Sexual Coaching Ch. 01

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Although Kyrhan was old enough to be a grand father and the life expectancy in India was not in the same range as in Western countries but he had still an uncle who was even younger than himself. The reason was simple : his father had had twelve children on a time span of twenty four years. Kyrhan’s father was the eldest and Shomeer was the youngest of them all. He was married in Mumbai and had two children. He was the manager of a computer company working for the USA. He had three hundred people in his company and he was relatively wealthy.

Kyrhan visited him once a year or Shomeer came to spend a few days in Kyrhan’s palace. He had come to Kira’s wedding but she had been too intent on the preparation of her marriage, learning the rites she would be expected to perform, that she couldn’t even remember his look. Kyrhan had to show her the photographs taken then. On one of them, Shomeer was placing a flower collar around her neck but at that time she was completely out of her mind with the excitation around her. An Indian Maharajah marriage is such a maelstrom of colors, rites anddances than you can easily become dizzy and inebriated with the turmoil. After all, she was marrying for a second time in a foreign country under a false identity in presence of her first husband Dan who was there to give her away and she was about to become bigamous! (read the story Good morning India ch.05 for this turning point event in Kira’s life).

The first years of their marriage, Kira wasn’t able to accompany or receive Shomeer as either she was back in France, her home country and the place where her first husband still lived (and where she still spent roughly a third of her time with him) or she was actively working on the restoration of Kyrhan’s (and Shomeer’s) familial palace which had been nothing but crumbling ruins when Kira saw it for the first time. There had been just a few rooms in the former women aisle of the palace that could be used to live in. Now it was a luxury hotel with two hundred rooms and Kira still lived in the secluded women aisle, the former harem, with her husband with a mere thirty rooms renovated and a good hundred that were waiting to be taken care of.

Kyrhan had recently insisted his wife should pay at least once a visit to his closest family member (apart from the four children (and two more on the way) she had already given her husband at that time). Shomeer was bright, clever and as handsome as many Bollywood film stars. It was surprising that an Indian man like Kyrhan would praise his brother’s qualities in presence of his wife but their marriage had from the beginning been rather unusual as he and Dan shared the same wife and often actually shared her in the same bed. Kyrhan had decided that her ass would be strictly reserved for him or to men he would choose, at least when she was in India or wearing Indian clothes such her usual sarees. Dan hadn’t tried to infringe on Kyrhan’s territory as the prince was so hugely endowed that after he had fucked his wife in any hole, she was able to accommodate someone with a less prominent cock only after one or two weeks at the very minimum. So leaving her cunt for Dan’s needs except when he intended to knock her up was a generous treat, marking his consideration toward the French man.

The first time Kira discovered Shomeer’s mansion, Kira was stupefied by the luxury of the modern building. It was built around a big swimming pool that could be covered by a sun deck at the warmest hours of the day. The windows of the rooms overlooked the swimming pool. And there were just a couple of doors and no windows on the front .of the building in the muslim tradition. Four suites with king size beds wide enough for three people and eight bathrooms allowing his guests to take baths without disturbing their mates although one of the bathrooms attached to each suite was big enough to accommodate easily two persons in the bathtub with plenty of room for active frolicking. Kira noted it while she dropped her jewelry wallet she always carried herself. Since her second marriage, her sexual drive had dramatically improved and she was permanently looking for places where she could fuck, preferably with two well hung and muscled men such as both her husbands although a woman or a young adult could also easily attract her interest.

Shomeer had missed them at the airport due to a big traffic jam and he would be there any time soon with his wife. Meanwhile, he had given orders to his staff to welcome his guests. When he arrived, he explained his brother that his children were in the custody of their ayah (nanny) so they would be free to enjoy mutually their presence. Kira had taken the opportunity to take a shower and change in a new embroidered dark red silk saree she had especially bought for the occasion and that enhanced her beauty. She put on a few jewels of Kyrhan’s ancestors to honor his brother. She had taken as much efforts as she could to have a perfect make up. After all, she was the wife of grup sex porno the Family’s head and had to look her best to honor her husband!

