Should I Fuck My Dad?

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Cum Between

I was nineteen that summer. I didn’t have a boyfriend and I was so horny. It didn’t help matters that I was living at home with my parents. When I was home alone I would undress and get onto my bed. I used my fingers to play with my nipples. I would get them hard and then I would start in on my pussy.

I would begin with one finger and then slide a second finger into my hole. I would think about my Dad. I knew it was wrong to have those thoughts but I couldn’t help it. A few weeks ago I saw my Dad naked. The door to his bedroom was cracked open. He had just got out of the shower and was standing there beginning to get dressed.

I saw his thick cock hanging between his legs. I never saw a cock that big before. The tip of his dick looked huge. I only looked for a minute or so. I quickly ran to my room and then fingered myself. I was so wet to begin with. My pussy made these squishing noises as I pushed my fingers in as deep as I could.

It didn’t take long before I had this enormous orgasm. I had to contain myself from crying out. I needed to feel my Dad’s cock inside me. That’s all there was to it. I quickly came up with a plan. I told my Dad I needed a ride to a friend’s house. We got into the car and my Dad began to drive. I really wasn’t planning to see my friend.

Maybe mile down the road I reached over and placed my hand on my Dad’s thigh. He looked over at me like he was totally taken by surprise.

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot Daddy,” I told him.

I moved my hand to his bulge. I could swear he was getting hard in his pants. I asked him if there was someplace we could go to be alone.

“Are you sure about this Jill?” He asked me.

I nodded my head. At first I thought he would tell me this was something we shouldn’t do between a father and daughter. Instead we drove to a seedy little motel. It was one of those places where no one asks any questions. Dad got a room and we entered. I couldn’t wait another second. I wrapped my arms around his neck and our mouths met. My Dad must have been as horny as I was.

We made it over to the bed. My Dad got onto dvd porno his back. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down. His large cock came springing out. I quickly surrounded his prick with my mouth. I wanted to take all of him but he was too large.

I worked my tongue up and down his shaft at first. My Dad groaned as he began to get erect. I then wrapped my lips around his mushroom. I sucked on it like I was trying to make him cum. It never came to that. After I was sure he was hard enough, I got up and stripped out of my clothes.

I have decent sized breasts and I made sure I was shaved down so my bald pussy was showing. I climbed back onto the bed and straddled my father. I began to rub my slit across his erect member. I think we were both getting excited by the thought of what would happen next. I finally raised up and positioned myself above his pole.

Dad placed his hands on my hips. He forced me down onto his raging cock. I just remember screaming as my Dad entered me for the first time. His shaft felt like it was ripping me apart. We began to get into a rhythm. My Dad pumped his cock into me and I pushed down onto his fat rod.

I never dreamed anything could feel this good.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I screamed at him.

Dad moved his hands to my ripe breasts. He pinched my nipples until I had my first orgasm with him. All I knew was that my pussy was sopping wet at the time. I could hear those squishing sounds as he worked his dick deep into my belly.

“Do anything you want!” I cried out.

My Dad managed to flip me onto my back without pulling out. He took hold of my legs and placed them over his shoulders. He stretched his legs out and gave me the fucking I needed. I was a total whore that day. I kept screaming for him to use my pussy. He did that and more.

Dad would circle his shaft around inside me. His fat member was scraping against my pussy walls. I hadn’t been with many guys. Actually my Dad would make it three. Those others felt nothing like my Dad’s cock that afternoon. Dad never asked if I was taking birth ensest porno control pills. I was but I didn’t want to break the spell.

Our pubic mounds rubbed together as his bare cock sent me over the edge repeatedly. I had one orgasm after another. I finally told him I needed to feel his hot cum inside me.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked.

I told him I wanted him to coat my belly with his white cream. We continued to fuck for a few minutes more. Dad finally grunted and then arched his back. He poured his baby seed into my tummy. I tightened my muscles around his thick monster and I squeezed his spunk out of him.

Dad had a big load that he gave me that day. I wanted every hot drop of it. We continued to go at it for many more minutes. I could feel his load leaking out and running down my crack. I think that is when I had the ultimate orgasm. My body was shaking as he poured the remains of his seed into me.

It took awhile before we both calmed down. I felt beads of sweat hitting my tits after Daddy finished me off. Dad finally pulled out of my used pussy. I got myself together and then used my mouth to clean off the remains of our love juices from my Dad’s dick.

Dad soon pulled me close to him and we talked. He said he had thoughts of me and him as lovers but he never acted on it. I told him I wanted him as my lover for as long as he wanted. Dad said my mother had been cold to him in bed. She was no longer wanting sex.

I said I need his cock anyway he wanted to give it to me. We got cleaned up and drove back home. My Mom was home and started to talk about some clothes she had purchased that day. I had to contain myself from telling her I didn’t care. I could just picture her face had I told her that Dad and I had just finished fucking each other.

After that day, Dad and I looked for every opportunity to make love. It was difficult having sex at the house. On the weekends we resorted to getting a room like we had the first time. We tried many positions together. Dad would have me lie in my stomach and then wedge his cock into me when czech amateurs porno my legs were pressed together.

He would pull my hips up. My bottom was raised to him and he entered me hard. I was a vocal lover. I often begged him to fuck me like some cheap tramp whore. I would also get onto all fours. Dad would take hold of my long hair and pull my body back onto his rigid dick.

He said he liked pounding me hard that way. This was also the position that we used when Dad first took my virgin bottom. He rubbed his fat dick across my crack. I thought he was going to enter my pussy. Was I wrong. He eased his mushroom past my sphincter and entered my tight ass.

I know I screamed as he went deeper into my hole. Thankfully, he took his time and went slow and easy. There was a lot of pain that first time. Once my Dad broke me in, I was able to take his prick in my ass a little easier. Usually we would start our lovemaking with a heavy dose of oral.

Dad would spread my thighs and then force his tongue into my gaping hole. Once he made me orgasm that way he would slide his massive cock into me. I would get so excited that I would squirt my juices. I had never had that happen before. I sent jets of liquid all over the bed.

It soon got to the point where we got tired of sneaking around behind my mother’s back. One evening my Dad came home from work. He told Mom he wanted out. He wanted a divorce from her. My mother was so clueless. He told her he was tired of living in a loveless marriage.

All my mother did was to sob and blame my Dad for every little thing. The divorce finally went through some months later. Mom asked me if I was going to stay with her. She couldn’t believe it when I said I would live with Dad from now on.

The house went up for sale and everything was split up between them. Everything was split except for me. I now end fucking Dad nearly every night. I can’t believe how virile my Dad is. One evening when my Dad was buried deep in my pussy, I blurted out that I wanted him to seed me.

He stopped suddenly and asked me, “Do you really mean that Jill?”

I told my Dad that I wanted his baby only if he wanted it as well. It was decided. I stopped taking birth control pills. The fucking is more intense and exciting these days. Every cum load I take makes it more likely I will soon have a big tummy by my lover Dad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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