Sex with Married Brother at Barbeque

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This is a true story that happened this summer with my married brother, Paresh. He is not blood related brother but he is my best friend’s brother who is like real brother to me in USA. He treats me really well like own brother and I respect him same. But, I always imagined having sex with Paresh and dream came true this summer night on barbeque weekend.

I am Indian, divorced guy, my divorce was pretty rough so somehow I started changing myself after my divorce as I felt comfortable hanging out with guys more than girls. I started feeling attraction towards men and felt attraction towards married brother Paresh. He is younger brother of my best friend, 50 years old, married and with very manly hairy body, tall and strong alpha male appearance. I used to get glimpse of his hairy armpit, chest, belly, legs and few times I got a chance to see his hairy thighs and underwear during summer season through his short on couch. I started developing more and more strong sexual lust towards Paresh. I used to take chance and rub my hand against his hand while working that used to give me current like feeling in my body. I would say he became the dream man of my lust.

I always meet him during weekends in the evening for drinks and always wish that he gets close to me and grab my ass behind the bar while making drinks. Oh well, it was like a dream. We both like to eat grilled meat so we always hangout on and off for barbeque at my place. Being divorce guy, I live alone so it was perfect hangout place for myself, Paresh and my best friend.

This summer his wife was traveling out of town for 2 weeks. As a whole, Paresh is sexually very active and loves pussy. He is very active sexually as we would always talk about girls and sex. As usual, we had plan for BBQ over the weekends. Plan was to get together with my best friend and his one of business partners. We all got together at my place after 3 pm and having good time at BBQ with drinks. We all had few drinks czech taxi porno and by 6 pm my best friend and his partner had to leave as they received emergency call from their business which was one hour away from my place. It was unfortunate that they had to leave the party but I didn’t know that night was going to be fortunate for me. To be honest, I was happy as myself and Paresh were going to be alone at my place so I can check him out freely in absence of my friend and his business partner.

Paresh was looking stunning, he is in his late 40s. Whenever he used to put his hands around his back head exposing armpit, I used to feel tingle in my heart. I felt like smelling his armpit and licking his armpit. So many times I jerk off thinking about sucking his cock while he is working on computer or watching movie in dark.

We both like to eat meat and drink more than anyone. We started drinking single malt whiskey after it got dark. We both were pretty buzzed as next day was Sunday and biggest plus was that Paresh’s wife was out of town so nobody was waiting at home. To check his view, I ended up talking about gay person at my work. Once we were done talking about gay guy at my work, I asked him if he is fine with two man to man sex. He is modern and responded that “who cares if two men kiss or have sex with each other, it’s their life”. By now we were pretty drunk, so ended up talking about sex. Paresh told me about his kinky fantasy in bed and we ended up watching porn. We both were sitting next to each other and side of my hand was rubbing against his arm side on and off. I tell you I was getting current whenever I felt his hairy arm. Paresh mentioned that he didn’t have sex since last two weeks as his wife was out of town. Porn was working out well for him, as I noticed a bulge in his pant.

I always imagined his cock size but today I was able to see his real ding dong inside pant. He was out of drink and he asked defloration porno me if I want another drink. I was in party mood so I replied, “Why not? Let’s get drunk and party!!” We went to kitchen together to get some ice and make drinks. We both were very much buzzed. Paresh was standing next to me while I was making our drinks. I noticed that his hand was close to my butt so I moved myself little bit to make his hand touch my butt. I was praying that he grabs my butt instead of me rubbing my butt against his hand. I started talking about drink and got little closer and poured little bit more in his glass. He said stop stop stop not too much but during that he ended up grabbing my one butt, pressed and released. I was hard with his touch.

After finishing drink we went to sleep upstairs. He went to sleep in guest room and I was in my bedroom. I told him that I am going to leave my door open in case he needs anything just call me. I went to bed thinking of him and his man smell of body and thoughts of pleasing his sexual desire. But due to brother like relations, I could not do anything. At night I sleep naked but as I left bedroom door open, I was wearing just underwear. Around 2:30 am I started feeling something against my back. I was surprised Paresh was sleeping beside me. I pretended that I am in deep sleep. He started spooning me, by now I could feel his cock against my butt. I was super hard, but pretended that I am asleep. Paresh felt my cock and checked that I am hard. He pressed my throbbing cock little and then went to sleep on his back facing his cock towards ceiling and pretended to be asleep. I wanted to smell his cock so I went down little bit but he was awake so he took out his cock and left it outside. He said, I know you my little bitch that you want me, be my bitch tonight, I need your boy pussy hole.

Paresh pushed my head towards cock when I was smelling on his nice dark cock. I started to lick his fake agents porno balls and made me suck for long time. It was dark in room so we couldn’t see each other. He pulled me towards him and started kissing me like a girl teasing my nipples. Paresh started sucking and biting my nipples like how he would treat any woman. He spit in his hand and started playing with my ass hole. Slowly he started teasing my hole. It was painful but I wanted Paresh for so long in bed so I decided to let him do whatever he wants. He turned me around and started licking my hole. I was in the sky.. he was driving me crazy with his tongue. Paresh now spitted in hand and put it on his cock. He started pushing it against my hole, I was in pain but he would whisper in my ears that “take a deep breath and exhale”.. I stayed calm and decided to bear the pain. He did little bit in and out and then pushed hard all of a sudden that made me scream like crazy. Pain was going to my head. His cock was inside me. It was hurting bad but Paresh is such a man, he knew how to handle ass fucking. He let himself same way without any movement. In few minutes I was relaxed and adjusted with his cock in my ass.

Paresh didn’t have sex in last two weeks so my virgin ass was everything for him. I was bleeding as he got big cock. He made me lick his fingers when he was fucking me from back. He fucked me over 30 minutes, I could feel every inch of his cock. Once he figured that I am enjoying his cock, he started teasing my hole with his cock, he would make me beg for his cock. He loved to tease my hole. We both were sweating and he wanted to come. He was jumping on my ass and with strong push he came inside me. I could feel every inch of his cock throughout the fuck. I was bleeding next day as Paresh is huge.

After that incident, he is fucking me on and off whenever he gets an urge to fuck ass. I am divorced and live alone so he stops by during weekdays before going to home or early morning before he goes to work. He is cheating on his wife but we both can keep our secret life just between us.

Sex with my married brother on barbeque night turned out to be regular casual fuck relationship that I always dreamed of and cannot talk about with anyone due to family ties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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