Saturday Evening Ch. 02

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For the next few weeks my dad didn’t touch me again, there just wasn’t a chance, but the looks… Oh my God… the looks! I swear that if he looked at me lustfully once then he must have done it a dozen times each day!

As the days went on his looks went from those of longing to those of a man half starved and ready to pounce and devour me the first chance he got.

I was a walking, gushing tap as a result.

My pussy was so wet from my growing need, my desire, for my dad to drink from me again that I needed to use panty liners whenever he was around! A wet spot left behind one evening was quickly covered by a thrown blanket before my mother saw it… that night was especially difficult for us both as my mum had taken dad’s favourite chair just to spite him.. OK maybe not spite but she wouldn’t move. Little did she know that although he protested and growled at her, he was actually extremely happy to be next to me.

His hand rested between us and his fingers swirled gentle touches across the top of my leg. Keeping an eye on my mother he moved his hand to rest against my butt and squeezed lightly with his head tilted towards me. Daring to be close… but safe.

I knew that he was smelling the sweet scent of me lactating and with the way that breasts are when they’re producing milk, I was filling up in preparation to feed him from my nipples. My thoughts drifted dangerously as I recalled our last time and my own sense of longing grew for him to draw sustenance from within me… the whole thing was sheer torture!

I cursed the person who told me that breast milk had no smell. It does. Subtle for sure but it’s there and during those moments of blatant desire it may as well been as pungent as a clove of garlic.

I was leaking badly. So badly in fact that it was becoming really uncomfortable. That was the price I had to pay for choosing to tease my dad in the beginning.

“I better go feed the baby” I said as I jumped up from my seat, it was then that I noticed my dad pull the blanket resting on the back of the lounge over to cover the wet spot I’d left behind.

I looked at him slightly shocked while he… ha! He was wearing a cocky smirk in the full knowledge of what he was doing to me.

My dad was a tease! The old bastard knew exactly what he’d done to me right there with my mum in the room! Well… two could play that game.

My mum looked at me and nodded. “Good thinking love. Looks like he’s past due.”

I czech experiment porno laughed slightly and nodded at her… he actually wasn’t but I couldn’t tell her I was making milk to feed my dad! Mum’s gaze returned to the television as I walked towards the door and I felt dads’ eyes boring into the back of me and with a sweet grin I turned, batted my eyes at him while my hands reached down and grabbed the hem of my tshirt.

My dad’s eyes widened and after a quick glimpse at my mother he looked back to me and nodded slightly.

‘Take it off’ his mouth mimed before his tongue slid across his lips. His hands were clenched around the edge of the blanket.

I inhaled sharply when I saw him pull the blanket slowly across the growing bulge in his lap. His face was one of pure unadulterated longing as I started to lift the hem.

I took my time. As excited as I was I made sure to prolong the tease. I stopped just below my breasts where moisture was soaking through the material. I bit my lip and took on what could only be called a ‘little girl’ stance. My fathers eyes flew to mine, his face had now changed to one of begging. His eyes pleaded for me to keep going… to reveal my milk swollen breasts.

I shook my head slightly even though I knew I would give in but my dad didn’t know that and the distinct movement of his mouth once again spoke to me.

‘Please! Fuck! Please!’

I wrenched the tshirt up and over my head so quickly the material brushed against my tender nipples and with a gasp I felt the full force of milk letting down resulting in it falling in droplets to the floor below.

My dad groaned and my mother looked at him sharply. He quickly explained that he had a cramp in his lower back and needed to ‘walk it out’. For some reason my mother actually believed him and again resumed watching the television.

My father got up and with his eyes locked on to my mother he reached down and adjusted himself before moving in my direction.

‘Bathroom’ he directed me with no sound again.

I went. Filled with excitement I made my way to the bathroom with my dad just steps behind. I had to stifle a giggle that bubbled up and threatened to expose us.

Our bathroom had a section of wall that was simply squares of mirrors locked together. It was against that which my father pushed me. The icy cold glass against my nipples had them hardening even more than I ever thought possible czech first porno video ad making me squirm back into him.

