Siblings and Lovers Ch. 01

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This story is a longer romantic story with a lot of build-up and little actual sex in this chapter. If you want a quick fix, please go elsewhere. Do give your valuable comments and votes at the end.


The alarm clock woke Dana up with a start. She was sweating profusely. She got up quickly and rushed to the bathroom to wash her face. After splashing water on a few times, she looked in the mirror, and was ashamed to face what looked back at her. For you see, Dana Walsh had just had a wet dream. An intense sexual fantasy filled with details too lurid for the more explicit Harlequin. This wasn’t the part which bothered her though. The truly disturbing part was that the main protagonist of that dream was her younger brother, Kyle, and that this wasn’t the first either.

She took some time to calm down and resumed her morning routine, but she couldn’t shake the constant thought at the back of her mind that she should tell Kyle about her feelings. She had spent most of her teenage years in denial, but was unable to continue the charade.

The rational part of her mind insisted that it was just a passing phase; an absurd attraction which in time would disappear. She felt confident that once she got into a serious relationship the feelings would dissipate. With her stunning looks and a personality to match, she’d had many boyfriends over the years. Despite this however, when she was lonely or upset, it was a mental image of Kyle which helped her the most. During those years of denial the rational part of her mind had controlled her love life, her feelings for Kyle being a background noise always present, but ignored as much as possible. Lately that background noise had become a deafening roar.

After a quick shower, Dana headed downstairs for breakfast and was greeted cheerfully by her parents as she sat down. Putting her lustful thoughts aside for the time being, she dove into the ham sandwich and omelette in front of her.

“Morning Dana.”

Just hearing his voice was an aphrodisiac for her. She could already feel those thoughts, and the not-so-distant memory of the dream, climbing out of the metal recess she had forced them into. She turned her head to look at her beloved brother.

Kyle Walsh was in simple words, beautiful. His was cherubic, almost angelic, and retained all the innocence of a precocious teenager. His smile was honest and endearing. An unruly mop of blond hair was a permanent fixture on his face. He wasn’t muscled and ripped like the guys most of Dana’s friends drooled over, but he had an almost childish charm and an aura of serenity which set Dana’s heart aflutter.

“Morning bro,” Dana said with a radiant smile, her eyes following him as he sat down opposite her.

Kyle poured himself some milk and began mixing it into his cornflakes.

“So, what plans have you got today, Kyle? Want to see a movie together? Ever since you moved to the big city we hardly spend any time together,” she said, putting on her best fake pout.

Kyle was working in New York as an interior decorator and had earned enough money to get a small apartment.

“I wish I could, but I have to see a client’s house. There’s a big renovation job on offer. Beside, you’ll be joining me in New York soon enough, and then we’ll spend all the time we have together,” Kyle said as he poured himself some juice. “You just keep doing whatever that Economics thing you’re doing here is, and we’ll be together soon enough,” he said, giving her a typically charming wink.

“That’s too bad. I was thinking we could get together after I get back from the gym.”

“Dana, you still work out? Look at yourself! You have more muscles than a quarterback. I’ve seen you with the punching bag occasionally. You hit it like it mortally wounded you,” he said, with a few vocal special effects.

Dana rolled her eyes at him.

“Maybe you should join me sometime. Isn’t it strange that your sister is in better shape than you?”

He knew she had been fascinated with martial arts and had an obsession with physical fitness since they were in their teens. Her prowess as a fighter had been legendary in high school. Once, a classmate of hers decided to jump out behind her in the park, in an attempt to scare her. He had timed it perfectly – too perfectly. She was surprised to the extent that she blindly threw an uppercut his direction, and he had ended up with a dislocated jaw. One of the happy by-products of this obsession was that no one dared to bully Kyle at school. Dana had always been fiercely protective of him, and would have made any bully dearly regret it.

“No, I’d rather stay the way I am. All hot and handsome for the ladies,” he replied with a signature smirk.

Unknown to Kyle, Dana was having involuntary flashbacks to her last dream. It was getting harder and harder to resist him. This small conversation had already aroused her slightly. She quickly finished her breakfast and feigned having some homework as an excuse to return ankara escort to her bedroom.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Kyle asked in a mock serious tone. “You haven’t given me a big-sister kiss yet. You’d better get a move on, I have to leave soon.”

