Show , Tell Ch. 02

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Actually, her confession gave me a sense of relief. For a grown woman to have, “fallen in love at first sight…,” well, that seemed more like a, “teenage crush,” than a reality. Knowing she knew Alexis’s, “story,” seemed truly interested in her well being and knew how much Lexi cared for me…, she had to have been overcome by that moment.

“Mrs…, Elle…, let’s stop and think about what you’re saying. First, where is your wedding ring?

Not looking at me, “In my purse.”

“So you’re still married?”

“Unfortunately…, yes,” she replied, now picking up her head and looking at me.

I didn’t take the bait.

“So you have a husband, who I’m sure is at home right now, waiting for you to get back from a long day at work.”

“He’ll know I’m not there, but he won’t remember why,” she responded.

When I gave her a blank look, she added, “He’ll ask Kim and she’ll remind him.”


“Our daughter. She’s eight and I have a four year old son, Todd….”

I thought she was done and I was about to offer my perspective on this infatuation when…, “and don’t think this is just some crazy mid-life crisis or anything like that.”

Sitting up straight again and adjusting the top of the sweater so it was where it güvenilir bahis belonged, “You think I haven’t agonized over this for the past four months? Do you think I look at my life and wish I didn’t feel the way I do?”

She paused…, looking at me but not seeing me.

“Why? That’s the question you asked…, and I don’t have an answer. All I can tell you is…, what I’m feeling is so much more than anything else that I’ve ever felt and…, I have to find out what it all means. If you don’t feel anything…, if looking at me and knowing the way I feel means nothing to you…, okay…, you have your own life and I think you’re doing a great job with it….”

“Elle,” I interrupted, “I honestly think you don’t know what you’re feeling….”

Now she gave me another of her killer smiles, interrupting me this time, “Oh…, you have NO idea what I’m feeling right now! I can tell you that my father would be shocked if he knew what I was thinking and Todd….”

“Your son?” wondering why she’d bring him up.

Now it was her turn to look confused, “My son?”

Then she laughed. “No, my son is Todd Junior, TJ for short. His father is Todd and I can guarantee you that he’d lose a screw if he knew what I was thinking!”

I didn’t want türkçe bahis to know what she was thinking.

So I bailed!

Looking at my watch I stood up, “Listen, it’s late…, we’ve both been here a long time…, so…, let me walk you out to your car and I’ll stop in again and you…, just think this through.”

Nodding, she stood.

Then…, “Oops…,” as if remembering something?

Looking down, then up at me, she remembered the reason for the “Oops.”

“Could you wait a second? I’ve got to change. Todd would shit if I came home dressed like this.”

Not waiting for an answer, she walked to one of the two tiny bathrooms, really only closets with toilets, a sink and vanity in between, inside her classroom.

That’s when I found out that I’d been right in, “not wanting to know,” what she’d been thinking.

Without closing the door, she turned and looked at me, a wicked smile lighting up her face, and pulled the sweater over her head!

There was no bra…, only two medium sized breasts that still showed the non-tanned outline of a bikini bathing suit top!

Holding the pose for a moment, she unbuttoned and unzipped the skirt, pulled it over her hips and let it fall to the floor at her feet.

A wide strip of light güvenilir bahis siteleri colored pubic hair, framed by that same non-tanned outline, the bikini bottom this time, was all that she’d worn under the skirt. Her grin now even more wicked…, as she did a slow pirouette…, before winking at me and closing the door.

I should have walked out right there and then.

But I didn’t…, because I was shocked…, and not just a little titillated, by her brazen exhibitionism!

When she came back out, she’d returned to her, “Plymouth Pilgrim,” style, a shopping bag in hand, holding I’m sure, the “alternative,” outfit she’d worn in the attempt to seduce me.

That caused me to wonder, “Why’d she change clothes? Because, “…, her husband would shit…,” if she’d gone home dressed like that. Why?

But I quickly dismissed that as, “…, not my problem!”

I walked her to her car, passing a custodian on the way, his, “Late night huh

Mrs. A?”

“Glories of being a teacher George. Good night.”

Ours were the only cars left in the parking lot.

After we’d said, “Good night,” she rolled up next to me and opened her window. “When will I see you again?”

Not wanting to commit to anything, I told her, “I’ve got a story coming up in Lexi’s class. I’ll try to make sure it’s at the end of the day, then stop in to see you.”

“Looking forward to that,” she replied, another wicked grin following.

I couldn’t get the tan lines out of my head.

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