Sibling Sex Therapy

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James walked Erica up to her front door and they stood, smiling and quietly looking at each other in the yellow light of the porch. The date had been perfect, a summer night with fun and laughter and great conversation. There had also been moments when James could sense romance building. Erica was so beautiful, tan and shapely, with a wonderful smile and an intoxicating smell.

“Well, I guess this is goodnight,” she shrugged, leaning towards him just slightly.

He caught the cue, and nervously leaned in as well, and they meet softly at the lips and then ever so slowly, their bodies came together. He could feel her warmth up against him, seemingly enveloping him, and he felt his head spin as his arousal took over, and he held her tighter yet as their bodies became intertwined and their mouths opened into a long, passionate kiss. Time seemed to almost stand still as James felt his body becoming captivated by the moment. Suddenly, before he could even know it was coming, he felt his arousal overwhelming him and before he could stop himself, he had the strange mix of panic and pleasure as he unloaded an orgasm, prematurely and embarrassingly, into his jeans. He pulled back away from Erica to avoid her feeling his surging cock, mumbling an almost apologetic good night, and then leaving her on the front porch, watching him walk away and wondering why.

James clamored through the front door, staggered over to the couch and collapsed, without even a basic acknowledgment of his sister and roommate, Jessie, who sat across the den on a recliner working on her laptop. He closed his eyes and tried to quell his memories of the evening.

Jesse gave him a minute to collect himself before saying a word. She knew him too well. “So the date didn’t go so well, bro?” she said.

“Well, the date wasn’t bad, let’s just say it just ended really poorly,” he responded.

“What happened that was so terrible?” she asked. “Maybe you are over reacting.”

James rubbed his face with his hands and looked over at his older sister. “Some things you just can’t talk about,” he said, and with that he went to his room and closed the door.

Jessie and James, named after the western legend by their late parents, were about as close as two siblings could be. Their parents had died in a car accident when they were young, and they had spent much of their youth being shuffled from one foster home to another. They always got along with each other, but seldom with the foster parents. Jessie had her bags packed the day she turned 18, which was the day after her most recent foster parents suggested an intervention in response to her revelation to them that she was a lesbian. James moved in with her a few years later when he turned 18. They had been living together now for a few months, both working and sharing expenses, getting along perfectly and for the most part, talking about everything. Sometimes it took Jessie some effort to get James to talk about personal matters, but she always found a way.

It took two days of James moping around, constant pressure from Jessie, and finally, a couple of ice cold margaritas to get James to finally open up about his date. In the back of his mind he knew he would eventually confide in Jessie, and she knew it too, it was just a matter of time, and of all the personal details he had shared with his sister, this was surely the most embarrassing.

“If I tell you this, you have to promise never to tell ANYONE,” he begged. “In fact, you have to pinkie promise,” he added, holding out his pinkie finger towards his sister.

It had been quite a few years since they had make a pinkie promise pact. The pinkie promise was a solemn oath to never give up certain secrets, and they had both been loyal to it. The first time they had made the promise was when James broke the neighbor’s window with an errant golf shot when he was 10, the most recent when Jessie confided to James that their foster dad had suggested they get naked together…when she was 15.

She held out her pinkie and they shook pinkies and made the pact.

James took a deep breath and covered his face with his hands. “I’ve got a problem with premature ejaculation, I can’t control myself,” he stammered.

Jessie leaned back with a long sigh and tried to keep from laughing. “Jeez bro, I thought you had got somebody pregnant or killed somebody and left them in the woods!”

James couldn’t help but smile and lower his hands. “Well those problems would be easy to fix,” he said. “This one, I don’t know what to do. Every time I get into a passionate situation with a girl I totally lose it.”

“So you just don’t last long when you have… intercourse?” she said, searching for an appropriate word.

“No, not exactly, not exactly that far along,” he replied.

“So, when you get your clothes off, and start going, then you, you… happen to soon?” she asked.

James couldn’t take dragging this out any longer. “I come in my pants, ok?” he said. “We start making out, and ankara escort I lose it right away.”

