Sister – Sister Ch. 05

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It was eleven o’clock in the morning, and Robert was on the third shuttle to Denver. The flight was only three hours, but as they were heading west it would be only about forty-five minutes due to the time change. Robert was nervous from the time he sat down and buckled in.

The 737 revved up the engines, then taxied out on to the tarmac. The flight attendants went through the safety procedures, and explained how everything worked. Suddenly although Robert wasn’t ready, the airplane started down the runway and lifted into the air.

“Well here goes nothing.” Said Robert as the little airplane broke through the clouds. Making a wide sweeping turn to head west. At Robert’s request, the flight attendant brought him a double Jack Daniels on the rocks, which he drank down immediately, then ordered another.

After downing two doubles, Robert began to relax, and sat back to try and enjoy the flight. When he looked around at the other passengers, they all looked like terrorists, but he was a little higher than the airplane, so he just giggled.

What seemed to be about two or three minutes later one of the flight attendants was shaking his arm and telling him that they were now on the glide path into Denver, and they would be landing in fifteen minutes. Robert took a chance and looked out the window. Although he expected a lot of trees and snow, the city was very desolate looking and there were no trees in sight.

When they landed it felt like all the tires were flat, but the plane taxied to the terminal, and some of the passengers began to get off. Robert was never so happy just to be on the ground. When the flight attendant said,

“Welcome to Denver, and join us again.”

Robert mumbled under his breath,

“Oh yah like that will ever happen.”

Robert picked up his bags and went over to the Hertz Rental agency, where he rented a little dark blue sedan. He also obtained a local, and state map and went to the car.

It was almost two o’clock, when Robert pulled the rental car up to Our Lady of Sacred Love Academy and St. James High School on Barton Street. He got out of the car and walked up to the school. He thought to himself he could just talk to her. If she liked the life she was living, he would leave.

As he entered the front door he saw a sign, which displayed, Principal Leo Bonarotti. A very prim and proper secretary, in her late forties, with a very large nose, greeted him as though she had a mouth full of cotton. She picked her words carefully and said slowly, “May I help you sir?” and even though she said it, Robert knew by her attitude that she didn’t mean it.

“I believe my sister is a nun here. I would like to speak with her.”

“Her name?”

“Kathryn English.”

“Sorry, she is allowed no visitors. Goodbye Sir.” The woman turned her back on him and began shuffling some papers.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I will have to ask you not to raise you voice, and refrain from using profanity. This is a Catholic School.” She said still with her back toward him.

Robert reached over the desk, grabbed her chair and spun her around. She had an expression of someone riding a “tilt a whirl” at an amusement park.

“Listen very carefully … lady.” said Robert, “I don’t care if this is the fucking Vatican. I said I want to talk to my sister.”

The robot like woman slowly lifted her arm and flipped a switch on an old intercom box.

A voice answered. “Yes Miss. Murray, what is it.”

“Mr. Bonarotti, there is a … man … out here who wishes to visit a nun,” she said in a monotone voice. “Sister Mary Stewart. He refuses to take no for an answer.”

The door to the Principal’s office opened and a rather large man of about three hundred pounds with a bright red face, wiping perspiration from his forehead stared at Robert incredulously. It was obvious he was of Italian ancestry, as he looked more like more like a “Mafia” good guy than a schoolteacher. He said. “Please come in.” “My name is Robert English, and my sister Kathryn is employed here as a nun. I would like to speak with her.”

“Didn’t my secretary explain that it was not possible.”

“There were words to that effect. But I don’t accept her statement.”

“Well what is it that you don’t understand? This is a cloistered nunnery, and the sisters never speak to anyone.”

“Why … is she under arrest?”

“Of course not. She is here of her own free will. Do you not understand what a cloistered nunnery is?”

“Yes … I’m Catholic. It means, separated from, and having little contact with the outside world.”


“Little contact doesn’t mean no contact at all, does it.”

“I’m awfully sorry, however those are our rules.”

“May I ask how many nuns and priests are employed here?

“About fifty nuns, many of whom are teachers and twenty priests.”

“Fine, I’ll just give you my card. I work for a large western newspaper in California. Can you tell me the direction of the Sheriff’s Department? I’m beginning an investigation in this area of ankara escort priests who have been molesting children.”

