Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are over the age of 18.

Chapter 1

Shelly added another hash mark to the last page of her journal. Each hash mark she viewed as a victory over her mother. And, each hash mark represented a sexual encounter with her father.

Shelly and her mother had a tenuous relationship. Shelly was an only child. Her mother was a very successful business woman. She was a sales ‘rep’ for a medical device company. She got in on the ground floor when the company was a ‘start up’ and was now the West Coast Sales Director. She was successful to the point that she was frequently away and not a part of Shelly’s life as a child. Now, a nineteen year old college student, Shelly had spent most of her youth with her father. Daddy was the one to take her to her friend’s birthday parties. He coached her soccer team and took her to ballet lessons. He even took her to Victoria Secrets to be fitted for her first bra, all while mom was pursuing her career. As Shelly grew older she grew even closer to daddy and she realized that his oft sad mood was mostly due to mom’s ignorance of him… and her.

Shelly and daddy had been ‘playing’, right under mommy’s nose, for three weeks. Mom’s travels left ample ‘daddy time’ available to Shelly. As Shelly grew into her womanhood, it was only natural for her to turn to the most loving man in her life; daddy. It started with her return for the summer from her freshman year at college. Shelly had watched plenty of porn of late, a consequence of sharing her dorm room with Madeline, or ‘Maddy’ as Shelly had always known her. They had been best friends throughout childhood and were now roomies at college. Maddy had confided in her that over the winter break she had started fucking her dad. Shelly was in awe of Maddy. In high-school, it was Maddy who had become sexually active while shy, little, Shelly concentrated on studies and extra-curricular activities. Now, Shelly frequently had to find other accommodations as Maddy would often bring college guys back to the room.

Maddy was insatiable and Shelly found herself turned on by Maddy’s exploits. Shelly grew more sexually self-aware living vicariously through Maddy, and with Maddy’s help and encouragement. Maddy had turned Shelly on to porn. In fact, one of Shelly’s first sexual experiences had been mutual masturbation with Maddy during one of their ‘porn nights.’ Shelly often found herself masturbating to thought of Maddy’s guy friends taking her as well. With Maddy’s revelation, Shelly was now having thoughts of her daddy as well and upon returning home for the summer decided that she, like Maddy, would turn to daddy for sexual attention. She flirted with daddy every chance she got and whenever mommy was away, she would dress provocatively, making sure daddy knew she was now a woman.

Tonight was the night. Daddy was watching TV when Shelly presented herself in a short silk teddy and French-cut panties. On entering the family room, Shelly first went to a rack of magazines. Bending over with her ass to daddy as she rifled through them, she made sure daddy got a good eyeful of her lithe form before abandoning them to crawl up on the sofa next to him. She nestled under his arm, her ass against his lap, and covered them both with a blanket she had brought along.

“Hi daddy.”

“Hi baby girl. You know, you wouldn’t need a blanket if you weren’t so scantly dressed.”

“Don’t you like it daddy? I wore it just for you.”

Mike felt a tingling in his balls.

“Do you think I’m pretty daddy?”

“Of course baby girl,” Mike said as he became aware of a bulge in his pants.

“As pretty as mom?”

“Yes baby girl. You are as pretty as mom ever was. Maybe even prettier.”

She smiled and kissed his cheek and wiggled her ass against his lap.

“Sometimes, I think it’s nice that mom’s away so much,” she said. “That way it’s just you and me, and I get to spend time alone with you.” With this, she hugged him tightly. Then, Shelly looked straight into her father’s eyes and kissed him on the lips, lingering just a little longer than normal.

“Oh daddy, I got lipstick on you,” she giggled, wiping the color away with her finger.

His bulge grew.

Shelly, aware of his growing hard on pressed into her ass smiled to herself. She thought for a minute then said, “Daddy, does your cock hurt when it gets this hard?”

“What?” His reaction was one of fear as he realized that he was now fully erect against his daughter’s ass. Mike quickly peeled her arms from around his neck and tried to guide her off his lap.

“Sweetie, these are not things we should be discussing.”

“But mom’s never here. I’m a woman now daddy. I need to know this stuff,” Shelly whined. “I can feel you daddy. You’re all hard. Does that mean you’re ready to fuck? Does that mean you want to fuck me?”

“What? NO!” He was doing his best to disregard his reaction to his daughter’s attentions. “Shelly, I told you. That’s not something that you and I should be discussing.” Her father squirmed uncomfortably brazzers porno and tried again to ease Shelly off his lap, but Shelly was unrelenting.