When she had finished, she got down to the patio around the swimming pool, just in time to meet Shomeer and his wife Swathri. She was a few years younger than Kira who was about the same age as Shomeer. Swathri was about as buxom as Kira herself and they could easily have exchanged their European style clothes : same height, same measurements 36C/32/36 for just one hundred pounds for Shomeer’s wife and 5′ 4″ for both women. Kira, being four months pregnant had taken a few pounds but Kyrhan judged that she should match normally Swathri’s lithe figure.

Kyrhan’s sister in law wore also a silk saree but quite differently from his wife. Kira’s navel was largely exposed, her saree was bunched very low at the waist, exposing completely her pregnant belly and she had chosen a very tiny choli. It had no back but a web of laces, showing quite clearly that she was braless. In opposition, Swathri was wearing a fully covering choli and her saree was leaving only a small surface of bare flesh on her back. It was as demure as Kira’s outfit was wanton. The difference between both women was staggering and Kyrhan thought that his sister in law was either inordinately prudish or her faith bordered to bigotry. He had instilled patiently in Kira’s mind the rudiments of his religion but he had never wandered on the path of fanaticism, something completely alien to his ideals of non violence, respect to other people’s beliefs as long as they didn’t try to force him or anyone to adhere to their own way of life

But respect to Swathri’s customs apparently came into opposition with what he thought was his brother’s personal happiness. The couple seemed quite far from what was the usual image of a happily married family. Neither of them smiled and there had been no sweet gestures between them while Kyrhan and his wife exchanged so many little tokens of their bonding, helping her out of the deep armchair where she had sat, opening doors for her. After all, they were in a family’s home and were not restrained from physical contact as if they had been with strangers. He really had to do something for his brother but he needed to know what his brother’s intimate wishes were. It was difficult to probe the subject himself directly but he was sure that Kira was shrewd enough for that delicate mission and she had so many good and beautiful arguments to present. . .

When they were back in their bedroom late in the evening, Kyrhan took his wife lovingly in his arms. He decided to jump on the subject and not try to fiddle around.

– Uhh, darling, when I just look at that poor Swathri, I just appreciate even more the gift the Gods offered me when I saw you for the first time chatting with my niece Ranu in the lobby of my hotel.

– But your sister in law has such a lovely body and she is younger than myself.

– Yes, by six years from what my brother told me but just have a look in that mirror : you look ten years younger than her and so much sexier that she is like a dark spot in a sun drenched room when you are together.

– Don’t overplay our differences.

– Be sure I don’t exaggerate at all. My brother opened wide eyes when he saw you. I know that they have marital problems together. It was one of the reasons why I wanted you to come along. You have been my best counselor and you’ve helped me out of problems so many times I lost count!

– Do you think I may really be of help?

– Yes, definitely. I would like you to probe my brother’s real intentions. Would he be offended if I really try to lure his wife into a more interesting way of life?.

– Are you planning to seduce her?

– If I can help my brother and his wife that way, why not? But I’ll need you to seduce my brother as a first step!

– Should I go all the way with him?

– If you imply fucking him while I entertain my sister in law elsewhere, yes definitely! The ultimate achievement would be a hot partner sharing night with the four of us in the same bedroom before the end of our stay here. After that, they could find their way alone : they’re grown up people after all!

– You realize that they may wish to come and visit us afterwards and they would like to continue this wife sharing plot?

– Why limit yourself to wife sharing? You’re not that shy with Leena and Preeti when they’re with us and I don’t forget Dan!

Kyrhan looked queryingly to his wife. She seemed to weight the implications of her husband’s new demand. Gradually, her face brightened and a smile appeared on her lips :

– So you think that I’m still sexy enough to seduce your brother you told me yourself that he could have been a star in Bollywood.

– That’s plain evidence. Most of my colleagues in the government or my friends in the parliament would give their eye teeth to put their hands into your knickers.

latina fuck tour porno Eye teeth? I didn’t know that expression and your friends would be very disappointed if they knew I never wear panties even under the most formal sarees.

– I’m pretty sure they would be surprised but not disappointed at all!

– You are very gracious! OK, I will try to seduce your brother but remember it’ll be just to obey my husband’s wishes as befits a dutiful wife!

