Satin Seductions Ch. 02

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The highway hummed beneath my tires as I sped down the highway. The drive to Minneapolis normally didn’t feel this long but I’d never done it while riding out an emotional hurricane. No matter how often I changed the radio stations or tried to keep my mind on business and meeting scenarios, visions of my son and my morning masturbation session continued to dominate my thoughts.

The heat between my legs was constant and undeniable. Between my moments of guilt and denial, a lust burned inside of me with such intensity that I was constantly tempted to slip my hand into my jeans and satisfy my urges. Until now, the only thing that prevented me from giving into my needs was daylight and passing traffic.

As the twilight hours gave way to darkness, my temptations grew. One hand rested on my lap and the other clung to the leather steering wheel as I fidgeted in my seat. I watched my mirrors as I drove and positioned my car away from others. I let my hand roll over my thigh and I pressed my jeans against my slit. A soft moan that had been building throughout the day emanated from my lips.

I sunk deeper into my seat then pressed my left knee against the driver’s door. My thumb pushed on the denim fabric above my zipper. With two fingers I pinched my jeans and tugged at them. As I wiggled my ass into the seat, I loosened the material that covered my dampening panties. My hands roamed as I checked my mirrors often — taking great caution to hide my actions from any approaching vehicle. I was nervous. I had never done anything like this in pubic before — ever.

When I was confident my jeans were adjusted enough to not restrict my hand, I began to rub the material in a slow circle over myself. I tucked my elbow alongside the edge of the seat to shield its view from any car that would approach from behind me. My chest swelled as I held my breath and tried to concentrate on the road ahead. The more I rubbed the less satisfied I became. As the intensity of my needs grew, so did my desire to get my jeans out of the way. I snuck the top button on my jeans open with stealthy movements then teased the zipper down one tooth at a time.

The car behind me was merely a distant pair of lights. A large truck in front of me was speeding away without a care. I peeled the opened part of my jeans back and tried to snake my hand inside them. The angle of approach pushed my wrist in an awkward direction and my fingers barely grazed the top of my mound.

I quickly checked my mirrors one more time, pressed my feet down on the floor and lifted my ass just enough to quickly push my jeans down to my knees. When the chill of the cool leather touched my ass, I shivered with excitement and relief. I looked down at myself — panties exposed and jeans bunched below my thighs. I felt mischievous and liked it.

I looked back at the road confidently as my free hand slipped back between my legs. My fingers slid my panties aside. The wetness beneath them oozed onto the seat and my fingers. I bit my lip and dragged my finger through my slit. I rubbed my pussy in circles as my left foot pressed against the carpeted wall behind the brake pedal. My hips began to rock into my fingers. I tugged at my hood of flesh then rolled my clit between my fingers. Just as I curled two fingers deep into my sloppy pussy the interior of the car flooded with the glow white light.

My head snapped to my ringing iPhone that rested in its dashboard holder. On the screen appeared the contact picture of my son, my 18 year old son — looking at me, staring at me as I held my fingers deep in my molten crease. I felt my face flush with heat and dizziness and I stared at the phone’s screen — frozen. My eyes darted to the road then back at the screen. I considered not answering his call but knew that would cause him only call back multiple times with worry. On the third ring I gave in. I quickly reached up with my driving hand and tapped my Bluetooth headset to answer the call.

“Hi honey, how are you?” I said breathlessly.

“Good, good. How is the drive?” He replied.

“Oh,” I paused and looked down between my legs, “not too bad, all things considered.”

“Yeah. It really sucks you had to leave so fast.”

“I know. Right?” I sighed, “Didn’t you have plans to go out?”

“They fell through,” he answered, “just gonna chill at home tonight. Maybe game a bit then chat with some friends online.”

My eyebrow rose when I heard him mention chatting online. I wondered if he meant that chat room I ‘d seen in his web history files, “So how was your day?”

Alex chimed in with a lengthy response as he recounted his day. My eyes roamed from the road to my widely spread legs. As I listened to his voice on the phone I my fingers began to tease my hot flesh.

I watched my fingers slip in and out of my pussy. My thoughts raced as he spoke. What kind of mother does this? What kind of mother fucks herself in a car as she listens to her son’s voice? A good mother wouldn’t do this. czech casting porno Only a slut would do this — a naughty, nasty, little slut.

