Searching for Daddy Ch. 04

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I lay naked on Daddy’s lap, his hard cock pressing into my tummy, my panties around my knees binding my legs just a bit. I cried out in shock when Daddy started spanking me. I knew he was going to hit me but he was slapping my ass really hard. “Ow Daddy! I’m sorry. Daddy, please stop! It hurts!” I begged him as he spanked me.

“You’re a bad girl and Daddy needs to punish you.” he said harshly punctuating each word with another slap on my ass. I was wiggling all over his cock, and my ass was burning from the pain but I couldn’t help noticing how wet my cunt was. I started to moan as Daddy slapped my ass harder and harder.

“You fucking whore! You love this don’t you? Being Daddy’s slut and getting punished? You like it bitch? Tell Daddy.” he ordered me, leaving his hands still on my hot, red ass cheeks.

“YES DADDY! I love being your whore and you spanking my ass. I deserve it. Please Daddy, touch me! Please…I need to cum…” I begged him as his hands slowly moved down my ass and pushed my thighs apart just enough to get his hand close to my cunt.

“That’s it sweetie. You’re daddy’s slut.” he whispered to me as his fingers slid deep into my tight pussy. I moaned as he started fucking my wet cunt with two of his thick fingers. “Oh Baby, you’re so tight and wet. Get up and take those panties all the way off and then kneel on your hands and knees in front of Daddy.” he ordered me groaning.

I hurriedly stood up and kicked my panties off my legs and got on my knees like a dog with my ass facing Daddy. I felt him behind me and then his hands on my hips. “You’re such a good girl sweetie. Daddy’s gonna fuck you now and since you’ve been a good whore for me you can cum whenever you want. You want that honey? You want Daddy’s big cock in that tight little pussy Jade?” Daddy teased me moving one hand from my hip to grip his cock and rub it up and down my dripping slit.

“Oh yes Daddy! Please fuck me with your big cock, your girl needs to cum. Please fake hospital porno fuck me hard Daddy, make me your cum whore!” I begged him wiggling my ass at him. Daddy said nothing but shoved his thick cock deep into my hot cunt in one thrust making me scream and cum hard all over his big dick.

“Oh Jade, your pussy is so tight baby…so small. Oh yeah, oh god, fuck back at Daddy sweetie, ride back on Daddy’s cock honey.” Daddy grunted out as he thrust his big dick into me. I moaned and slammed my hips back into my Daddy, getting as much of his big ten inch cock inside my tight pussy as possible.

Daddy wrapped his hand in my long blond hair and pulled my head back, making my back arch and my pussy tighten more around his massive cock. I could feel the vein on Daddy’s big dick scraping the walls of my cunt, and his big balls kept hitting my clit as he thrust in and out of me. “Oh god Daddy! Fuck me hard, fuck your daughter hard! Make your baby girl cum Daddy!” I screamed as he pounded me and I kept on cumming on my father’s huge cock.

Daddy pulled my hair harder and started slapping my ass again, making me cry out in pain and pleasure. He was really slamming his cock into my clenching soaking wet cunt as he spanked me and pulled my hair. “Who’s pussy is this baby?” Daddy grunted out as he fucked me hard.

“’s y…y..yours Daddy!” I screamed as I came hard on his big cock filling my tight little pussy.

Daddy sank his thick cock all the way into my little pussy, filling me up completely. He left his cock still in my spasming cunt and pulled my head back farther, pushing me harder onto his cock and making me cry out again. “What’s mine sweetie? Tell me.” Daddy told me roughly. “Daddy wants to hear his doll tell him who owns what.”

I moaned loudly with Daddy’s long thick cock buried so deeply in my dripping wet little pussy. “It’s Daddy’s cunt. I am Daddy’s little fuck doll.” I moaned out feeling my pussy fake taxi porno tingle with each degrading word. I loved the way Daddy was treating me, this was exactly what I wanted. I was finally his whore.

“You’re right Baby. This is Daddy’s cunt.” Daddy told me softly. “You’re my little girl, my baby. And this is and always will be my pussy and I will use it as I like.”

“Please….Daddy….keep going….please don’t stop.” I begged him when he still didn’t move his cock in my clenching pussy.

“Don’t stop what Doll? What do you want me to keep doing? Tell Daddy what you want like a good fuck toy.” Daddy ordered me, flexing his ten inch cock with its thick vein deep inside my cunt, but still not moving it otherwise.

“Please Daddy, fuck your little girl. Make your cunt cum Daddy. Please keep fucking me. Your little girl loves your huge cock and she needs it Daddy. Please….please I need to cum again Daddy.” I moaned and begged him, wiggling back at his massive cock.

“You’re learning very quickly how to be my perfect slut sweetheart.” Daddy said softly as he began to move his massive cock in and out of my grasping pussy slowly.

“Ohhh….thank you sir for fucking me again…” I moaned out loudly when Daddy finally starting fucking me again. I loved the way his big cock scraped against the walls of my tight cunt with every slow stroke. His ten inch cock stretched my tight pussy and made me feel so full that I never wanted another cock.

“That’s my girl. Has anyone taught you to be a whore like this before Daddy?” My father asked me as he started stroking his cock in and out of my pussy a little faster, making his balls slap against my clit again and making me moan almost constantly. “You take orders so well for such a young slut. Tell Daddy the truth now.” Daddy told me, stopping the thrusting of his cock and instead twirling it inside my pussy by circling his hips.

“Oh God Daddy, that feels so good. Ahhhh….yes family stroke porno Daddy, someone else taught me to be a little whore, but not like you Daddy. He just liked ordering me around and I could never say no.” I panted out, moaning loudly as my pussy began building to another massive orgasm from Daddys cock. “But he loved to hear about me fucking the boys at school. He wanted me to be a whore for everyone.” I moaned out as Daddy made my cunt explode with the swirling motion of his huge cock.

“That’s right Baby, cum for your Daddy. Uh…god I love your tight little cunt.” Daddy grunted out as he began to fuck my pussy again. He slowly withdrew his ten inch cock and then thrust it back inside my soaking wet pussy inch by inch, making me cry out in lust and pleasure. “Now, Uh, tell Daddy who tried to make you his slut?” Daddy moaned as he kept fucking me, letting me feel every inch of his cock inside me.

“Hmmm…..ohh..your cock Daddy….oh god…it was your friend…ohhh…Lester” I moaned out as Daddy made my pussy cum on every long slow thrust of his huge cock.

Daddy stopped fucking me again just leaving his cock buried to the balls inside my pussy. My juices were dripping down his cock I was so wet. “So that was who you fucked, huh? He made you into his little girl slut? I’ll have to thank him sometime. Maybe we’ll even fuck you together.”

When Daddy said that my pussy spasmed around his cock, that was one of my fantasies! I wanted to be shared with two men, maybe more. “Oh, you like that idea don’t you slut? Does Daddy’s girl want him to share his pussy? Hmmm… Do you Jade?” Daddy asked me, starting to move his cock again. “My cunt here seems to like that idea. I felt that tremor, you did say you wanted to be my whore baby.”

I moaned loudly and softly answered him, “I’ll do anything for you Daddy. I do want to be your whore. And I do like that idea, of you sharing your cunt. The idea of you and Lester or whoever fucking me gets me hotter Daddy. Then I would really be your whore.”

“Goddamn Jade. You make Daddy so proud. You’re going to be a wonderful toy for Daddy.” He moaned out as he started slamming his cock into my cunt harder and harder. I started screaming as he fucked me I was cumming hard and almost constantly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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