Bonaritti, sat motionlessly his face turning a deathly white, as though the blood bank had taken a little too much at his last donation.

“What is it that you really want Mr. English?”

“I really want to speak with my sister. Will you arrange that now?”

Bonaritti picked up the phone and entered three numbers on the pad.

“Yes Miss. Swarthing, this is Bonaritti. I wish to speak to the Mother Superior.”

“Reverend mother, I have a situation. We have a man who must speak with his sister, Mary Stewart … Yes I know that, however this is an emergency … we will just have to forget the rules this one time …Yes I will explain it to you later. OK that will be fine … Yes OK.”

The Principal directed Robert down the hall to a recreation room. He took Robert in and had him sit in a chair in the middle of the room. There, he was left alone for about ten minutes, until one of the back doors opened and two nuns walked in. Robert stood as they walked over to him. It almost looked like a prison matron with and inmate.

They both appeared to be just over five foot, and they were dressed in heavy robes.

“Are you Kathryn English?” asked Robert.

The nun made no statement however nodded her head looking toward the floor. The other sister who was easily in her sixties, stood close to the younger one, holding her arm.

“Excuse me, but I would like to talk my sister alone.”

“That is not possible.”

“You wouldn’t want to bet your rosary beads on it would you Sister?”

“Well I was told …”

“I know exactly what you were told,” said Robert. “Now I’m telling you, if you want to keep this school out of the newspapers, off of television and out of the courts, you will leave this room immediately.”

She stood looking at him, with a forty-year history of Catholic School behind her. She had handled many students in her time and Robert was no different.

“Did you not understand what I said sister?” Said Robert looking down into her eyes, not blinking about three inches from her face. “If things don’t go my way and you people don’t cooperate, I’ll get this school closed down, no matter what it takes.”

The little old nun, who resembling a thoroughbred pit bull, almost snared at him curling her upper lip, then turned and defiantly walked from the room.

He sat down next to the younger nun and asked,

“Do you know who I am Sister?

She shook her head however said nothing.

“I’m your brother Robert.”

“Robert?” She had the beginning of a smile on her face, and tears welling up in her eyes.

“Yes. Robert English.”

“Your mother is Marge and your Dad is Earl.”

When Robert said Earl, she winced as though she were in pain.”

“Do you remember Earl?”

“Yes. He told me not to tell.”

“Tell what?”

“Not to tell?” She lowered her eyes to her hands folded together in her lap.

“What did he do to you? You can tell me, I’m your brother.”

“Do … you … like … Earl?”

“He’s my father, but I don’t like him. I don’t believe anyone really likes him. What did he do to you?”

“He made me stay in the basement, in a chair.”

“He tied you up, didn’t he?”


“I knew it!” Robert almost shouted out. “Then he touched you, didn’t he?”

She began to cry and nodded her head.

“Earl said that he would hurt me and momma if I didn’t let him touch me. Is momma alright?”

“Yes momma is fine.”

“Earl and momma had a fight and he said that I had to leave. I was brought here.”

“Do you like it here?”

She looked all around to see if anyone could hear her and then whispered,

“No, they make me stay in my room and pray all of the time, and they hit me if I do anything wrong.”

“What did you do that they thought was wrong?”

“I touched myself in my room.”

“Do you mean, that you touch yourself … down there.”

She looked down embarrassed; a single tear flowed down her cheek.

“Do you want to stay here?”

“I have to … they said … I have to.”

“No you don’t. You don’t have to stay, if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t want to go back with Earl.”

“No; of course not. You will never have to see Earl again.”

“Where would I go?”

“To California with me. With your little brother.”

When she smiled his heart jumped. He had never seen such a smile on anybody before. She threw her arms around Robert, and kissed him on the cheek. The tears were now flowing down her face and she said,

“Robert I’m so happy. You saved me.”

Just then the older nun walked back in and told Robert that Sister Mary Stewart had to return to her cell.

“‘Fraid not sis.” He said showing no respect. “She is going with me.”

“Are you insane young man? She isn’t going anywhere.”

