Sis, Mom and Me Make 3

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I always knew I was a little different to most guys, well, what most guys admitted to be but I didn’t care. I lived at home while I waited to join my classes at my local technical school, my sister Sarah, a year older than me, also lived here while she attended community college.

Our parents were pretty easy going, they both worked for our Uncle’s law firm so they worked a lot of hours, Dad still managed to keep a pretty tight rein on any potential social life though since he didn’t trust anyone but we had a pretty good life.

One of my guilty pleasures, well, since I found it that is, was jerking off to nude pictures of my sister. I knew other guys likely did too, but I didn’t care. I had stumbled across her Instagram page (okay, I looked for it when I seen the app on her phone) and found she had a ‘secret show’ page too, bunch of women have them these days, pay x amount to get access to nudes and videos. Her Instagram was pretty tame in comparison, face always blurred but showed a lot more than she did in real life since she loved her dark, baggy clothes but she was hiding a sexy as fuck figure and for her paid subscribers, had a real nice collection of lingerie and toys.

I viewed under one of my fake emails and usernames and paid with a prepaid visa card so I could hide who I was. Well, that was the plan at least.

With our parents at the lake that weekend, on Saturday I sat down to my ritual for Sarah’s new content that she posted every Friday night, door closed, bottle of lube and some tissues for cleanup. I found the picture I liked best then pulled my shorts and boxers down and jerked off. For the set, Sarah was wearing a really cute pink shirt to start off with and ended up naked with a finger inside her pussy, her legs spread for the camera. Once I’d cum I cleaned up and went downstairs for breakfast, Sarah was already there drinking coffee.

“Hey, I’m going to see Lisa in a bit and this guy I like is going to be there, can you help me decide between 3 shirts? I really need to go shopping,” she said, not looking up from her phone.

“Why don’t you wear the pink one?” I blurted out. Thank you brain.

“What pink one, I don’t wear pink dude.”

She looked up at me to see my face going red.

“I uh, I mean you should try wearing pink.”

“What are you talking about Marcus, I wear like 3 shades of black or dark red.”

Her face seemed to catch up at that point, she started at me for a second then

looked at her phone.

“You better tell me the truth or I swear.. How did you know?” she said sternly.

“I… I found your page.”

“Which. Page.”

“Y… your Secret Show one.”

Sarah just stared at me for what felt like forever but eventually spoke.

“What do you want,” she said.

“I… I don’t understand.”

“To keep it quiet, it’s the only reason you brought it up right? To blackmail me or something?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“The money is to save for a car, I’m not fucking paying you off. Wait, why.. Are you zero cold 924?”

“Y… yes.”

“If you’re trying to be sneaky, try a number other than your birthday. You’ve liked every single picture and video I posted. I’m your sister.”

“You’re also hot, you hide under that baggy shit you wear all the time but your body is amazing and I like pale girls. You’re just so sexy I didn’t care who you were.”

“So you get off on these pictures?”

I nodded.

“Okay, so not trying to blackmail me. Go and shower then come to my room, you’re going to help me and as thanks and to keep your fucking mouth shut I’ll give you a blowjob. I don’t think I need to say this but tell anyone and I’ll cut your balls off, got it?”

“Y.. yes.”


I didn’t want to argue with her. My morals were already fucked up, the thought of the girl I’d been jerking off to for months sucking my cock had me hard by the time I was in the shower, I didn’t let the fact that she was my own sister even enter my mind.

By the time I’d showered and walked to her room she had changed out of the dark clothes she was wearing at breakfast and was sitting wearing the pink shirt from her shoot. My cock sprang to life noticing her nipples pointing through the shirt.

“Not sure why you bothered getting dressed again, can’t suck your cock through your shorts,” she said, matter of factually.

“Sh… should I undress?” I stammered, I was nervous as hell.

“Well yes. You ever done this before, with a girl I mean?”


“Mmmm, good. And this doesn’t weird you out, that I’m your own sister?”

“No, I’ve been jerking off to your pics since I found them, you’re just so sexy.”

“Well, thank you.”

I stripped off and stood before her naked, my cock already at half mast and just looked down. Sarah had me look at her then pulled her t-shirt off, letting her pert 36c’s out before my eyes. That got me fully hard. She got on her knees and started stroking my cock while she looked up at me.

“I’m going to get a couple of pictures of this in my mouth then I’ll give ankara escort you a proper blowjob but these will be awesome, you have a nice cock,” she said, messing with her phone.

