Showering With My Sexy Sister Ch. 03

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Synopsis of Part I and II – My sister Tess and I had wrestled naked while showering together and it had gotten both of us hot. I had watched her getting off under the shower while she watching me wash my pussy and ass at her careful direction. When she got out of the shower and was drying off, I didn’t think she could see me, and I got off under the shower but later learned she could see me in the mirror. It made both of us feel very sexy to talk about it and she told me of her friend Dottie and how we had been intimate. We were talking on the bed and telling me all the sexy details got both of us hot again.

I begged her to let me watch her bring herself off. She unashamedly began to stroke her pussy. It was fantastic to watch her masturbating from very close up and I put my hand over hers as she masturbated. My body was on fire as I watched her fingers play over her pink clit. Her pussy was gleaming with her juices that flowed over her spread pussy. Tess slid a finger then two inside herself while she used the other hand to strum her clit. I couldn’t help it and squeezed my thighs together making my own clit throb all the more. My face was almost touching her pussy and the wonderful aroma of her excited pussy made my mouth water. I was so hot I thought I would die. After she came explosively, she asked me if I wanted her to bring me off. Did I ever! The mere thought of my sister making love to me made me even hotter.

We ended up making love together for the first time. It was long, erotic, exotic and glorious. We turned in bed and began to kiss and caress each other as we moved our lips and tongue down toward the very core of our being. I had dipped a finger inside her spread pussy and loved the taste. Now I could dip my tongue into that fantastic opening and taste her sweet juices. I sucked, flicked my tongue around her pussy, and sucked over and over again till she came explosively and I was hooked. I wanted to make love to her pussy all night and would have but she finally told me she couldn’t climax any more, it was too much or her. She reminded me we could make love every night and day, whenever we could find the time and place. I slept cuddled up to her back my hand cupping her breast.

The next day she called her best friend Dottie, and had her come over. She told Dottie that the two of us had made love and Dottie was ecstatic. Dottie made love to me, and it was fantastic. Then I made love to her too. We had a regular orgy going on. I was lying on top of Dottie, in a 69, and Sis behind Dottie with the long gleaming strap-on dildo, the large head already buried halfway inside her spread pussy. At that moment Brandi Mason, our next-door neighbor walked in on us. Mom had given her a key and told her to keep an eye on us.

We were dumbfounded and Sis begged Mrs. Mason not to tell Mom about it and told her we would do anything she asked. “I’ll sure have to tell Vivian, or she’ll never, ever, forgive me.” She said with a smile slowly forming on her face, and a wicked twinkle in her big blue eyes as she took her blouse off and then her sexy looking bra, and moved toward the bed. Her magnificent full breasts bounced and swayed as she walked toward us. She got in bed with us nude and quickly put us to ease. It didn’t take long before the four of us were lost in lovemaking, four women, well a very mature and sexy woman and three girls.

We made love with Brandi and found she was an expert at kissing and making very intimate love to all three of us. When she finally left us she said she’d have to tell Mom about our lovemaking. We were sure Mom would want to ground us for life when she got back. Now Mom was home and asked us what happened. I just could not get it out of my mouth and Tess finally said “Well Mom, it was this way, we got to seeing how French kissing felt and I guess our hormones got the best of us. We found your dildo and went from there. Are we grounded for life?”

Mom threw her head back and began to laugh. She looked at us and pulled us to her and kissed us first one then the other. It wasn’t a soft kiss but a firm intimate kiss, her tongue lightly flicking out to slip across my lips. When that happened my pussy gave a twinge that ran through my whole body and I got instant goose bumps. When she kissed Tess I saw her lips open a little and knew she was giving Tess a French kiss too. Tess turned a vivid red as I imagine I had done. She pulled back and her face beamed

“No, I won’t ground you two sexy girls, you did just what your Aunt Bettye and I did when we were young, but we just never got caught in the act. It is just part of growing up. Some girls do it and then never experiment again, others like the feel and companionship of another girl, or woman, over a man. If Brandi hadn’t found you having sex together you two would have probably gone on to discover guys and never looked back. You might have gone on to like both men and women as I do.” She said with a loving smile.

“So you and fake cop porno Brandi make love together? ” Sis asked.

