Sister in Law Moves In Pt. 03

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Two weeks had gone by since I fucked Brandi and life was back in the old normal routine. I had only lusted after her about 3x and it always went away quickly when she talked. Brandi has a wonderful body but she is perpetually single for several reasons, one of them being her lack of a filter. I myself have been completely turned off when she talks too much.

I had a weekday off and wanted to do absolutely nothing. After wasting away the day I found myself in my garage in a recliner watching porn on a big screen. I texted the wife asking her if she would be home on time because I’d rather not waste a good cum if I could help it. She told me she was going to be hours upon hours late and I told her okay and that I had been edging for a while. Then she shocked me a little and said ‘Brandi is going to be home soon would you rather fuck her?” and she then followed it up with “I mean rather than jerking off not fucking me”. I replied “Well yeah of course” and Christie, my wife, texted that she would see if Brandi was going to be there soon and if she would take care of me. Christie went on to say it was only fair and that she wasn’t feeling well today anyways. I was super excited but also expecting to be let down. Brandi can be selfish.

About 5 minutes went by and I got a text from Brandi saying “Get naked and wait for me in my room I have a nail appointment at 6 and need to take a shower you gotta be fast be there in 5!” and my cock almost exploded. I guess she had a heart after all. I just responded “Yes ma’am!” and she replied with “lol”. Her nail appointment was only an hour and 15 minutes away.

I ran inside, checked my breath, even though I really hadn’t kissed her the last time, and then ran to her room and threw off my clothes and got under the sheets which cracked me up as I did it. I had been around her for years in shorts and shirtless but for some reason I got under the sheets. I heard her car pull up and the front door open and she came straight back to her room. The door opened and she laughed a little when she saw me and then said “Well this is weird” and I reminded her she told me to do this. Then Brandi said “Get on the edge of the bed. I’m gonna blow you we don’t have time to fuck.” I lifted the sheets and did exactly as I was told.

Brandi was wearing a black professional work dress that came down to her knees and still showed off her figure without being too nite club looking. She also had on some nice jewelry and heels which she kicked off as she approached the bed. She was totally gorgeous and stylish. She looked down at my already hard cock and then went to get on her knees. I stopped her.

“Please take the dress off.”

“Ugghhh! Alright. But we’re not fucking. I don’t have time.”

Brandi peeled off her dress and threw it on the floor then dropped to her knees in front of me. She wasted no time in grabbing my cock and she started with amatör porno a few licks up the shaft before spitting on it and then putting it in her mouth. In a few short seconds I was already in heaven. I didn’t remember it being this good last time either but she was also drunk. In no time she was deep throating me too and I was in shock at how good it was.

Brandi was an absolute pro. It was turning into one of the best blow jobs of my life. She was sucking and then licking and managing to use her hands the entire time as well. She also spit on it several times. In less than 2 minutes after starting I felt like I was going to cum. I let out a moan and moved my legs making it obvious and Brandi let my cock slip out of her mouth long enough to say something.

“Oh daddy I love your cock daddy” she said and then put my cock right back in her mouth.

“Oh my god” I said in a very guttural way in sheer shock at what she had just said.

All it did was encourage her and she took my cock out of her mouth for a moment again but replaced it with her hand simultaneously.

“Cum for me daddy” and then she sucked some more.

“Brandi” I said as I felt the cum building. She sucked for a moment longer before responding.

“Yes daddy?” and then sucking again. That was it for me. We hadn’t discussed where I was going to cum.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum Brandi!”

“Cum in my mouth daddy!” and she went right down on me but slowly while playing with my balls and I started cumming.

Watching my cock pulsate with just an inch past the head in her mouth emptying my cum was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I came for every bit of 7 seconds and she was going “Mmmm mmmmm” the entire time and then she had to pull off my cock.

Brandi sat back but as she did she opened her mouth and held out her tongue showing me my cum. I just said “Oh my god you bad little girl” and she closed her mouth, smiled, and swallowed it. I just said “Fuck” and she jumped up off the floor and wiped her mouth.

“Okay buddy let’s go. I got shit to do and you got me all horny now. Get out so I can take a shower. I hope you liked it.”

“Uh fuck Brandi. Yeah. Fuck.”

“I know what I’m good at. Most guys can’t handle the dirty talk. Christie knows it too obviously. She used to be able to make Phil cum in a minute flat when they were -, sorry, TMI.”

“Do you two tell each other everything?”

“Pretty much, now get out. You’re welcome and you owe me. I might have you eat my pussy real soon if it’s okay with Christie.”

“You’re my hero Brandi” and I grabbed her ass and rubbed it as I was leaving causing her to smack my hand away and say “Stooooop I need to go fuuuuuuck” and I did as I was told. I had my shorts on and was about to put on my t shirt and walk out the door when I heard Brandi say “Wait. Come here.” I turned around and she was taking her anal porno panties off and getting on the bed.

“I need you to eat my pussy please. You can’t leave me hanging like this I’m fucking soaked.”

