Sister-in-Law Comes to Visit

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Female Ejaculation

My name is Mike, and my wife, Susan, and I had been married for four years. They had been a terrific four years, full of good times and terrific sex. At 5’5″ and 115 pounds, Susan was a perfect partner to my 6’1″, 195-pound frame. Her full, c-cup breasts were perfectly proportioned to her gently rounded hips and curvy legs, and her trimmed pussy easily accommodated my nine-inch cock. We were a great couple with lucrative jobs which helped us live comfortably in a large home in an upscale neighborhood. Susan and I had met in college in Pennsylvania and had been together ever since.

Despite our very active and diverse sex life, my one secret obsession was for Susan’s younger sister, Kristine. At 22, she was five years Susan’s junior, and she exhibited the energy and playful exhuberance you would expect from a college junior. That quality made her very attractive to me. But Kristine was also very different physically from Susan. Kristine was 5’7″ and very thin, but in a fit, physical way. An avid runner and swimmer, Kristine had a firm abdomen and toned legs. That only served to highten the feminine quality of her small, yet perky breasts that seemed to make themselves known in whatever Kristine happended to be wearing. Kristine’s feathered dirty blonde hair gave her the perfect appearance of a toned, tanned California beach bunny.

In all the years I had known Susan, I secretly harbored my lust for Kristine. I never imagined I would ever act on it, and just assumed it would remain my private fantasy.

Things changed the summer Kristine came to spend a month at our house during her summer break. We lived in the New Jersey suburbs, and our large home and secluded pool made it a great retreat. Originally from Ohio but going to school in Delaware, Kristine didn’t want to make the trek all the way home for summer break. So Susan struck a deal with her sister to stay at our place in exchange for some light housekeeping chores.

It was the perfect deal for Kristine: up by nine o’clock, chores done by eleven, and the rest of the day reserved for hanging out by our pool in whatever skimpy bikini she decided to wear. She often went out to clubs at night with some of our neighbors’ daughters who Kristine had befriended, but she never stayed out the entire night and often was home by midnight.

On one particular weekday afternoon, Susan had dressed and headed off to her job as a fashion buyer in New York. I had some bahis firmaları time off to take, so I was taking days here and there during the summer to do yard work or other projects. On this particular day, I intended to do some light pruning of the shrubs and to fix our sprinkler system. It was a typical New Jersey summer day, with temperatures in the 90s and high humidity. While I’m certainly in good shape, the weather was even getting to me a bit and I much rather would have preferred being inside in the air conditioning.

Around noon time, I made my way to a row of hedges that run along our backyard fence. I started clipping the overgrowth from the bushes, when I noticed that there was music coming from the backyard. I figured Kristine must have cranked up the stereo while she lay by the pool. It was so loud, I’m sure she couldn’t even hear my shears clipping the shrubs. Taking a break, I peered over the fence to see what was happening. What I saw truly stopped me cold.

Lying on a lounge chair was my sister-in-law, her bikini top untied and tossed to the ground, with her hand gyrating inside her bikini bottoms. Kristine was lost in a torrid session of masturbation right on my back patio. Her firm, tanned b-cup breasts twisted and bounced, with dark, small nipples fully erect. I should have turned away right then and there, but I was mesmerized as her firm, half-naked body gyrated and jerked with every move of her hand.

After a few minutes, I finally tore myself away. I was doing all I could to prevent the huge hard-on forming in my shorts. I struggled with the feelings I was having; after all, my lust for Kristine was a fantasy, a private affair in my own mind. What I had just seen was too real. I quickly hurried back to the garage before Kristine became aware of my presence. Once in the garage, I composed myself and decided to cool down by checking the outdoor sprinkler system, which had a control box in the basement.

As I entered the basement, the cool air helped calm my racing loins. I opened the control box and started checking the switches. The only problem was that there was a basement window that looked out on the pool area. And staring directly at me from the patio was the crotch of Kristine’s bottoms. Kristine was stil pleasuring herself, but now was working both hands at a mad pace, rubbing the slit that I had only dreamed of touching for so long. Unable to watch anymore, I headed upstairs kaçak iddaa to the kitchen to get something to drink.

