Sisterly Bonds Ch. 03

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Note: All characters are over 18


The younger sister quickly undid the screw holding the back in place, removing it so that she could escape the chair and have more movement in her arms. After that, she stood up, moving the seat of the chair away from the legs, overturning the legs so that she could move her legs independently of the chair.

“There.” She thought, chuckling softly into her gag. Her lips had become dry due to the handkerchief that was bulging out of her mouth, making a small lump in the cloth gag tied around her head. “I can focus on escaping and making sure she doesn’t take pictures of me.”

She pushed herself to a sitting position, balancing herself with her bound hands. She folded her still tied together feet under her body, shifting to get herself into a kneeling position. She shuffled herself over to her bed, leaning on it and pulling her legs to a crouching position (or, as close to a crouching position as one could get with ones legs tied together). Using this, she stood up, looking around her room for anything she might could use to escape this predicament she had gizli çekim porno gotten herself into.

Her eyes glanced at a hanger in the dim light of her room.

“Probably best to not try that.” She thought. “who knows what would happen if I slip. I’d rather not risk injury. My chest and chin still kinda hurt from that fall earlier. Fortunately, I have at least some breasts to cushion it a bit.”

She hopped over to the bookshelf, trying to see if there was anything there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t.

“That screwdriver won’t saw through these ropes.” She thought. “At least, not in time for me to actually escape.”

She hopped over to her bed, dropping to her knees as quietly and as softly as she could, hoping she didn’t injure her knees or alert her bondage crazed pervert of an older sister to her escape. She knelt down to see what she could see under her bed, her eyes beginning to adjust to the dimmer light of her room and the even darker view under her bed.

Her vision saw a tiny glint of metal under her bed, causing her to give a sort of excited gasp into her glory hole secrets gag. Thinking quickly, she got into a lying down position, slipping her legs under the bed to reach the object.

Her socked feet could grip the object that was under the bed using her toes. She could feel it was stringy, but wasn’t seemingly bad. She carefully twisted her body to her side so her legs could bend behind her to bring the object to her hands behind her back.

“Hey!” she thought as she felt it. “This is that stupid drawstring bag from that stupid camping trip that mom thought would be a ‘fun bonding experience’. Yeah, my sister had the fun and I was being “bonded” with ropes and rolled up in my own sleeping bag. But, this has some minor camping supplies… maybe one in here can help.”

She began to open the drawstring bag, using her hands to feel the objects she was pulling out.

“Stupid broken compass…” she thought, pulling it out. “map of the stars, sunscreen… oh my god! It’s my pocket knife! I can use this!”

Carefully maneuvering the knife so she could open grup sex it, she began to cut the ropes holding her wrists together. The knife was hard to hold in her current situation, but her determination gave her the grip strength she needed to accomplish her goal. She carefully sawed through the ropes, being just as careful not to hurt herself with the knife.

“Almost got it…” she thought as the first loop of the rope cut, causing her to pick up her pace a little.

Eventually, the ropes holding her wrists were cut through, at which point, she quickly untied the ropes around her waist and ankles.

After she’d finished untying the ropes, she untied the handkerchief tied behind her head, pulling it off as she grabbed the part of the stuff gag that was sticking out of her mouth due to its size and pulling it out.

After she’d freed herself, she laughed, a little strained and soft so that she wouldn’t alert her sister of her new freed status.

“Oh, my muscles hurt from those tight ropes.” She said, panting. “I guess I could rest for a minute. Then, I’m going to get mom or just head out. She’s too tough to take on… but, maybe today I could try…”

Having made up her mind, the nineteen year old grinned to herself, allowing herself a small rest after hours of being bound. She’d attempt payback after she rested up.

But, the story isn’t over yet…

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