She Won’t Put Out Pt. 03

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My name is Matt. I found myself in an enviable position. I was attempting to bed down with a woman named Deb. She put me off so I cried on my sister Gwen’s shoulder. We ended up in bed together. Once when making love to my sister Deb arrived. She saw my sister and put two and two together. I now am trying to satisfy two women. Not only that, I would love to have a threesome with them.

Deb was mad at me initially for cumming inside her. She wasn’t on the pill. I had her in bed with me. She was riding my cock. I looked towards the bedroom doorway and there stood my sister. I remembered that I had given her a spare key to my place. It was one of those weird moments that I won’t forget. My sister started to undress. She soon joined Deb and me on the bed.

Gwen reached down with her hand and found my balls sac. As Deb was riding my dick my sister was massaging my balls. It was like some dream come true. I soon told Deb to get off of me. I had both women get to the side of the bed. Their asses were just bagros porno on the edge. One by one I took their pussies. I took hold of their ankles and pushed their legs back towards their chests.

I plunged my dick in the whole way. You should hear it when two women are crying out to be fucked by your hard cock. I know I lost control of myself. I started to rant that I was going to seed both of them. I guess Gwen and Deb got into it as well. They both told me they wanted me to give them a big belly. I went between both of them. I drove my prick deep as I could into both of them. I knew I would have to time this just right.

I soon felt my balls starting to pinch. I held back for as long as I could. I shot my seed into my sister first. I squirted a few times and then I pulled out. I slid my hard pole into Deb. I gave her the remaining cum I had inside me. luckily I had a full tank that day. Both women were panting after I gave them a good dose of baby cum. I pulled away to see bangbus porno my white cream dripping out of both womens pussies.

My sister and Deb sat up from the bed. Both women worked on cleaning my cock with their mouths. I managed to somehow to squirt a few more strands of my cream into their mouths and onto their faces. I was spent after all that fucking. Both women went into the bathroom to get cleaned up. It more or less ended after that. Deb left and then my sister hung around a few minutes longer.

“I hope you planted your seed in me today,” she told me.

I haven’t had both women in bed with me together since that day. I have ended up fucking both women separately. Some time has passed since that day I had fucked both women together. Deb is pregnant and now showing a bit of a belly. My sister Gwen is somewhat jealous because she hasn’t become pregnant yet. I guess you know what that means. We have been spending extra time in bed.

Gwen has turned into a cock whore, beurette tour porno so to speak. We try every position imagineable. My sister loves to mount me and ride my pole. We get crazy and I push deep into my sister’s hole while she slides up and down my slick shaft. I have given her countless load of my baby cream. There are times when my dick is so sore from giving Gwen my bone.

Of course I still have to satisfy Deb. Since her belly has started to grow she seems to be insatiable for sex. When we fuck Deb will get on all fours. She places a pillow under her belly. I boost her ass up as she lowers the rest of her body. I love to look down and see her gaping hole just waiting to be entered. Deb wants it hard when we fuck. I will place my hands on her big waist and wiggle my cock around inside her slick hole. I have poured many a load of semen inside her since she found out she was going to have my baby.

Don’t get me wrong. I love having to take care of two women’s needs. We have yet to come up with an explanation as to how they both are or will be pregnant. We will need to come up with living arrangements afterwards. I guess these problems will need to be worked out down the road. For now I need to make sure I have plenty of cum to take care if my two lovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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