Shy Ronny Pt. 02 – Beach Date

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Amanda paced back and forth, staring at her online account, and the lack of new messages. It had been two weeks since Ronny had completely and utterly changed her world, not to mention re-arranged her guts, and other than his, “Thanks, it was nice to meet you” message, nothing. Not a text, not an email, not a phone call, not even a new message where they first met, online.

“Why haven’t I heard from him?” Amanda flopped onto the couch in her living room, the tone in her voice whinier than she would have liked.

“You said he was pretty shy, what makes you think he would suddenly be up for making the next move? You told me you basically tied him up and stole his V-card, after all… maybe the poor stud is just traumatized!” The lilting voice of her roommate, Alexandria “Lexi” Turner carried down the hall from the kitchen, shortly followed by the lithe girl herself. Where Amanda was curvy and a bit shorter, Lexi was tall and thin, with the muscles of the professional dancer and gymnast she used to be. “If you’re that desperate for more of his oversized cock, you should just message him.” Lexi smirked at her roommate, having quite enjoyed the story of the previous weeks anal adventure, and Amanda’s careful waddling for the next few days until her abused asshole returned to a semblance of normality.

“I’m not desperate!” Amanda stuck her tongue out at her roommate, crossing her arms under her full breasts. “It was just… so intense, you know?” Lexi nodded settling onto the couch next to her roommate.

“I get it, you don’t find a cock like that every day. Or, like, ever…” Lexi trailed off, remembering the crazy-seeming photos Amanda had shared with her during their last girls night. “I still can’t believe you took him up the ass though. You are such a buttslut!” She giggled, enjoying the slight blush she brought to her usually self-confident roommate.

“There is nothing wrong with being a buttslut… and whose idea was No Pussy November in the first place?!” Amanda shot back, tossing a nearby pillow at Lexi, who batted it away with another giggle.

“Ok, fair, that was at least partially my fault, I just thought it might be a fun challenge to see if we could both make it a whole month. You’re the crazy bitch who bet me double or nothing for Denial December though. If you write him now, you’re just going to be walking funny again.” Lexi replied, smirking down at her roommate once more. “Or do you think you can restrain yourself? I mean, you popped his cherry on your first date. Maybe you should try something normal, like dinner and a movie this time?”

“I can restrain myself!” Amanda shot back. “If I want to. After all, I got exactly what I wanted out of that first date, even if it was a bit much to recover from. I think you’re right though, it’s dumb of me to be waiting on him to make the move, he already showed me he’s not that kind of guy.” She smiled. “And at least this way I might get off again this month, unlike someone I know.” With that last comment, she jumped up from the couch, and snagged her laptop, darting out of the room just ahead of the pillow projectile launched by her sputtering roommate.

Hey Big boy, I hope you have recovered from what we did together, because it’s past time we met up again. I think you need to take me on a proper date this time thought. Are you free this weekend? If so, you’re taking me to the park. We’ll have a picnic lunch, and then go swimming in the lake, so bring your trunks. You do have a car right? You can pick me up at 11. I’ll pack the lunch. Don’t disappoint me Ronny boy. – A

Ron looked at the screen, hardly able to believe what he was reading. Amanda wanted to go on a date… with him? Like a real live date? He had assumed their previous encounter had been a one and done, it never even occurred to him she would want to see him again, despite what she had said before they last parted. He had seen how she winced when he finally pulled out, and had all but scurried out of her place, barely taking the time to clean himself off and tug on his jeans. His memory of that encounter had fueled several fantasies, and more than one embarrassing wet dream since, but he was shocked to see her message in his inbox, yet there it was, blinking at him from the onlinemessages page.

Amanda, uh Miss. It’s great to hear from you! I do have a car, it’s just… a bit old. I’m totally free though. No plans at all. I’ll pick you up right at 11! – Ron. He re-read the letter once, wincing a bit at his word choices, but slammed the send button anyway before he could chicken out. Already, his cock was throbbing, slowly working itself towards hardness, and he rushed away to the shower to take care of himself before work, already knowing the rest of the week was going to be nothing but tortured anticipation.