“Oh yes, we found out a long time ago that we both were, if you want a tag for it, bisexual. We like to make love with women as well as men. Both of our husbands know of this and don’t mind. Your father was wounded while in the service and cannot make love to me in the usual way, but he loves to eat my pussy and I love for him to eat me. Brandi’s husband knows and approves of her making love to me. We both have several women lovers who feel as we do. In my things are a number of home movies of us with our lovers, men and women. They are kept locked in a very secret place where no one, including you two sexy vixens can find them.”

Inquisitive me, “Mom, could we watch them, please. We’ve seen some porn movies but to see our own Mom in them would be out of this world.”

“Girls I’ve given a lot of thought to what I would do if you two found out about my second life with other women.

Kit, you are too young for this. Yes, I know, adults always say that, but in this case you are. Do you have a girlfriend you are intimate with, perhaps Betsy?” She asked.

I blushed down to my toes. I nodded and she smiled at me. “I thought so, just little things that went on when she spent the night with you. Sometimes you two got a little noisy while making love. It is perfectly OK with me, but you have to promise that you won’t tell anyone about me or your sister, or that I have women lovers. Promise? Cross your heart?” She asked.

I of course nodded my head. I knew it would be difficult but I could do it. I always try to never lie to Mom. “I can keep a secret, I promise.”

“It will be hard, but I think you’ll know the reasons when you get a few more years under your belt”, she said as she pulled me close and kissed me gently on the lips. I felt that kiss clear down to my toes and held it as long as I could. Slowly our kisses became more sensual and I put my hand out and stroked Mom’s full bosom. I felt her shiver, but she wanted more kisses from me! Her mouth was so hot and her tongue played with mine and explored my mouth till I was gasping for breath.

My pussy was on fire. I was French kissing my own mother with my older sister beside us watching. What a rush! Finally we broke apart. Sis was beaming like crazy and pulled me close and kissed me, her tongue slipping into my mouth. I was ecstatic over it and thought I’d have a climax with no one touching my pussy.

She and I kissed for a long time and my pussy was dripping. Sis slid a hand down and under my short dress and burrowed into my panties. I looked at Mom and she just grinned and nodded her head.

“I’ll let you love each other for a while. I need to fix us something to eat. Your father and I didn’t have breakfast or lunch. Why don’t you two go into your bedroom and make love. Maybe I’ll come in later and watch my two grown up ladies loving each other.” She gave us both a soft kiss and shooed us out to our room.

We ran to the bedroom and closed the door. “Can you believe that Sis. She didn’t ban us to outer Slobovia. I guess you two will make love later, won’t you?” I asked between kisses and caresses as we shed our clothes. We fell on the bed and our bodies moved together franticly, I ran a finger along Sis’s pussy and it was sopping. I knew mine was too. There was very little foreplay as the sex books call it. We couldn’t wait and turned around and our mouths went to each other’s pussies, tongues sliding, lips sucking the delicious juices from hot wet pussies.

Minutes later her tongue slid across my clit and I moaned out loud. I humped her face and she didn’t let me down, her talented tongue flicked back and forth over my clit. I sucked hers the same way and soon we were both moaning and thrashing on the bed, lost in ecstasy. I drove my tongue as far as I could inside her hot pussy, wishing it were six inches long. She slipped a wet finger into my backside as her tongue bathed my pussy and flicked my clit over and over.

I opened my eyes for a moment and saw Mom standing in the door, a huge smile on her face and caught a naughty wink as she watched us passionately making love. Then she turned and closed the door behind her. I redoubled my licks and caresses on Sis’s body till she exploded. I was moments behind her as her lips and tongue sucked and flicked against my throbbing pussy. Her pussy tasted so sweet and the odor of her clean sexy pussy filled my nose and my body exploded again and again. We made love for a long time till finally Mom came to the bedroom and kissed us. She could undoubtedly smell and taste the sex juices on our faces. She told us it was time to come eat with them and to clean up just a little before we did. We washing up a little, dressed quickly and went to eat.

Mom hugged us both and kissed us rather chastely and we had a normal lunch with Mom and Dad telling us fake hospital porno about their trip. We were so excited we didn’t know what to do. We wondered if Mom had told Dad about what Randi had found out about us. He didn’t let on if he did know. What a pair! They commented on how healthy and rosy our cheeks were. I think they knew why.

