She Knew

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Thanks for all the votes and wonderful comments for my last submission. It seems my stories of incest do much better than other’s, but I wanted to try my hand at submitting to another thread again. This one is submitted to fetish because of my real love for panties but does involve incest. Enjoy, there maybe a sequel.

I had been wearing my mother’s and two sister’s, one older one younger, panties since my youngest sister turned 19, we are now in our 30s, when one night mom and I were home alone she left no doubt that she knew I had been wearing her panties.

Dad worked 2nd shift, my oldest sister had moved out already, yes I kept several pairs of her panties, and my youngest sister was working her part time job. I was out that night and since I had worked the last seven days and missed mom changing clothes when she got home from work. I made SURE I was home with a good seat when she walked up the stairs. She was wearing a nice skirt and blouse, with sheer pantyhose and high heels. We were both happy to see each other since it had been so long. When she reached the top of the stairs I greeted her with a loving son hug to which she returned with a very motherly hug and kiss on the cheek.

We broke from the hug and mom turned to go to her closet. Mom is 5’7, 135 lbs, 36D boobs, narrow waist line that flows out to curvaceous hips, lending into the gorgeous shapely thighs of her long legs that also have very well toned calves. In short, mom has an awesome body. My mouth watered as I watched her shapely bubble butt ass go east and west as she walked to her hall closet. When I broke from the trance her ass had put me in I looked up just as mom turned her head, but not before I caught a glimpse of a smile at the corner of her mouth.

Mom stood at the closet and stripped down to nothing but her panties as we stood and talked about her day and the past few days that we had not seen each other.

We talked as mom was undressing. As we were talking, mom started dancing around a bit as if she really needed to pee. She finally had all her clothes put away and stood talking to me wearing just her panties before turned to rush into the bathroom. She was in such a hurry to pee now that she could not even close the behind her. I quickly got up to get a view of her on the toilet as she peed.

When she came into view mom was sitting on the toilet, sighing, with her eyes closed and did not realize I was standing there enjoying the sight and sound of her peeing. Her panties were down below her knees and she had her legs tightly closed so I could not see the flow of her piss, but I did enjoy the sound. With her eyes still closed mom put both hands on her tits to rub and squeeze away all the tension and stress of being trapped in that bra all day. I so wanted her to open her legs and suck her big tits. The stream of pissed slowed and she opened her eyes.

As she opened her mouth, perhaps to scold me, I grabbed some nearby papers I had wanted to show her and shoved them to her as I cut her off while telling her about the papers. I was trying to buy a house and wanted her to look over some loan paper work.

Mom asked me to wait until she came from the bathroom before we talked about it.

I walked away happy, hard and very horny.

Mom finished her pee, then finished up in the bathroom before she came back into the room wearing a very short nightshirt that barely covered her panty-covered crotch. It had a button front with buttons about to her naval that she had not and usually did not button. This allowed me to get a full view of her upper body down to her thighs whenever she bent over in front of me. Believe that I often found reasons to cause her to bend over.

Mom sat down on the couch across from me. At home mom rarely closed her legs while seated and this time was no different. Seated like that allowed me a full view of her panty-covered crotch. The panties were white, full cut, nylon briefs, with lace trim around the legs and waist. The color of the panties contrasted nicely with the nice dark complexion of her well-toned, muscular thighs with the lace of the panty leg openings decorating the tops of her thighs and crotch.

She started to talk about the home loan paper work but quickly throw me for a loop with her next comment. “When you move into your house do you still plan to wear my panties because I don’t have very many. I could buy more or perhaps you would prefer that you keep all my panties at your place and I come by there each morning and evening to let you watch me dress.

My jaw almost dropped to the floor and my eyes just about popped out of my head. I had been wearing moms and my sister’s panties for years and thought all this time that only my younger sister knew; we kept nothing from each other including our sex.

I got hooked on panties one night after a wet dream while wearing mom’s panties that involved sex with mom, produced my first ever orgasm I was hooked on panties and started wearing both of my sister’s panties also. anime porno Sex with my youngest sister came after she agreed to let me wear her panties as long as I came to her room to put them on while she was there. I agreed.

