Selena: Anal Origins

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On day two back in Bucks County, PA, the gorgeous brunette took a bubble bath after the kids left for school and played back her insane week in Myrtle Beach. The gang bangs…the lesbian encounters…public sex…double penetrations…the anal sex…more anal sex…still more anal sex. Very soon, she was just stuck on the back door incidents and it puzzled her. Why did she like that so much? Was there something wrong with her?

She understood the concept of simple preference but this went above and beyond that. She had to be wired different; she craved anal sex and could orgasm from that alone. As a point of reference, Hannah sometimes liked a finger in her backside but only if there was that or more in her pussy. And she was a bona fide nymphomaniac, a self-described slut! Trying to get to the bottom- no pun intended- of her unusual (to her) fascination, the middle-aged beauty reminisced through her history with rectal penetrations, going back twenty-two years…


Brad had showed his hand almost immediately, asking Selena about anal sex just minutes after taking her virginity on her eighteenth birthday following six months of dating. She was declining even as he posed the question and kept turning him down after they were engaged. Her resistance finally cracked a month before they were married and after entirely too much wine. Her inhibitions all but gone due to the alcohol consumption, she was naked and lying face first on the bed in his apartment.

“Yeah, you can stick it in my boo-tay,” she had giggled.

He was kissing his way down her back and now holding one of the round globes of her behind in each of his hands. Extending his tongue, he dragged it over her tailbone while slowly prying her ass cheeks apart, the wet muscle then sliding down her crack. Even though Napa Valley grapes had decided for her that he could finally get in her rear end, she still couldn’t help but tense up. She had come to terms with his penis being in “there”, but his tongue? She was intoxicated, yes, but not quite “that” drunk.

‘I hope he doesn’t think he’s kissing me afterwards,’ she thought.

In seconds, the tip of his tongue was poking at the pleasantly musky, pliant opening and he stiffened it, stabbing the clenched orifice. Only the liquor in her system lowering her inhibitions allowed him to continue but even under the influence, she was very self-conscious about this act. Questions swirled through her mind: ‘Does it smell?’, ‘He knows what comes out of there…yuck!’, ‘Can’t he just stick it in there without this?’ Unable to read her mind and not getting any resistance, he started twirling his tongue around the brown, puckered hole along with trying to spear it inside.

After several minutes, she was surprised as she slowly realized that it did in fact feel kind of good despite all of her reservations. Different, even unusual but definitely good. She started to relax and recognizing that if it was unpleasant, he would have stopped, she calmed down even more. Holding her shapely backside apart with one hand, he used the free one to open the tube of warming personal lubricant and smeared his fingers liberally. In one smooth motion, he moved his tongue to nibble at the inside of one wobbling cheek while slowly inserting his greasy digit into her withering–tight anus.

This intrusion she was familiar with, he had been sticking his fingers into her asshole during sex at every opportunity. At first she had stopped him and catching on, he would wait until the point of her orgasm, when resistance would wane, and she would squirm even more feverishly. Finally, on the verge of climax one night while he was fucking her pussy doggy style, Selena had shyly whispered : “do that thing to my butt.” He teased and tortured her into being more descriptive and just moments before she was about to come, she gasped: “please finger my butt hole, please!” Now, especially when he was eating her out she would tell him the precise moment that she wanted her asshole diddled.

After working his finger in and out of her dainty asshole repeatedly, spinning it gently inside her bowels, he pressed a second one against the entrance of her tight channel. Already lightly bumping against his hand and drunk enough to block the fact that this was uncharted territory, Selena just sighed throatily, her rectum getting spread further than ever from the outside in. With two fingers now reaming her virginal rear cavity, the brunette started to buck her hips with growing excitement. Even though her vise like asshole never relented its pressure, he knew that her body was well-adjusted to two fingers after about five minutes and he tentatively started to introduce a third.