The word “slut” hung in my thoughts and on the tip of my tongue. My fingers plunged in and out of wet slit as my thumb rubbed over my hard, aching button in a blur. Within seconds my body began to buck and quake. I bit my lip but couldn’t hold back the primal, breathless moan that escaped my lips into the phone.

“Mom?” Alex blurted with concern, “Mom?”

I freaked. My body quivered on my fingers and I’d just belted a moan of pure ecstasy into the phone — and my son, MY SON, had heard it. In frustration I slammed my fist on the steering wheel and the horn sounded. My eyebrows went up as I heard the horn and the perfect lie rolled over my tongue, “ASSHOLE!”

“Mom?” Alex pleaded, “are you there?”

“Dammit. Sorry honey. ” I said with a smirk of brilliance on my face, ” this idiot with a trailer just cut me off.”

“Ahhhh, ” he said with relief, “well I won’t keep you, concentrate on your driving and call me when you get to the hotel.”

“Ok baby. I’m an hour out. I’ll call you after I’ve checked in.”

I pushed the headset to end the call and sank into my seat. I lifted my hand from between my numb legs and my fingers dripped. I could feel my wetness pooling in the seat below me. When my heart rate and senses returned to normal I used some napkins that were stuffed in the door’s pocket to clean up.

My stop in the adult store was brief but expensive. I executed my shopping plan with a bold demeanor even though I was trembling with embarrassment inside. Rather than stumble around the store, I portrayed myself as a bachelorette party shopper. I put on my business face and told the store clerk I wanted a basket of completely embarrassing items for my friend that would also curl her toes later. As the clerk assembled a selection of the world’s naughtiest sex toys, I browsed the lingerie rack. By the time the clerk returned I’d decided to treat myself to a sheer, black babydoll with matching panties, and two packages of seamed, thigh-high stockings.

Having never shopped at an adult store before this moment, it was impossible for me to have foreseen the events that unfolded at the checkout counter. After the clerk rang up the items, each and every one that required a battery for operation was tested in my view and the eyes of the growing line of people behind me. The six customers that waited didn’t know my bachelorette excuse. Their glances darted from the clerk to seemingly endless variety of monstrous toys and vibrating goodness, then back at me. I could feel their eyes undressing me and fantasizing about me playing with each and every toy. I looked over my shoulder and gave an apologetic shrug to the line. My eyes met those of a petite blonde girl who stood there with her arms half hiding a purple, double-dildo in bubble packaging. I smiled and the girl gave me a seductive wink. When I turned back to the clerk and handed him my credit card, I found some comfort in the thought that everyone in line was there for the same reason as I was — pleasure. As I compared the size of my order to the few items each of them held, it was apparent that my need for pleasure just seemed to be larger than theirs at the moment. When my transaction was complete, I just smiled confidently as I took my two, large bags of goodies and walked out of the store.

The drive to the hotel was quicker than I expected. I checked in, unpacked the car quickly and settled into my hotel room. Like many business travelers, I have my check-in rituals. I sent a text message to my son to tell him I had arrived safely. I hung my cloths to avoid travel wrinkles. I set up my laptop, put the phone on the charger then stuffed a twisted Kleenex into the peephole on the door. As I walked over to adjust the room temperature, I glanced at my new lingerie on the bed. I bumped the heat up a bit to make it nice and cozy for my new sheer outfit.

After my shower I washed my new toy collection than pampered myself with a complete shave. I quickly discovered that being excited and wet was not an advantage when you are trying to stretch skin and remove hair from tiny nooks and crannies of your pussy. When the process was all said and done, I was hairless from front to back.

I knelt on a towel on the floor then got on all fours. I looked over my shoulder at my ass in the full length mirror on the door. My bald pussy puffed just below the tight, hairless, pink pucker of my ass. I had never looked at myself this way before but it felt good. I felt good. As I stood up and slipped into my new panties the cool satin touched my hairless skin. I rubbed my hand over it and it slid against me like underwear never had before. I wiggled my butt in the mirror and smiled deviously because I could even feel the cool satin tickle across my asshole. I wondered why it took me so long to ever do something that felt this czech couples porno nice.

