Sexy Sunday with Maya

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This is in continuation of my previous story entitled “Walk in the Park”.

After dropping her off, I drove back to my place, wet, drenched and satisfied. The next few days, I drove by where I had dropped her off hoping to see her, visited the park but she was nowhere in sight. Almost in despair, having given up the idea of seeing her again, it was a Friday evening when I got her call on my mobile phone.

“Sahib, this is Maya, do you remember me at the Park last week.” She said a nervous expectancy in her voice.

“Of course I do. How are you? Where have you been? I searched all last week for you but you were not to be seen anywhere. I drove past where I dropped you that evening several times and looked out for you, also looked for you at the park.”

“Thank you,” she replied, “the family I work for had many visitors over and I am sorry that I could not contact you earlier.”

“That’s alright at least you have phoned me now.” I said relieved.

“Sahib, I would like to see you again, do you want to meet me?” she asked.

“Can you come over to my place on Sunday morning?” I asked.

“Yes, Sahib I have the day off, but is it alright if I come over to your place? Don’t you have family?” she asked nervously.

“No I live alone. Flat 42, Sagar Sadan, do you know the building?” I asked, “It is towards the Temple.”

“I will find it, Sahib, what time should I come?” she asked.

“Ten? I’ll be waiting and don’t worry I will tell the security at the gate to let you in. By the way call me Manu.” I replied.

She giggled and disconnected the phone. I sat and stared at space wondering with excitement at meeting her again and at the same time wondering what would happen if this developed into a relationship. My apartment was located in an old building with high ceilings and large rooms by the sea but it had been refurbished in a modern, minimalist style keeping the feeling of space. It was large two bedroom apartment with a long balcony running along the length of the living room which opened onto it.

She was from a different economic custom and how would our social circles view our liaison, what if she got pregnant, how would this situation develop? My mind was filled with many questions, hesitation, and I wanted to call back and cancel. But then the thoughts of the passionate sex we had took over and I masturbated my self at the thought of making love to her. It was an exciting encounter so spontaneous and natural.

Saturday went by slowly. The office was open half the day but my meetings went on till the late evening. I returned back tired and filled with a desire for sleep. I dozed off almost as soon as I hit the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The next thing I remember was waking up to the bell ringing. Being a Sunday, none of my servants had come. I don’t encourage live in servants as most prosperous Indian homes have. I value my privacy and so my servants don’t live with me. The cleaning maid also cooks and her husband acts as my valet and bearer, who looks after my clothes and does all the top work. They are a husband and wife team who live in a near by slum. They have been with me several years and know I like Sundays to my self. On Sundays I often cook my own meals which I enjoy doing unless I am entertaining friends.

I awoke suddenly to open the front door seeing Maya in front of me. She looked different wearing a green sari with a matching blouse. But this time there was a bra clearly visible and her Palau was draped over her shoulder covering herself. She carried a plastic bag in her hand and there was a smell of fresh fish. I welcomed her in and led her to kitchen.

“My Sahib, what a home you have and so big for just one person!” she exclaimed.

I took her bag and kept it in the fridge. We stared at each other and she burst out in a smile and said, “Are we alone?” she asked.

I nodded and she came and wrapped her arms around me. I kissed her and held her towards me. She looked into my eyes expressing awkwardness and searching for some explanation but I turned away as my hand cupped and squeezed her breast playing cebeci escort with her nipple. I kissed her ear and nibbled her ear lobes causing goose bumps to her arms. I pulled her buttocks towards me pressing her against my erection which was stirring itself up. I massaged her buttocks through her sari and started to unfurl her Palau as I took off her sari. She twirled herself in a pirouette to help me undress her. She wore no panties. She lifted her petticoat and stroked her vagina with her finger and offered me her cum which she displaced on her finger. I opened my mouth and sucked her finger clean. I lifted her on to the kitchen work table and laid her on her back.