Proving the assumption correct, his bahis siteleri lovely fiancée grunted but lifted her backside to encourage this additional breach. Out of curiosity he kept his hand still with all three fingers perched at the gate of her rear orifice and Selena wiggled and pushed her behind upwards to get them inside. Her breath now catching in her throat, she clawed at the pillow as all three fingers snaked steadily into her suffocating bowels. She ground her splendid ass cheeks against his palm and then very abruptly emitted a high-pitched moan and began to buck her haunches rapidly.

She was coming. Hard.

Her mouthwatering body twitched like a fish out of water as the orgasm tore through her like a flood of euphoria. Brad watched with pleased fascination for a few seconds and then began to quickly but gently drive his fingers back and forth in and out of her pulsing asshole. At the same time he was squeezing lubricant generously on his aching hard-on and smearing it swiftly with his hand. In his mind, he was going over that years baseball statistics trying to calm himself. He had waited too long for this and didn’t want to get inside Selena’s incredible ass and blow his load right away.

As soon as her trembling began to subside, he eased his fingers from her anal canal and swung his legs over hers, mounting her and pressing her thighs together in the process. He could just see her hairy pussy (Hey folks, it was the eighties. Sheesh.) between the gap at the top of her legs and just above it, the source of his obsession: her tiny, dark rectum peeking from the base of her silky ass cheeks. He took a deep breath and holding his cock by the hilt, he aimed the fluid leaking glans at the puckered orifice, shining now from his preparation.

The prone brunette’s chest was still surging from her climax as she felt this latest assault on her tantalizing behind and she didn’t so much as flinch, far more relaxed than he was. The head poked against the rubbery opening and pushing with all the restraint he could muster, he dropped his hips slowly. Entry was slick and even more exhilarating than he had imagined as her anus grudgingly gave ground just enough, squeezing mightily but allowing the glans to pass. No sooner did it pop through on the other side of her sphincter than semen exploded from his balls to spurt like so much water from a fire hose.

Cursing under his breath, he lost himself and plowed forward, shoving the rest of his dick balls deep in her strangling bowels. Selena’s breath was snatched away instantly and her exquisite blue eyes went wide with shock. Expecting the onslaught of pain, she stiffened up and this affected the muscles in her asshole, almost impossibly augmenting his ejaculation. He squashed his crotch against her succulent behind as jism finally stopped spraying and sat motionless for a while, as did she.

Her asshole adjusted rather quickly to the bizarre stuffed feeling, constipation with pleasure and her hips started to bounce lightly. Quite a bit closer to sobriety than she had been during the oral phase of her anal deflowering, it was as if she was waking up with a cock buried in her ass. She couldn’t believe how wickedly enjoyable it felt and how even the slightest motion increased that pleasure dramatically. Equipped with this knowledge, her involuntary bouncing became intentional bucking. Brad joined her in this effort, withdrawing and then thrusting forward.

In another minute Selena was getting fucked in the ass for the very first time and she squealed with delight, humping upwards with delight. Brad was plunging his dick into her receptive asshole with long, deliberate strokes as his erection hadn’t wavered in the slightest and having come, his staying power was at optimal strength. He sank in and out of her tight, hot ass with abandon, she responded in kind and her next orgasm ten minutes later triggered his. Slimy, warm jit spewed from his dick while her anus pulsated in a symphony of ecstasy.

She awoke the next morning with a hangover but relieved that her violated rectum just tingled, no pain, not even discomfort. She was hooked.


About three months after they were married, Selena had gone to take a shower before heading out that night with her husband for dinner and a movie. Brad joined her and a very short time later the gorgeous brunette was bent over and holding the faucet while Brad screwed her cunt from behind. He pulled out to ejaculate on her wobbling ass cheeks while she had been fast approaching orgasm. Pressed for time to make their dinner reservation, she said nothing, leaving the house ravenously horny.

