Seducing Little Jan Ch. 01

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This is the story of how I fell in love with my beautiful young niece Jan a number of years ago. It’s not something that I would recommend to everybody as it has caused both of us happiness and grief in equal measure. Gentle flirtation, long discussions together and mutual respect and understanding had led us to a particular weekend when the stars conspired to leave two desperately emotionally wounded and vulnerable people together. This is the first part, so hopefully you will read the second part when I write it.

The days leading up to her arrival here filled my mind with apprehension but also anticipation. She would be in the house from Friday night until Sunday, but the idea of her being so close both excited and alarmed me. Try though I might, concealing a crush on my 18 year old niece was something that I had to prepare to do and not allow either her or Auntie to suspect anything. When she arrived in the house, I could hardly bear the tension that I was feeling inside. Auntie had picked her up from the train station and Jan; she appeared in the front room as a vision of beauty and vitality, of light and darkness, of beauty and truth.

Still dressed in her school uniform, she had caught the train straight after school to arrive just before 9pm. She looked pleased to see me, but there was something behind her look, something troubled her. She hugged me, and I hugged her back, feeling her breasts crush against me and slyly taking the opportunity to smell her hair and to hold my hands against her hips but of course, from my lower body, acting as if it had a mind of his own He reacted, He had no morality, He felt the softness and He wanted to get his own way.

At the same time, the idea of ravishing and possessing her clashed with the notion of protecting one so vulnerable. The previous weekend, whilst staying at her house, I had rummaged around in her gym bag and after finding a pair of her dirty knickers had very quickly made my way to the bathroom. Here, holding the panties under my nose, the smell of her young pussy on the light cotton material had caused my penis to become so erect that after very few strokes I had masturbated to such a delicious orgasm. This was not my proudest moment and when I think of my foray into her sports bag in her presence, I was immediately shamefully reminded of my indiscretion. Auntie, usually so perceptive, has not noticed Jan’s lack of good humour, as she was in a rush to get away for her night shift which was to start in about an hour.

After Auntie left and she had eaten, I took her maroon blazer from where she have left it on the floor and hung it in the hallway. Back in the room, she sat in front of me, a bit more relaxed, her hair falling down her shoulders. As she looked towards the fire lighting in the corner of the room, my eyes glanced up and down at her body, taking in so quickly her breasts straining against her white cotton blouse, her legs, with the skirt riding up well over her knees, and those glorious white cotton ankle socks she wore over sex izle the wedge shoes, the sight of which make Him react. How was I going to survive the whole evening alone with her?

After a few moments of chit chat, it came out, the whole story. I suppose that she trusted me because of my profession and knew that I would not be telling her parents. She was almost inconsolable. I got her to tell it from the very start. The boy, that boy … On the school tour, he had persuaded her to walk away from the main party and in a quiet, private area he had started to feel her breasts, with her responding. He had put his hand up her skirt and after some initial protests, he had gotton partially into Jan before ejaculating too soon.

My immediate reaction was one of horror. How she could have been so stupid, I thought to myself. My anger was more directed against him. The most immediate concern was pregnancy. We talked about her cycle and date the whole sordid event to about two days after her last period, so the chances of her being pregnant were slim. This, thankfully was confirmed when we checked it out with one Auntie’s kits.

“Thanks Uncle, that is such a relief! I’m finished with guys my own age … pity you’re not 20 years younger. I could have liked you so much. You seem to understand me and you treat me like an adult!”

Jan hugged me.

“It’s OK … Darling,” I answered.

The word slipped out and it was out now and forever. She noticed and I saw her smile to herself.

“Uncle, can I ask you a personal question?”.

“Sure, honey.”

“Well, it’s about the last time you stayed with us … No, forget about it … Can I take a bath? I feel so sticky in these clothes. I can’t wait to get out of this dreadful uniform!”

“No, you look … delightful in it Jan.”

“I’ve got a change of clothes in this sports bag,” she added, throwing a sideways glance in my direction. She was half way up the stairs. I could see far up her legs, almost up to the upper reaches of her thighs. Her legs, so white and so long … I didn’t look away. She looked back and saw me look, and she smiled back. She continued up the stairs. She started unbuttoning the top buttons of her blouse, but I saw no more as she went into the bathroom, closing the door behind you. Soon, I heard her draw a bath and was left downstairs to wonder about your nakedness.

Half an hour later, she was up in her room. Her hair was damp. I knocked on the door with something for her to drink. She wore a long tee-shirt and her body was still damp. She had her feet up on the edge of the bed, about to touch up her nail varnish. Her mood was much better, actually more of a playful mood. We chatted about this and that and suddenly, she dropped the bombshell.


“Yes pet?”

“Uncle ….. Why did you take my panties out of my sports bag the last time you visited?”

“Sorry darling, you must be mistaken!”

“No! I know that you did!! You know the ones, the white cotton knickers sexmex porno with the pink rosebud? You know the ones. They’re my favourites! I love the way they fit me and actually … you didn’t put them back into the right place Uncle!”