It proved to be a week of tortured anticipation for Amanda as well. She had no idea what had convinced her to add the no masturbation clause to her bet with Lexi for Denial December, but she was already regretting it even before she spent a week fantasizing about her next kaçak iddaa encounter with Ronny, and what he was packing. By the time Saturday morning rolled around she was positively aching, and it seemed unlikely she would be keeping the date all that PG after all. Humming with anticipation, she pulled her hair back into a simple ponytail, and put on some light (and hopefully) waterproof makeup. That done, she pulled on her red, barely-there bikini top, with the scandalously tiny thong that she only bought because Lexi dared her to. In hindsight, Lexi and her bets always seemed to be getting her in trouble.

Musing on that thought, she pulled on some slightly more modest shorts, and a flowing coverup, and swayed into the kitchen to fill her picnic basket with sandwiches, chips, bottles of water, and a jug of what Lexi commonly referred to as “swamp juice”. That done, she double checked her other bag had everything she would need if the date went where she was now hoping it would. Just as she went to check the clock, the door buzzer went off. It was, in fact, 11 AM on the dot, just as Ron had promised. Grinning, she grabbed both bags, tossed her towel over her shoulder and headed down the stairs in a run. Just before she got to the door, Lexi’s mocking tone floated down after her, bringing a slight flush to her cheeks.

“Have fun, buttslut!”

“You’re just jealous, bitch!” Amanda called back up the stairs, fighting to get the blush off her cheeks and the laugh out of her voice before she answered the door, replacing both with what she hoped was a coy smile. Beyond her threshold, Ronny stood, shuffling slightly from foot to food in beat up sneakers, board shorts, and a t-shirt that looked too big for him, hanging down almost as far as his shorts did.

“Um. Hi… Amanda… er… Miss!” Ron rushed over his words, blushing as he looked over the still scantily-clad girl. He bit his lip, eyes roving hungrily over her body almost despite himself. When he finally wrestled them back up to her face, her knowing smirk made him blush all over again. Laughing, she handed him her picnic basket and bag through the open door before responding.

“Like what you see, big boy? Just wait until we get to the beach.” Amanda giggled, hopping down the step her townhouse, completely conscious of what such a hop would do to her assets as she pulled the door closed behind her. She waited for Ron to collect himself a bit before continuing. “You can call me Amanda, by the way, We’ll save ‘Miss’ for when you’re… serving… me, OK?” Her last words positively dripped with inuendo, and Ronny managed to blush even deeper than before, as he forced himself to turn away, leading her down the steps towards his car, easily carrying her belongings in one hand.

“Um. This is my ride.” Ron said as he led her to a sparkling fire engine red Pontiac Firebird. “Like I said, it’s a bit old, but…”

Amanda cut him off with a smile. “It’s sexy as fuck, is what it is. Where did you get your hands on something like this?” she moved in front of him, trailing her fingers lightly along the hood as she moved to the passenger seat, and then tapped her foot, looking pointedly at the door until, with a start. Ron hurried over and unlocked the door before pulling it open for her.

“It was my dad’s, actually. He and I restored it the past few years, and now it’s mine, as long as I take good care of it.” He stood up a bit straighter as he spoke, clearly taking pride in the work he had put in, if not in the car itself. He helped Amanda into the car, and carefully closed to door before moving to the back, unlocking the trunk and stashing the basket and bag. That done, he unlocked and opened his door. Sliding inside, he fired the classic ride up. The engine roared to life and Amanda licked her lips.

“I’m impressed. I always had a thing for big guys with hot cars…” Amanda trailed off, resting her hand casually on Ron’s thigh as he put the muscle car in gear, and pulled out of the parking lot with another throaty roar of the engine. The maneuver was only slightly marred by Ron’s shocked jerking of the wheel when her hand wandered a bit further then just his thigh, and Amanda giggled as she moved back to slightly safer territory, deciding she wanted to at least survive to the park, despite how much fun teasing poor Ronny could be.

The rest of the drive to the nearby park passed quickly. Ron was a far more confident driver then she would have expected, clearly comfortable behind the wheel of the powerful machine, and Amanda contented herself with watching the weekend traffic flow by. Visions of road head did idly cross her mind but given how poorly poor Ronny had handled just a little hand on his oversized cock, it was unlikely they would survive to the park if she tried for a blowjob. She contented herself fantasizing, every so often glancing over towards the unmistakable bulge that traveled halfway down the right leg of his shorts, evidence enough he was happy to see her, despite his shy silence.

