali?”


She could barely hear her friend’s voice from across the room. She entered and approached Calliope. Cali sat on the floor by her patio door and stared out to the front grounds. Allison sat next to her, and remained quiet. Finally, after a few minutes, Calliope shifted and looked back at her friend. She swallowed hard and began to speak.



“During spring break, Daphne came home to relax and celebrate my birthday. On her first day home, she told me she had been in love with me, and could no longer keep it in.” The words raced from her lips, “The moment she told me, it was like a slap, and it dawned on me that the strong emotions I had for her all these years were indeed love as well.”

“Wait, how do you know it’s romantic love and not just because you’re sisters?” Allison asked.

“Daphne and I and even mom discussed this, we know what we feel for one another.”

“Your mom knows?!”

“Yes, she’s actually very happy for us.”

“Wow!” Allison replied, “That’s amazing!”

“She’s always been very open minded and progressive.” Calliope replied.

“I guess!” Allison replied. “So, what’s next?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, if you guys are in love, have you expressed it yet? Have you-” She paused, nervously unsure if she should even ask this, “Kissed?”

Calliope giggled.


“Yeah, we’ve kissed.” Cali grinned.


“Nothing.” Calliope could not hide her blushing smile.

“More than just kissing?”

Calliope paused and remembered their lust fueled moments while Daphne was home. She nodded, “Alli… Kissing was only the beginning.”

Allison turned her head slightly, “Only the beginning?”

“Yeah, We had sex.”

“How do you have sex with a girl?” Allison asked, surprisingly intrigued.

“Oh geez Alli!” Calliope laughed. With the tension broke, Calliope found it easier to open up.


“We started with kissing, obviously. Eventually we’d move to taking our close off and kissing, licking and sucking each others breasts.”

Allison shifted slightly, when she did, she realized she was getting wet, thinking about the sisters tenderly kissing and suckling on each others breasts. Allison was getting turned on, to her surprise.

“Then, we would go between each others legs and and lick, and even shove fingers inside.” Her voice dropped low and was suddenly lust-filled. “It was the most amazing feeling I have ever had!”

“Wow…” Allison’s voice caught her throat.



“Are you turned on?” Calli asked her sheepishly. Allison’s face flushed and quickly turned red. She shifted again and realized her panties were drenched and she had soak through them.

“Y-yes.” Allison replied embarrassed. Calliope put her hand on Allison’s shoulder, “It’s okay, I understand. To be totally honest…”

“Yeah?” Allison now hung on Calliope’s every word.

“Daphne and I… we also had sex with mom.”

“What?!” Allison’s pussy gushed, “Your mom?!”

“Yeah, the three of us had sex. It became a sort of bonding experience. It helped Daph and I find ourselves, and what we wanted.” Calliope explained.

“How did THAT go?”

“It was amazing!” Calliope’s expression became wistful, “My mother tasted so different than Daphne, but their bodies were nearly identical. Their breasts are almost the same, except mom’s a slightly bigger.”

“Wow…” Was all Allison could say.

As Calliope described in detail her threesome with her mother and Daphne, her encounter with their mutual friend Sara, and the multiple encounters with Daphne and her, Allison got more and more turned on. She attempted to slide her hand into her bottoms, but Calliope turned to face her. She smiled, “You ARE turned on huh?”

“Uhh… yeah. Sorry, I can’t help it. My body is reacting to your story.” Allison replied.

“It’s okay, really.”



“Would you… do that with me?” Allison couldn’t even look her in the eyes. Calliope put her hand on Allison’s knee, and spoke in soft tones. “Sweetie, I would love to make love to you, but Daphne and I are exclusive. We will not have any other partners.”

“Oh…” Allison said disappointed, “I understand, that’s actually very sweet. You two are very lucky. I am happy for you.”

“Thanks.” Calliope replied and wrapped her arms around her friend.

Just outside, Samantha listened in. Hmmm Maybe…

Just then Allison appeared at the door, “Oh hi!” Allison grinned at Samantha.

“Hello Allison, is everything okay?” The older lady asked. Allison shifted to the other side of the hall.

“Y-Yeah, sure.”

“Allison…” olgun porno Samantha approached her, Allison couldn’t help but glance down the beautiful, mature woman’s blouse. She thought about Calliope talking about her breasts, and bit her lip. “Can I show you something?”

“Sure, I guess.” Allison stammered. Samantha smiled and took Allison by the hand. She led her down to the end of the hall, and into the master suite. The room was “vast”, almost double the size of both Daphne and Calliope’s rooms!