A kiss was the last thing Dana wanted to give him right now. There was no way she could keep the kiss within the boundaries of an appropriate sibling kiss, given the way she felt about him. He remained adamant in his own childlike way, folding his arm and waiting for her. Yielding to the inevitable, she quickly walked over to him. Closing her eyes, she planted the softest possible peck on this cheek, and then literally ran back to her room.

Once in the privacy of her bedroom, she slammed the door behind her and stood against it for support, her head cradled in her hands. Her feelings were getting stronger by the minute, and were almost out of control. She walked to her bedside table and retrieved a photograph of her and Kyle. He had his arms around her, and was resting his beautiful face on her chest. He looked relaxed and at peace with everyone around him. She also had her arms wrapped around him at his shoulders, and was softly nuzzling his hair. The photo had been taken at Lake Crawford, their favourite family getaway.

She gazed at the photo lovingly, and reminisced about their relationship together as they grew up. He had been more than the best brother in the world. They had been soul mates, with an almost telepathic understanding of each other’s thoughts. Now she longed for more. Of late Dana had come to realise that there was no doubt about one fact. Something she had been mentally avoiding for so long.

She loved her brother. Her love was blind and intense. It was too elemental to deny, and too powerful to be hidden. It was a thing of unrivalled beauty. He was the only thing which mattered to her anymore.

Suddenly, the time reminded Dana that she needed to hurry to college. She put away her thoughts, and quickly got dressed, grabbed her books, and left at top speed.

She could barely think in class, her mind entirely preoccupied with thoughts about her brother. Now that she had accepted her feelings about him only one question remained; should she tell him about them?

When she returned that evening, she will still in a tizzy over her decision. Kyle arrived home late in the night, just as the table was being laid for dinner. He had successfully secured the interior renovation contract. This first advance pay was $10,000, and he had promptly driven down to Tiffany’s in New York and bought an diamond necklace.

Kyle sneaked up behind Dana and, in one swift motion, placed it around her neck. She gasped as she saw how it glittered in the light. Her eyes welled up with tears and she turned immediately and enveloped her brother in a loving embrace. He held her back just a tightly. They just stayed that way for a minute or so, until they were interrupted by their mother chiding him for spending his money so thoughtlessly and extravagantly.

“You see that smile I brought to Dana’s face? The money was well spent,” he said in a nonchalant tone, leading to another emotional moment between the siblings.

That night when Dana went to bed, she continued to debate whether or not to tell Kyle about her love for him; love that went beyond the sibling kind. She weighed the pros and cons of the decision in her mind. Her greatest fear was the high likelihood that he would get freaked out by the idea of sleeping with his own sister, and that he would never be able to talk normally to her again. She would lose her brother forever. But there was a chance, a minuscule chance, that he would feel the same way.

She would love him dearly and tenderly for as long as she lived, for he was the only real friend she had. He was her confidante from before she reached puberty, and he had never done anything to hurt her. Now in their twenties, he still remained the only person who loved her unconditionally. Her eyes welled up as she recalled some of the instances of sacrifice he had made for her. He had taken numerous spankings from their parents for her mistakes, and even ditched his own graduation party halfway through to spend the night with her, just because she was feeling lonely after a break up.

His simple gestures, such as sitting by her side and putting his arms around her, or offering his shoulder for her to cry on, were always just what she needed when she was upset, instinctively knowing what to do when she was in distress. He would listen to her pathetic sobbing for hours on end. His angelic, cherubic face radiated an aura of warmth and brotherly affection. She knew that someday he would make a woman very happy. Right now, Dana wanted to be that woman. She continued vacillating between her decisions for some time before she eventually fell asleep.

It was some time later that she heard the door of her room slowly open. Kyle walked in, with that charming, unassuming escort ankara smile that floored women everywhere.

“Why are we fighting this?” he asked her simply.

“Fighting what?” she asked as she looked up at him, trying her best to sound clueless.

“This,” he said, pointing between the two of them.