She closed her eyes and moaned as I unbuttoned and loosened her blouse and bra. Her breasts lay exposed and free as I disrobed her of her upper garments and buried my face in her breasts, licking them and biting them gently. I sucked on her nipples one by one as they rose erect, firm and taut, like little chocolate love buttons. I twirled them between my fingers and kneaded her breasts. She arched her back and spread her legs wide lifting her buttocks, letting her petticoat slide off her waist. She lay there totally naked as I licked her navel and probed it with my tongue. I lifted her legs and spread them wide exposing her furry choot (cunt). I blew gently on her clit and she moaned louder. I massaged her breasts with both hands as I licked the area surrounding her pussy. I kissed her thighs and as I made my way to her vaginal lips, she was wet and fully lubricated. I stroked her vagina massaging it gently, twirling her clitoris between my fingers. She gasped for air and brought her hands over mine encouraging me to go further. I licked her clit as a loud moan escaped her lips. I flicked over Maya’s clitoris with my tongue slithering over her pudenda like a slippery snake. My tongue probed the entrance to her vagina and. I sucked and nibbled on her clitoris as my tongue traced the outlines of the alphabet on her clitoral tip. I had to run through it thrice before she came as orgasm after orgasm like waves of pleasure took over her body. She writhed and pushed my face into her pudenda, I licked her soaked pubic hair as my hands squeezed her breasts. She lay exhausted as I rested my face on her pubic mound. The scent of the sum of her pleasures was intoxicating. She was out of breath and her stomach heaved as she breathed. Her vagina oozed with her juices as they trickled out. I scooped some off my fore finger and tasted the potency of her juice my throat went dry as I swallowed.

I removed my shorts, t-shirt and underwear and my lund, (cock) emerged hard and aching. She looked at my penis and got up to kiss it. Jumping off the table Maya dropped to her knees and took hold of my penis with both hands running her fingers over the head, caressing the tip flicking of my precum with the tip of her tongue. She kissed it and licked the length of my penis. She squeezed my balls and pinched my nipples. She enveloped my cock with her mouth and sucked harder licking the head with her tongue all over my tip. My cock stretched itself harder at her touch and as she tried to insert her tongue into my cock it felt like it was bursting it was so hard. She coated my cock now rock hard with her saliva. She wiped her cunt juices from her vagina and stroked my cock with her hand gliding over my shaft lubricated with her cum.

I lifted Maya back onto the table and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I brought the tip of my penis and rubbed the entrance to her vagina with my penis. As I rubbed my cock’s head into her crack, I felt her wetness and thrust fully into her increasing my tempo. Maya held onto my thrusts grinding her hips in rhyme with me. She lay back and arched her back, squeezing her breasts with her hands. She pinched her erect nipples till they oozed. She was completely absorbed in the sex. Holding onto her waist, I continued to thrust my self in her increasing the tempo and motion of my thrusts. Maya wrapped her legs tightly around me, her heels intimidating my buttocks urging me to thrust harder. She çukurambar escort lifted her buttocks to accommodate me to penetrate her deeper. She massaged her clitoris and opened up: I could no longer hold it back as I felt my sperm burst into her in waves and the accompanying tremors wrecked its way through my body and collapsed onto her exhausted and panting for breath. I caressed her sweaty hairy armpits and the smell of her body was an erotic experience in itself.

As I pulled out limp, her choot (cunt) remained open my sperm spilling out of her. As I removed my self from the entangled form of Maya and me, I noticed I too was drenched in sweat as she was. She removed my sperm with her fingers and sucked it all up. We laughed at each other and the intensity of the passion frightened us both as we hugged and kissed and held on to each other.

She followed to me to my room, completely at sea and in awe of my home. I ran a warm shower and invited her to share it with me. As I soaped her body, my fingers slithered over her, caressing her breasts, I cleaned her nipples. They responded by stiffening into little erect buds. I kept playing with them running the warm water letting them relax and then giving them a cold burst when they would stiffen again. The sensations drove her crazy. She grabbed my cock stroking my balls clean with soap suds. As she soaped me I started getting hard again. My hands kept exploring her body. Her back, her stomach, her waist, her bums, I soaped her legs and massaged the inside of her thighs. She was getting turned on herself. As I soaped her pubic mound and cleaned her pubic hair and clitoris with warm water and she was ready to go. Holding her by the waist I lifted her onto my cock and held her as she rode me. Gripping me with her thighs she mounted me and thrust her self pounding me. Leaning against the wall we lunged at each other. My knees bent as I bucked into her several times and as she wrapped her arms against me I could feel her stiff nipples rub against my chest brushing my nipples too.

She bade me lie down on the floor with the warm water gushing over my cock: she wrapped her lips around them and sucked the tip licking it furiously with her tongue. I fucked her mouth and withdrew just before coming holding myself back. She held my cock at the base of the head and squeezed me hard holding back the sperm. She straddled her self over me and holding my penis, guided me into her as she thrust herself onto my penis. She rode me lifting her arse into the air. Holding onto each other we both came at the same time. I burst into her as she collapsed onto me in a frenzy of orgasmic waves that writhed through Maya. She clutched her breasts and squeezed her nipples as she sucked my cock with her vagina milking it of every last drop of cum. I pressed her buttocks grinding into me as I came. Our bodies shuddering as we held onto each other, it was an intense experience. The whole moment was passionately sexual in an animal way.