She made it through dinner, appalled with herself as she actually considered going to the ladies room to canlı bahis siteleri finger herself to climax. She wondered what type of woman she was evolving into that she would even have a passing thought about masturbating in a public rest room. She had been so very close, though, another 2-3 minutes at the most. If he had just put his finger ‘back there’ she lamented to herself, she would have come sooner, probably with him.

This line of thinking led Selena to an unrealized element in their sex life; since he was now fucking her up the ass on a regular basis, the digital stimulation had become almost non-existent unless she requested the act herself. Her thought process was now like so many dominoes and the focus was on her sensational behind. His fingers probing her rectum, his cock stuffing it and without realizing it at first, she was soon rubbing her thighs together as her lust amplified.

Usually buzzing after two glasses of wine, she had five with dinner.

Wanting now to go home and have her husband simply ravage her, he convinced her to wait until after the movie and the frustrated woman went along. On the very edge of being drunk, she stumbled into the theater with him and absently noticed that only a handful of patrons were seeing the same film in the cavernous cinema. After choosing seats, Selena went to the ladies room and with the wine playing the role of muse, she hatched a plan to extinguish the flame of passion that burned in her loins while seated on the toilet.

Rubbing her clit for a minute or two in her current state of arousal would have solved her dilemma but when she wanted it in the ass, she wanted it in…the…ass. Buoyed by the alcohol, beer muscles so to speak, the beautiful young woman stuffed her panties in her purse and skipped back to her husband and the movie she had zero interest in, a devious grin on her face.

Brad was glued to the previews and had only acknowledged her return with a cursory nod but she got his attention seconds later as she started unzipping his pants.

“Leena!” he whispered, “What the hell are you doing?”

Holding an index finger to her lips, she didn’t stop and in roughly a minute she had freed his dick and was jerking him to erection. He stared at his normally reserved wife in sheer disbelief but made no move to stop her. On a whim, she leaned over and swallowed half of his cock into her mouth and sucked furiously for several seconds. Stiff as a board instantly, Brad glanced around the sparsely populated theater and then looked back at his wife who had released his manhood. Rummaging through her purse, she came up with a small tube of hand lotion.

Thinking she was going to give him a lubricated hand job instead of sucking him off, he sat back as she lathered his cock with the moisturizer, closing his eyes. When she stopped, he opened them again and when she sat in his lap backwards, he opened them wide. He looked wildly around the room as Selena nonchalantly flipped the back of her skirt up and seeing her milky white ass cheeks bared as they were made his dick bounce. She leaned forward then, placed one hand on the seat in front of her and reached between her legs with the other, groping and then steering his throbbing hard-on.

Aiming it at her scintillating asshole, she eased her hips back when she felt his spongy glans bump the elastic skin at the entrance of her yearning dumper. There were a few misses as the angle was tricky, but relatively soon the head was sinking into her tight, hot behind. She bit her lip to suppress a moan out of consideration for their location and had to grit her teeth to keep from shrieking with delight when the helmet popped through and the shaft followed rapidly.

There was some discretion as far as speed of penetration once his dick was embedded in her ass but the longer she slithered back and forth, the more they threw caution to the wind. In no time at all, he was holding her sides and steadily pumping his dick in and out of her rectum while she just rolled her hips. He fucked her up the ass for just shy of five minutes and then she climaxed, a squeak of passion slipping from her lips before she caught herself. He started to spew his seed into her bowels after the contractions in her asshole began and they climaxed together.

After their dual orgasms wound down, she collapsed back into her seat and returned to the bathroom soon after to fart his come out. When she came out, he was waiting in the lobby for her and they headed back home and once there, Selena was fucked in the ass again.