“Oh,” said Jessie. “Well, I don’t have a whole lot of experience with guys, but I do remember that was a pretty common thing. I think it’s one of those things that happens with young men that you eventually get better at…with practice.”

“Well I’m not going to get a lot of practice, because girls think I’m weird,” said James. “Erica won’t even call me back. I’m thinking of becoming a monk,” he moaned.

Jessie looked carefully at her brother. All of his life, despite the difficulties they had faced, he had always been a happy, positive person. In her entire life, she had never seen her brother so down about anything. The worst part was she couldn’t think of anything to say, other than to suggest that it really wasn’t a big deal…and that didn’t seem to go over well.

In fact, it took a sleepless night and a distracted day at work before Jessie could come up with any ideas to help. Fortunately for James, the idea she eventually came up with was a doozy. James came in from work around 5 to find a nervous and excited Jessie waiting to talk to him.

“I want to help you with your problem,” she said quickly. “I’ve got an idea, and this is going to sound really weird at first, but I need you to think about it before you make a decision.”

James was eyeing his sister suspiciously. What did she have in mind, he wondered. Surgery? Hypnosis? Those funny looking cock rings?

She didn’t wait for him to respond. “I’m going to be your sex therapist,” she said.

“Great, make jokes,” said James, tossing his keys on the kitchen counter. “Besides my problem is in the little head, not the big head.”

“Hear me out,” Jessie said, trembling with anxiety. “I’ve read about some methods to…to…well, to train yourself to improve your…well, you know.”

James was still thinking this might be a bad joke. “Methods?” he asked.

“Well maybe methods is the wrong word, but it’s like therapy, sort of, it is, well, maybe hard to explain,” she stammered. This was not going the way she planned.

“I’m not sure sex therapy is something I want to be doing with my sister,” he replied.

“Well, let me clarify some things,” she said, taking a deep breath. “This is not going to involve us having sex, it’s not that kind of therapy.”

James rubbed his chin and contemplated. In all honesty, he felt like he needed to do something. “Why not, I’m in?” he grinned.

“All right,” yelled Jessie, jumping off the couch and high fiving her brother. “We can get started on Stage One tonight, right now.”

“Okay, let’s go!” said James.

“Okay, take off all of your clothes,” Jessie said.

James stopped grinning. “Did you say take off all my clothes?”

“Wait, I forgot something,” she said. “First, you have to agree to do whatever I tell you to do, you have to trust me and obey me when I give you an order.”

James sat down nervously. “Well now that I’ve already heard the first order, I might be a little reserved about agreeing to you being my dominatrix,” he said.

“You need to realize two important things here,” said Jessie, trying to sound reassuring. “First, I’m your sister, I’ve seen you naked, I’m not aroused at the idea of seeing you naked, and second, as you well know, I’m a lesbian, so that goes double,” she said. “This will be like going to the doctor’s office, only without the prostrate exam.”

He looked at her blankly for a moment. She had always had a way of making him do what she wanted. Once when they were younger she had convinced him that if he cleaned up her room, it would benefit him, because then she would walk with him to the park, which he wasn’t allowed to do on his own. Her logic could be breathtaking.

“Ok, I’ll do whatever,” he resigned.

Jessie lit up. “Okay, take all your clothes off,” she said.

James stood up and slowly started taking his clothes off, piece by piece, wondering the whole time what in the world he was doing. It was almost like an out of body experience, though it was rapidly becoming an out of clothes experience. When he got down to his boxers he looked at her once again for confirmation.

She smiled and nodded, flipping a finger to indicate losing the boxers.

He breathed in deeply, held it for a second, and then dropped his boxers to the floor and stood in front of his sister, completely naked.

Despite thinking clinically, Jessie was not prepared for the effect. She blushed and smiled and got fidgety, trying not to stare at his cock but having a hard time not doing so. She had to admit, her brother looked really good naked. Not that it mattered to her, being the lesbian sister and all.

He broke the silence first. “By the way Jessie, the last time you saw me naked I was seven years old, I don’t even know if that counts.”

“Well, you have certainly changed,” she blushed. “You look good.”