Having already fixed my hair, I decided it was easier to just step into my new babydoll. I slid it up over my hips then pushed my arms through the holes as I adjusted it over my breasts. I walked out of the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bed. My eyes roamed over my new toy selection as I slipped on my nylons — carefully making sure the seams were centered on the back of my legs. After a final adjustment of the elastic, stocking tops I laid back on the bed and pulled an armful of toys near me. Each one was ready to serve whatever need I had. I looked over at my laptop and back at the toys in my arms. It was clear I only had one need right now and it was fueled with curiosity. Would my son be in that chat room since he had the house to himself? If he is there, what would he be doing and what could I see?

I crawled off the bed and dimmed the room lights. I sat down at my computer and retrieved the web address from the notes in my phone. While I wasn’t a regular user of web chat I was hardly a neophyte. I had tried them in the past, along with various dating sites but discovered they weren’t my cup of tea. By the time my web browser opened and I’d connected to the first page of the cam site, I could feel my hands sweating and my heart pounding. I clicked through multiple registration screens and, after a few attempts, chose my screen name for chatting — MysteryMadame.

When the room finally loaded there were over two hundred participants. I looked at the names and decided the only way I’d find him would be by viewing each of the cameras. One by one I clicked down the list. Cock after cock appeared on screen but not the one I was looking for. I switched to a few other rooms, even the gay rooms. While I hold no ill will to gay individuals, I have to say I was not disappointed that I didn’t find him in there. When I returned to the main chat room I clicked through the camera feeds again. I was all but ready to give up when a familiar room and chair appeared on my screen. The chair was empty, but it WAS my game room. My hands began to shake again. What was I doing here? What if he was naked? What if he had a girl there with him?

Just as I moved the mouse to close his video and leave, his screen blurred with movement then focused. The empty chair and room was filled with a vision I won’t soon forget. I saw my son’s legs. I saw his boxers and bare stomach. My eyes scanned from the chat to his picture and back. I was stunned, speechless and captivated.

In a dark hotel room, in the blue glow of a computer screen I spied on my near naked son. I watched him chat and flirt with various women. I watched him move in his chair — his boxers sometimes peeking open but not open enough to reveal anything more. My hand drifted between my legs. My finger lightly caressed the satin that covered my freshly shaved pussy and I hid in the shadows of the internet — watching him.

While he flirted with multiple women in the beginning, he began to focus on one woman in particular — a woman named AllyKat. I opened her video and saw a topless woman, maybe a few years younger than me, massaging her breasts as she replied to him and a roomful of other men.

I can’t say if it was jealousy or lust that motivated me, but I decided I wasn’t going to lose MY night to some random woman. I adjusted my top to show maximum cleavage and clicked the button to turn on my camera. I tilted my laptop so only my bust was in view then sent a private message to my son, MrPlayful.

MysteryMadame: My camera is on for you handsome.

I looked at my screen in near disbelief. On one side was my half-naked son and in another window were my full breasts, barely covered by some sheer black material. My nipples were hard and visible through the fabric.

My hands barely functioned. I watched as chat flew across my screen from dozens of sex-starved men, who suddenly proclaimed they loved my breasts more than any others. I ignored all the other messages until the one I was waiting for appeared on my screen.

MrPlayful: Don’t you look tasty.

MysteryMadame: Ty. Not looking too bad yourself

My head swam in the moment. My hands trembled as I watched him shift in his chair. When I looked down at my shaking hands I realized that I’d still had my rings on. I quickly removed them and set them on the table near me. I had to be careful — oh so careful.

MrPlayful: I made us a private room called the playground. Pass is hot4you. Meet you there.

Before I could reply his video went black on the screen. I was in a panic, things were happening way too fast. I’d only wanted to watch him. I didn’t want it to go this far but he was gone from my screen and there was only one way to get him back. I exited the room and entered the private room. I clicked on his video to open it. When it opened, his boxers were gone. He sat there, in all his glory, with his czech estrogenolit porno hard, thick cock on my screen. I inhaled hard and I could feel my pulse beating in my neck. On the screen my chest flushed red, just above my breasts. I needed to leave. I wanted to leave — but I sat there, staring mindlessly at his cock in silence.

MrPlayful: Are you there?

MysteryMadame: Yes.

