Sharing Best Friend’s Shoes , BF

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Before we begin, I will say this story is fiction and strictly fantasy…

…or is it?

I flat out had a massive crush on my best friend Brittany. It was our freshman year of college and we had met through a dating app about 6 months prior. We had agreed to date each other once we got to school, which made it all the more shocking when she ended up with a boyfriend. I was hurt, but I didn’t stop crushing on her. She had an amazing athletic body despite the fact she really didn’t play any kind of sport, but had long, strong, tan legs that…oh man.

I was also upfront with her about my foot and shoe fetish. It didn’t really bother her, and she would occasionally send me pictures or whatever, so I was cool with it. Her feet were pretty big for a girl, at least a size 10 if I remember right, and she had a lot of trouble finding shoes she liked. She wore a lot of the plain black flip flops, alternated between two pairs of Nike Shox, a pair of Uggs, and I think I saw her wear heels maybe once. She didn’t have a huge collection at school, but what she had was well used.

So back to our relationship. Because I wanted to still be a good friend, I ended up hanging out with her and her boyfriend-we’ll call him Dave-and actually became pretty close friends with him. Don’t get me wrong, I always had a piece of me that resented him for taking the spot that was supposed to be reserved for me, but with time I slowly stopped caring about that as I met more people and started seeing someone else from school. But I still got off hardest to no one but Brittany and her giant feet.

Now, I said she didn’t play anything in particular, but the girl was fit and worked out. Every time she went to the rec center she would ask if I wanted to go with, and I knew if I did I’d just pop a boner staring at her so I would decline. So I didn’t.

As time passed I got to know Dave more and more, and because Brittany and I had always been open about sexual things we began to discuss these as well. Suddenly I found out that he shared my biggest fetish: he loved her shoes, feet, and socks almost as much as I did. He didn’t go to the same school and only came to visit once a month or so, but I said next time he comes in we should get rid of her somehow and raid her closet. He agreed.

One day towards the end of fall semester he devised a plan. He made up a story to one of Brittany’s other friends about how she had a rough week and he would appreciate if she invited Brittany to see a movie Friday night. She would then mention it to him saying kaçak iddaa she wished she could go, and he would say to go ahead, that he would hang out with me. The plan worked, and we got rid of her for a few hours. We weren’t concerned with her psycho roommate, who was never there anyway. I went over to Brittany’s dorm, and found Dave with all of Brittany’s shoes already strewn out on the bed. It was on.

“Hey bro. What do you think?”

I mean, the bulge in my sweatpants probably told him what I thought, but I mumbled something anyway about “wow” or something lame like that.

“What do you think? Should we?” He said, pointing to her roommate’s very neat and organized closet. I shrugged as to say “why not?” and he began digging through her drawers while I perused what I should use first. So many choices. I ended up with my favorites: her mostly white with hints of gray custom Nike Shox, while Dave came up with a pair of her roommate’s-let’s call her, Jessica-moccasins, which at the time were extremely popular among college girls.

Dave lowered his sweatpants and…wow, he was packing. I lowered mine and while I wasn’t dealing with a tree trunk like him, I wasn’t exactly small either.

“Wow, nice cock, bro. You gonna stick it in Brit’s shoe for me?”

I took one and held it up to my nose, and upon inhaling was immediately transported to heaven. They smelled exactly what I imagined. She must have worn them earlier today because they had a damp smell to them, but it was other-worldly. I opened my eyes to see Dave thrusting his cock into one of Jessica’s moccasins with one of her socks up to his nose. It was on now.

After I thought I had gotten all the smell I could out of the first shoe, I swapped to the other, and to my surprise found a pair of her sweaty ankle socks inside. I unwrapped them from each other and sucked every ounce I could out of them. By now Dave was absolutely pounding Jessica’s moccasin and grunting more and more as time passed. I knew he wanted to see his girlfriend’s shoe on my cock, so I began burying it inside: slowly, and making sure to enjoy it and tease him simultaneously.

My cock was no match for the shoe, which was way too big for me to fill but I got a good ways into it. I laid back on her bed and began jerking it up and down my cock, and moments later I began to feel the pre cum streaming down from the head. I accidentally caught myself moaning her name, which instead of making Dave mad seemed to make him go even harder.

Now, before we go any further, both of us were bi-curious. kaçak bahis However, nether of us knew that about the other.