“I honestly don’t know,” she replied, lowering her head and shrugging.

Kyle walked towards her and cupped her chin in his hand, forcing her to look up at him.

“Damn you’re beautiful,” he said while looking in her eyes.

He leaned forward and took her lips in a breathtaking kiss. He gently pushed her down onto the bed and climbed on top of her without breaking the kiss. Dana’s legs automatically opened and allowed his legs to slide between them. She could feel his hands roaming over her body, stopping at her breasts. She moaned softly, letting him know how much she loved what he was doing. He stopped suddenly and propped himself up on his elbows.

Dana closed her eyes and prayed silently that this wasn’t a dream. Before she could open them, she felt him lower himself on the bed, his knees spreading her legs wider. She gasped as he began to palm her breasts and toying with her nipples. He lowered his head and she felt his tongue begin to lash out on her nipples. She felt his tongue circle around one nipple before he took it gently into his mouth. She arched her back and silently begged for more.

“Kyle,” she moaned softly.

He ignored her plea and switched to the other nipple, continuing to suck. She felt his arm slowly slide over her belly, and stop above her panties. He looked at her with a little uncertainty in his eyes, but when she leaned up and kissed him it vanished.

“Oh, you’re so wet for me, aren’t you, Dana,’ he whispered fiercely as he smacked her clit.

“Yes!” she cried out as he slipped his hand under her panties and jammed two fingers inside her.

He withdrew the fingers and plunged them in deeper, grinding the palm of his hand against her clit.

“Let me touch you,” she pleaded.

He grinned as he added another finger to the mix, moving faster. He scattered open mouth kisses across her neck and chest as her inner muscles began to clench around his fingers. She sensed this would be the best orgasm she had ever had.

He swallowed the screams of pleasure with a heart stopping kiss. Dana completely lost herself in the moment, in the ocean of her own desires. Finally, she broke the kiss and got out of bed, just to look at him. He looked more handsome than ever, sitting amidst the bed sheets.

“Is this a dream?” she asked.

Wordlessly, Kyle got up and pointed towards the window. Dana’s gaze followed his outstretched finger until she was looking at the scenery outside. It wasn’t metropolitan jungle she was expecting. It was a place she knew too well.

It was the cabin by the hillside, overlooking Lake Crawford.

As children they had visited the lakeside cabin innumerable times, and some of their fondest childhood memories were encapsulated in these idyllic surroundings. The clear blue sky stretched across the lake which flanked the small hillock. On top of it was a cabin. The whole family would come here on holidays to be at peace. They had played and laughed in the serene hillside, and even went rowing on the lake.

“So, it is a dream,” Dana said, disappointment heavily laden in her voice.

Kyle came up behind her and put his arms around her chest.

“Let’s not spoil the moment, imaginary as it may be,” he whispered into her ear. “How about a walk in our very own garden of dreams?”

Dana held his hand as he guided them outside. The solitude and beauty of the place gave her the same sense of peace it always had. They walked hand in hand until they reached the foot of the hill. There they found the tree where they had once written “Kyle loves Dana” on the trunk. The sheer innocence of that memory brought her on the verge of tears.

“So what now?” she asked as she looked deep into her brother’s eyes.

“It’s your dream.”

She took him by the hand and led him to the cabin door.

“Remember how tranquil this place was at night?” Kyle asked as he walked beside her.

She imagined a typical still moonlit night at Crawford Lake, and soon her dreamscape was bathed in moon and starlight. The sky was dark but cloudless, and a cool breeze brushed passed them. She held his hand even more tightly. From the top of the hillock they surveyed their surreal surroundings.

After some time, she softly pecked him on the cheek and led him down to the lakeside. A boat with two oars was waiting, just for them. They got in and rowed out to the middle of the lake, the water shimmering under the moonlight as they skimmed the surface. They stopped in the middle and stood, Dana kissing her beloved brother more deeply and tenderly than ever before. He was similarly unhurried as his tongue twirled around the different regions of her mouth, savouring ankara escort bayan the intimacy. He then abruptly broke the kiss to look at his watch.

“Look at time, you should be waking soon. Have to go now, sis.”