We finished showering and dried our selves with towels she rubbing me and me her. Smelling sweet of sandalwood we collapsed naked on the bed and I rested my head on her breasts, kissed them and fell into a deep sleep. I must have slept for hours but when I awoke it was to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

She sat at the edge of my bed with her petticoat on and nothing else. She had adorned the petticoat over her breasts like Indian women often do when they are at home and wearing nothing else. It looks almost like a halter dress. The shape of her breasts could be seen through the petticoat and her milky thighs and legs were hairy which was not unusual for a maid in India. Her one leg was folded up and she rested her head on her knee, the other was crossed over. I smiled and welcomed the coffee. “How long have I been out I asked?”

“A couple of hours at least!” she said, “Don’t worry, I have cooked you some food. You have a well stocked kitchen for a bachelor.

“Can we smoke one?” she asked pointing to the cigarette pack on the bed side table. I offered her one but she declined, she asked ankara escort me to make her joint and pointed to the small lump of hash next to the cigarette pack. I smiled and said, Sure thing.” I started to roll a joint and she helped crush the tobacco. After I mixed the warm heated ball of resin into the tobacco into a smooth mixture I rolled it back into the cigarette and having lit it, inhaled deeply as I passed her the joint. She also took a deep drag and coughed a little. Whilst smoking the joint, I stroked her breasts through the petticoat and then asked her to remove it. She undid the string and it fell off. She sat there naked smoking the joint with me. She noticed my cock stirring hard. She stroked it gently and made me lie down as she slicked my shaft from top to my balls, tonguing the entrance to my ass. I was rock hard again. Maya strode me and rubbed her pussy along the length of my cock. She did this several times and the juices from her pussy lubricated the smooth rub.

I sat up and pulled Maya towards me and sucked on her breasts biting and nibbling at her nipples. She then lay back and invited me to lick her. She spread her pussy lips. I stubbed out the end of the joint and placed my coffee mug on the side table. I leaned forward towards her pussy as she opened her legs wide spreading her knees apart. I kissed the inside of her thighs and she moaned in appreciation as she lay back enjoying the sensations of my hot breath, my tongue and teeth on her flesh nibbling her clitoris. She lay back and let me work on her with my tongue. She begged me to use my fingers and fuck her.

“Uh… aaahhh mmm uh huhhhhh huh hah huh.” She moaned, “Oongly daalo please sahib dalo andar.” I inserted a finger and then another playing with her clit with my other hand. She moaned as I pinched her clit slightly and she indicated me to go harder. I squeezed her clitoris and was finger fucking her. She writhed to my rhythm and with two fingers I massaged her g-spot. As I continued, my fingers were soaked with her cum and she heaved and squirted over the bed sheets. She rolled over and lifted her arse in the air and begged me to take her. I got onto my knees and she grabbed my penis with her hand and guided me in after rubbing my cock at the entrance to her anus. I held onto her butt cheeks thrusting my self to her rocking movements squeezing one breast and then the other, we continued until I could no longer hold on and burst just as I pulled out cumming all over her lower back. My hardness would not subside I rubbed my cum over her ass and used the lubrication to gently enter her. She arched her back and hips in such a way as to accommodate me as I eased into her ass. I slowly penetrated her till I was fully in. Neither of us moved as I lay in her stiff and hard. I slowly eased my self away and just as she thought I might pull out I eased my self in again. I could barely last pulling out I came again after a few thrusts, my cock spurting into her arse. I collapsed onto her exhausted and panting for breath.

I cleaned her with a wet hand towel and then washed myself. We lay in bed entwined arms naked our bodies wrapped into each other. The scent of her body was intoxicating. We chatted for hours as she told me about her child hood, how she had been abused by an uncle. How she ran away from home and came to the city. She met up with an aunt who worked as domestic help. She had been kind and got her work. I was after that the first man in her life. She knew there was no chance of a relationship with me. Most unusually she decided to enjoy it briefly I felt greatly relieved and agreed with her.

We ate dinner and made love twice after that. She then dressed and got up to go telling me it was time to go as she had to collect her baggage and catch the train. I enquired where she was going. “Sahib, I have saved up, I am returning to my native village near Mangalore to get married. My parents have selected a boy for me and I have agreed. I may come back to work but then I do not what his plans are as yet.

I was stunned at the thought of never going to see her again. It was a somber thought. We ate dinner in silence. The fish was grilled to perfection and I had made a salad which amused her. While she cleaned up, I opened my safe and took out a wad of notes for her. She declined it and I had to insist on her taking the money. I hugged her and she left never to be seen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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