I motioned for him to sit/lay down on the bed next to me, which he did. He threw Jessica’s moccasin in the floor, which I could now see was heavily worn out (by her) and heavily soaked in pre cum (by him). I gave him the Shox I had been using and picked up the moccasin he had. I breathed in her smell, and it wasn’t nearly as good as Brittany.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to jerk another guy?” Dave asked point blank.

I mean, yeah. Like I said, we were both curious, we just didn’t know the other was.

“Can I jerk you?” He asked.

I nodded yes, and decided this was as good a time as any to start experimenting. “Yes, but only if you kiss me first, right here on your girlfriend’s bed.”

I had barely gotten the last word out before Dave climbed on top of me, our cocks touching, and buried his nimble tongue into my mouth. My hands naturally made their way to his exposed rear end and gave it a playful spank. He climbed off me and his hand grabbed my cock, while my hand grabbed his. While one of my hands jerked his cock, the other reached for Brittany’s flip flops. I separated my tongue from his long enough to lick one of them clean. My cock twinged as my tongue hit the part that went between her toes, as I was overcome by the delicious flavor of her bare feet that had worn these almost completely through.

Dave was getting close, I could tell, and quite frankly so was I. I told him I wanted both of us to cum all over her Shox, and he agreed. He sat down on the bed and I took my place in the floor. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do to get him off, but I knew I was going to.

“Put these on.”

He handed me the pair of socks that were previously stuffed in the Shox. The combination of her big feet and my medium sized feet meant I could actually fit in her shoes and socks. I took my socks off and put hers on, and he started jerking his cock around like it owed him money. Apparently he was into it.

I sat down on the bed and poked his cock with my socked foot for a while before giving him what could best be described as a rudimentary foot job. I loved the feeling of his pre cum soaking through Brittany’s thin little socks. I told him to hang on, and went over to the closet to retreive a hoodie and leggings. After all, if I was going to wear part of his girlfriend’s clothes, I might as well go all out. Plus, it all fit me a little too well.

After slipping illegal bahis on the Shox to complete the look, I got down on my knees and grabbed Dave’s cock, licking just the tip with my tongue. I got braver and braver and began to take more and more of it into my mouth. I had seen enough porn to know what to do with a cock, and he seemed to be enjoying it. His breathing started getting faster yet again. I knew it was time.

I sat on the bed next to him and told him anything he wanted to do to finish we would. He told me to hold my feet up over the edge of the couch, which I did. He then took the Shox off and put them on the adjacent desk. He held my socked feet exactly how he wanted and began thrusting in and out of them. Breathing got heavier and heavier, moans got louder, and in a minute I saw rope after rope of hot cum shooting from the tip of his dick. It looked like he hadn’t released in a while and there was some pressure built up there, as it shot far enough to hit Brittany’s hoodie and leggings I was wearing in addition to her socks.

“Your turn” he indicated to me. I took off the clothes I had on and threw them in the hamper. Dave motioned for me to take my position over the mostly clean and white Shox. He picked up the flip flops and squirted 4 pumps of lotion onto each. He sandwiched my cock between them and started jerking it as the excess lotion dumped onto the floor below. I began moaning, and he sped up even more. I couldn’t take it any more.

With a loud audible *splat* my cum started to coat Brittany’s favorite Nikes. Rope after rope after thick gooey rope shot out and by the time I had finished I knew they would stain. Dave looked very pleased with his work. “Wow, I didn’t know you could cum that much. You must be popular with the girls.” In reality, that wasn’t true, but I took the compliment anyway. I cleaned up with Brittany’s hoodie (it already had cum on it, why not more and some lotion) and put my clothes back on. We hung out for a bit more, before Brittany called him that the movie was over and asking if we wanted to meet to get food.

Dave and I made sure the dorm looked presentable, and headed downstairs to catch the bus. It was so hard not to stare at Brittany’s feet in her own pair of moccasins, her long painted toes dipping into and out of the shoe constantly as we sat in the lounge. That night after we got back Dave sent me several pictures of her wearing the moccasins (he saw me staring at them) and one of her sucking his dick wearing nothing but those.

I of course jerked off and came hard to this, but it wasn’t the same as coating her pretty Shox earlier with Dave. Luckily for me, little did I know this was only the beginning of our little love triangle (or was it a rectangle?).

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