Sheila , Bruce Pt. 02

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The family dinner out followed its usual pattern of a nice restaurant, good food and excellent service. The conversation flowed in its usual pattern of work, school, relatives and friends. It it resembled an Adams Family meal, only in real life.

Dad drank too much, as usual.

“Your cousin Cathy is coming for a visit,” mom said.

“Oh great,” said Sheila.

Sheila and Cathy are like sisters, with Cathy being slightly older and wiser. Sheila relegated to the familial role of Cathy’s little sister.

“Here we go again,” said Sheila, with a cynical tone.

“It’s big brother, big sister time. I think there’s a club for that.” Sheila informed Bruce.

“Cathy is my fav,” said Bruce.

“I’m not surprised. If there were ever a kissing cousin, it’s Cathy,” said Sheila.

“Really, well it isn’t like you and Cathy haven’t played truth or dare,” said Bruce.

The truth is, Sheila learned a lot from Cathy; and that included pulling down her shorts and bikini on more than one occasion for inspection, which Shiela remembered all to well.

“I see your down is beginning to sprout. Once you have down, you become a mature adult woman,” said Cathy.

Sheila remembered being quite pleased with her down, and found herself tipobet365 yeni giriş drawn to its silky smooth and slightly coiled texture, which she combed by running her hand down between her legs under the bedsheets.

She used the excuse of needing to take a nap. Still wearing her bikini top and bottom, Sheila found the day bed in the guest cottage to be the perfect location for self-education.

It’s quiet, situated far enough away from the main house to make it difficult for visitors to arrive unannounced, and the sun room picture window captured the light and outdoor air perfectly.

After each inspection, Cathy gave Sheila her assignments.

“I’m a really good kisser. You have to go slow and use your eyes. Move your head close and then pull back slightly.”

Sheila closed her eyes and rolled her head imagining then mimicking with her lips extending and parting ever so slightly. She traced the surface with her tongue, bit down softly on her lower lip, then repeated the steps.

She felt a slight tingling sensation at the thought of kissing this way. It was kissing for something more than friendship. It was kissing for pleasure, and she warmed at the thought of the pleasure that she discovered with tipobet365 giriş Cathy.

“Here, let me show you,” said Cathy.

Cathy removed the scrunchie from her hair. She shook her head and tousled her hair like some sort of warm up maneuver. She looked at her reflection in the window glass and applied lip gloss.

“You stand over there by the door. Pretend you are coming over for a visit.”

“Oh, hello. It is so nice to see you. Come close, sit down beside me on the bed,” Cathy said.

Sheila walked back over to the day bed and sat down beside Cathy.

“Now this is the important part. You have to anticipate, appear pleasantly surprised,” Cathy instructed Sheila.

“Ok, I’ll be surprised,” said Sheila.

Sheila closed her eyes and repeated the practiced moves. She puckered her lips, and with her tongue parted them slightly and slowly.

She remembered each sensation vividly, beginning with the feel of Cathy’s hand and finger tips. Cathy traced the outline of Sheila’s ear. She let her fingertips skim over Sheila’s cheek bone. Sheila felt Cathy’s thumb balance on her nose and then dive off and land on her lips where it rested.

Sheila instinctively licked the surface of Cathy’s thumb and read tipobet365 güvenilirmi the print with the tip of her tongue. Sheila remembered the slightly salty taste, the touch against the face of her teeth and then the swallow, as she began to suck with her mouth, lips and tongue.

“Ok, this is the real important part. You need to be ready. Open your eyes and look into mine. Pretend this is not your first kiss and that you’re experienced like me,” said Cathy.

Cathy’s eyes were slightly wild, her lips glossy wet, plump and open, like the split side of overripe fruit forced from a limb by the sun, resting on the ground anticipating the crush.

Sheila was hit on her blind side by the scent of sunscreen and cream rinse. She felt the bump of Cathy’s thigh against her’s. The hem of two pairs of short shorts aligned just below the hips.

She took a deep breath and recognized the fragrance of Jasmine, resting in the heat against the sunroom wall. The knot in her bikini top pressed against her spine.

Cathy took her left hand and reached up into the nape of Sheila’s neck, holding her captive by the hair; she took Sheila’s chin between her thumb and forefinger, to align the approach.

Sheila closed her eyes again and parted her lips instinctively to the tip off, which came from a an eskimo bump on her noise. With the moist press of lips, Cathy released her grip and let the suction take hold.

They pushed and pulled, they reaffirmed; each taking turns with the connection, the anticipation, another kiss.

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