“Wow!” Allison was astonished at the size of the room. King-sized bed, double walk-in closets, walk-in shower and separate whirlpool tub, private balcony. “This is amazing!”

“You like it?” Samantha asked as she approached Allison from behind.

“I-Yeah! I think this room is almost as big as my house!” She exclaimed.

“Can I show you something else?” Samantha purred in her ear. A shiver raced up Allison’s spine.


Samantha and Allison exited the room, took a back stairwell hidden by a door down stairs. They arrived in a small hallway with three doors.

“That door goes to the kitchen, that one goes to the back patio, and this one…” She reached out and opened the door, “Goes to a special guest bedroom.”

Allison entered the room. It was smaller than Calliope’s room, but still very nice. She looked around, and turned to Samantha who had quietly close the door.

“What’s going on? Why show me all this?”

“Well, Allison, I heard you and Calliope talking, and I wanted to help you out.”

“I-I’m not sure what you mean.” Allison replied. Samantha reached out and swept some of Allison’s bright blond hair behind her ear, and stroked her cheek. “I think you know what I mean.”


“Calliope is devoted to her sister, I on the other hand…”

“But, you’re married!” Allison declared.

“I know that, now be quiet, and let this happen.” She replied and leaned toward the young girl. Samantha’s lips connected with Allison’s and she felt overwhelmed. The 18 year old could feel her her panties soak, and even some of her juices begin to run down her inner thighs. Her knees weakened as Samantha’s tongue entered her mouth. Samantha could feel her get weak kneed and took her by the waist and led her to the bed. Allison sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Samantha undressed. Allison’s eyes were wide and her gaze transfixed on the older woman’s incredible body. Samantha watched the young girl watch her, and smirked. I am going to make this girl a woman!

“Do you like what you see?” Samantha asked the girl as she stood proudly in front of her. Allison nodded slowly.

“No, say.” She forcefully put her hands on her wide hips.

“Yes, I do like what I see.” Allison said.

“Good girl.” She replied. Samantha leaned down and kissed her cheek. Allison tried to turn her face to kiss her, but she forced her face back.

“No.” She said sternly, “I will say when we kiss.” Samantha’s commanding nature turned on Allison to no end. She squirmed, wanting to be touched. Samantha reached out and took Allison’s hands and stood her up. Allison tried to embrace her, but Samantha pushed her away slightly, “No.”

Allison pouted, “Why not?”

“When I say so. Now, get undressed.” Samantha demanded as she sat on the bed. Allison swallowed and slowly pulled her top off.

“Good girl, keep going.”

Allison reached around and unhooked her bra. She pulled it off and exposed her round, perky breasts.

“Quite lovely.”

“Th-thank you.”

“Now you pants.”

Allison nodded and removed her pants. This isn’t exactly what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be more mutual, tender…

“Hurry up dear.” Samantha urged her on. Allison then removed her panties and stood before Samantha presenting herself to her. Allison was visibly shaken and uncomfortable. Samantha stood and took Allison’s wrist, “Come.” Samantha led the girl to the patio and gently pushed her into the railing. She bent her over and swatted the Allison’s ass. A bolt of electricity rushed through Allison’s body and struck hard between her legs. She gushed as Samantha swatted her again.

“Yip!” Allison responded to the sting of Samantha’s hand on her ass.

“You like this?”

“I-I was hoping we could-“

“We could what? Have sex?” She swatted her ass again, “Little girl, you are going to be my play thing, and thank me when we’re done.”

Allison swallowed hard, and grunted as Samantha’s hand struck her ass once again. She spun the young girl around, leaned her back and knelt before her.

“I’m going to lick your pussy, and you will love it.”

Allison anxiously nodded, Samantha grinned and shoved her tongue inside the young girl. Allison gasped as she threw back her head. The sun beat down on the young girl’s fair skin. It was warm, but nothing compared to Samantha’s hot breath on her womanhood. Allison’s head began to spin as Samantha took her to the height of ecstasy. As Samantha’s tongue lashed at Allison’s clit, she slid a finger inside her. Allison squealed as she was penetrated. Samantha looked up at the young girl as she looked down to watch the beautiful woman, old enough to be her mother, devouring her sex. Soon, Allison’s body began to quiver uncontrollably, her orgasm began to build up like a tidal wave, ready to crash over her. She had masturbated before, but it was never like this.

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