Shared Panties Pt. 02

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Painful Anal

This is part II of Shared Panties. If you have not read part I, please do so.

Part II picks up directly after Part I.

7100 words.


The morning sun peeked through the window. It was supposed to be another hot summer day. Sunday’s around the house were for hanging out, watching television, and just being plain lazy on the day before the work week begins again. That weekend would forever change the people in that house.

“Good morning,” Beth said. She rolled over, pressing her breasts against her brother’s bare chest. She reached up and kissed her brother. Beth never expected her plan to go so well, or that it would have felt so great.

“Yes, Beth, it is,” Brett said. “It is a good morning.” He could not believe his sister had actually convinced him to have sex with her. He had always felt close to her, but being inside her, brought Brett closer to his sister than he had ever imagined.

A knock at the bedroom door startled their personal reminiscing. Beth and Brett jumped out of the bed. Beth forced Brett into the closet as she pulled on a t-shirt. Beth opened her bedroom door. “Hey, mom.”

“Have you seen your brother?” Linda asked. “I went into his room, but he isn’t there. Plus, it looked like he didn’t sleep in his bed last night?”

Beth felt as if her eyes were going to pop out of her head. She was busted. Her mother had caught her twins having sex and it was the first time they ever had sex too. Beth gathered her thoughts. “No, mom, I haven’t seen Brett.” Beth felt her mother call her bullshit. “Maybe he went out or something.”

“Okay,” Linda said. “Oh,” she added before Beth closed the door. Linda leaned in closer and whispered, “I know it’s none of my business, but when you are enjoying yourself at night, you may want to keep the noise down a little. I could hear you out in the hallway.”

“I knew she was going to hear us,” Brett said, as the door closed. “Well, she could hear you.”

“Fuck it,” Beth blurted. “You know what, we’re grown. We can do what we want.” Beth opened a dresser drawer and rooted through the clothes. “Here, I want you to wear these today.” Beth held up a pair of yellow panties.

“What are you talking about?” Brett asked. “You want me to wear your underwear? That’s just weird.”

“I’ll tell you what,” Beth said. “If you want to get back into my panties, then you have to wear these panties, and then tonight, we can get into each others panties.”

Brett stepped out of the closet and grabbed the yellow french-cut panties from his sister. “Fine.” He took the underwear and tip-toed across the hallway and into the bathroom.

A while later, Brett wondered around the downstairs of the house alone. He looked in each room for his sister, but couldn’t find her. Even his mother was no where to be seen. He adjusted and then readjusted his penis in the tight little underwear. He couldn’t believe he actually agreed to wear the things, but he also did believe what he would do at that point to be naked with Beth again. Brett peered through the blinds in the kitchen and saw his sister and mother lounging in the pool.

“Have you seen your brother yet today?” Linda asked, Beth. Linda wore a red and white two piece bikini. Much like her others, the tops were a little small, which tested the strength of the fabric by her plump breasts. Her honey blonde hair was tied to the back of her head. Her finger and toe nails were painted to match the bathing suit.

“Yeah, I think he was in the bathroom or something when you asked me earlier.” Beth said. Beth leaned against the wall of the swimming pool. The solid white bottoms hugged Beth’s small curves, while the top barely covered her breasts, but when wet, it allowed view of her stiff nipples. “See, there he is,” Beth said, as her brother walked onto the patio.

“Come join us, son,” Linda said. “It’s going to be hot today.”

“It’s okay, mom,” Brett replied. “I really don’t feel like walking back inside to get shorts.”

“You’re going to burn up in those jeans,” Linda said. “You can just swim in your underwear. They’re basically shorts anyway, right?”

Beth hid her chuckle as Brett said, “I’m not wearing shorts, mom.”

“Are going commando?” Linda asked. “Did you not do laundry again?”

“Yes, I did laundry, mom. It’s just a little complicated.” Brett pulled his pants an inch higher, making sure his mother didn’t see the tops of the yellow panties.

“What do you mean, complicated?” Linda asked. “What are you wearing?” Linda became more curious. Then she became demanding. “Take those pants off right now, Brett!”

“Yeah, Brett,” Beth said. “Take them off.” She smiled wide at her brother’s situation.

