Scented Seduction

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Conversations, especially those not intended for young ears, can provide so much information to those lucky enough to overhear them! Knowledge is power and the abuse of knowledge can lead to the abuse of power and we all know how attractive abusing power really is!! Jane, the 18 year old heroine of our story found herself in such a position one afternoon upon her return from High School. She had come in unobtrusively by the backdoor and could hear her mother and aunt in law converse in the living room. She was about to announce her presence when she realised the topic of conversation was one not destined for her ears!!

Overhearing her auntie talk about uncle’s disgusting habits and how she was being driven almost to despair by what she perceived to be his unnatural demands, made her ears prick up instantly. In “vino veritas”, as the saying goes and the more that auntie drank, the louder she talked and the details became so delicious and salacious with every passing moment that Jane could hardly believe her ears. Uncle had asked Auntie to allow him stick his penis into her anus, to allow him ejaculate all over her face and breasts and even to do something called “dogging” which Jane couldn’t really make out except she guessed that it did not involve a dog, but she wasn’t quite sure. Auntie also commented that Uncle seemed to be addicted to sex. He seemed to spend hours on the Internet and always looked rather sheepish when questioned about what he was doing up there all evening long!! Auntie claimed that she was broadminded enough but that his latest requests had been for her to dress like a college girl, complete with the sort of uniform worn by the local Convent High school seniors, something she felt was very inappropriate, especially as Jane was in her final year at the self same school. The worst thing, according to Auntie, was that she had actually caught him sniffing her dirty knickers and masturbating as he did so!

Hearing this last piece of information was especially tantalising for Jane. How on earth could a man find it take your knickers and sniff them whilst jacking himself off. It was almost too funny a picture in her head!! At the same time, she did not feel a sense of disgust against her uncle! No, it was something else entirely different and almost involuntarily the image of him masturbating as he held her own sticky and wet panties under his nose made her feel so squishy and moist.

Jane was not a cheerleader or a dancer or even somebody that all the boys would look at and want to fool about with. She was small for her age, spent a lot of time day-dreaming, according to her teachers and did very little in the line of sports except for P.Ed in school, which she quite liked as it allowed her to work up a sweat. She wore glasses as she was hopelessly short sighted and she sometimes felt that they did not make her appear very sexy. Jane rarely looked at herself in the mirror after taking a bath or shower as she was not really 100% happy with her body. Jane had long black hair, a little unkempt. Her breasts were small and her bum was nicely rounded but a little boyish, in her opinion. She liked her legs best of all, especially her ankles as they were slim, just like her Daddy’s!

Like many girls of her age, Jen was not overly confident of her own sexuality. Men and boys did frighten her a little and although she considered herself a sexual being, Jane did not feel herself attracted to any one boy or man in particular. She was a thinker and as she grew from a girl into a woman, she had decided to be more pro-active about where she felt she should be going in life. Jane also worried about her lack of sexual experience of any kind good, bad or indifferent and she had recently begun to think about this aspect of her life. Would she be like her Auntie? Would Jane react in the same manner if her husband made “unreasonable” requests? Would czech pool porno she be like some of the other girls in the school who liked to roll up their skirts and tease the boys from the other schools as they walked past? Jane considered herself bookish and a lot of what she knew about sex came from books. She had tried to read Joyce and abandoned this as practically impossible. However, there was a scene from Bloom’s walk along the strand where he described how he orgasms whilst a girl sitting on a rock allows him to stare up her skirt. This was a scene she had read and re-read, imagining her doing something likewise but always with a faceless man. Could she be a girl like that? Could she allow some man or boy or even her uncle stare at her knickers as she parted her legs and allowed him to look? She imagined that it could be very easily done. As a matter of fact, all she would have to do would be to part her legs ever so slightly, measure the reaction of her chosen victim, pretend that it was accidental and allow him to have a good eyeful. Why not uncle? Why not tonight when he came over to pick up auntie?