James was a little surprised he didn’t feel escort ankara more self-conscious in front of her, but he had always been comfortable with his sister. “So what now?” he asked.

Jessie snapped back to reality. “Okay, now, I need you to become aroused.”

James looked at her incredulously. She answered with a finger to her lips, shushing him like a school teacher.

He shifted legs and looked around the room. This was getting weird, but it was also pretty exciting in a way, being naked and on display. Even if it was in front of his lesbian sister. “Can I sit down, it would be easier?” he asked.

Jessie motioned her approval, and James sat down on a padded footstool facing Jessie on the couch. He closed his eyes and thought of Erica standing in front of him in sexy lingerie, and then slowly pulling loose a string and letting it fall away. His hand came down to stroke his cock, and he could feel himself quickly growing hard.

With James’ eyes closed, Jessie was able to look at him with more full attention, most specifically, at his swelling cock, which was breathtaking to behold. She marveled at how tone and fit her brother was, how his sculpted abs turned at just the right angle, how his strong arms lay comfortable on his body, the look of his fit legs, how his cock just looked downright amazing. She was still lost in that thought and riveted on that subject when she realized he had opened his eyes up and he was watching her.

“Yes, excellent, fine job, very nice,” she said, a bit flustered. “So this is your task for the next week. Everyday after work, you will come home, get naked, become aroused, and maintain that state of arousal until 10 pm. You may…um…resolve that arousal in two days, then three days, then four days and so on.”

“Resolve?” he asked

“Yes, as in, you can, you know, masturbate,” she mumbled. Then she snapped back into clinical mode. “This exercise will get you accustom to the idea of being in a state of arousal, around a female, without having, you know….resolution.”

James nodded. Somehow, that actually made some sense. At any rate, he had to admit that it was a pretty good charge to be naked and aroused on display. Weird, but good.

He sat there naked in front of her for a few more minutes, sharing a deafening silence as she tried not to look at him. “Hey, I’m going to get a cold drink, do you want something?” he asked.

“Yes, get me one too,” she said.

James stood up slowly, his manhood still at attention, and turned slowly away, and Jessie watched his ass as he walked into the kitchen. Out of view, Jessie suddenly realized that she had spent the last several minutes not really breathing. She took a long, deep breath, felt the warm heat on her cheeks, and tried to clear her head. THAT reaction had not been what she had expected to have.

Stage One, Day Two

Jessie spent the next day trying to regain some perspective. She worked at home, and she did become aware that she was looking forward to 5 pm. She couldn’t help but replay the vision of her naked brother, aroused in front of her, walking around, occasionally stroking himself. Making it even worse, her girlfriend Terry was out of town for two weeks, so there was no potential for resolution, except for Joe, the vibrator she kept in her bedside table. She tried to visualize Joe, wondered how he compared to James. Joe seemed a little smaller. Definitely thinner. Probably softer than James. James was rock hard for almost the entire four hour training session last night. ROCK hard. She shook her head to clear the vision.

It was four o’clock, he’d be home in an hour. Naked, in front of her. She was clock watching to the cock watch.

As it turned out, James got home a little before 5. He walked in, gave Jessie a quick greeting and went in and took a shower. When he got out, he just dried off and walked into the den naked, prompting Jessie to look up from her work.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked.

He looked down at himself. “There’s not a whole lot to forget,” he said.

She smiled and held up a crooked index finger, and then slowly straightened it out until it was pointing towards the ceiling.

“Ah right, how could I forget,” he said. He reached down to gently stroke his cock, which quickly and proudly rose to full attention, and then looked to Jessie for confirmation, which he received with a thumb’s up.

Over the course of the second night it gradually became more comfortable, as they got used to the stage one arrangement. Things returned to normal, with the two of them eating dinner, watching television, chatting about work, laughing, even occasionally making jokes at their odd situation. As time went on, Jessie also noted that she had to remind James a bit more that his erection was fading. “Policing the erection status,” as they came to refer to it, also allowed her to justify nearly constant attention to his cock, which she had come to admire more and more. It was so proud, ankara escort bayan strong, standing up at just the right angle, almost like an art form. The skin was so tight when it was hard, the head an urgent purple, she couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like, if it was as hard as it looked…

Get a grip, she thought. As soon as she thought it, she imagined getting a grip. Lucky for her, it was 10 o’clock, end of Stage One Day Two.