After we ate and the dishes were done, Dad said he had to go see one of his customers in another city as there was a deadline on the contract he was working on and he would be gone for three nights. We told him we’d miss him, but were thinking how lucky could we be, not having to worry about him being in the house. Mom packed his clothes and saw him off.

Mom asked me if I would like to go over and spend the night with Betsy. I of course knew she wanted to make love to my sister. I would have given a lot to have been allowed to watch them or best of all, join them. I called Betsy and she was delighted that I wanted to come over and said to be sure and bring my bikini as we were going to be swimming in their pool. A group of her mother’s friends were already there, and she said there were some killer girls in really skimpy bikinis. Before I left I asked Sis to tell me everything they did while I was gone, every delicious detail of making love with our Mother! She gave me a big kiss and said she’d tell me every wonderfully nasty/nice kiss and detail of their lovemaking. I wished for a hidden camera in the room, but that was out of the question.

When I got to Betsy’s house her mother, Audrey answered the door. My eyes went to her sleek body clad in one of the latest thong swim suits. Her full breasts filled the cups with soft smooth flesh overflowing the thin cups. My eyes went to the tips and her erect nipples pushed the cloth out. I looked down at what there was of the tiny bottom which was tight against her pussy and plainly accented her slit. She must have shaved her pubic hair as the bottom was very small, barely covering her pubic mound. Damn, she had some body!

Thinking about my own Mom, I decided I would love to make love to either of these two beautiful, sexy women, but would have preferred my own mother. My pussy tingled and I could feel my clit throb and my nipples poke against my bikini top. We followed her out to the pool and I was fascinated by the erotic play of her sexy ass, displayed for all to see by the thong that was just wide enough to cover her slit and rectum. She caught me watching her ass and gave a throaty laugh and wiggled her ass back at me. My pussy was literally dripping.

Time flew as we swam, played games and just had a ball. The adults were having mixed drinks one after the other and the party got more sexually stimulating as the time went on. Tall fencing and shrubbery hid the pool from outsiders. Several of the women tossed their tops aside and let all admire their naked breasts. I wondered if my small breasts would be that big when I grew up. We watched fascinated as some of the man and women too would hold a female partner and fondle them or slip a finger into their pussies. Kisses went from lips to anyplace on their partner’s body, and I mean anywhere!

I was in the pool beside Betsy when her Mom swam over. I could tell she was just a little tipsy and she had taken off her top letting her full breasts free. The aureole was dark and large the nipples were long and taut. She swam over between Betsy and me and pulled me close to her. I was so pleased as she enveloped me in a close embrace, her firm breasts and erect nipples making my heart race like crazy. Apparently she liked me. She pulled me close and kissed my lips and our tongues fenced and darted making us both sexually excited. Her hands stroked my body and fondled my breasts and ass. Ohh, what a feeling. She really knew her way around another woman.

“My Kit, you look ravishing in that bikini, but you need to get rid of it, let us see those budding young breasts. Come on, show them to us.” She said as her hands moved over my hips, pulling me against her hot body. Damn, I loved it and looked over at Betsy.

“Come on Kit, show them your boobs, here, look at mine people,” Betsy said in a loud voice.

There were calls of ‘take it off Betsy’ from around the pool. Her mother reached over and caught the ties and pulled them off leaving Betsy topless. She laughed and thrust out her chest showing off her small, but beautiful breasts with pink hard nipples jutting out.

“Look at those beautiful breasts; I hope hers get as large as mine when she grows up. Our family had always had busty women in it. If you’ve got it Baby, flaunt it!” Audrey cried and cupped her breasts and lifted them for all to see. There were calls of ‘go Audrey’ from around the pool, then “More, come on Aud, show us what else you’ve got, you know you love to show it off!”

Audrey didn’t hesitate and stepped up on deck and gave a shimmy or two and then she reached fake taxi porno around, undid the bottom of her bikini and threw it aside. Damn, my body went no sag, her legs long and shapely and her stomach gently rounded. She had shaved her pussy and it looked delicious,, like a key hole at the top and her inner pussy lips were just barely visible. There was no trace of hair and I wondered how she got it so smooth. I stared at her pussy as did almost everyone else.