This thought made her feel very giddy and Jane had to sit down on the side of her bed as her legs wobbled a little. In her room, she had a full length mirror. Jane rearranged the mirror to give herself a good view and as she perched on the side of the bed, Jane began to experiment. First of all, she rolled up her skirt a little, and then a little more and finally she stopped, when it was a good half way up her thighs. This was a length she would never dare to wear to school. She then opened her legs slightly as she faced the mirror. Jane was surprised to see that although she felt that they were quite parted, any onlooker would not yet see her knickers as sitting on the bed made her thighs bunched up and blocked the view. She then parted them more, a little more and finally in a most un-lady like fashion, she spread her thighs quite widely and oh yes, now anyone who looked would see! What a sight that would make for any man!! The thought of her showing her white cotton knickers to an onlooker made Jane feel very sexually aroused. However, in the thrill of exhilaration, doubt still lingered in Jane’s mind. Would a boy, a man, even uncle laugh at her, finding her pathetic, un-sexy, unlovable and undesirable? Anyway, why would any man stare up her skirt or any girls skirt for that matter? What was so sexy about a small triangle of white material at the top of a girl’s thigh in any case? Doubt began to fill her mind and her resolve began to falter, but at that very moment, she heard her uncle arrive and in that moment, she decided to go ahead with her plan. Before leaving her room, Jane hitched up her skirt, rolling it up twice around the waist band. It was now quite high over her knees, but not so short to attract the enquiring looks from Auntie or Mommy.

Downstairs, Jane’s courage deserted her very quickly. Fantasy is one thing, but actually parting her legs and allowing uncle to see right up her skirt was not something she could bring herself to do right then. Her uncle sat beside her aunt and both sat opposite her mother. Auntie would definitely spot something if Jane were to start flashing her little white panties. However, on the plus side, she did spot uncle taking a good look from head to toes, lingering as he did on the more than usual amount of thigh she had on display for him.

Very quickly a plan formed in her mind. On their way out, Jane asked if it would be possible for uncle to pick her up after school. He would be on his way home from work just after she had finished her physical education practical examination. Would it be possible? Yes of course it would be!! Uncle would do anything for his dearest and sweetest niece, especially if it involved picking her up in front of Our Lady’s High School for Girls!!! czech sharking porno Jane almost laughed as she saw his eyes light up at what she assumed were the thought of so much teen on display.

The following morning Jane did not change her knickers. She wore them all day long and even though the day was warm and humid, she still wore them all through P.Ed. Class and only in the changing rooms after school did she take them off. She immediately noticed how particularly sticky, smelly and totally soaked they were. Along with her bra and other sweaty gear, she put her panties into the bag, placing the moist dirty knickers into a side compartment.

Outside the school, uncle waited patiently. To be honest, he had turned up 20 minutes early! Jane caught a wolfish look in his eye as he stared, not so very discretely, as the senior girls walked past. She did not particularly mind when he did not notice too much as she got into the car and he then had to reluctantly pull away from the kerb. On the way home, they chatted and she did note him taking sly glances at her thighs, especially when she adjusted and readjusted her navy socks. Getting out of the car, she took her school bag but left kit bag behind the passenger seat. Would uncle notice it she wondered?

That evening, Jane lay in bed. She wondered if uncle would rummage through her bag. Why would he, in any case? What would he do with her knickers if he did find them? What indeed do men so sexy about worn and soiled knickers? Jane figured that he probably would hold them to his nose and probably sniff them. The idea of her uncle sniffing her used panties did excite her. She imagined that this would make his cock hard. She played with this thought. Imagine asking your uncle if his cock were hard? How would he react to that? Imagine being as bold as to do that!! What would he do? Would he take it out and try to force himself on her? According to auntie, he had a very high sex drive, so perhaps that’s what he was – a sex maniac!! Although the idea of her uncle doing acting in this manner did not appear realistic to her, it still excited her greatly. She would force him off of course, but would she be able? The idea of trying to control a man, to have him under her spell, to use and abuse him appealed very much to young Jane. How far could she possibly push him?