About 15 minutes later, Kristine came bopping into the kitchen like nothing had happened.

“Hey, Mikey,” she said, “done with your chores today?”

“Uh, yeah,” I said, the image of her grinding privates still fresh in my mind. “I didn’t want to do much today because of the weather. But I have to take the days off or I’ll lose them at the end of the year.”

“Yeah, I noticed you trimming the bushes before,” she said. I was caught! I was had! She has seen me peeking at her passionate display!

“Well, I only wanted to trim a few bushes that really needed it,” I said, hoping I was still in the clear.

“You know, Mike,” she said, leaning towards me over the counter, “I know of one other bush that really needs trimming.” She smiled and looked at me with a look that made her intentions clear. I was speechless, and at a complete loss for words. Sensing my discomfort, Kristine made her way around the counter and moved in close to me. The smell of suntan lotion mixed with the musky aroma I detected from her earlier session of self-loving.

Kristine started rubbing her hands across my muscular chest. “Why don’t we stay in for the rest of the afternoon,” she suggested, “I mean, it’s much too hot and wet outside today, and I think we could find some things to do inside that are hot…but in a good way.”

A thousand thoughts raced through my mind, but my growing erection betrayed the most prominent thought I was having: I wanted to fuck my sister-in-law.

Kristine reached down to my crotch and started to rub that shaft that was becoming visible through the cotton of my gym shorts. “Well, well,” she said with feigned surprise, “so there’s that huge cock my sister loves so much.”

A look of surprise must have struck my face, because Kristine looked up at me and smiled. “Oh, she’s told me about your long thick rod, Mikey. We’re sisters, we talk about those sort of things.”

I should have run away, I should have stopped what was happening. But this was too real, too exciting. I decided at that point to go with the flow, regardless of the consequences.

Kristine now moved both hands to my cock, fondling it through my shorts and stroking it gently. A wet spot appeared as my first drops of pre-cum penetrated the cotton garment. Kristine smiled and looked up at me. “I hope you don’t kaçak bahis think I’m just teasing you, Mike. And now I’m going to prove it.”

With that, she looked back down and grabbed each side of my short. With a slow, measured motion she slid the shorts to my knees. As the shorts dropped to the floor, I kicked them aside and spread my legs, giving Kristine a full view of my cock. Her mouth dropped and she unconciously started rubbing her pussy. Before I knew what happened, she fell to her knees and started licking and sucking on my huge ball sack. With one hand, she grabbed my shaft and started to stroke it while she took my balls in her mouth and tongued them gently. I removed my t-shirt to give me a better view of the action below. Kristine was an expert cock-sucker, establishing a steady rhythm of licking and stroking that was stirring every fiber of my being.

She then licked her way slowly up my rod, flicking her tongue on my swollen head and cupping my sack with her free hand. Her slobber was covering my cock as she repeated this sequence several times. Kristine tried to take as much of my meat into her mouth as she could, but there was simply too much. Still, she managed to take most of my rod, and I felt the head striking the back of her throat. Finally, I could hold back no more and a burning load started to build in my loins. Sensing what was coming as my muscles began to tense, Kristine pulled my cock out and looked up at me, stroking my cock all the while, and said, “I want to swallow every drop of your hot jizz, brother-in-law.” She quickly jammed my dick back into her mouth and increased her speed. Grabbing the back of her head and holding it to me cock, I braced myself and quickly felt streams of cum shooting into her warm orifice. I felt like I had cum for hours, but after three or four major loads, Kristine started moaning with pleasure and sliding her mouth up and down my cock again. White drops started spilling from the corners of her mouth as she tried to grab every drop for her sexual appetite.

Kristine pulled her mouth away and looked up at me. She licked the cum off her lips and made an audible swallowing sound. She then licked my cock until it was clean and starting to soften. I fell back against the counter, spent from this unexpected trist. Kristine got to her feet and grabbed my face, then gave me a huge kiss. As her tongue worked its way through my mouth, I could taste my own cum on her breath.

After a long, deep kiss, our lips parted and I whispered, “Thanks, Kris. I sure didn’t expect that.”

Kristine just smiled. “Well, then, you really won’t expect what’s coming next.”

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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