Sex-Ed Ch. 00

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## This flashback of Liz’s youth is a good way to get introduced to the overall theme of the story ##

################ Begin Flashback ##############

I rode this bastard hard! Had him by the balls squeezing those sorry fuckers until he was drained. I nearly killed him, sucked everything he had into my pussy, he probably won’t even be able to walk for two days. The sorry big balled bastard.

I was a lean toned woman with more strength than ten men put together! The more sperm took from them the stronger I got!

They usually didn’t last very long with me! May be two weeks at the most. I was as I called it. Power milking them. They loved it at first, me holding them by their balls deep throating their cocks then giving them a hour, then doing it again, then again until they started refusing. Then I would threaten to bust their balls if they couldn’t produced for me! It was usually a threat, because usually, they listened. I always wanted males with big testicles! I was like a vampire sucking the life out of them!

“God I’m so arrogant! I should have more restraint with the weaker sex”.

Thinking back, it was probably due to being a late bloomer in high school, I wanted to catch up and just never stopped!

I was never a popular girl, so by senior year, all I really knew about sex was from some porn I saw on the internet. I can remember seeing her holding him by his balls. His balls looked so big. Her hand was so small. But she easily controlled him using them to move him around to where she wanted him. Tugging him down into her pussy. As he went down she gave his balls a little squeeze and he grunted as she moved her hips forward leaning back into the sofa spreading her legs further apart. I could see his two big hanging testicles under him swaying slowly as he pumped! I remember wanting to grab his balls. To feel them in my hand! They looked so big and heavy! I wanted to control him with them like I saw her do!

One day at lunch, I over-heard some girls discussing the weaknesses of their boyfriends and how they wouldn’t have sex with them if they had a big game or something because it would weaken them so much. So I asked one of them about it. About why she’s afraid she would make him weak! They just laughed at me, maltepe escort it was humiliating.

I had a lot of resentment, so the first night of college, I was gunna lose my virginity, I didn’t care to who. It was surprisingly easy, I talked to some guy at a rush party and just asked him if he wanted to come over. I was a little nervous, so I admitted It was my first time, and about over hearing some girls saying how men were so weak and how she was afraid of draining all his strength! “What does that mean? How can she drain your strength”? He turned a little white in the face…

Well, that night I found out.

“No! staaawp, im gunna!” He said frantically.

I milked his cock like I saw in the porno, with one hand I grabbed onto his nuts and sorta tugged. I wasn’t really gunna let this clueless dude fuck me.

“Wha? you don’t like it?” I asked innocently, then using both of my hands to stroke him even faster, suddenly he jerked hard, his butt off the bet, his hips thrust far into the air.

He erupted.

It came out like a fountain. The amount was unbelievable as it rose, then fell onto his lap with a loud splat. The second and third spurts were almost as much in quantity, but didn’t go as high, completely covering both of my frantically working hands. But that wasn’t the end. As he convulsed on the bed, my hands tightened, working harder, “come on Mark, come on, keep going.” I watched more and more huge amounts come out of him. It was unbelievable. There was creamy sperm all over my hands, up past my wrists, on his thighs, even my chest. It was literally everywhere.

I wiped up a bit from my cleavage and put it in my mouth. My eye’s opened wide with delight.

It’s so tasty!

Instinctively, I lowered my mouth around his engorged cockhead and sucked out everything I could.

I remember licking my lips and seeing his dizzy expression. He looked at me then just fell back ontop the bed, exhausted.

It wasn’t long before I found myself a new hot stud…

Finally someone who can go the distance with me!

“This big bull male got some staying power baby! Yea baby shove that big cock in me! Hurt me! Hurt me you big balled bastard! Take me balls deep I wanta feel those big mamak escort balls slapping my ass! Spank me with those big balls baby”!

God this was a big powerful man on top of me. 250 pounds of lean hard male muscle, a wild bull animal fucking me, grunting sweating straining into me. I wanted to take everything he could give me. I wanted to test myself. Wanted to out fuck him, to fuck his balls off! He was almost ready after twenty minutes of steady pumping. The big loose hanging testicles he had pulled up, I felt the urgent swelling of his cock in me. I tightened my own pussy muscles, watching his face. Saliva drooled from his open mouth as he grunted with ball draining weakness into me! Finally, with one last thrust he collapsed on top of me spent!

Tightening my pussy around his shaft holding him in. I pushed his shoulder up and over rolling him off taking me with him his cock still inside me.

Straddling him placing my hands on his huge heaving chest I said.

“Come on big guy you almost had me their baby I almost had an orgasm”!

Reaching behind between his legs gathering up his balls giving them a gentle playful squeeze saying.

“Cum on you big bull stud! These guys still got some life in them don’t they? Remember you promised you’d be able to service me all night long”!

It was typical. He was finished for now. But I had plans for him. I lifted off his fat wet rubbery cock with a little pop. It stood for a second then plopped over sideways across his hip. God he was hung like a horse! Jumping out of bed saying I’ll be back I’ve got to use the bathroom. I felt so strong and alive looking at myself in the mirror. I seem taller my small breasts stood up firm their nipples so sensitive pointing out I smiled. Cum was starting to leak out of my pussy running down my inner thighs. I couldn’t believe how much cum he had pumped into me! But god he did have a huge set of balls on him. That was the first thing that drew me towards him were the size of his balls. I love men with big balls for some reason! I know most women think males with big testicles are disgusting. But I find them a paradox. Seemingly so strong and forceful but yet so weak and vulnerable, and unlike males with small testicles they seemed ankara ofise gelen escort instinctively aware of their weakness as males compared to females!

Walking back into the bedroom my big bull was lying their out like a light. I stood and studied him. His big muscular chest expanding with each breath, his flat six pack stomach, the big limp cock still laying sideways across his hip, his big powerful thighs spread open, exposing his two big lemon size balls! God what a specimen I thought! What a specimen of a male I have here. A big male bull!

Like a moth to a flame he came. I was slowly drain the strength from him. He didn’t realize it at first and when he did he couldn’t stop himself from cumming when I beckoned him. I was growing stronger, he weaker. After six months his muscle tone was gone and he was more soft looking. His once six pack stomach was now a half sagging belly. Those big powerful thighs were gone making his cock and balls look even bigger to me. He was becoming more or less nothing more than a male cow to me to be milked! I had literally turned a bull into a cow!

I on the other hand was becoming a goddess. My body didn’t show bulging muscles like a male. I was chiseled cut with a lean feminine sexuality that spoke strength!

His condition became such that his attempts at trying to service me were woefully inadequate! More annoying than anything else. But his balls were still producing the sperm I needed so I started milking him. It was almost comical. I’d put him on all fours on the coffee table in the living room stick a bowl under him, pull up a chair behind him and get down to business. I started videotaping our sessions. From behind on all fours he looked pretty magnificent with a big hanging scrotum stretched thin at the neck then bulging out at the bottom with his two big testicles dangling like so much dead weight! It was so erotic looking, I would start fingering myself. It was exciting watching him. His big hanging male udder flopping back and forth with long ropes of his milk drained out! My feelings at that moment were almost euphoric! I had transformed this once big powerful male bull into a cow!

I wanted more! I wanted to do it again to another man. No man would be able to sexually satisfy me with his cock I knew that. They were just too weak to go the distance. But destroying one with my body was an absolutely sexually gratifying thing. To feel their strength draining into me was! Well indescribable!

Where else would one go to find a big strong man but to a gym?…

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