“If memory serves me correctly, today is the day I can resolve things, right?” James asked.

Jessie smiled at him and granted permission.

“Great, I could really use that,” he said, heading off to his room.

James was incredibly horny after walking around on naked display for two days, and he had also come to the conclusion that his sister was enjoying looking at him. With all that pent up sexual tension, he was certain his resolution would be very fast. But what he found was that after walking around hard for two days on the brink, it did not happen quickly. He closed his eyes and let fantasy take over. In his fantasy, he was standing naked and a girl was walking in circles around him, slowly, carefully, getting closer each time, and then stopping in front of him, kneeling down, her face just inches from his cock, and then she looked up at him. He realized with a shudder and an explosive orgasm it was his sister. Dude, he thought, that was wrong on so many levels.

Meanwhile, Jessie had also retired to her room, where she held “Joe” in her hands and let her elegant fingers caress the lifelike dildo. She squeezed it and teased it, running her hands all over it, imagining how it would make James feel. She realized Joe had become James and just let it go. She kissed the tip and felt the bottom fall out of her stomach. She tossed the dildo back in the drawer and wrapped a pillow around her head. Sleep did not come easily.

Stage One, Day Three

All day at work, James could not get his mind off of what he would be doing that afternoon. Despite having “resolution” the night before, and knowing that he was going to have to walk around erect from 5 – 10 pm, he still spent most of the day in a state of arousal. He could hardly wait to get home and get naked for his sister.

So by 5 pm he was home, showered and walking around the house naked. In all honesty, he had to admit that the training was working, he felt like he was more in control. He had even fallen into the habit of intentionally letting his erection fade, because he liked it when his sister told him to giddyup.

The one downside was that keeping an erection up for that period of time required a lot of handling, even for an 18 year old, and the skin on his cock was getting dry as the night went on.

“Hey Jessie, what do you use when you have dry skin?” he asked.

“Where is it?” Jessie replied.

James blushed. “That very special place,” he answered.

“Ah, come here and let me see,” she said.

It was an innocent request that neither of them really thought about, until James had walked over to the couch where Jessie was and Jessie leaned forward to where she was eye to cock with James. They seemed to realize the intimacy in the position at about the same time – James cock sprang to attention, and Jessie’s eyes got big. Seeing him walk around the room was one thing, but seeing him this close…close enough to reach him with her tongue, if she was so inclined…had her reeling.

Still she maintained her clinical attitude, looking at him closely and evaluating him like a nurse. She cleared her throat and tried to stop her mouth from watering.

“I’ve got some oil that would probably help that,” she said, looking up at him. She stood up slowly in front of him, with him backing up just a bit to allow her to stand, his cock filling the small distance between them. She was achingly close to brushing up against him, before she slipped by him and went to her room, returning in a moment with a jar of oil.

“Here ya’ go,” she said, trying in vain to hide a blush. She sat back down in front of him, again with her face coming level with his waist. She could tell this was having an effect on him, because his cock had gotten stiffer than she had ever seen it. From her position on the couch she watched him pour some of the oil on and rub it onto his cock. She felt her head getting weak.

From his position it was a lot like his dream fantasy of the night before, rubbing his cock with the warm oil just a few feet away from his sister’s face as she gazed upon him almost mesmerized. He took his time, enjoying every minute, and was very impressed with himself that he didn’t lose control and lose a load all over her face.

“I think this therapy is working,” he said slowly, still massaging his cock with the oil as he looked down on his sister. “I feel like I can control myself a lot better.”

She didn’t hear him right away, her mouth was hanging open just slightly and she was very distracted. Then she leaned back a bit on the couch and looked up at him, trying to process what he had said. Instinctively, she licked her lips.

“Very good,” she finally responded. “I would say that its probably time to move on to Stage Two,” she said.

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