3. Introvert

Six months into their marriage, Brad and Selena’s love life was still on the upswing and they were having sex like rabbits: 3-4 times a DAY sometimes. They experimented canlı bahis with multiple positions, oils and stimulants and just a month before, he had bought her a vibrator. She was reluctant and even slightly offended at first when he tried to introduce it into that nights play time. Eventually she gave in and seeing its multiple uses first hand, the toy was the catalyst for extending their sexual activity well into the morning. By the end of the week, the vibrator was sharing it’s drawer with some close relatives of various shapes and sizes including a string of beads that the brunette was having to work towards accepting. The concept freaked her out.

Brad had to attend a business seminar in Utah and would be gone for an entire week but thanks to the ‘Toy Chest’ she was in good hands: her own. By the afternoon of the first day she was so horny that she couldn’t stand to be in her own skin –this after fingering her pussy to climax during her shower. After starting a load of laundry, she marched to her room and retrieved ‘Big Boy’, an eight inch hard rubber, no nonsense dildo. Already naked since she hadn’t even considered putting clothes on, Selena laid on her back and opened her silky thighs wide. Wasting no time, she began rubbing the replica against the crease of her already moist pussy.

In about sixty seconds she was working the bulbous knob of the tool inside her craving snatch and in another minute, it was stuffed inside her while she arched her back and moaned with intense lust. Within moments, the dark-haired beauty was sliding it back and forth slowly and with ease as her cunt was now a fountain of lubricating juices, leaking down into the crack of her ass and on to the sheets. She held the end of the dildo with both hands and drove it back and forth while bucking her hips with a steadily increasing pace. Lost in herself, lost in the building pleasure, she twitched as one of her fingers brushed against her slick asshole.

With her slippery nectar greasing the entrance so effectively, Selena began rubbing her rectum with an index finger almost unconsciously and in just two Mississippi’s, it was wiggling into her anus. She craned her neck and gasped, immediately pushing the middle finger in beside it and rapidly sinking them both to the last knuckle in her tight, humid bowels. Never slowing the pace of the dildo’s invasion of her pussy, she fingered her asshole at an even more frantic pace. In just a few more moments, she was swept away in a hurricane of an orgasm, only her feet and the back of her shoulders touching the mattress as her body contorted with spasms of passion.

When her climax wound down, she slowly regained her sense of normalcy and was disgusted to find her own fingers in her tiny asshole, yanking them out and on weak knees going to the shower immediately. It was a microcosm of the war she would wage forever –the morals and ideals she was taught versus the deviance (she thought) of what gave her pleasure. The battle was back on later that afternoon when she lubed the vibrator while lying on her side and pushed the utensil into her asshole. Brad had often tickled her rectum with it while fucking her pussy or eating her out but for whatever reason had never inserted it inside her anus.

The smooth plastic felt strange in her behind but then she twisted the base to start the vibration and she yelped with delight. Incensed, she curled three fingers at once into yet again sopping twat and she was writhing almost immediately. The ecstasy intensified as she started pulling the apparatus back and forth in her dark orifice and she climaxed within seconds. She lay still, whimpering and quivering as the euphoria swept through her body and then started the driving of fingers and pulsing machine in their respective holes once again. After a third orgasm, she went limp, retracting her fingers while using her sphincter to force the toy from her ass.

It should come as no surprise, given her obvious escalation of experimentation, that the beads were in her hand later that night. She coated the strand with Vaseline and tentatively pushed all five marble sized spheres into her asshole while lying spread eagled on her back. Gluttony was on full display mere moments later as the thick dildo was in her yawning cunt, the vibrator sliding against her throbbing clit. She came twice and was headed towards a third when she hooked the pull ring of the beads with her pinkie and began to tug.

Needing better leverage, she rolled to her side and clamped her thighs together to hold the dildo speared in her pussy. Continuing to torture her clit with the vibrator in one hand, she then pulled at the beads once more. Her rubbery asshole opened slowly as the first orb stretched the hole as it reappeared and she tugged faster, the other four popping out audibly even as rapture savaged her body again…and again.

She woke up several hours later and even groggy, she started anew.

Next: picking up where we left off in South Carolina

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