“So you don’t think I’m pretty daddy?”

“Of course I do princess but daddy’s aren’t supposed to feel that way about their daughters.”

“Why not daddy? I love you and you love me. Don’t you?”

“Yes kitten, but it’s just not right.”

“But daddy, you got hard when I hugged and kissed you. Do you get hard when you hug and kiss mom?”

“Yes baby but I just can’t be that way with you.”

“Why not daddy? That’s just how nature works. When a man wants a women he gets hard, and if she want him, she gets all wet down here.” Shelly spread her legs and rubbed her moist panties. “I get wet down there all the time daddy, especially when I think of how much I love you. And you got hard when I kissed you. It’s not wrong daddy. It’s just nature.”

“Shelly, society says that daddies and daughters aren’t supposed to think about each other like that.”

“But daddy, I think about you all the time. I can’t help it daddy. I love you and I want you to love me too.”

“I do love you baby girl.”

Shelly made her way back onto daddy’s lap and kissed his lips again. “Daddy?” She said as she reached down and touched his bulge.

He shuddered.

“I want to see it daddy.”


“Please daddy. Please let me see it,” and she kissed him again.

Slowly, reluctantly, he sat back as his daughter undid his belt and zipper. He half-heartedly tried to stop her as she reached into his pants and pulled out his rigid cock.

Shelly smiled and looked down at his hardness. Her hand reached out and petted the tip and his thighs twitched in delight. She wrapped her hand around him and moved it up and down his shaft. “See daddy, I can make you hard for me.” Within seconds a small pearl of fluid emerged from the slit and Shelly quickly bent down and licked it from him.

He gasped.

She looked up at him and said, “Teach me daddy,” then she kissed him again. He could taste his musk on her lips. Her hand ran up and down his shaft as her tongue gently penetrated his lips and teased him. He found himself kissing her back.

“Oh, God Shelly.”

Shelly looked into daddy’s eyes as she slowly stroked him. In a whispered tone, she repeated, “teach me daddy.” Then she kissed him again.

“Kiss me down there like that,” was all her daddy could say.

Shelly knelt down in front of her father and smiled up at him. She gently kissed the crown of his cock, just as she had seen in the porn videos. With each kiss, she took more and more of him into her mouth until his entire cock head was inside of her. Her tongue swirled around the head while she gently sucked. She stroked him in and out of her with her hand just as she remembered she’d seen in the videos. She took his shaft deeper and deeper until she could feel it at the back of her throat.

Daddy sighed, closed his eyes, and relaxed his head back against the top of the sofa. His pelvis arched, driving his cock further into her mouth. Shelly struggled to take it all and choked as her gag reflex took over. She re-adjusted her position to better accommodate his rod. Almost instinctively, her hand moved down and toyed with his balls. They were warm and soft and the orbs at the center molded to her palm. Each time he withdrew she would look up at him and kiss the head then swallow him again. She picked up the pace and her hand returned to his saliva coated shaft, sliding up and down with ease. His hand came to the back of her head, to direct her efforts and quicken the pace.

Daddy’s expression changed. A look of tension overtook him and her thoughts returned to the porn videos. She wanted so badly to make her father squirt for her. She pumped him furiously as her tongue tickled his crown and her lips applied suction.

Suddenly daddy’s legs stiffened and he growled. She could feel his balls tense and his cock shudder in small, tight spasms.

“Oh God. I’m cumming baby.”

The first shot struck the back of her throat and surprised her. It was warm and thick and she quickly swallowed. Before she could swallow a second time he spurted again, and then again. He tasted salty and he was quickly filling her mouth. She struggled to keep up, swallowing his jism as fast as she could. She could not help but smile at the thought that she had made daddy cum and his semen escaped the sides of her mouth and ran down his stiff shaft. She lost track of how many times daddy squirted into her mouth but a feeling of pride overtook her as she continued to suck him until he had given her everything he had.

She savored the taste of his cum then withdrew him from her mouth and licked the remaining cum from his shaft and balls while her daddy’s breathing tried to keep pace with his orgasm. When she had finished she crawled up into his lap and put her arms around him and kissed him, his cum still fresh on her lips and tongue.

“Did I castingcouch-x porno do it right daddy?”

“That was perfect princess,” he said, and then he kissed her again.

“Can we do it again daddy,” she asked as she reached back down to palm his spent rod.

