She’s my WHAT?!?! Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: This is the third and final chapter of this story. To fully understand the characters and their story, please read the first two. Enjoy.

My wife Heather suggested we go to bed while giving us her devilish grin. The three of us, my two stepsisters and I, walked in and crawled onto the king size bed.

For those who do not know, our past, my wife Heather is my stepsister. We did not know it when we first got together, and we fell in love before we found out that her dad and my mom had been married for over a year. They both died in a car accident the same night we found out about being stepsiblings. Her mom knew, but we had kept it a secret from her younger sister, Mandy, at the time, because she was so young. Several years have passed and we told her sister everything, which has led to this moment where I am crawling in bed, naked with my stepsisters, one of which is my wife. Part of what makes our sex life so erotic and fun is the dirty talk we share about our taboo relationship.

I had no idea what to do with two women in my bed at the same time. I didn’t want to ignore either of them, but I didn’t want Heather to get jealous or upset that I went to her sister first, and I didn’t want Mandy to feel like she was a third wheel. I was perplexed to say the least when Heather spoke, “Lay down and let your sisters show you how much they love you.” Hearing that was enough to get the blood pumping into my cock.

I laid on my back as they both started with little kisses on each cheek. My wife kissed me with deep passion before going back to my cheek. Mandy then moved in and kissed me with the exact same passion and fury as Heather did. They both kissed slowly to my ears and nibbled on my earlobes. They continued down my neck and each landed on my nipples kissing, licking and nibbling on them. My cock was in a constant state of twitching. Slowly, they moved downward to my cock. I still shave my entire groin daily, so there was no hair to dull the sensations. I shut my eyes as they lick and suck on my balls. Both balls ended up in one of their mouths, while I felt the tip of the others tongue dip into the hole at the top of my cock cleaning out the precum that was seeping out. I did not know which was who, as I kept my eyes shut. When I felt the mouth enclose around my cock, I felt something I had never felt before. A different sensation. It was a tongue piercing. I open my eyes enough to see Mandy slurping up and down on my cock. I had never even noticed she had her tongue pierced.

They continued to work my cock and balls with their mouths. Swapping back and forth. Not sure which one of them started fingering my ass, but that was all I needed to be pushed over the edge. They sensed this and locked their lips together at the top of my cock as I erupted. Both getting equal mouthfuls. After cumming, I opened my eyes to watch them passionately kissing while swapping my cum between their mouths. That was so erotic to watch that my erection remained.

I looked at Heather and admitted I didn’t know where to start with them. She smiled and said, “You know every inch of my body, so explore and enjoy hers the same way you do mine.”

I rolled over and kissed Mandy deeply. I traced little kissed down her neck to her breasts where I licked and kissed them all over while avoiding her nipples. Mandy’s breath became short and labored in anticipation. I finally licked over her right nipple and she inhaled sharply. I began nibbling and kissing her nipple while I caressed her left breast with my hand. Her body movements indicated she was building up to an orgasm, so I kissed over to her left nipple and began to lick, suck and nibble on it. Mandy was starting to squirm beneath me. That’s is when I realized Heather was in between her legs licking her pussy.

As big ass porno I started to slide down Mandy’s body, Heather moved out of the way and repositioned to Mandy’s breasts. I finally was able to taste the source of Mandy’s sweet juices. I slowly kissed around her outer lips then began tracing my tongue around them. As her breathing increased, I slowly worked the tip of my tongue inward onto her inner lips. They were larger than Heather’s and I sucked one then the other gently into my mouth. I then flattened my tongue and licked across her entire opening, stopping just shy of her clit. I continued varying the strokes with my tongue until she was squirming again.

I then went for broke and lifted her thighs up and pushed them toward her chest. Heather knew this move and grabbed Mandy’s ankles to help. I began my tongue assault on Mandy’s cute anal bud. She immediately went into an orgasm. Shivering and shaking. I continued my tongue lashings on her bud as she rode out her orgasm. Just as she was starting to relax, I quickly relocated and latched onto her clit. Sucking, licking, kissing, and lightly nibbling. She started her second orgasm, so I moved into position and slid myself inside of her.