Embarrassed silence from me.

“Come on, you can tell me … I’ve just told you the most awful thing about myself … Don’t you trust me to know something awful about you? … You can trust me … Come on … Tell me!. You know you want to!!”

Still no reply from me.

“Well, I can only imagine!”

I so wanted to tell her there and then, to show her what she was doing to me, to show how close to distraction she was driving me and then I decided there and then that I would take Jan, that for the first time in my life, I would do something that felt so fundamentally wrong on one level and so unquestionably right on totally different level. I would take a young girl like her and I would fuck her and fuck her and fuck her until neither of us was able to function one without the other, till we were as one, till we could look so unashamedly into each others eyes whist we orgasm time after time after time and collapse into each others arms totally sated and waiting until we start again. The decision was as simple as that. Black and white. No turning back. Fait accompli.

“Look honey, you’ve missed a bit there,” I said.

“Where?” she asked.

I lifted up her foot and let it rest on my thigh. Taking the brush from your hand, I applied just the smallest bit to one of your nails.

“There, that’s better” I said, leaving her foot where it was.

“Now, what exactly did you want to know?”

She hesitated, but there was something else, a desire, a wanting to see where it would lead. I’ve always felt that she liked danger, playing with fire and there was no fire hotter than the one which beat in my body at that moment. I moved her foot just a little and started to lightly tickle it. She laughed. My hand got bolder. It moved higher up her leg. She continued to laugh, to struggle against the tickles; soon my hands roamed more freely around her body and she laughed so hard, begging me to stop. I lay beside her, very close, my arm around her waist. My mouth was so close to her ear. I leaned ever closer to her. The closeness made me bold. My hand started to wander over her flesh. The desire to possess her grew stronger. She didn’t push me away. My hand made larger circular motions just under her breasts, and just over the lower part of her stomach. Her eyes were half closed; her breathing became just a little shallower. I stopped, to gauge her reaction.

“Don’t stop … please! Don’t stop!” she whispered.

With those words ringing in my ears, I kissed her. My lips met hers and it was bliss. The tautness of her lips, the taste of her saliva …the sweetness of her smell, my hands grew bolder. They paused to slip off her tee-shirt, then, her bra pushed up, her panties down and Jan, naked, naked and so turned on. sikiş izle I spread her legs wide to look more closely at her pussy. Running my tongue over the insides of both of her thighs, I carefully avoid making contact with her clit, but she was there, waiting for me. She knew that I would not be able to avoid her alluring charms and she beckoned me like a bee to nectar and my tongue reaches for her, starting to flick her so softly at first … making her grow, making her want, making her impatient. She moved her head from side to side, moaning softly, digging her fingers into my hair, pulling me even more closely, trying to control her mounting orgasm, and when I felt that it was time, I took the whole of her into my mouth and close my lips gently around her and sucked as the spasms writhed through her as Jan came in my mouth.

With the memory of her orgasm still fresh in her mind, I turned her over on the bed. Under her stomach, I placed two pillows. So many thoughts ran through my mind at once. There were so many things that I wanted us to do. I wanted her to suck me, to make me explode all over her breasts, all over her mouth, her hair. I wanted her naked. I wanted her fully clothed. I wanted her inside and outside. I wanted her with her panties on pulled to one side, pulled down to her knees, pulled down to her ankles, I wanted to talk dirty to her, to tell her all of the base emotions and thoughts running through my mind … but there would be time for all of that, later. The sights of her, wet, open, ready. He is taken out. She looked behind and saw him. I knew that she wanted to examine Him, but He was in no mood to wait.


“Yes Uncle?”

“Remember honey you wanted to know what I was thinking about when I had your panties the last time?”

“Oh yes”

“Well, you’re going to find out right now my dearest!”

Unzipping my trousers i took my erect penis out. He nuzzled against Jan for the first time and she responded. The sight of her naked body, the body I had thought and dreamt of for so long, the body I have dreamt of whilst making love to Auntie, pretending to fuck Jan’s tight little pussy, and now here it was in front of me and finally, I slipped in, slowly at first, into her wetness. The feeling of tightness was incredible and sent shivers all the way up from my balls to the tip of my shaft. He tried to race ahead and I held him back. He wanted to shove in and out, to come, explode quickly, to squirt all of his cum into Jan, but I controlled Him. This was her first time with an older guy and I didn’t want to hurt my baby. However, raw animal instinct took over just a little and He forced himself with more and more impatience in and out of her … I saw her wince just a little in pain, but He almost rejoiced in her pain as the breakthrough gave him just a little more room. The speed increased and soon, I was fucking my baby, with just one thought in my mind … 40 million years of evolution and human progress and none of it gets better than the feeling of wave after wave of pleasure which shoots through the human body as orgasm caused sperm to squirt out of my penis into Jan. I wanted to scream out, like I’ve never screamed before, but the time and place will come for that, over the coming days, weeks and months …

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