He put his hand over hers, stopping her attempts to pull at him.

“Not right now kitten, daddy’s very sensitive.”

“When can we do it again daddy?” Shelly asked.

“Soon baby girl. Maybe tomorrow.” Daddy paused, then added, “Shelly, no one can ever know what you just did with daddy.”

“Why daddy? We’re just playing together. Maddy plays like this with her father.”

“What?” Daddy looked surprised then said, “Shelly, you must never tell anyone. Not mom, not Maddy, no one. This has to be our special secret or we can’t do this anymore. Do you understand?”

“I can’t even tell Maddy?” Shelly asked.

“No baby girl. Not even Maddy. And, you should never tell anyone what Maddy told you either. Maddy was supposed to keep that a secret, just like daddy is asking you not to tell Maddy. Daddies and daughters are not supposed to do these things. Maddy’s father would get real angry if he ever found out that Maddy told you. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Shelly shook her head to the negative.

“Ok then, promise me that you will never tell anyone that you and daddy play together. Not even Maddy. Do you promise?”

“Yes daddy. I promise.”

“That’s my good little girl,” daddy said. He hugged Shelly tightly and kissed her tenderly, tasting the remnants of his cum on her tongue.

“I like it when you kiss me like that daddy. Is that the way you kiss mom?”

“Sometimes baby.”

“I guess I see why mom might get mad then. I promise never to tell her that you kiss me like that daddy. Is there other stuff that you do with mom that we can do daddy?”

A smile came to Shelly’s face as daddy replied “We’ll see princess. But, not tonight. We’ve had enough excitement for one night Shelly. It’s time to put you to bed baby girl.”

A pout came to Shelly’s face but daddy kissed it away.

With that, daddy lifted her up and carried her to her bedroom. He gently laid her down on her bed and covered her with the covers. He brushed a curl back from her forehead and kissed her there. She reached up with her arms and drew her to him for a hug and a proper kiss goodnight.

“Try to get some sleep now kitten. I love you Shelly.”

“I love you too daddy.”

With that her father stood, turned and left her room, leaving her door open just a crack to allow the light from the hall to seep in, just as he had always done.

Shelly closed her eyes and tried her best to fall asleep.


The next morning Shelly bounded out of bed. She ran down the hall to daddy’s bedroom but his bed was empty. The smell of his cologne lingered in the air and she knew daddy had already left for work. Daddy owned a sporting goods store and summer was his busiest time.

Shelly returned to her room and showered and dressed. She left the house and headed to Maddy’s house where they would plan the day’s activities. When she got there, she joined Maddy in her room and sat on the bed.

Sitting down, Shelly whispered to Maddy. “You’ll never guess what I did last night.”

Maddy looked at her for a second. Then she responded. “Really? Dish.”

“Daddy said we can’t talk about it. He said you should not have told me about your dad. He said if anyone finds out we’d all be in trouble.”

“Ok,” Maddy replied. “We won’t tell anyone else, but I have to tell somebody and that somebody is you. You and I will tell each other everything, that way we won’t be tempted to tell anybody else. Deal?”

“Deal!” Shelly replied.

“So dish!” Maddy said.

“I got to suck his cock until he came in my mouth!” Shelly whispered.

“Wasn’t that so cool? I love making dad cum in my mouth,” Maddy replied.

“And he said we could try other things that he does with mom.”

“I told you you’d love it. Oh my God! It feels so fucking good Shelly.”

They both giggled.

“God, I can’t wait to play like that with my dad,” Shelly said.

They caught an Uber and headed off to the mall. During lunch, they talked about their plans for the next year at school, how to deal with assignments while still having time for soccer, and of course, sex with daddy. For Shelly, the day seemed to drag on forever. Several times she caught herself touching herself while daydreaming of daddy.

Eventually, the mall ran out of things to keep them amused, and they returned home.

On reaching Maddy’s front door, Shelly reminded her, “Remember, we don’t tell anyone but each other.”

Maddy nodded affirmatively as she hugged her best friend and headed into her house. “Oh, by the way. Mom is away this weekend at some craft show. So, it’s just daddy and me.” Maddy smiled and winked at Shelly as she closed the door.

Upon reaching her house, Shelly clips4sale porno was disappointed to find mom’s car in the driveway. She went inside where her mom greeted her with a hug and kiss. Shelly smiled and hugged her back.

“Hi sweety. Did you have a good day?”