“What would you say sister if I told you that there were several priests working here that have molested little boys, escort ankara and quite a few nuns, who pass themselves as teachers, but constantly beat the children who live here.”

“I wouldn’t believe you.”

“Do you want names?” asked Robert. “Bring her personal effects here now. We are leaving.”

“Nuns have no personal effects.” She said scornfully.

“Better yet.” Laughed Robert. “Come on Kathryn we’re going, and sister if you call the police and attempt to stop us. All of your dirty little secrets will be in the newspaper and on nation wide television tomorrow.”

The older sister shook her head and said, “You know that you will go to hell for this.”

“If I do, I’ll be the one sitting on the hot coals right next to you.”

The sister said nothing more, turned on her heals and left the room.

“This way Kathryn, I have a car outside.”

They walked out to the lobby of the school, with Kathryn holding Robert’s arm like they could take her back if she let go. As they approached the main door the Principal stepped in front of them. Kathryn stopped and waited for a moment.

“Come on sweetie, we have a train to catch.”

“You are going to be sorry for this young man.”

“Listen close asshole, if you fuckers don’t leave us alone or say anything to anyone, I’ll have the Vatican down on your ass. Not to mention the FBI. She never wanted to be here and you have held her against her will for years.

That’s False Imprisonment for sure, and I might even be able to prove kidnapping. Ask Mother Superior what she would think spending twenty-five to life, in the Federal lock up, not that it would be much different than here. Do you still want to stand in our way?”

The Principal frowned then turned to go into his office. Robert and Kathryn walked out the front door and got into the car. She began to laugh and cry at the same time.

“What are you laughing about sister?”

“Please Robert don’t call me sister anymore.”

“Not their sister.” Said Robert flipping his head toward the school. “My sister, sweetie.”

She smiled and then laughed out loud. Her laughter was heady almost like hearing; perfume, and he was determined to make every effort, to make her laugh every day.

“What about cloths? I can’t wear this robe all of the time, especially in California.”

“What do you have on under your robe?”

“A bra.”

“And panties?”

“No they didn’t give us any panties.”

“You’re kidding?”


“Do you know what size you are?”

“No. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say you are sorry. You have nothing for which to apologize.”

Then she lifted her robe and showed her brother that she was naked underneath.

“Does this help? What size do you think I am?”

Robert sat there staring into her lap. Her pussy mound was bare. The situation reminded him of some of his dates with Jennifer at the drive in.

“A … a … five … maybe?” he stammered as he pulled away from the school, and drove several blocks to the downtown area where he spotted a mall. Robert pulled into the mall and parked near Mervyns.

Inside the store everybody was looking at Kathryn in her robe and sandals. Robert pointed her toward the changing room, and looked around for a panty display. He grabbed a white silky pair of lacy panties, size five and went in behind her. He was startled, as she was standing there completely naked.

“Sweetie, you shouldn’t have taken off your robe until I left.”

“Why? You are my brother.”

“Yes but brothers and sisters shouldn’t see each other naked.”

“Why not? In the book of Genesis, it said Adam and Eve had two sons and three daughters. His brother Kane killed the other son, Able. If there were no other people in the world, the remaining son must have had sex with his sisters, right?”

“I think that you have given this too much thought Katie … Can I call you Katie?”

“Of course you can Bobby. In the nunnery they told us not to think, just pray; but sometimes I just had to think.”

She turned to step into her panties, when Robert saw some scars on her back. He asked her where they came from, and she told him that many of the younger girls were struck if they were caught touching themselves inappropriately.

It happened years ago and didn’t hurt anymore. Robert was furious, but held it back. He wanted to return to the school and destroy everyone who had ever hurt his sister.

“What do you think Robert? She asked, smiling standing there in just a pair of white lace hip hugger panties. They were a perfect fit. Although she was older she looked like she was no more than nineteen. Her perky breasts pointed at him as though they wanted to tell him something. She was so gorgeous he was having a hard time formulating words.

“Ga … go … good. They look good on you.”

“Thank you. I like them … very much.”

Robert was getting a little excited when he asked her what her bra size was. She didn’t know, but stood up straight and thrust out her breasts, then handed him the ankara escort bayan convent bra, which wasn’t much help either.