– Don’t kid me : you are always delighted teasing any man or woman until they start to awaken!

– I confess you’re right, darling!

So the next day, Kyrhan asked Swathri to show him some of the best saree shops in the city to offer a few to his wife who boasted having one of the widest collection in India.. Kira pretended a light indisposition to skip the outing.

As soon as they had left, Kira climbed down to the main rooms on the ground floor. She found Shomeer sitting at a desk in the sitting room. He was reading the newspaper. He lifted his eye brows when he heard Kira entering the room. He opened his mouth to greet her and stopped in his movement. His lower jaw felt suddenly paralyzed. The figure in front of his eyes was simply stupendous. Kira, as she was obviously her who had centered all the attention of her brother in law had, for this occasion, abandoned her usual saree for a gold ghagra. This garment is draped around the waist, more like European gowns as it’s very close fitting. It’s worn with a matching choli. It was the tiniest Shomeer had ever seen.

Kira could have worn her ghagra quite discreetly as Swathri did usually but oppositely she was wearing it even more lewdly than she wore her sarees. The fabric seemed to be glued to her body, showing off every curve and wobbling deliciously when she walked toward Shomeer. He could see her hips swaying invitingly, her thighs moving under the cloth, her knees pushing alternately the skirt forward. There was an overlap at the lowest part of her ghagra where he could have glimpses of the stilettos she was wearing. A feeling of suffocation made him remember to breathe. The waist and her belly which was beginning to bulge out were totally displayed in the most attractive way. He could see the muscles of her belly bulging and dancing as she was walking toward him. He tried to swallow his saliva and discovered that his mouth was as dry as the Deccan plateau (a desert zone in the center of southern India).

Shomeer had terrible difficulties to lift his eyes from her ghagra to her choli. The garment was even more tight and flimsy than what he had ever seen on some underground magazines. He could delineate precisely her aureolas, her nipples but he couldn’t see any traces of a bra. Ganesh! Was it possible she wasn’t wearing any? Swathri was usually wearing old fashioned fully covering bras that didn’t allow the least swaying or wobbling like a steel armour. Kira’s breasts were joyfully dancing in her choli, taunting him at every step. Gods! She was his eldest brother’s wife, she should be nearly sacred to him and he was harboring so many lewd thoughts that he was reeling from the impact of what he saw before his eyes. She must be a devil trying to taunt him out of the proper behavior that his wife had imposed on him since their marriage.

Kyrhan’s brother had not seen his wife naked. Whenever they made love, it was in the most complete dark. Swathri just bunched up her fully covering nightie to her waist and opened her legs to let him approach her. She didn’t allow him to touch, kiss or caress her. Shomeer was there just to copulate with her and never try to find pleasure there. It was funny to find such a psychotic woman in a country where the Kamasutra has been written. Swathri should have been born in another civilization, in Victorian England (although some of Shomeer’s historical books hinted that the actual life of an English woman at that time was more adventurous than that) but it happened that Shomeer loved his wife.

Kira greeted her brother in law, pretending that her headaches had disappeared just with an aspirin pill and she felt now quite well. She proposed Shomeer to continue to chat on the edge of the swimming pool. He agreed and let her precede him. It was a big mistake : he had already seen Kira’s front figure but her back figure was by far even more luxurious. Her ass cheeks were tightly enveloped by the clinging fabric and every muscle of her thighs and posterior were dancing just in front of him. His cock which had become taut and erect was now hurting him terribly. It needed immediate release and poor Swathri was quite far from being able to give him the release it requested. Sweat was pouring from his forehead and making his hands sticky. He was clearly about to lose control completely. He was seriously considering raping Kira on the tiles at the edge of the swimming pool, or even in water. . .