I didn’t really register what she said, I had someone other than myself holding my cock and it felt amazing. When she put her mouth on me I groaned and had trouble staying on my feet when I felt her tongue explore the head of my cock. When she’d finished with her pictures she put her phone down and had me sit on her bed then concentrated on my cock. I’d love to say I was a big stud and lasted long but her mouth felt exquisite and feeling her breasts rub against my inner thigh I groaned and barely managed to warn her before I was cumming, my cock swelling as I sprayed her mouth with my seed. Her eyes widened a little but she kept sucking me until I was spent but held on to my cock to get a few more pictures of my load before she swallowed it.

“You jerked off this morning and you had a load that big again already?” she said.

“Y… yes, pretty much every time.”

“Did you enjoy that?”

“It was amazing.”

“Well, is your payment for you keeping your mouth shut about my page. I might ask you to help me with some more shots later, no jerking off until I get home okay. And don’t get all weird with me, this stays between us.”

I think I stayed semi hard the whole time Sarah was gone, thinking about my first blow job and who gave it to me. She was pretty happy when she came home too, I was sitting on the couch watching tv to try and distract myself.

“Give me 15 minutes then come to my room, I had an idea for another shoot while I was out,” she said then left.

By the time I got to her room at exactly 15 minutes later she was naked and on all fours and was pulling a toy from her pussy. I knew she shaved from her pics and videos but to see it in person had me in awe. She had a camera set up pretty high at the end of her bed on a tripod, remotely connected to her laptop by her head. She looked over her shoulder at me and told me to strip.

“So, I’m going to get down a little more but I want you to jerk off and cum all over my back then take a few pictures level with my pussy so they can see its wet like you just fucked me.”

“But won’t they notice my cock is dry?”

“Oh, good thinking, get some lube out of my dresser, bottom drawer.”

I did so and rubbed some all over my cock.

“Why is it tingling?” I asked.

“Shit, sorry, is my stay hard stuff, meant for guys but makes my orgasms like super explosive, don’t worry about it, it won’t hurt you, you’ll just stay hard for a little longer after you’ve cum.”

I got up on the bed behind her and after some direction, got in position to jerk off so that I’d spray over her back. Being so close to her pussy, seeing it glisten with her juices, filled me with lust, I started to ask but my body just took over, I guided my cock to her pussy and just pushed deep inside her.

“What the… oh fffffffffuck that feels good. D… Don’t stop, just don’t fucking cum in me, pull out and cum on my back.”

It took a few thrusts for my inner voice to catch up, her pussy felt more amazing than anything I’d ever felt in my life and I never wanted the feeling to end. Feeling Sarah’s pussy clamp round my cock when she came, whimpering ‘oh fuck yes’ as she did almost set me off but I managed to pull out and got two strokes before my ropes of cum sprayed over her ass and back. When I finally stopped cumming she told me not to move, got the pictures with her remote camera then handed me her phone to get her pussy and my cock along with closer shots of my cum.

The gravity of what I’d done hit me at that point too, almost like the feeling I’d get after jerking off to gay or taboo porn but I felt so wrong. Sarah handed me a towel to clean her off, she seen the look on my face when she finally sat up on her bed but just smiled. She rearranged her pillows and made me sit down then mounted me, taking my cock back inside her, I gasped in pleasure.

“This stuff will keep you hard long enough to get me off again but let me know when you start getting soft, I don’t want to hurt this lovely cock,” she said, grinding her hips on my cock.

“I’m sorry I did that.”

“Oh little brother, if I didn’t plan it to happen that way you wouldn’t have got more than half an inch into me. After I sucked you earlier I’ve been soaking wet, your cock is so beautiful and I wanted it in me. Sorry I tricked you but enjoy, this pussy is yours now.”

“And you don’t care that I’m your brother?”

“Well clearly not baby or I wouldn’t have mounted you. Tonight after I’m done processing my new pictures we’re going to fuck until we both fall asleep exhausted then when we wake we’re going to do it again. I want to feel you cum inside me, I want you to eat my pussy, there’s so much I want to do with you.”

“Why me though?”

“Dad thinks keeping me away from boys and squashing any attempt at a social life will stop me being a naughty girl but it’s made me worse, I crave it more and escort ankara now that I know you want this too, we’re going to have so much fun.”

“You’re on the pill?”

“Yes, Mom’s insistence, my periods were really bad.”