The way his mother ordered him to take off his jeans, Brett became a little aroused. “Fine.” He unbuttoned his jeans. Beth dropped her smile and looked at him in amazement that he was actually going to show their mother the yellow panties. Brett pushed his jeans to his ankles and then pulled the jeans off completely.

“Oh taboo heat porno hell,” Linda said. “That’s not so bad.” She waved a hand in the air. “I thought you had some really weird shit going on under there.” Brett felt relieved that his mother didn’t ridicule him. “Besides, you have seen me in my panties plenty in that last few days, it’s only fair that now I see you in yours.” The relief he felt was gone.

Brett slipped into the cooling water. The panties hugged his groin like a running back hugging a football as he fought his way across the goal line. He rested against the wall next to his sister. Brett glanced at Beth’s hardened nipples, licking his lips. He wanted to gently bite them. Then looked at his mother. He traced the outline of Linda’s breasts as they pushed the tiny bikini top to its limits.

As Linda’s float turned her away from her children, Beth grew brave as she reached for her brother. She held her brother’s thick cock in her hand. As she kneaded him in her palm, the panties became tighter. As their mother’s float turned again, Beth let go of her brother and swam away. Her tight little ass bobbed near the top of the water.

Brett followed his sister, or rather, he followed her ass. He swam next to his sister, joining her on the side of their mother’s float. He clinched the styrofoam and plastic chair, holding his head above the deeper water. Brett escalated his own bravery and wrapped an arm around Beth, resting his hand on her hip. He pulled her a little closer.

Flirting with disaster, Beth ran her hand across her brother’s ass. She felt Brett grip an entire ass cheek in his palm. She slid her hand down his ass and reached between his legs. Beth leaned into her brother to keep her afloat, while she fondled his balls. Then an idea came. Beth slipped under the water, just under her mother’s float. She could hear muffled sounds coming from the surface. Figuring it was just them talking, Beth proceeded. She grabbed the yellow panties and began sliding them down. She knew Brett would either have to choose fighting her away or staying afloat. She finally slipped her brother’s feet out of the panties and then swam away.

Brett remained attached to his mother’s float as his semi-erect penis bobbed in the water. He looked over his mother as Beth resurfaced on the other end of the pool. He watched as she held up the panties in victory. Brett became nervous as he watched his sister toss the panties in the nearby bushes. He had fantasized about being naked in front of him mother, but he had hoped she would be aware and hopefully be naked also.

“Beth, would you had toss me that lotion?” Linda asked, her daughter. Beth ignored her mother as she walked into the house. “I’ll be damned,” Linda mumbled. “Brett, would you get it for me, please?”

Brett eyed the lotion sitting on the table; the same table that was on the patio. Not only would he have to leave from the shelter of the float, he would have to get out of the pool and walk across the concrete patio. He stared back at his mother as she waited for a response. “Okay, then.” he said, as he took a deep breath.

Brett swam to the edge of the pool and then planted his palms firmly on the concrete edge. He waited for his mother to say something, anything, because he was sure she could see his bare ass through the clear water. He hoisted himself out of the water and then scurried toward the table. When he grabbed the bottle of lotion, he looked at the kitchen window. Beth watched him through the blinds. Brett shook his head in disbelief. He’d call his sister on her game. Brett turned around. “Here, mom,” he said. He made a perfect toss to his mother.

“Where in the hell are your clothes?” Linda asked, as she caught the bottle of lotion. “Why is my nine-teen year old son standing in front me completely naked?”

“Well, you should ask Beth,” Brett said. He walked into the house through the glass door. “You think you’re funny, don’t you?” He asked Beth. Dripping water on the floor, he grabbed his sister around her waist. He hushed her laugh when he pressed his lips against hers. Brett pulled Beth tight to him, forcing his erection against her.

Beth grabbed her brother’s ass with both hands. She lifted his cheeks, separating them. She dove deep into her brother’s mouth. As she swirled her tongue in his mouth, she felt Brett grow harder. She dropped a hand and let fall onto her brother’s hard-on. Beth slowly stroked her brother in kitchen. The immediate threat of their mother walking in on them, brought Beth to the edge of an orgasm.

Brett pushed away from Beth when the door opened. There was no where for him to run or hide. His mother was coming inside and he was still naked. He face the counter, hiding his erection as Linda closed the door behind her.