She did a few shimmies that made her beautiful breasts jiggle and sway and turned to put her beautiful ass on display. She spread her thighs and bent forward and we were looking up at her delicious wet and pouting pussy. The men and women both clapped and wanted more. I’m sure there was many swelling cocks among the men and looks of envy from the women, maybe a twitch from their clits too. I looked over at Betsy and she smiled at me and licked her lips. I wondered if she and her mom had ever made it together.

Audrey jumped back in the pool and moved over to Betsy and me. “Come on Kit, take your top off, let us see how big your budding breasts are. Betsy, take her top off, please, let us see how lovely your bosom buddy is!”

Betsy didn’t hesitate and caught the ties of my top and unfastened them. I hid my bare breasts with my hands but Audrey reached over and gently pulled them away. My nipples were taut from the cold water and I got a lot of calls and whistles from the crowd. Audrey surprised me and slid her hands around me from behind and cupped my breasts. Her body was against my back and I almost fainted from the pleasure and surprise. Her hips thrust against me and her hands massaged my breasts making them firmer and I shivered all over. I could feel her firm pubic mound grind against my ass. Audrey laughed and caught my nipples and pulled on them rolling them between her fingers. Naturally they jutted out from the stimulation. Audrey bent her head and nibbled on my ear and I almost came unglued.

“Look at this young Venus. She loves it. Her breasts are getting firmer, but what she needs is more stimulation. Bets, come over and suck her nipples and give her some real stimulation. Suck on those beauties. You know you want to, don’t you Baby?” Audrey asked.

Betsy didn’t hesitate, she moved over to me and took one nipple in her mouth and sucked on it as she had many times before. Now it seemed everyone was moving closer to watch us. Betsy knows how I love to have her kiss and caress my breasts and did us both proud as she sucked my nipples to harder points. Audrey’s body moved against mine and I felt her unfasten my bottom and pull it away, leaving me nude in the pool with all eyes watching us. I let all my inhibitions go and went with the flow. Audrey’s hands moved down and lifted my hips so that I was floating in the water. She ran her hand up my thighs to the apex and rubbed my slit. I moaned out loud and the audience around us was silent as they watched their beautiful hostess bring a new young virgin to their view. I thrust my hips up just a little against her hand and gasped a soft “Ooooh, yes, make me cum, please!”

Audrey moved her hand to cup my pussy and stroke it up and down. Then I felt her middle finger slip down and into my dripping pussy. Betsy was sucking one breast and her hand kneaded the other till I felt lips replace her hand and hot lips surrounded my nipple between nipping teeth. I loved it and saw Paula, the beautiful brunette sucking on my other nipple.

Slowly Audrey spread my thighs. I gasped as I knew what she was going to do. Her hands slid under my ass and she kissed my wet thighs moving upward till she came to my pussy. She slid her tongue out and I gasped as it touched my pussy and slid between my throbbing pussy flesh.

Audrey murmured loud enough for all to hear, “Now watch this beautiful Virgin while I slip my long tongue inside her very wet pussy. I’ll bet she is a Virgin. I know her pussy will taste so delicious, as my daughter has told me how sweet and flavorful her friend is. They love to 69 each other from time to time. Mnnnn, delicious!” She murmured as her tongue slid inside me while her lips sucked my juices out. The guests moved closer so as to miss none of the action the four of us were putting on for them.

My mind raced as I wondered if Betsy told her mom everything I had told her about my family’s sexual affairs. I’d have to watch my lips from now on so I wouldn’t tell too much. Yet, I was proud that this beautiful woman was now kissing, sucking and tongue fucking my pussy for all to see. Could I tell Mom what happened? I’d have to ask Tess. I moaned aloud as the two women sucked my nipples, kneaded my beasts while Audrey expertly sucked and tongue fucked my pussy.

Slowly the three moved me upward to a fantastic climax as they worked in unison to caress and stimulate all my sexual receptors. When I thought I could take no more, Audrey changed her tactics and she slid a long finger up inside me and pressed on a part of my pussy I was unaware of having. I knew in an instant that she had found my “G” spot I had read about, but never seemed able to find it myself. Now I knew where it was and would sure make good use of that knowledge and on Sis and Betsy too. And Mom?

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