As I sat there in shock from mom’s bomb with my mouth hanging open, mom walked over to me, kissed me on the cheek then sat between my legs on my thigh as she pulled my head to her nylon covered chest. She pressed my head firmly against her chest, covered by the nylon nightshirt, and held me there as she told me how she had discovered years ago that I was wearing her panties and the panties of both of my sisters. She said she also knew that for my 24th birthday my youngest sister, by one year, had given me panties and shared a weekend of passionate sex with me for my present. My sister, even at 24, was still a virgin. For my birthday her and mom agreed that her virginity would be a good gift for me. My mother had suggested it and gave my sister the money to pay for everything including the hotel room that we shared for that weekend.

Mom stayed on my lap then moved her thigh up to rest on my erection as she talked to me. Her nylon covered left tit was pressing into my cheek and I felt her nipple when it started to get hard. Now it was very hard and pressing into my cheek.

Mom loosened her hug on my head and lead back. She put her hands on my cheeks then leaned over to kiss me full on the lips. Mom then backed off the kiss till our lips barely touched then she lightly ran her tongue over my lips before she broke the kiss.

After the kiss mom looked me in the eye and said “so what’s it gonna be, I know you can’t stop wearing my panties and I don’t want you to. For the rest of the time that you live here you can only wear my panties after you model them for me. And, you have to pick out panties for me to wear. If you agree to that I will agree to bring panties to your house each morning for each of us to put on after we shower together.

As I contemplated my mom’s offer she stood, took off her nightshirt, then pulled it over my head so that I was sitting looking at her D cup tits and her panties with the nylon nightshirt wrapped around my neck. Mom stood up straight, and then put her hands on her hips in a sexy pose for a few minutes admiring her work. She then put a finger to her mouth before she asked if I was wearing her panties now. When I said yes, she did not hesitate to straddle my body with her thighs on either side of my body. Briefly I had a wonderful view of her still perfect D cup tits with quarter inch long nipples and perfectly rounded, quarter size areolas.

The view ended when mom raised her arms locked them behind my head, then pulled me into her chest as she leaned forward. My face was smothered in her bare tit flesh. She held this position as she told me that she is going to take my jeans off and we would spend the rest of the evening with both of us wearing only her panties while I considered her offer.

Mom then sat back, but not before my lips came in contact with one of her nipples. I was trying to get to the other when she pulled back then reached down to remove my pants. After the belt, button, and zipper were done, mom slid down my legs, kneeled between them, then instructed me to raise my ass up so she could pull my jeans down. As I stared at mom’s tits I did as I was told. Mom pulled the jeans away then stood before me as she folded them neatly then turned her nice panty clad ass to me as she walked towards and into my room. When she came back mom stood before me again with her hands on her hips and admired the sight of her son’s hard dick covered in her panties. She gave me several compliments about the fit of the panties and the bulge that was pressing against the panties.

Mom then bent over, put both hands on my knees closing my legs, and then kneeled in front me. With her hands controlling the width of the opening, mom used her head to press my legs open. Mom moved her head up and down between my thighs from the crotch of her panties to my knees several times. On one time up my thighs she continued up until her head was pressing against the bulge in the panties. My dick was hard as a rock from what she was doing combined with her heavy, firm tits and hard nipples rubbing against the skin of my thighs. My pressed her tits into my thighs and her head against my panty covered dick for several minutes before she moved back then used her tongue to run a trail down one thigh then back up the other until her tongue we dragging across the nylon of her panties. Mom used her tongue on my balls before she moved up and ran the tip of her tongue over the entire length of my hard panty covered dick. With her tits firmly pressed into my thighs, mom grabbed my dick with one hand and pulled the panty-covered head to her lips then looked me in my eyes as she wrapped her lips around the head. She took the whole head in her mouth then dragged her teeth up and down the head.