MrPlayful: Stand up. Let me see the rest of you.

MysteryMadame: I can’t.

MrPlayful: Sure you can. Stand up and let me see that sweet ass of yours.

I gasped at his forwardness. My boy was always polite. When did he’d become such a demanding young man that could speak to a woman like she was some kind of sex toy?

I watched my breasts rise and fall on the screen as I struggled to catch my breath. I watched as his hand move towards his cock and his fingers wrapped around its thickness. My legs quivered as he slowly began to pump his fist up and down on it. I couldn’t move. I just stared as air went in and out of my lungs.

MrPlayful: If you’re not going to play I’m going to leave.

I didn’t even take time to reply. I quickly stood and lifted the hem of my baby doll above my panties to keep him from leaving. The camera was now eye level with my pussy and the black satin was stained with my wetness and clearly visible on screen.

MrPlayful: Oh my. Are you always that wet or is that just for me?

My hands moved in front of my hips as I typed my replied. If only he knew how wet he had kept me all day.

MysteryMadame: It’s just for you.

MrPlayful: Spin around. Let me see that hot ass.

I don’t know why I just simply obeyed his commands. I just did. I spun around and looked over my shoulder towards the screen. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. His hand milked it up and down as I watched. I reached back with my freshly painted nails, dug them into my cheeks and pulled them apart for him. He leaned towards the screen and I saw his face for the first time. His smile was filled with lust, strength and a craving for me.

MrPlayful: Mmmm. That is the sweetest ass I have ever seen. Take those panties off.

My forbidden desires squashed any reluctance I may have had left. Without hesitation I hooked my thumbs in the band of my panties and tugged them down as I bent forward. Though I couldn’t look back at my screen from this angle, I knew my bald pussy and pink, puckered ass were serving him a delicious view — just as I had seen it in the mirror earlier. After holding that pose for some time I stood and turned back to the screen for him. I noticed he’d adjusted his camera to a close up his cock — revealing a copious amount of pre-cum bubbling from the tip and spilling onto his fingers. My screen was filled with a number of new messages from him.

MrPlayful: God that pussy is so hot.

MrPlayful: Mmm I’d love to stuff my cock in that puffy slit.

MrPlayful: I’d lick that from top to bottom and keep both those holes happy.

I read his naughty chat as I teased a finger in my slit. I watched my son pump his cock harder as I clamped my fingers on my labia and pulled them apart. I watched my own actions in one screen and then his in the other. I bared my forbidden flesh to him and more chat flashed on the screen as I played.

MrPlayful: Oh fuck yeah. Play with that hot slit for me.

MrPlayful: Stuff those fingers in that naughty pussy.

MrPlayful: Mmmm just like that you hot slut.

My nipples ached. I peeled my top over my head then leaned my breasts into the camera. Seeking encouragement from him I let my glistening fingers tease my nipple then tugged on it hard. My son pumped his cock even faster as rolled my nipple under my fingers. I let my breasts hang in his view as I typed.

MysteryMadame: Do you like panties bad boy?

MrPlayful: I love panties.

MysteryMadame: Have some there to play with?

MrPlayful: I can get some.

MysteryMadame: I’ll make it worth your while.

MrPlayful: brb

I watched as he disappeared off screen. I couldn’t believe where I was taking this but I had to see him do it. I wanted to see him stroking his cock with my panties. I wanted to see him fill them with his cum and then find them when I got home.

Before he returned I tilted the camera down and sat back in my chair. I reach down and quickly grabbed my panties off the floor and laid them across my thigh. When Alex returned I greeted him with my smooth pussy and tits on screen. He held up a pair of panties to the screen then draped them over his cock before he typed.

MrPlayful: Back. Got them.

MysteryMadame: Oh those are pretty. I think I have a pair just like them 🙂

MrPlayful: They feel great on my cock.

I couldn’t believe I said I had a pair like that. It was risky but made me hotter. I carefully worded my next messages. I wanted answers but wouldn’t dare take any further risks that could reveal my identity.

MysteryMadame: What lovely girl did you steal those off of?

His hand moved down to his cock. He draped a pair of my pink panties over his hand like it was a large, silk glove. His fist curled them around his shaft and he slowly pumped them up and down as he typed with his free hand.

MrPlayful: my mother

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