“This feels amazing but I’m starting to go soft, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, let me finish while you’re still inside me at least.”

Sarah reached down between us and rubbed her clit until she came then laid forward on my chest as she caught her breath. We showered together, not saying anything, just exploring each others bodies with the soap and once we dried, went to our own rooms. She texted me and told me to log on to the site. The pictures she posted were great, she knew how to get great angles and the ones with me in them, well, my cock at least, were hot. She knocked lightly on my door before she came in, she was naked.

“Well, did it work, I get you hard again?”

“If these hadn’t already those would have,” I replied, gazing at her breasts.

“So, lets get on your bed and you can play with them.”

Sarah was breathing pretty heavily by the time I’d finished fondling, sucking and licking her nipples. She gently pushed me down to between her legs and told me to eat her. Being face to face with her pussy had my cock throbbing but I wanted to please her, I licked her slowly, doing my best to emulate the lesbian porn I’d watched but she helped guide me with ‘yes, like that’ or ‘no, too rough’ until she was writhing beneath me when she climaxed. She pulled me up on top of her and held my face as she kissed me.

“That was wonderful, now slide that big cock in me and fuck me hard until you cum.”

I did as she asked, when I finally came I almost roared, spraying my seed inside her was breathtaking, I almost blacked out when she came at the same time, her pussy squeezing my cock, milking me for every drop. We fell asleep in each other’s arms then true to her word, when we woke we fucked again. By the 3rd time my poor cock was sore and I couldn’t get hard anymore, she kissed me tenderly on the lips then slowly walked to her own bed.

I had hoped to get another round in before our parents got home but it rained overnight and they were home early, Mom was in the kitchen cooking breakfast when I wandered into the kitchen. Sarah was sitting at the table on her phone, she didn’t even look at me.

“Morning sleepyhead, there’s coffee in the pot. Your Dad is putting the tent up in the garage so be careful if you leave that way okay,” said Mom with a smile.

“It rain pretty hard?”

“Yea, weather said it was to be nice all weekend. Oh well, I get to spend a day with my two wonderful children, at least if my daughter ever puts her phone down.”

“Well if I was allowed friends to hang out with in person maybe I wouldn’t need to spend all day on my phone pretending I have a life,” replied Sarah.

“That’s on your Father not me sweetie, save the sass for him,” replied Mom.

“You left the seat up again last night you dick,” said Sarah to me.

“Sorry, won’t happen again,” I replied as sarcastic as I could.

“Hey, enough you two, it’s Sunday, I should still be at the lake, how about no fighting for at least an hour huh?” said Mom.

Sarah got up and left the room, I got a text a few minutes later as I ate the food Mom set in front of me. ‘Oh if only she knew, you didn’t btw, thank you for playing along’.

As the weeks of Summer went on, Sarah and I had sex every chance we got. She taught me how she liked her pussy being eaten and she practiced her deep throat on me when she sucked my cock.

We went out on a bike ride one Saturday afternoon too, the one thing we’d always done together without fighting but that became, lets ride somewhere secluded and fuck against a tree. That time was no different, we got to our usual spot, dumped the bikes and she peeled her shorts down as I pulled my cock out. I held on to her waist as I fucked her and pushed in deep when I came. I held her close to me as my cock softened.

“Don’t get cum on the outside of my shorts,” she said as I kissed her neck.

“They’re going to be filled with it when that load leaks out of you anyways,”

“Yes but it’s easier to hide inside.”

“I never want this summer to end, I can’t get enough of you Sarah.”

Sarah carefully pulled her cycling shorts up and kissed me.

“I love you too little brother.”


“Don’t, say it when you’re ready but I’ve seen how you’ve been looking at me and you have to be careful. Mom isn’t blind.”

“I can’t help it.”

“You just love this tight pussy, I get it,” she said with a grin.

“It’s more than that and you know it.”

“I know, I’m teasing. Come, race you back.”

“Oh so not fair, drain me then challenge to a race.”

We pulled into the garage and put our bikes and helmets away then headed to the kitchen to get drinks, Dad’s car was gone, out golfing likely but Mom was sitting at the table, she had one of Sarah’s webcams sitting in front of her.

“Take a seat you two, ankara escort bayan get your drinks,” she said.

“So, you have a lot of cameras young lady, my phone shorted it’s battery and almost burned my hand so I went to find that point and shoot we got you to take a picture and email the company. I uh, found the memory card was pretty full so I looked to see what I could safely move and I found some very interesting pictures and videos,” she continued.

