Sarah’s Story Ch. 06

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I was quite pleased thinking I’d made some progress with Mum and Dad and getting them to understand that I wasn’t at all phased by their, shall we say, different private lifestyle. They were still a bit reserved and would never raise the issue of our relationship still less initiate any sex.

However Dad would give me a demure thank you when I offered him my panties at the end of the day. Mum would wear plunging tops because she knew I liked looking at her cleavage and would occasionally open her legs while sitting watching the TV so I could see up her skirt.

What I wanted more than anything, though, was to be invited to one of their meetings. I imagined all sorts of things going on and it only served to get me hot and bothered. I knew one was coming up as I had cracked their code on the wall calendar in the kitchen. MTG JK & MRA didn’t take much cracking it has to be said.

My hints became less subtle as the date approached. In the end I had to ask bluntly.

“Mum, do you think I’d be allowed to come to one of your meetings?”

Mum as usual got all flustered, well she would especially as I was tweaking one her nipples when I asked.

“I don’t know, Sarah. They’re rather sensitive about who comes along, you know.”

I slipped my hand inside her blouse and bra and squeeze her big fat tit in the palm of my hand.

“Oooh, Sarah, don’t. Your Dad will be home soon. What will he think?” Scolded Mum.

“Pleeease, Mum. Will you at least ask? And I should think Dad will think the same as you did when you watched me stroke him off into my panties, Mum.” I added for good measure unbuttoning her blouse.

“Sarah, you used to be such a nice innocent little girl.” She said but offered no resistance as I brought both her tits out into the open.

I pushed my hand up her skirt and stroked her through her knickers.

“Go on Mum, I’m sure they won’t mind having some fresh blood come in and I’ll be very discreet.” My fingers slipped around the edge of Mum’s knickers and gently fondled her lips. She was already wet.

Mum’s breathing was becoming a bit laboured as I teased her pussy lips. I let her enjoy my playing and bent my head down so I could suck on her large erect nipples. She moaned and slipped her hand around the back of my head, pulling me in close as my fingers pushed between her lips and slid around in her oils.

“Pleeease, Mum.” I persisted, looking up at her.

“Oh, Sarah, that’s so nice but Dad will be here any minute.” Her voice a little moany. “I’ll have a word with Dad but I can’t promise anything. Now stop, I’ve got to get Dad’s tea ready.”

She didn’t sound very convincing about me stopping but I knew I’d won. I pushed two fingers inside her and let my thumb press against her clit. She leaned back against the worktop and let me take her to orgasm.

The next evening Mum and Dad called me into the living room and sat me down. I felt like I was going to be interviewed. Dad started but looked ever so embarrassed, poor man.

“Sarah, Mum told me you asked if you could be invited to our next, erm, meeting.”

I knew it was taking all his courage to talk about this.

“I was very set against it. You are after all our little girl and the thought of being in a situation where anyone could, um, could, er …”

“Fuck me, Dad?” I interrupted. He turned bright red.

“Um, yes. I suppose.” He managed. “And also while it is bad enough that I, we, that is your Mum and me, um, have had, erm ..”

“Fucked me?” I added helpfully.

“Um, yes. While we have had relations it is in the privacy of our own home and we know we can keep it secret.”

“Well how about we all pretend it hasn’t happened and I’m just there because you know I enjoy sex, you know, being fucked, and you, being very open and modern parents, want to let me enjoy myself.” I suggested.

Mum and Dad looked at each other in that ‘we’re not going to win this no matter what’ sort of way then turned back to me. Dad spoke first.

“Okay, Sarah. I’ll have a word with Jack and Moira and see what they say. We can’t promise anything.”

“Oh, thank you Daddy.” I trilled as I jumped in his lap and gave him a big hug and a kiss. “I’ll be very good, I proimise.”

The day approached and we were all in the car together and driving to Jack and Moira’s, a couple I’d never even heard Mum and Dad mention let alone meet. Dad had loaded a holdall in the boot and I had been given a thorough talking to telling me the etiquette involved with these meetings.

The car pulled up a long drive to a large country house deep in the countryside. There were already several cars parked in front of the house and I could see an older couple walking up the steps to the front door. It wasn’t until we parked and got out of the car that I started to feel a bit nervous.