“You still didn’t answer me, Brett,” Linda said. “Why are you naked? And, why is your sister not protesting it?” Linda pulled off her sunglasses and then tightened the towel around her waist. teach that bitch porno “What is going on between you two?”

Brett ignored his mother as he walked past her. He didn’t try to hide his erection, he just let it point the way. He didn’t hurry, but didn’t tip-toe either as he walked through the house and then up stairs to his bedroom.

Linda watched her son as he walked away without answering her questions. She turned to Beth. “He said for me to ask you why he was naked. So, why is your brother naked?” Beth parted her lips, but remained silent. Linda took a seat at the table. “Beth, you know you can tell me anything, so lets have it. What kind of game are you playing?”

Beth swallowed the lump in her throat. She leaned against the counter as she tried figuring out a way to explain to her mother about her and Brett’s newly found relationship. Beth imagined a way she could explain how she let her brother slide his hard cock inside her, the night before. The his tongue felt as it massaged her clit. The room felt much warmer to Beth as she thought about the way her brother quenched her thirst; the way he was gentle with her, but at the same time, didn’t hold back from giving her everything she needed.

“Beth! Snap out of it,” Linda yelled.

“I have to go, mom,” Beth said, before bolting from the kitchen.


It had been five days since Beth and Brett had sex; four days since Brett strutted past his mother with a proud erection. The twins have been busy with their jobs and Linda had been putting in long hours herself. Brett and Beth had hoped to find time to explore each others bodies further, but haven’t been able to do so. Linda tried letting go of the action of her son that previous Sunday, but she couldn’t release the image of him sporting himself as a proud man. Thursday evening arrived and the three of them finally found a break after dinner.

“So, Linda said, as she sat on the recliner. She looked at her children, whom were sitting unusually close. “Does anyone care to explain to me what happened on Sunday?”

Beth and Brett looked at each other, as if they waited for the other to answer. Beth didn’t want to explain why she stole the panties Brett was wearing, or why he even had panties on the begin with. Brett surely didn’t want to tell his mother that the night before that happened, he had made love to his sister.

“Someone is going to have to tell me something,” Linda said. “What, are you just more comfortable naked, or what?” Linda leaned back in the chair. She picked at her nails. “Look, I know the two of you have always been close. Sometimes I wondered if you were too close. And, I know you are adults and adults tend to get a little close to the fire.”

Close to the fire? Beth thought. We were burned by the flames of lust.

“Well,” Brett said, breaking the awkward silence. He cleared his throat. “Beth and I had sex.” Beth stared at her brother with her mouth gaped open. She couldn’t believe what he just said. “And, it was the best sex I ever had,” Brett said, pouring gasoline on the fire.

“Seeing how Beth isn’t denying it, I guess it’s true,” Linda said, calmly. “It’s a little hard to understand, but I can see how this can happen.” Linda crossed her legs and fixed her nightgown as she maintained her composure. “You’re both young, full of hormones and haven’t had a steady relationship in some time. So, what, are you dating each other, is it just sexual or was it a one time thing?” Linda pushed to find some answers.

“Well,” Beth spoke. “So far, it’s only been once and I don’t quite look at Brett as my boyfriend. He is still my brother, so I guess it is just sexual.” Beth grabbed her brother’s hand for support.

“That’s not going to work,” Linda said. “You shouldn’t just be having sex if there aren’t any feelings involved. If you want this to happen, you will have to commit to each other.” Linda wasn’t sure where she was going with her line reasoning. Maybe it just to make herself feel better about her twins having an incestuous relationship. “You can’t be siblings outside the house and lovers inside the house. It has to be either one or the other in both places.” Linda took a long drink of wine, emptying the glass. “I don’t quite believe it. Brett, show me that you aren’t lying. Either commit to your sister now, or stop whatever it is you are claiming.”

Brett wasn’t sure what his mother meant. He was shocked that she didn’t flip out and start beating him in the head for what he had admitted. Did his mother want him to propose marriage to his sister? He thought that was a little much. He rubbed Beth’s leg as he tried thinking of something.

Beth took control of the situation, as she was great at doing. Beth looked at Brett, and then turned his chin toward her. Beth placed her lips against his as she proved to their mother it was no joke. Beth was more excited about that kiss than any other kiss she ever shared. Not only was she kissing her brother again, but teem skeet porno her mother witnessed their affection.