Kira stopped dead when she arrived to the lezbiyen porno wooden table near the swimming pool. Shomeer who was following ever closer and closer bumped into her back. She didn’t emit even a whisper of protest, a clear sign that their contact had been fully voluntary. Kira felt his hard cock punching into her ass as if it wanted to get through his dhoti and her ghagra. Instead of trying to avoid that almost sexual contact, Kira pushed back shamelessly, letting his shaft trying to drill a hole through her garments. She half turned toward Kyrhan’s brother and caressed slowly his cheek with the back of her hand. She closed her eyes and opened slightly her mouth, offering her lips shamelessly. Shomeer’s hear was in a frenzy, about to burst. He wasn’t able to think clearly. His blood was reaching the boiling temperature. He bent forward and his lips found her wet and torrid mouth. Their hot kiss was so mind blowing that it may have equaled in intensity those of Marc Antony and Cleopatra.

Kira turned completely to face Shomeer. He took her in his arms and hugged her as a baby clinging to his mother although their contact was purely sexual. They resumed their lingering kiss. They parted just for a second to breathe a few molecules of fresh air. Kira helped him out of his dhoti. Shomeer quaked as he clumsily undid Kira’s ghagra and choli. It was the first time since his marriage that he held a naked woman in the full day and it was not some common Dalit servant or a prostitute but his sister in law, the wife of his eldest brother, the princess of their family’s palace and she was offering herself to him in such a shameless way!

When he peeled away the ghagra, he discovered another detail he had never envisioned : Kira’s cunt was deprived of any knickers. It could have been a treat for him but Kira’s pussy was also perfectly shaven. There were no traces of the least hair. It reminded him of young girl pussies he had seen when he was just five years old but this one was plumper, completely open, very wet and certainly quite ready for him. He helped Kira on the tiles with just a towel under her. She smiled to him in an encouraging way and, looking straight into his eyes parted her thighs to offer herself completely. He wanted to penetrate her immediately as he was always doing with his wife but she stopped him with just her hand on his shoulder.

– Later, Shomeer! Now I would like you to kiss and fondle my pussy!

Ganesh! Kira was even more experienced than he had expected from her way of teasing him. He was now walking in unknown ground and felt like an adolescent ready to fuck a woman for the first time in his life. He couldn’t have dreamed of a better mentor. She was careful to teach him everything he would need to give pleasure to a woman, any woman in fact, even his own wife. Normally, it would have been his task to teach it to his wife but both were virgins when they got married and Swathri’s unusually shy upbringing had completely blocked their sexual development. Under Kira’s guidance, Shomeer was trying his best to complete his education really fast!

When he touched her cunt lips with his mouth, he could discover the soft touch of her perfectly shaven skin, the inebriating fragrance of her very wet cunt mixed with some delicate floral perfume. Kira encouraged him to lick her cunt that was oozing fluids. The first taste was intoxicating : it was like some nectar a god would have brewed. He began to lick feverishly. Sometimes, his nose came in contact with a tiny bud he had never supposed the existence on the top of her slit. Each time he touched it, Kira moaned more and more urgently. He inquired whether she liked that intimate caress. Kira took several minutes before she understood that he had not known what a clit was! Damn! Was she there to educate a teenager or a man of forty years with a wife and a few children! She wondered what Shomeer and his wife were doing when they were alone in their bed. Clearly they had never even opened the Kama Sutra! Initiating a grown up man would be an unusual task for her. She was pretty sure that Kyrhan would enjoy educating Swathri. She would be like a virgin in his hands. Maybe she could give him a helping hand in that job!

Kira explained her brother in law how to suck and fondle her clit and finger fuck her. He was a very eager pupil. When she cummed quite hard at last, she felt it was the proper time to introduce him to another delightful sexual rite : a fellatio! With the inexperience of Shomeer, she was quite sure that Swathri had never even imagined blowing him up. It was her brother in law’s turn to moan and groan as his cock was sucked, caressed and swallowed to the hilt. Shomeer was just a little less well endowed than her brother but it may be the result of insufficient stimulation. It may grow somewhat with regular use for their mutual delight. He took her head in his hands when he coated her throat with ropes and ropes of his delicious jizzm. Phewww! His cum was more abundant than Kyrhan’s! He may have been deprived of sexual contacts for weeks if not months to cum so much. The taste of his sperm was simply marvelous : slightly nutty and lightly salted, a trade mark of the Singh family it seemed! She decided she would do her best to drain him completely.

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