The chance to find out for Jane came sooner than expected. The following day she was surprised to find uncle outside the school once again, waiting for her. She approached the car and got in. He handed her the bag and offered to drop her home. She accepted and once on the way, she opened the top of the bag and went for the side compartment. Disappointment registered when she realised that her panties were still where she left them but them, something registered in her brain! They were wet and sticky, but not from her!! Uncle had indeed found them and had obviously left his own calling card to her messy knickers. The old bastard must have shot his load into them!! She immediately felt her face redden with this realisation and could only answer his questions with mono-syllables as she stared straight ahead as they drove home. Jane was also aware that the redness she felt was not only that of embarrassment. Her heart beat grew faster and faster as her thoughts grew bolder and bolder. Jane felt an ache begin to grow that only something special, something very special would soothe!!

Almost as if it were not her, Jane invited uncle into her house on the pretext of having some tea. She was aware that they were quite alone as her mother was not due home for a little while yet. Once inside the house, Jane made the refreshments for her uncle and announced that she needed to put on a wash. In Jane’s house, the washing machine was in the kitchen. Uncle would have a perfect view of what his little niece was washing!! czech streets porno The little minx emptied out her P.Ed kit on the floor. She then emptied out her own dirty laundry bag on the floor in front of him and proceeded to separate her soiled white panties and bras from the coloureds. Jane was now quite flushed, but not half as flushed as uncle!! Taking her time, slowly and deliberately, she put the whites in one by one. A feeling of power began to course through her whole being, a feeling of being in total control that she had never before experienced and with her newly found confidence racing through her she turned around and looked at uncle.

“Well, are you going to just sit there, or are you going to help me?” she asked.

Uncle looked over at her with an air of total incredulity.

“Don’t worry Uncle … I know all about your dirty little secrets!!”

“What on earth do you mean Jane?” he asked.

“Auntie told Mommy all about your strange requests and desires … including the one about Our Lady’s!! Now, listen you old pervert. You are going to get a little of what you want, but if you ever breathe a word of this, or hint or allude to it in any way, I’ll claim that you forced me into it! Do you understand? I’ll make up so many stories that you’ll do 10-12 years for it you dirty fuck!!!”

Uncle could not bring himself to meet her eyes and Jane the confidence that she never before knew she possessed begin to take control. It was as if a new and unknown alter ego had been allowed to break free from her.

“You really are a totally disgusting little pervert uncle! I know that you messed yourself last night with my knickers. Would you like to see the pair that I’m wearing now? Answer me you fuck! Do you want to see them?”

Uncle nodded, barely nodded. His face was red with shame and also with excitement. Jane lifted her school skirt up a little over her knees, and then a little more and a little more and soon, she had it hitched up over the top of her thighs. She wore very white and by now very wet knickers. Uncle made as if to touch her, but she hissed out at him and he backed back.

“No touchy, no feely!!”

Jane turned her butt around for him to see how the panties rode up her ass cheeks. By now, uncle was beside himself and could hardly contain his lust for his young niece. Jane sat down on her chair once again and this time, with uncle still on the floor, she opened her legs as far as she could to allow him the most complete and unrestricted view up her skirt. She had never done this before, not even when she was younger and the boys in the playground used to follow her around trying to see her knickers. By now, she could see the pain being caused to uncle. Even the most callous cat eventually stops torturing the mouse! Jane reached under her skirt, still not allowing uncle to touch or feel or even to see her bare pussy and took off her by now completely soaked knickers.

“Close your eyes uncle!”

Going right up to him, she held her panties right under his nose and rubbed them against his nostrils. She placed her arm around his neck and whispered so quietly into his ear that he could barely hear her words.

“Take it out you sick old dirt bag and show me what you have you pathetic old fuck!!”

Relief washed over uncle’s face and within seconds he had unzipped and started stroking his penis. Uncle stroked and stroked and within a very short time, uncle had shot his load but this orgasm was stronger, so much stronger than anything ever before. Jane had set him free from auntie but in doing so, he became her prisoner and had fallen straight into the web she had almost unconsciously woven for him. He had his new playmate and she had hers but he also realised straight away that this would not be a relationship of equals.

There were so many things that she wanted and that she would try but not today. Here, right now it was step one and step one only. Over the coming weeks and months, she would take him over completely and use and abuse him until there was nothing left. Jane would then move on to the next victim for there were and are always victims for a girl like our little Jane!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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