With all the excitement asyalı porno I had already experienced it was no total surprise when suddenly cum rushed up the shaft of my balls and began to soak mom’s panties and leak through the nylon into her mouth. Mom pulled back to admire her work as used her hand to stroke the length of my dick to squeeze all the cum into her panties.

As my spurts slowed mom took my dick into her mouth and sucked all the cum that had already leaked through her panties before she sucked harder to pulled the rest cum from my balls through her panties and down her throat.

When mom was sure she had completed drained my dick of cum and sucked it all out of her panties she released my dick then stood before me again with her hands on her hips wearing just her nylon briefs and hard nipples on her breast that seemed to be even fuller now.

In this position mom asked me if I was sure I wanted to move out?

She then walked away towards the kitchen looking back to make sure I was watching her. She said “I know you like watching my panty-covered ass, sit tight, I will be right back”.

My mom has a GREAT ass! Moms’ ass is nice and round with a bubble that sticks out so far from her back you can sit a cup on it as she stands up straight. Her very shapely hips complete the wet dream build of her ass. She was right I do like watching her panty-covered ass as she walks. The view is even better when she has kept her heels on. Some times after she has finished stripping down to just her panties and heels she will walk into the room and sit for several minutes talking.

Mom came back with two glasses in her hands. She handed me a drink then sat down next to me with our thighs rubbing against each other. Mom told me not to drink the other glass of water because it was for her. She quickly drank down the first glass of water then took the other from me. This time she drank a bit slower and allowed some to run down her breast. Mom took the glass from her lips long enough to ask me if I would clean the water from her chest. She did not have to ask twice. As I sucked on her hard nipples and licked her full tits mom continued to drip as she drank the second glass of water until it was empty. I licked both tits and sucked hard on both nipples to make sure I got all the water. As I sucked up the water, mom’s body began to tremble from the throws of her first orgasm. As her orgasm intensified and took over her body, I put my hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her panty crotch that was soaking wet with her pussy juices. When I tried to move the panties aside mom would not allow me to do so. She put pressure on my hands to let me know that she did not want me to move her panties.

Being a panty man, I did not mind. I found mom’s clit with my fingers and played with it to keep her orgasm going. While squeezing and playing with her clit I began to slide my tongue down from her tits and nipples to her stomach, belly button, down to her panty covered mound then to her clit. For better access I kneeled between moms legs and buried my face in her panty-covered crotch.

My hands busied with squeezing her nipples and tits as I used my teeth to take hold of mom’s clit. I softly bit and scrapped mom’s clit with my teeth further intensifying and dragging out her orgasm. This worked wonders and soon mom had her strong thighs wrapped around my head, squeezing hard. Mom’s orgasm was so intense that by the time her orgasm subsided and she let my head loose, I could see the imprint of my earring and ears in the flesh of her thighs. Her panties were now dripping wet. I stayed between her legs until I sucked all the pussy juice from her pussy through her panties.

When I was done, mom slid down onto the floor in front of me, pulled me to her, hugged then kissed me on the cheek as she asked me to get her some more water.

When I came back with the water I was treated to the absolutely magnificent view of only mom’s panty covered ass and thighs. Mom was bent over from the waist with her legs slightly spread as she was putting some towels down onto the hard wood floors. Looking back between her legs and moving her hanging boobs from her view, she saw the look of a pending question on my face. Mom told me not to ask but to sit and admire the view while it lasted. My dick immediately began to swell and push out the front of her panties.

I sat down as I was instructed.

I put my hand on my dick to stroke it as mom continued putting the towels down making sure to keep her panty covered ass facing me. I was about to put my hands inside her panties when she looked through her spread legs and told me that I could not pull my dick out of her panties. I went back to stroking through them.

Mom finished putting the towels down, walked to the TV to get the remote then backed up to me and sat down on my crotch with her ass firmly pressed against my dick. She wiggled around until my erection was snuggly pressed between the cheeks backroom casting porno of her ass then she started sliding back and forth going up and down the length of my dick. Once she had my dick where she wanted it she leaned back, grabbed both my hands and put them on her tits. She used her hands to guide the amount pressure she wanted on her tits and nipples. I willingly complied. Mom then reached for one of the two glasses of water then slowly drank them down as she laid back against my body with my panty covered dick wedged between the panty covered cheeks of her ass.