He could see however from many years of looking at the female form, she was at least a “C” cup. He went back out into the store and located a salesgirl, telling her Katie’s location and what he thought she needed.

A half hour later Katie came out looking like something out of a Magazine. She sure didn’t look like a thirty-three year old woman. Her hair had been cut short to wear under the habit and looked very cute with her new cloths. She seemed truly happy and her blue eyes sparkled when she smiled.

“Robert, you have made me feel like a … girl again. I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”

“Oh Robert, please don’t call me baby. That’s what your father always called me.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Thank you for understanding Robert.”

Robert handed the salesgirl his Visa gold card and she rang up the bill. He watched Katie as she did pirouettes in front of a full length mirror giggling. She had never had a life, and he was going to do his best to make a nice one for her.

With all of their packages in hand they went out to the rental car and moved over to a Savon Drug store. When they went in, Robert began to pick out things like toothbrushes, toothpaste a comb and a brush, soaps and perfumes. Robert took her over to the feminine care products, and asked her when her last period had come. She looked at him strangely and said,


“When you bleed down there,” he said embarrassed and whispering, wishing he hadn’t had to ask her.

“Oh that,” she said brightly, “It was about a week ago, so maybe in two or three weeks,” she said shrugging her shoulders.

Robert pointed to the feminine products lining the wall and asked what type of things they used. She told him that they had a room with a lot of buckets at the nunnerry. Inside the buckets were large wads of cotton. When they were done, they flushed them down the toilet and scrubbed out the buckets.

Middle ages he thought. It wasn’t going to be easy to bring her into the 21st Century.

“Which do you think will meet your needs sweetie?”

She reached up and pulled a large box of Kotex “maxie pads” from the shelf and handed them to Robert, and then they continued on to different sections of the store. Robert paid for everything and after they returned to the car, they headed North on I-25, stopped for gas, and then moved across the state boarder into Wyoming moving west on I-80.

They were headed toward Salt Lake City to board the train for San Francisco where Robert had left his car. Robert told Katie to lie down and take a nap if she wanted. She told him she hadn’t been away from the school in years, and she just wanted to see everything.

She then moved closer to Robert an inch at a time, until she was next to him, resting against him. He smiled at her when she looked up at him. It felt strange, he thought. He was the younger brother by almost five years, yet he was taller and of course stronger and more knowledgeable of life.

She was tiny, not much more than five feet three inches, and she actually looked like she was just a kid. It was almost like she had been in a time capsule.

She remained quiet for a long stretch, until they were well onto the I-80 heading west. She moved her arm and looped it through his and said,

“Thank you Robert … thank you for everything.”

“Your welcome Kitten.”

“Is my name Kitten … to you?”

“Kitten is an endearment and part of Kathryn, or Katie.”

“I like it when you call me Kitten. It’s nice.”

“Kitten it is then.”

She moved in closer and put her arms around him, as though she would awaken in her dark gray cell at any minute. As he drove the almost five hundred miles to Salt Lake she fell asleep, however still hung onto him for dear life.

It was going to take them at least seven hours to get to Salt Lake City, and he would have to stop for dinner and more fuel. He knew that the whole time they had been together she hadn’t eaten anything.

“Kitten, are you hungry?”

“They only let us eat once at noon, and a little energy bar in the evening with fruit and soup. They do give us a lot of water though. They told us hunger was good for us as it would make us feel like Jesus did when he fasted.”

Robert, had never remembered wanting to kill before this moment, and fought a desire to turn the car around, go back buy a gun and shoot everyone in the school. Columbine, he thought. Probably a bad idea; those damned assholes.

However, that was it. He now knew he was going to quit the church. Katie fell asleep, and then awakened an hour later when Robert pulled into a Restaurant.

“Robert?” she cried out holding him tighter.

“It’s OK sweetheart. Everything is OK.”

She sighed and really relaxed for the first time since they had started out. She was so beautiful. She was even more beautiful than Jennifer in many ways. The restaurant had no name, just a large sign that displayed the word, “EAT”.

They went in and Robert showed her how to look at the food on the menu. She was surprised that she could have anything she wanted. It was almost like she was from a far off planet in another solar system.

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