Brett placed his hand on his sister’s cheek, holding her against his lips. He placed the other hand on her hip, pulling her closer, reassuring her he was committed to whatever type of relationship Beth wanted to pursue.

“Okay,” Linda said, interrupting her children. “I get it. But, like I said, if you’re going to be together in the house, then you have to be together outside the house. That means when we go shopping, out to dinner or even family events, you’ll have to defend your incestuous relationship against an unforgiving and cruel world.” Linda already began plotting a plan.


Saturday arrived and the twins shared a shower before beginning their day. They had plans to lounge around the pool, tease each other, flirt and ultimately make love that night. They never expected their mother to not only approve of their relationship, but promote it.

Brett followed Beth to her bedroom as they dried off with a towel. “Here, wear these today,” Beth said, handing her brother a pair of red panties. Beth had been getting her brother to wear her underwear everyday since the previous weekend. It was a huge turn-on for her to see her brother strut around in her girly panties.

Brett slipped them on without arguing. He began to like the way the soft fabric felt against his penis. He was extra careful at work, so the other guys wouldn’t see the women’s underwear peak from his jeans.

“Hey, you guys,” Linda said, from the hallway. “Get dressed, we have to go out.” It was the first time since her children confessed their relationship to her, that Linda finally had the chance to test them. She had planned a small trip to see how they would act in public. She figured the first time her children saw someone they knew, they would forget about the whole thing.


An hour later, Linda parked the car in parking lot of their local mall. “Remember you two, outside the house too,” Linda said, reminding Brett and Beth of their deal. Linda glanced at her son as he exited the vehicle. “Brett, are you really still wearing your sister panties?” Her son just shrugged it off as if was no big deal.

Linda followed closely behind her twins as they all walked through the mall. She noticed them brush their arms against each other and even once touched hands. As they walked near a lingerie store, her daughter took her son by the hand and pulled him into the store. Linda quickly followed. If nothing else, she just had to see what they were going to do.

Beth and Brett stood hand in hand as they examined the different seductive outfits. “What about this one?” Beth asked, pointing to a nurses costume. Brett smiled wide. “Or this?” Beth had let go of her brother’s hand as she picked up a short teddy. Beth laid the revealing outfit against her body, attempting to model it for her brother.

“That’s very nice,” Brett said, as he imagined her wearing it. Then he imagined taking it off her and tossing it on the floor. He grinned at the idea.

“Why don’t you get some of your own panties, while we are here, Brett,” Linda said, loud enough to draw the attention of a nearby woman.

“Good idea, mom,” Brett replied. He wasn’t going to allow his mother to embarrass him. Together Brett and his sister picked out four new pairs of panties for them to share. “Do you want anything, mom?” Brett asked, loud enough to grab the attention of another shopper. He figured he’d return the favor.

“Yeah, let’s find you something, mom,” Beth said, with a much lower voice than her brother’s. Beth took her mother around the store and began looking through the racks.

“Beth, can I ask you something?” Linda asked. Her daughter nodded. “What is it about what you’re doing that makes it worth it? I mean, you could have any man you want, but you choose Brett. What is it about the incest that makes you so happy?”

“Honestly, I think it’s the concept of the forbidden fruit,” Beth said. “It’s breaking the rules against society. Having something you’re not supposed to have.” Beth held up a translucent piece of material. There wouldn’t have been much left to the imagination if mother were to wear it. “Perfect,” Beth announced. Then she looked serious for a moment. “I mean, I’m not in love with my brother in that way. Yeah, I do love him because he is my brother, but—I don’t know. You’d have to try it to understand, I guess.”

“Is that an invitation?” Linda playfully asked.

“Maybe,” Beth replied. “Do you like this one? I do, so let’s get it.”

Brett carried the bag as they exited the store. “Hey, Beth”, a woman said, as she greeted him and his sister at the door. The woman didn’t say anything else as she glanced down and noticed Beth was again holding her brother’s hand. Linda felt a little guilty that Beth ran into an old high school friend while following her rule.


As Linda pulled the car into the home garage, she apologized. “I’m sorry guys. I am sorry for making you show your relationship like that in public. I won’t ask you to do it again.”

“It’s okay, mom,” Beth said. “I want the world to know that Brett is taken and I’m the one taking him”- “All night,” Brett chirped. Beth got a chuckle from his joke.

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