“Wait,” Dana said, taking a deep breath. “If this is just a dream, it all means nothing.”

“Don’t say that. For all you know I might be having a similar dream in my bed, wishing it could come true, but too afraid to find out.”

That was when Dana’s alarm clock stared beeping, and she awoke to find herself once again sweating and aroused. Her heart was racing and her pulse erratic. The dream had been more intense than any of the others which had come before it. She checked the time and saw it had just gone past 6am. She suddenly felt an overpowering urge to see Kyle, and slid out of bed.

She softly walked down the corridor until she reached his room. His door was slightly ajar, as always, and she glanced inside to see him fast asleep. He looked serene and calm as he lay on his pillow, oblivious to the rest of the world and his dear sister’s desires. Unable to resist, she silently walked over to the side of his bed.

He looked even more boyish from her new position, and she couldn’t help gently caressing his forehead, continuing down his cheek and neck. His skin was perfectly smooth. She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. The kiss lingered just long enough for him to stir. He narrowly opened his eyes and smiled at her.

“Good morning, little brother. Would you like me to get you breakfast in bed? Since Mom and Dad are gone for the next few days, we can have our family breakfast right here.”

“That would be great, Dana.”

She immediately went down and made a devilled ham and roasted turkey sandwich, just the way he liked it. She noticed that ever since her feelings had come to the surface, she felt like pampering him to no end. Soon, she carried two plates of breakfast up to his room. She found him still half asleep, curled up with his blankets. She placed the tray on his lap as she snuggled up next to him.

“Wow! You make these even better than Mom”, Kyle exclaimed as he wolfed down large mouthfuls.

She watched affectionately as the dearest thing in the world to her hungrily devoured the food.

“You have another meeting with that client lined up today, right?” Dana asked, trying to initiate small talk. “This time for renovating the upper floor? You told Dad over dinner that you were confident of getting that as well.”

“Yeah, a rich old couple wants their mansion to look more grandiose. The contract is pretty lucrative if I can snag it.”

“So, are you still confident?” asked Dana jokingly.

“Terrified, uncertain and tense,” he replied as he looked at her, those three emotions clearly visible on his face.

She put her plate down and looked at him, concerned by this revelation.

“What do you mean?”

“The rival for the contract has more experience, and a better crew. I don’t know if I can get it. In fact, my odds look slim.”

Dana immediately put her arms around him and held him tightly to her side.

“Don’t worry. They gave you the ground floor. They will trust your skills for the upper floor as well,” Dana said comfortingly, despite the fact that she had no clue about how things worked in his industry.

“You really think so?”

“Absolutely. Just bring your A game to the table and this is yours,” said Dana, doing her best to sound convincing.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ll give it my best pitch and we’ll see if it works.”

Dana gently cradled his head in her hands before letting him go.

“Why did you tell Dad that it was a certainty, given you were this nervous?”

“Dad expects a lot from me. You know how much he wanted me to follow in his footsteps as a stock broker. He never really forgave me for my career choice. How do you think he would have reacted if I had told him the truth?” he explained as he finished the last of his breakfast. “I don’t have to pretend to be anything with you though. You will accept me for whatever I am, so I wasn’t afraid to tell you the truth.”

Her eyes almost welled up with tears as he said this. She leaned over and gently kissed the top of his head, before finally getting up.

“I can’t make lunch today because of this meeting,” Kyle said. “How about we catch an early dinner and a movie tonight instead? My treat, as a thank you for this wonderful breakfast.”

“No way. There is no way my little brother is paying for anything when he’s with me. Besides, I still have to work off yesterday’s necklace.”

Smiling, Kyle got up from his bed and started getting ready for his big day. Dana felt she had been doing a pretty good job keeping her urges in check until that point, but then Kyle unexpectedly planted a kiss on her lips. It was a short kiss, strictly within the acceptable boundaries and without even a hint of lust, but it revived all of Dana’s latent desires as she felt a slight wetness between her legs.

“See you later, sis. How about I pick you up at seven and we head to Rizzo’s? I know how much you like Italian food. There should be enough time to catch a movie at the Imperium after that.”

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