After mom finished her water she stayed in this position.

Mom began talking and asked me if I had put any thought to what we talked about before all things started. Before I could answer she said that she has decided that I was to take all her panties and pantyhose from her drawer take them to my bedroom, remove ALL of my underwear from my drawers and replace them with her panties and hose. She said that we would both be putting on her panties in my room now on. Then she turned to kiss me. After the kiss she said that there was something else she needed to talk to me about before I responded to her offers.

Mom said that my actions earlier proved to her that I enjoyed watching her pee. She said she knew I enjoyed watching her undress when she got home and that she enjoyed it as well. She said she also noticed that the more her body told that she had to pee the more I would talk to her and do things to prolong our conversation until she had to rush to the bathroom. She said today, she kept deliberately kept the conversation going longer so she could see what I would do. She kept talking until a few drops had wet her panties. Then she rushed into the bathroom leaving the door open to see what I would do. She said that to her delight, I responded just as she had hoped I would.

Mom asked if I wanted to do more than watch her pee. I guess the twitch of my dick wedged between her ass cheeks answered that question for her. Without another word mom squeezed her ass down on my dick harder before she stood, bent over, looked between her legs, ran her finger from one end of her panty crotch to the other, then used that same finger to tell me to follow her. I raised up from my sit grabbed moms panty covered hips then pressed my panty-covered dick back against her ass. She pushed back before she grabbed my hands and moved forward with my dick against her to the center of the towels she had put on the floor.

Mom turned to face me and told me to sit down on the floor. I slid between mom’s legs and sat down between her spread legs looking up at her panty covered crotch, her flat stomach, her big tits and on up to the lust filled eyes of her pretty face.

From her standing position, mom leaned forward putting her hands on the floor on either side of my head. She lowered her face to mine until our lips touched. She kissed my lips then slid her lips down the sides of my cheeks to my left ear. Mom whispered that she can’t wait to pull our panties aside and watch my dick slide into her hot pussy. She said she has kept her pussy shaved for years in anticipation of the day that she would slide her pussy lips down my dick until it was completely buried in her tight, wet, bald pussy.

Mom said that my sister told her how turned on I got when I first saw her shaved pussy and that it has been my job to keep my sister’s pussy nice and smooth every since.

Mom then kissed me on the lips again and said “but first she has something else she wants to share with me.”

Mom stood up again with her hands on her hips, legs spread, as she straddled my body, then slowly lowered her body to a squatting position until her ass was hanging over my dick. Mom asked if I am ready for the next treat? Before I could answer she lowered her pussy and ass on my dick then wiggled and slid her crotch all over mine. She sat down firmly before she placed her hands on both her knees, raised up just until there was barely contact between us then looked me in the eye. I was looking into her eyes until mom closed her eyes and I suddenly felt something hot and wet on my dick. I looked down between mom and me and saw the flow of mom’s hot piss coming through the crotch of her panties, soaking my panty-covered dick. The light bulb shined brightly to tell me why she drank those glasses of water.

Mom’s pee flow seemed to get stronger as she peed and eventually was coming out in a steady hard stream onto my panty covered dick and lower body. Mom opened her eyes, locked with mine, and then she started moving her body up mine as she continued peeing until she was at my chest. With the hot piss stream still coming out strong she sat on my chest and slowly moved her crotch up and down my body painting me with her pee. I was so excited that I did not realize mom had taken my dick out of my panties and pulled her panty crotch aside before she laid her heavy, hard nippled tits onto face so I could suck them. I sucked on her tits until she finished letting her heavenly pee flow onto my body. Mom then slid down my body rubbing her tits against my pissed covered body until my dick touched her pussy lips. Mom looked me in my eye again as she slid back further until my dick was completely buried in pussy.

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