Mum put her arm around me and told me that they had to go and get changed. I must have looked mortified but she assured me that she’d leave me with Julie and Dan, the couple who had helped me start the relationship bareback studios porno with my parents, who would look after me and show me around in the meantime.

I wasn’t overjoyed by the arrangement but I knew I was there on sufferance so politely agreed.

We all walked up the steps to the front door and into a lobby area with plush carpet and dark wood panels. There was some serious money involved here.

A couple in their 50s were standing by a marble topped table and approached as we entered. The man shook hands with Dad and kissed Mum on the lips and the woman kissed both Mum and Dad. They then turned to look at me expectantly.

“This is our daughter, Sarah.” Announced Dad. “Sarah, this is Jack and Moira.”

Jack was quite a tall man with tight curly hair that had greyed around the edges. He was slim and quite fit and wearing an immaculate suit. His wife Moira, around the same age, had quite bouffant hair and wearing a dress that hugged her slim waist and showed off her rounded bum and large breasts. Her makeup was subtle but her lips bright red with lipstick.

Jack took my hand then pulled me in and kissed me on both cheeks while his other hand gently stroked my arm. Moira smiled benevolently and air kissed me on my cheeks too. Her hand hovered close to my waist as she lent in to me.

“Very pleased to meet you, Sarah.” Said Jack in a smooth welcoming voice. “I’m sure it’s very intimidating for your first time but it will be fine. Just remember you don’t have to do anything, if you just want to wander around and acclimatise, as it were, you are most welcome.”

“It was very kind of you to allow me to be invited.” I replied. “I’m sure after all the trouble I’ve caused you will find me a very active visitor.”

I held his gaze and gave him my best smile. I had a strange suspicion we’d be an awful lot closer by the end of the evening.

We passed through and archway and down a corridor that opened out into a large lounge. There must have been thirty people gathered, drinking and chatting, There was a bar at one end with a few people sitting on bar stools and I immediately recognised Dan and Julie.

They waved us over to more genteel hugs and kisses. After a brief chat Mum and Dad said they needed to get changed and asked if I would be alright.

“Of course, Mum.” I said rather more bravely than I felt and they left.

Dan offered me a glass of wine which I readily accepted and we went and sat down on one of the large leather settees.

I had elected to wear quite a short dress and it rode up rather in the deep settee. I could feel Dan’s eyes burning into the little bit of stocking top that had become visible and I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt Julie’s had settle on my thigh just by the hem of my dress.

“Relax.” She soothed. “Nobody’s going to bite you.” She leant forward a bit towards me. “Not unless you want them too, of course.” She giggled.

I smiled. She was right, of course. I had gone out of my way to be here and now I was acting like a little school girl. Her hand on my leg felt quite comforting as she gently squeezed my thigh.

“How have you got on with your Mum and Dad since your, erm, introduction?” She asked.

I paused. I didn’t want to go spreading any family secrets but then again she was the one who kind of started it. It was kind of difficult being coy with someone who had encouraged you to suck your father’s cock.

“It’s been ok. We have had some moments.” I began.

“But your Mum and Dad seem a little scared of starting anything?” She guessed.

“Exactly. I have to initiate all the time and although I quite like telling them what to do it is nice sometimes to be just, um, taken.” I blurted out.

Julie’s smooth hand and long fingers had insinuated themselves under the hem of my dress, almost without me noticing. I’d begun to feel a little more relaxed and her attention was getting me quite warm as well.

“But you do like doing things with them, don’t you?” She continued.

“Oh yes, very much.”

“Your Dad has a very nice cock, doesn’t he.”

Her hand was gently stroking my bare flesh above my stocking tops as she spoke. I didn’t mind. I was feeling very warm and fuzzy.

“Yes, it was lovely when he put it up me.”

“I’d love to have seen that. Just to watch his big stiff cock sliding in and out of your cunt.” She murmured dreamily.

Her hand had reached the top of my thigh. I could feel the nail of her little finger idly flick at the leg band of my panties.

“I had to look too.” I told her. “I had my head in Mum’s lap but I had to look down just to see it.”

I was suddenly aware of a couple in the seats opposite ours looking at us. I felt a bit self-conscious. Julie noticed me looking.

“It’s alright, Sarah. We’re all friends here.” She reassured. “Some people like to observe. You know, watch other people enjoying themselves.”

Her hand was turning me on and I could feel myself getting damp. It was even hotter czech amatör porno knowing that the couple in the other seat were watching.