I made three long slow strokes in and out of her when Mandy looked straight into my eyes and said, “I want you to stick it in my ass.” This was something Heather and I only tried a few times. She enjoyed it, when we did, but it just was not something she preferred. With the combination of my saliva and Mandy’s secretions, I did not need lube. I slowly ran my thumb across her slick pussy then put it on her anal bud. I had barely pushed in when she said, “I want your dick in my ass, not your thumb.”

I then lined up and pressed the head of my cock against her. With Just a hint of a push, her ass opened and allowed me to slide in until I was balls deep. She moaned and said, “I want to eat my sister’s pussy while my brother fucks my ass.”

I worked slowly in and out of her while Heather positioned herself over her sister’s face. I continued my slow pace while Mandy brought Heather to her first orgasm. As she reached her peak, Heather yelled out, “I’m cumming on my sisters’ tongue!!” I felt Mandy’s ass clench down as she rode into yet another orgasm.

Heather collapsed off Mandy’s face and laid on her side. Mandy finally had enough of the slow pace and said, “Fuck me with everything you got big brother” knowing that kind of talk has its own effect on me. I picked up my pace and was slamming into her as hard as I could. Heather reached over and began playing with Mandy’s clit. This brought her to her most powerful orgasm of the night, causing her to squirt all over Heather’s hand and me.

Due to my earlier release from their blowjob, I was still going strong without any indication of cumming anytime soon. I slowed down the pace as Mandy came down from her orgasm. She was absolutely glowing.

“I’ve never experienced a girl who squirts before.” I said in amazement.

“I’ve never seen it before in person.” Heather commented.

“Yeah, I squirt when I get anal.” Replied Mandy.

I slowly slip out of Mandy’s ass and walk into the bathroom to clean up. When I return to the bed, the girls were kissing and feeling all over each other’s body. I crawl onto the bed and up to Heather saying, “I need to make love to my wife.”

Heather immediately got up on all fours saying, “That’s right big brother, I want you to take me from behind so I can eat my sister’s pussy while cumming on your cock.”

I positioned myself and slid into her wet and willing pussy. Once I was all the way in, I held in place to feel the vibrations of the inner walls as I asked, “How does your brother’s cock feel? Isn’t this so taboo? What would your daddy think about your big tits porno brother’s cock inside you?”

Her orgasm was building. I began to thrust letting my balls slap against her clit. “OH!! Right there” she yelled. I continued pounding into her while massaging her anal bud with my thumb. Mandy moved around and leaned down moving my hand so she could lick her sister’s ass. Heather’s moans increased until she said, “Come over her sister, I want to taste you again.”

Mandy laid down in front of my wife, so her pussy was positioned at her mouth. Heather was going for broke lapping up her sister’s juices. I continued ramming in and out of Heather with my balls slapping her clit with every stroke. Mandy was squirming beneath her sister and getting more vocal as the began another orgasm. Heather’s pussy started to pulse and vibrate around my cock as she started to make grunting noises. Finally, I felt the familiar tingle deep within my balls. I picked up my pace even more.

Just as I was about to erupt deep inside my wife I hollered out, “I’m gonna fill my sister’s womb with my taboo seed!” That brought both girls to the peak of their orgasms. I was convulsing uncontrollably as I spent myself inside of Heather, who was also convulsing. Mandy’s back had arched as she squirmed underneath of Heather. As the three of us came down from our shared orgasm we laid on the bed cuddling each other. I suggested we take a quick shower and change the sheets before we fell asleep.

We entered the large master shower and began washing each other. Before the shower was finished, we were all over each other again. We went back to the bed but did not bother to change the sheets. We would have just wasted our time doing so, as we began another round of our taboo misdeeds.

That night sealed our fates, as we became one. My wife and her sister had full on incest and wanted to be sister-wives. We agreed that it was time to start a family together, with both girls wanting to have babies. I had no idea then how it would all work out, but I was eager to see how it went.

Several weeks passed as we began to settle into our new relationship. We invited their mother and Uncle Steve over for dinner and explained to them our redefined relationship and our plans to start a family together. They were ecstatic with the thought of having babies to spoil.