A short while later, they pulled through the gates of the kaçak bahis park, and Ronny took them around the loop to the beach side parking. Having learned his lesson, as soon as he killed the engine and put the powerful machine in park, he got out, hurry around to Amanda’s side and opening the door for her with a slightly dorky smile. She grinned up at him in return, extending her hand and allowing him to pull her out of the car, enjoying the ease in which he did so.

“Good Boy, I knew you could be taught. Now, grab the bags, we need to get a good spot before the beach fills up – I want to spend some time working on my tan.” She crossed her arms under her chest, foot once more tapping impatiently as she waited for him to hurry to the back of his Firebird and retrieve the basket and bag. As soon as he had done so, she set off down the path towards the beach, listening to him scramble to catch up, putting an unnecessary but oh so fun sway into every step, certain she knew where the shy boy’s eyes would be for the entire walk to the beach.

She was for the most part correct, Ron’s eyes were locked onto her swinging derriere right up until the point he tripped on a protruding root in the dirt path, and almost toppled over. Righting himself, and managing not to drop anything, he forced himself to focus a bit more on the path, and a bit less on the booty he was so intimately acquainted with. In front of him, Amanda smirked to herself, but did not bother to look back, enjoying the obvious evidence of his distraction. As they neared the beach, Ron shifted the bag to his left hand along with the basket, using his right to desperately try and adjust or hide his growing erection, tugging his shirt down and straightening up just as the pair left the trees, and entered a wide strip of white sand. Several couples were already set up around the beach, but Amanda lead them unerringly towards a depression on the far-left side.

The land sloped down, and Amanda finally stopped at the lowest point, looking back and verifying they had broken line of sight with most of the other beach goers. “Here we are. I used to work here as a lifeguard in High School, and this spot used to be super popular with couples. You can’t really see it from the rest of the beach, and it gets plenty of sun. Grab the beach towel out of my bag and set it up. I want to work on my tan!” Ron hurried to obey, setting down the picnic basket and pulling out the oversized beach towel at the top of the bag. Amanda grinned to herself as the boy flushed, catching a glimpse of the bottle of lube, and the oversized buttplug at the bottom of the bag. “Just in case.” Amanda said with a giggle when he looked up at her questioningly. Face flaming, Ron closed the bag and set it down rather quickly, opening the towel and shaking it out before laying it down on the soft sand. It was more a blanket than a towel, easily covering enough space for both to lie on.

“Your towel awaits, Amanda.” Ron finally broke his silence, only stumbling slightly over the mode of address as he did so. He might have said more, but all thought slipped away as he turned back to Amanda, only to discover she had pulled off her coverup, and was bent over, wiggling out of her shorts. She was slightly at an angle to him, letting him take in her full breasts, straining against a tiny bikini top that scarcely covered her nipples, and left most of the sloping curves bare to see. From there his eyes snapped to her ass, and at first, he thought she was nude, until the lines of her tiny thong came into view around her curvy hips. The cheeks of her ass were fully on display, the string of her thong completely swallowed. Standing, she turned to look at him, unable to hide her smile as she took in his poleaxed expression.

“Told ya you would like what you saw!” She teased, moving past him and reaching into her bag, bending over deeply, and digging around for much longer than necessary before coming up with a large bottle of sunscreen. She looked him up and down and smirked openly at the bulge forming in his shorts, not even his too-long t-shirt able to hide it completely. “Looks like SOMEONE likes it, at least.” She said with another grin, before opening the bottle and pouring a generous dollop of the creamy white oil across her breasts. “Remind you of anything?” she giggled, setting down the bottle and starting to massage the oil across her chest, smearing it around messily, and enjoying the range of emotions that crossed Ronny’s face before getting serious, and massaging the lotion into her skin. Then repeated the process across her belly, and down her arms and legs, making a show of working the cream carefully into her skin, putting on quite a show for the stunned, shy boy across from her. Finally, she moved closer to the unmoving Ronny, and smiled up at him. “Be a good boy and oil my back for me, huh, Ronny? I want to get tanned, not burned.” She slapped the bottle into his unresisting hand and turned around accidently brushing her hand along the bulge in his shorts as she did so.