“Open your legs a little, Sarah, so that they can see. You’re a very beautiful girl and I bet you have some lovely underwear on.”

I smiled and spread my legs.

“You’re too kind, Julie.”

“Have you tasted him yet?”

It was an unexpected question and made me realise that after all the naughtiness that I’d put them through I hadn’t yet let Dad finish in my mouth.

“No, we haven’t done that yet.” I answered and immediately felt silly.

“That would be lovely to watch, Sarah. To see you sucking and licking at your Dad’s stiff prick and to watch it pulse and jerk as he pumps his hot load of cum onto your tongue. Do you think you’d like that, Sarah?”

I realised that Julie hadn’t actually touched me yet. Her hand was still at the edge of my knickers and I was so close to cumming.

“Yes.” I managed. “I’d love to suck on my Dad’s cock and feel him spurt off in my mouth.”

“You know all this talk has wound up Dan no end.” She said suddenly changing tack. “Look what you’ve done for him, Sarah.”

I looked round at Dan’s face. His eyes were on fire but he managed to grin like a naughty school boy then looked down at this lap.

I followed his gaze and found myself looking at a prodigious bulge in his trousers.

“You’ve made him very hard, Sarah. Why don’t you give it a little feel?” She whispered conspiratorially in my ear.

Her hot, scented breath sent a warm flush through my body as I reached out and slipped my fingers along the bulging form of Dan’s erect prick. I heard him groan as my fingers gently pressed against the head.

I tipped my own head back as he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. His tongue swirled along my lips and then into my mouth and played with my own.

I felt the hand up my skirt slip away and deliver a friendly pat lower down my leg.

“Come along, then. Let us show you the lay of the land.” Smiled Julie wickedly.

She knew what she was doing. She had me nicely warmed up and ready to go.

I looked around the room and apart from the couple who had been watching us there were only a few others left in the room. I’d lost all track of time.

Julie explained that I really couldn’t get lost. All the areas lay off a single corridor that went around the enclosed terrace that we could see from the lounge. Whichever room you chose you would always come out on the same corridor. The same was true if you climbed the wide staircase to the next floor.

Back on the ground floor was a swimming pool, sauna and out on the terrace a large jacuzzi. It really was some place.

“We could show you every room, Sarah, but it really is much more fun to explore for yourself. You never know what might happen too.” Julie told me. “We’ll show you this room, just to get you started.”

Julie pushed open the big oak door. The room seemed dark until my eyes became accustomed and realised that it was very dimly lit from a myriad of small lamps embedded in the walls and ceiling. Over the floor were closely fitting mats, like in a gymnasts arena and as my eyes grew used to the dimness I could make out figures moving around on it.

“Many of the first timers find this room comforting to start with.” Julie advised, her hand soothing down my spine. “Shall we watch for a while?”

I nodded and she indicated we should remove our shoes before venturing further. We moved close to three naked figures on the mat engaged with each other. There were two men, one about 50 and the other early 30s at a guess. The woman was also about the same age as the latter. The younger man smiled as we settled on the mat close by.

I leaned against Julie and she put her arm around me.

“The older man is David, a prominent businessman in the City. The other man is his son, Sandie, and the woman, Sandie’s wife, Anna.” She explained. “If there’s anyone new joining they usually come to this room just to help put the new person or people at ease. They’re quite happy to be watched or even joined, if you like.”

The trio smiled at me as they continued to gently fondle one another’s naked bodies. Anna was slowly stroking her husband’s erect cock while her father-in-law stroked his hands over her bottom. I watched transfixed as she leant forward and took Sandie’s hard prick into her mouth and started sucking on it. You could see the pleasure in her eyes as David pulled apart her bum cheeks and buried his face in between them.

“I’m quite happy just watching for now, thanks Julie.” I told her.

“He has a lovely big prick, doesn’t he Sarah.”

I was fascinated watching it disappear into Anna’s mouth. She was taking him very deeply. Anna’s eyes were fixed on me the whole time which was a bit disconcerting.

“I love the way Anna’s sucking it. It’s so sexy.” I managed. “Anna seems to be looking at me though.”

Julie smiled and gave Anna a little look. I felt her czech bitch porno hand lightly play with the catch in my dress.

“I think Anna would like to see your breasts, Sarah. Would you like to show her your big tits?” Julie asked slowly unzipping my dress, anticipating my answer.