The investigation at work into the shitbag that had hurt Mandy was going well as the Narcotics unit had hundreds of photos and hours of surveillance video on him. They also managed to start making undercover drug buys from him. Within three months, they managed to compile a list of charges that would put him away for decades. When they were ready to make the arrest, they asked if I wanted to be there. You bet it did! The tactical teams simultaneously hit his warehouses and residence. I went with the team to his house, as they knew he was home. With the house secure, I was given the “all clear” to go inside and take him into formal custody.

As I walked into the house and he came into view, I said, “Charles Evanston, you are under arrest” as I walked over to him and began to place him in handcuffs. “You have no idea how satisfying it is for me to place these handcuffs on you. I’ve been waiting to do this since the girl you beat and abused showed up at my door.”

He looked at me quizzically and stated, “Impossible, Lexi isn’t around anymore to rat on me.”

“Just where is Lexi” I asked.

“Nowhere you will find her,” he shot back quickly before realizing what he was saying, “I mean she left town or something.”

I just shook my head and stood him up to walk him out to my patrol car. He didn’t say anything else the entire ride to the jail, and I didn’t attempt to talk to him either, as I did not want to blacked porno mess up the case. During the book-in process, he asked what girl I was talking about, but I ignored him. I could not chance him finding out that Mandy was the reason for his demise.

When returning home that night from work, I found Mandy sitting on the couch reading a book and asked her where Heather was. She explained that Heather was covering half a shift for another nurse. I took a quick shower and walked back out to the couch sitting down next to Mandy.

“I have some good news for you sweetheart.”

Mandy raised her eyebrow, “Oh really?”

“I personally handcuffed and put that asshole in jail today.”

Mandy threw herself at me, wrapping her arms around my neck, “I knew you would get him. Thank you! Now, let me give you something good in return,” before planting her lips on mine, our tongues wrestling for real estate in each other’s mouths. I laid her on the couch and caressed her body with my hands.

I kissed down her cheek to her ear where I sucked on the ear lobe before saying, “I am going to enjoy taking my little sister one on one this time.” She moaned as I spoke the words into her ear.

I kissed down the side of her neck, across her collar bone until I reached the top of her breast. I slowly kissed, nibbled and licked every inch of both breasts before latching onto her nipple. More nibbling, licking and sucking on each nipple for several minutes. I then slowly kissed down her stomach across her pubis where I sucked hard on her clit setting off a mild orgasm. I lapped at the juices she was excreting before I repositioned and slid myself into her. As I slowly entered her, she let out a moan. We maintained the slow pace for several minutes. When her breathing started to change, I picked up my pace to build her into another orgasm. She was slowly building so I decided to change positions to give her more stimulation.

I pulled out from her without saying a word and turned her to face the back of the couch while I stood up behind her. I entered back into her while reaching around with my hands and began to lightly caress her breasts. When her breathing changed again and I knew she was building up another orgasm, I began to lightly roll and squeeze her nipples between my fingers. This caused one small orgasm to roll through her body. I increased my speed and the amount of force I was driving into her. I continued to manipulate her nipples with my right hand while I used my left hand to reach down and start playing with her clit. I could tell she was building into a larger orgasm. I moved my left hand and bent my knees slightly to adjust my angle and really started to pound into her. This caused my balls to slap against her clit with every stroke. Her breathing became sporadic and she began to make little noises with each slap. I could feel her tightening up around me.

Finally, Mandy broke the silence between us as she screamed, “That’s… there… just… omigod… please, ugh ugh ugh!” She snapped her head around looking at me as her eyes rolled back into her head and she began to thrash about as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her to tighten up around me even tighter. That sensation was more than I could take as I emptied my seed inside of her as I grunted. We both sunk down onto the couch to recover.

We both dozed off to sleep when I felt somebody touching my arm which caused me to open my eyes. There stood Heather with a smile on her face, “Looks like to two of you had a little fun.”

“I arrested him today,” I replied.

“Glad she showed you how much it meant to her. Let’s go to bed, the three of us can’t fit on this couch comfortably,” she said with a chuckle.

I gently maneuvered around Mandy picking her up and carrying her into our bedroom. I gently laid her on the bed and watched as Heather stripped and climbed in the bed too. I stood there smiling at the two of them, my heart full of love and knowing that I am with my soulmates. I am looking forward to fathering our children with the two of them.

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