“Oh.. Um.. sure!” Ron shook himself illegal bahis out of the trance he had been in, watching this beautiful creature oil herself up for him. Her skin glistened, and he could not help but be reminded how she had looked the first time they had met, after his first premature eruption had coated her in another creamy white substance. Blushing at the memory, and at the uncomfortable bulge in his shorts that was now beyond hiding, he moved forward, fumbling open the bottle of sunscreen and squirting it along her shoulders. He blushed again as she moaned, unsure if she was teasing him, or just responding to the unexpected sensation. Reaching forward, he tentatively put his hands on her shoulders and started to massage the sunscreen into her skin, working in slow careful circles, not wanting to miss a spot.

“Mmm, good boy, Ronny. You have nice strong hands.” Amanda let herself melt backwards, closing the distance between them as he massaged her, arching her back in such a way her nearly bare ass could not help but brush along the front of his shorts, feeling the hard curve of him through the fabric. “I’m glad you’re enjoying this… I know I am.” Her voice had dropped into a more sultry tone, and Ron swallowed loudly behind her, his hands working slowly down her back, carefully coating her in sunscreen, clearly struggling to stay on task as she teasingly shifted her hips, running her ass back and forth over his bulge.

Finally, Ron stepped back, rubbing the last of the warm oil into his own hands. “All done.” He said softly, his eyes once more running down her toned back, and lingering on her curved, and totally exposed derriere.

“Not quite,” Amanda giggled, laying down on the blanket, and wiggling her ass back and forth enticingly. “I really don’t want a sun burn on my cheeks, or the back of my legs. Be a good boy and cover those as well… pretty please?” She turned to look at him, arching her back and giving him a clear view between her breasts, appearing almost naked at this angle. He swallowed loudly, the bulge in his shorts now clearly outlining his achingly hard cock. She quirked an eyebrow at him as the silence lengthened, and he started forward, dropping to his knees on the blanket, and bobbling the sunscreen bottle open with hands turned clumsy.

“Oh, of course… sorry about that.” He stammered, squirting out a massive load of sunscreen, far more than was necessary for the amount of exposed skin she had on display. He babbled out an apology, setting aside the bottle, and doing his best to work the cream into her ass, the thong allowing him to work over every inch of it. Amanda moaned again, clearly enjoying the feeling of his strong hands on her cheeks, and he shifted, trying to find a positing that put less pressure on his aching erection. Finally, he had worked the last of the lotion into the skin of her thighs, and she wiggled a bit against him.

“Mmm, you’re such a good boy Ronny, Now, why don’t you take that shift off, and let me do you?” She giggled, turning over and taking in his once again stunned expression. “The sunscreen, silly,” she pointed to the discarded bottle, and he blushed, nodding.

“Uh, yeah,” Ron felt his face flaming, realizing his hasty assumption, and he hurried to hand her the bottle, and pull off his shirt, forgetting in his embarrassment what the shirt was supposed to hide. Without it, the long, thick curve of his erection was impossible to miss, straining against the leg of his shorts. Amanda glanced down at it and licked her lips before standing and moving behind him, opening the bottle and working a line of sunscreen across his back. She admired his form as she did so. He was a bit soft, but that little bit of padding hid well-developed muscles – the kind that came from hard work, rather than dedicated gym time. It made her realize she did not know anything about him, and she resolved to fix that, eventually.

“Hehehe, My turn to get you all white and sticky, huh?” she whispered into his ear as she started to massage the sunscreen into his skin, working her way slowly down his back, taking time to trace his muscles, and run teasing fingers along his spine. “Been thinking about you since we last parted, you know. From the look of things, you missed me too, huh?” She practically purred as she spoke into is ear, finishing with his back and moving around to his front, pushing him down until he lay back on the blanket, and she applied more sunscreen to his front. This time, however, her hand slipped, and a huge dollop of cream ended up in his lap, covering the loose shorts he wore.

“Oops. Guess those need to come off now too, sorry.” Her apology sounded genuine, but her eyes danced teasingly as she reached down, already undoing the buttons and zipper of his shorts, revealing a deep blue bathing suit underneath. Though he tried to protest, she just kept pulling and tugging on his shorts, until he either had to lift his butt and let her pull them off, or risk losing his bathing suit as well. Without the heavier cloth of his shorts, his erection pressed even more obviously against the thin fabric of his suit, and he looked down, blushing in distress. “Don’t worry, no one’s going to notice anything… and if you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll take care of that for you.”

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