Sarah and I couldn’t say anything, we just froze.

“I uh, I’m going to tell you a secret so you know why I’m not telling your Father about this. When I was 19, I used to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Texas. Long story short, my visits became just 2 weeks of the most amazing sex, my Uncle really knew how to please a woman, his penis was amazing and my Aunt knew how to make me cum so hard I’d black out. Those visits stayed the same until you were both teens but they retired and moved to Florida. They were getting a bit too old for the wild stuff anymore anyways. Your Father never knew and never will. I’m going to shield you both, I’m going to help you hide any evidence of what you’re doing and I’ll help you have your alone time. In return, I want you both together once a month. Since my visits to my Uncle stopped I’ve had a craving that your Dad, despite how wonderful he is in bed, just can’t fill.”

“You were still going to see them even after you got married?” said Sarah.

“Yes, I’m not ashamed of that either. With them it was just sex, wonderful, mind blowing sex and not even my toys can bring me that close,” replied Mom.

“We’re your own kids though,” I replied.

“Really, sweetie, that’s your answer when I’ve seen a slow motion video of you eating your own cum after Sarah straddled your face?” she said, smiling.

“Can I talk to Marcus alone for a second?” said Sarah.

“Don’t take too long, I’m going to shower, you both need one too so if you shower alone, I’ll have my answer and we’ll keep our secrets and this stops, if you join me in our walk in shower and we shower together, I promise I’ll do everything to give you all the time together you want,” said Mom, she got up and went to her room.

“So, we don’t really have a choice right?” I said quietly.

“Dude, Mom is fucking hot, we’re doing this right?”

“You’re okay with sharing me?”

“Not with some stranger no, come on, I need to get out of these shorts before I start leaking.”

Sarah led me by the hand to Mom’s room, we peeled off our cycling clothes and stepped into the spacious shower where Mom was already covered in soap. I just stood staring at Mom’s breasts, they were much bigger than Sarah’s and gazing at them had my cock starting to grow.

“Mmm good, breast man just like your Dad. You can touch them if you like.”

We showered together, both of us touching and being touched by Mom in ways we’d never have dreamed of before. When the water got cold we got out and dried and Mom pulled us both onto the bed. She kissed me on the cheek and said I was to watch then she got between Sarah’s legs and started eating her. I’d never seen Sarah cum so hard, I remember thinking ‘I hope she teaches me that’ as Sarah almost convulsed on the bed in pleasure. When Mom stopped licking she wiped Sarah’s cum from her chin then got on all fours, leaning over Sarah.

“Take me nice and hard from behind, don’t stop until you’ve cum in me,” said Mom to me.

Sarah was still catching her breath, I got behind Mom and pushed my cock into her, she was nice and tight and I was thankful I’d already cum in Sarah or I wouldn’t have lasted but I enjoyed grabbing her ass and holding on as I fucked her. When I got close I felt Mom cumming, she was kissing Sarah so moaned into her mouth but I pushed in deep and exploded, the surreal pleasure almost making me cum harder. When I was done and finally started to soften, Mom straddled Sarah’s face and held her hair until she started licking her. Watching that made my cock stir again and by the time Mom came over Sarah’s tongue I was hard again.

“Oh the joys of youth,” said Mom as she toyed with my balls.

“He can’t have me, after that orgasm you gave me I’m still quivering down there, don’t think I could handle it,” said Sarah.

“Have you given him anal yet?” said Mom.

“Fuck no, I tried with a toy smaller than him but I’m too tight back there, no way he’d fit.”

“Well go get my lube, top drawer, I want him again.”

I got up expecting to take her from behind again but Mom had other ideas.

“Oh no sweetie, not for your first time. I’ll ride and you can play with my pussy, I’ll control the pace.”

Anal was pretty interesting, with me playing with her pussy Mom actually squirted when she came, my cock felt like it was in a death grip in her ass and I seen stars when I came in her. After catching our breath, Mom sent us to get cleaned up and by the time Dad got home we were sitting around the table playing cards like a

regular family.

“Let me go shower, deal me in next hand?” said Dad with a smile.

Sarah and I have never been happier. Our life of the most wonderful sex goes on, once a month with Mom wasn’t enough with us but she didn’t object when we asked her for more and she’s slowly teaching me how to really please a woman…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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