The pressure of my breasts being squashed against the glass had milk seeping out of me and running in small white streams downwards.

My dad was pushed so far up against my back I could easily feel his erection wedging into me. His urgent grinding against me and his mouth against my neck left me in no doubt that this was killing him too.

God I wanted to feel him inside me!

“When do you have to feed the baby again?” he hoarsely whispered against my neck.

“In a few hours” I panted as dad bit down softly.

“Will you have enough by then?”

“Oh god” his hands had slipped around and he squeezed my breasts so firmly that more creamy white milk ran down the mirror. My head dropped backwards against his shoulder, my hands splayed to the sides against the cool surface.

“Will you?” he asked again.

“Yes” I whispered.

“Thank fuck!” he spun me so quickly my legs stayed crossed at my ankles as once again I was pushed against the mirror. I gasped at the cold before I groaned softly to feel the residue of moisture.

“You shouldn’t tease me like that honey. It’s been too fucking long and I don’t have the patience to wait anymore!”

His words spoken in a voice that was barely a whisper but full of every lust craving emotion there was.

He kissed me harshly. He kissed me so quickly that it was over before I had a chance to react let alone respond before he moved and pushed up my breasts, one hand kneading, milk spilling over his fingers and across his hand. The other pushed my breast up to meet his waiting mouth.

His leg pushed mine apart from the ankles upwards until I felt his knee bend and I lifted a leg to wrap it around him to make it easier for his knee to push and rub against my moisture soaked pussy.

“Oh shit dad!” I gasped out.

My eyes had closed with the first pull of milk escaping into his mouth. He was going slower than I expected him to and I quickly found myself needing more, I was aching inside. So hot. So wet.

“Please dad! Suck harder.”

He groaned against me and his mouth widened to capture more of my silky flesh inside before he raised his head to hold up my other breast, his hand soaked from the milk he’d expressed. He lapped at the milky fluid with vigorous laps. Each sent shooting spasms through czech game porno me until I shook with need. Again he started to suckle at my breast. This time he wasn’t gentle. He held each suction harshly and deeply with determined actions. His cheeks caved in with each rough suck he gave. I was sure that the pulling I felt had to have been connected to my pussy because I was finding it almost impossible not to think about shoving those grey flannel pants down and climbing on top of his hard cock.

“Fuck” I whispered through gasps “I need you dad. I need you to fuck me.”

My dad left my breast to look at me intensely, his eyes almost sparkling as I saw him swallow. A quick flick of his tongue gathered the milk that tried to escape from the corner of his mouth.

“We can’t honey. Not with your mother at home.” his own needs were like beacons through his now dark eyes as they roamed over me.

“Fuck dad. This is fucking torture.” I was grinding myself against his knee.

“It is honey but we have to be careful. Your mum’s working a double this weekend. Will Jack have the baby?”

“Yeah dad… but…”

He kissed me again. This time his kiss began harshly before it was soft and loving. His lips capturing mine as his tongue swept through and he discovered everything he could about the warmth within. I responded in kind even though the desire I felt left me wanting to grab him like a savage and possess him, own him and make him my own. It didn’t take long for me to melt into his kiss which, if I were truthful, was a form of lovemaking all on its own as pressure started to build inside us both. I felt the urges to explode and my breath came in gasps against my fathers’ mouth.

When we parted I know I felt a sense of loss in a big way. This was more than two people who simply wanted each other. This was a different kind of love to that of a daughter for her father.

He bent down and once again he sucked milk from me but this time… oh God this time he held my milk in his mouth as he pulled away. He placed his lips on mine and shared it with me. That sweet creamy taste pushed around our mouths with our tongues as if we were driven to make sure not one place was missed. It was strange to taste the full force of myself and I admit somewhat erotic.

Dads’ knee pushed up and ground harder into my pussy until I whimpered and clutched his shirt with fists of steel and came all over him.

He pulled away and with eyes closed and foreheads touching, we gradually floated back to earth when my dad finally spoke.

“Next time honey, I want your milk on my cock right before I fuck you.


A/N As it stands there is just one possibly two parts to this. If you want more then throw some ideas at me to consider. Thanks 🙂

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