I let out a sigh and felt my dick start to grow again already seeing her kick off her white thong panties and jump on to the center of the bed.

“You should have just let me fuck you in the first place Brandi” I said as I walked towards the bed and she replied “Shut up” as is tradition.

I got on top of the bed and maneuvered my way to her pussy as she propped her head up on the pillows. I wasted no time and she needed no warming up. Her pussy was dripping before I even touched it. I kissed all around and then played with her clit for a moment before putting a finger in, then two with ease as she was wetter than I could remember my wife being in a while. I then started eating her out and it was heaven. I was falling in love with her pussy. The taste, the shape, the wetness, all of it was just so perfect. I felt my cock starting to get hard again and I so badly wanted to fuck her.

Brandi was writhing and moaning harder and stronger with each lick. I was also teasing her nipples as best I could using one hand so really just focusing on one. I knew her sister, my wife, loved that, and I was quickly seeing so did Brandi. I was starting to lose control and wanted nothing more than to fuck her. I moved up higher on the bed so I could suck on her nipples and play with her pussy.

I was sucking on her tit and playing with her pussy for only about a minute when she said the most beautiful words.

“Please put your cock inside me” and I wasted no time in sliding down. I positioned myself in between her legs, grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her slit and a little extra on her clit. She moaned out “Fuuuuuck please put it in!” and I gave her what she wanted. I slid my cock in and it went in with ease. Her eyes widened and her mouth was open as if it was her first time. It really turned me on.

I started a nice steady stroke and really wasn’t worried about cumming. I had just cum a gallon only minutes earlier and was amazed I was as hard as I was. This was the most turned on I had been in years. We were sober and it was turning into a bonafide fuck session. The fact I’d known Brandi for years and she was my wife’s sister obviously helped a lot.

I was only fucking her for about a minute when she said “I’m gonna cum” and then she dug her nails into my back causing me to scream out “Brandi!” as it’s not something I’m into and it was unexpected. Her response was to ease up on the nails and instead hug me and pull me into her pussy as far as possible. I of course helped and I felt her pussy throbbing on my cock and she yelled out “I’m cumming!”. By instinct as it was something I did with the wife I started to kiss her. She reciprocated. Brandi anal breakers porno was cumming on my cock and I was passionately kissing her then she broke our kiss for air and to say “Fuuuuuuuck” and squeeze me even harder. She rode her climax as far as she could and I slowed my strokes.

“Can you cum again?” she asked me.

“I doubt it” and she said “Let’s try, keep fucking me daddy” and she reached down and started caressing my balls as I fucked her. Right away I had a feeling she was going to prove me wrong. Brandi was looking me right in the eyes steadying her breathing and said “You’re gonna cum for me okay?” and then she gently grabbed my chin and turned my head towards her and said “Okay? You’re gonna cum in your sister in law’s pussy” and she increased her movement on my balls when she said it. Then she said “Come here daddy” and pulled my head towards hers and I thought I was getting a kiss but instead she went for my ear to whisper to me as I fucked her.

“Do you wanna fuck me and Chrissy together? Would that make you happy daddy? Having both sisters taking care of your cock at the same time? Isn’t that what you always wanted? We can share you daddy. Cum for me and show me how much you love us.”

I was breathing furiously and my heart was pounding. She knew how to lay it on. Or was she serious? I had no fucking clue.

“Cum inside my pussy daddy I wanna feel your hot cum shooting inside me do it now daddy please!”

“Brandi fuck” I muttered as I pounded away.

“Fuck me daddy! Cum inside my pussy! Shoot your hot cum inside my little pussy daddy!”

“I’m cumming!”

“Oh daddy fill me up fuuuuuck I feel it it’s so good uggghhh warm” and Brandi pulled me towards her and this time we did kiss for a while. Then I laid a little bit on her for a moment before she gently tapped me and said “Okay get up I’m gonna be late” and jumped off the bed naked grabbing stuff to take a shower. She ran out of the room and as she did she said “You were fucking magnificent Christie is so lucky” and then I heard her get in the shower.

I laid on her bed for about 5 minutes before getting up. I walked outside for some air and a cigarette. I realized the house was a bit of a mess, too, and I decided to clean it up before Christie got home. It was the least I could do seeing as how she was letting me fuck her sister.

I was still cleaning when Brandi went out the door and said “Thanks for the cum brother in law!” and I laughed and felt my cock get hard again. Christie texted me a while later when she was leaving work and said “B said you came twice” and I replied “Yeaaaaahhhhh OMG”. Her response was “That makes me a little jealous. You haven’t cum twice for me like that in years.” I told her it was cause it was new, her sister, not to be jealous, and her last response before coming home was “I guess I have some work to do. I can’t have you cumming more for my sister than me. Time to get creative!” I just love my wife. Just today her married male co-workers were telling her how lucky I am and how awesome of a wife she is. Totally unrelated to this FYI. If only they knew how lucky I really am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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