“Hi mom. Maddy and I went to the mall today. I bought a new set of training shorts and a headband.” Shelly replied, holding up a shopping bag.

“Good. Now why don’t you put your stuff away then you can help me set the table for dinner.”

“Ok mom.” Shelly turned on her heel and headed up to her bedroom. As soon as she closed the door, she lay on the bed and began playing with her pussy, thinking about daddy. ‘Why did mom have to come home now?’ She thought to herself. She ignored the answer and concentrated instead on the images of last night and continued to diddle herself.

“Shelly, are you going to give me a hand?” Her mom called to her from down stairs.

Shelly startled back to reality. “Yes mom. Be right down.”

Daddy came home shortly before dinner to find Shelly setting the table and his wife putting the finishing touches on their meal. He said hi to Shelly and winked at her causing butterflies to occupy her tummy. Then he went over and kissed his wife on the cheek and welcomed her home.

Dinner conversation revolved around mom’s latest business deal and Shelly’s school work. At the end of dinner Shelly began clearing the plates.

“You’re probably exhausted sweetie. Why don’t you head up to bed and Shelly and I will take care of the dishes,” daddy said.

With that, Shelly’s mom headed up stairs and a couple of minutes later they heard the shower running.

Shelly finished putting dishes in the dishwasher while daddy placed the leftovers in the fridge. Shelly approached him from behind and when he closed the refrigerator door he turned around to find her in front of him. She threw her arms around him and gave him a big wet kiss, grinding herself into his hardening cock.

He disengaged her. “Shelly, we’ve got to be careful princess. Otherwise mom will become suspicious.”

She pouted. “But daddy, I want to play some more.”

“We will kitten. Soon,” he said and kissed her forehead.

Shelly finished cleaning up in silence and dejectedly went up to her room while daddy settled down in front of the TV. At bed time, daddy made his way up stairs and stopped by Shelly’s bedroom door. As always, it was slightly ajar. The lights were off and she appeared to be asleep.

Daddy proceeded further down the hall to his own room. Upon entering his wife stirred. He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth then discarded his clothes down to his briefs. He crawled into bed next to her and she snuggled into his arms and drifted back to sleep while he lay there staring at the ceiling, replaying the vision of cumming in Shelly’s mouth over and over in his head.


The next day, dad took Shelly and her mom out to breakfast. When her mother got up to head to the restroom, Shelly slipped out of her sandal and brought her foot up under the table and placed it into her father’s crotch.


“Dad! When will we get to spend some time together?” Shelly could feel his bulge growing beneath her wiggling toes.

“Soon baby. I promise.” Mike responded. “But we’ve got to be careful.” And, with those words, he reached down and removed her foot from his bulge and she withdrew.

Upon returning to the table, his wife said, “Honey, I was thinking that I’d take Shelly to get a mani-pedi. I know that the last thing you want to do is hang out with us while we do girl things.” Mom winked at Shelly. Why don’t we drop you at home and you can watch the game.

A short time later, Mike found himself alone, entering from the garage to the kitchen by way of the laundry room. As he traversed the room he noticed a basket full of Shelly’s clothes waiting to be laundered. Mixed in with tops, shorts, and socks, he noticed brightly colored lacey panties and could not resist the urge to take a whiff of his daughter’s scent. His cock immediately stiffened as her fragrance wafted through his nostrils. He knew that he had to have her again.

That evening, dinner went off without a hitch. Shelly dejectedly sat in a chair off to the side while her dad and mom cuddled on the sofa watching TV. Eventually, Shelly gave up on the idea that she would get anymore ‘daddy time’ tonight and excused herself, kissing them both, and heading up to her room.

‘Arrrgggghhhh!!!!’ Shelly texted to Maddy. ‘I can’t get him alone.’ ‘I’m so horny’

‘Sucks 2 b u ;-),’ was the reply. ‘I just gave D a BJ while he ate me :-)’ ‘Tired. Zzzzz.’ That was the last Shelly heard from Maddy.

She read for a while until she was sleepy and, still hearing TV noises from downstairs, Shelly turned off her light and closed her eyes.

Shortly thereafter, Mike and his wife head up to bed. After brushing teeth and changing into bed clothes, they settled in, she with his arm around her, her head buried in his chest. Again, Mike stared at the ceiling in the dark, the aroma of his daughter’s pussy roaming through his thoughts, those loving eyes looking up at him while his cock slid in and out of her mouth. If he could have, he would have bounded out of bed straight into his daughters arms.

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