I didn’t answer but I didn’t stop her unzipping me completely and drawing my dress forward over my shoulders. I helped by straightening my arms and letting the dress fall into my lap. My naked breasts were completely exposed, my nipples stiff and aching. I felt Julie’s hands glide over my tits, letting my stiff nipples catch between her fingers and my little gasp told her everything.

“I like touching your breasts Sarah.” She said.

“I like you touching them.” I replied pulling her face towards mine.

We kissed deeply, entwining our tongues. I felt her passion as she molded my breasts and tugged at my turgid nipples. I let her drop her head and let her tongue wander over my heaving flesh. Her tongue found each nipple and she sucked them into her hot mouth licking and nibbling. I was on fire.

I fell back slightly and realised I was leaning against Dan. He was completely naked and as I looked down I could see he was stroking his big fat penis.

As Julie worked on my breasts I just kept looking at Dan’s beautiful thick cock, glistening at the head as little drops of his juices seeped out. I looked down at Julie and knew she had been watching my gaze. She smiled knowingly.

“He’s got a wonderful prick.” She said. “It’s lovely watching him wank, isn’t it?”

I paused. This was her husband. It didn’t seem right. Julie seemed to know what I was thinking.

“It’s alright, Sarah. Do you want to touch Dan’s prick?”

“Yes.” I breathed almost in relief. “Yes, I very much want to touch his lovely fat cock.”

Julie laughed.

“Let’s do it together. He’ll love that.”

She moved around so that we were either side of his legs. She let her hand drift over my breasts then come to rest on Dan’s thigh.

I watched delighted as she guided my hand down between his legs. I reached down and cupped his churning ball sack, lightly playing and weighing them in my fingers.

Julie leaned forward and I watched as she let her tongue play over the head of his penis smearing the thick, clear liquid that had leaked from his tiny slit. She slipped a finger and thumb just under the head and let her digits slip around in the lubricant. Slowly she introduced more fingers and Dan eased his hand away letting Julie take over with the delightfully slow stroking, pulling the skin up and down the rigid shaft.

She reached up and tangled her fingers from her free hand in my hair gently pulling my head downwards. At the same time she pointed Dan’s throbbing member up towards me.

“Use your mouth on him.” She murmured. “It will turn me on so much to watch you lick and suck on his lovely hard cock.”

I looked at her. I think my excitement was obvious.

I opened my mouth and let Julie guide his thick knob, still wet from her licking, between my lips. I sucked in about an inch and laved it with my tongue as Julie continued to stroke her hand up and down the shaft.

I’d sucked more than a few cocks but never had I had another girl wank one into my mouth before. It was exciting as it was dirty and depraved and I was loving every moment.

Occasionally her hand would reach my lips and I rewarded her by letting my tongue lick at her sticky fingers. She responded by slipping her hand a little further down the shaft and applying a little pressure to the back of my head encouraging me to take Dan deeper in my mouth. All the while I could hear Dan moaning out his pleasure above me.

“Oh Sarah, that’s so beautiful. Just watching Dan’s cock slide in and out of your mouth; it’s making me so wet.” She purred.

I slowly drew my mouth up his shaft, letting my lips roll all the way up until it popped out completely. I looked her in the eye and smiled wickedly.

“Your turn.”

She grinned back and requiring no further encouragement took him into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. I dipped down further and flicked at his hairy ball sack with the tip of my tongue. After a moment I started licking back up from the base of his shaft until at last my tongue ran against her lips.

She slowly retreated back up the shaft followed by my lapping tongue until her mouth covered just a little bit of the head. I joined her there and we let our tongues duel around the bulbous mushroom.

We pulled away completely to indulge in a little French kissing, just the two us, while she pumped his dripping cock. I then went back down on him taking him as deep as I dared before letting Julie have her turn again.

A little cry from beside us made me look up for a second. Anna had her head tossed back with a look of sublime pleasure on her face. I followed her body back until I saw her father-in-law’s hands gripping her hips as he ploughed his stiff prick into her from behind. He powered his cock into her slowly and deliberately and as I looked up I could see he was looking at us play with Dan’s prick.

I can understand how exciting it must have been watching us two girls share Dan. It was just as exciting watching him fuck his daughter-in-law while she sucked on her husband’s prick.

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