Sarah Opens Up

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This is my first attempt at writing anything, so be kind. All names and characters in this story are fictional. I’d like to thank my editor, 2soon2no, for helping with my first submission.

This story has a married couple involved in MMF groupsex, interracial, anal, and rimming. The husband is not a cuck, but is a confident man who enjoys watching his wife enjoy herself. If this is not your cup of tea, please move on.

“Damnit, I can’t stick this thing!” I said to myself as I fell off the crux into the granite sandy base of the rock I was climbing.

I was trying to figure out how to climb a rock-climbing boulder route called the Ironman Traverse, in Bishop, California. My regular climbing buddy, Dave, wasn’t there to spot me today. He was moving out of his apartment, getting ready to go to Columbia University Law School. I was already scheduled to attend Stanford, where I’d be graduating with my law degree in four years, with the class of 2002. It was August of 1998.

“Excuse me, would you mind spotting me?” came a feminine voice behind me.

“Sure, no prob…” I stopped in my tracks as our eyes met for the first time.

As if I was struck by lightning, I couldn’t speak as my eyes took in the beauty before me. Her big blue eyes assessed me, seeing me stutter. Her full lips curled up in a smile as she sensed my discomfort. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a flowing ponytail. She was wearing a light blue sports bra that presented my vision with ample cleavage. I guessed she was about 36D. She had light gray shorts below her toned abs, and her hips flared out enhancing her feminine figure. She was probably five-eight with toned long legs. She was breathtaking.

“Ugh, yeah, sorry, my name’s Steve. I was just trying to figure out the crux,” I said, trying to gather myself.

“Hi, I’m Sarah. Is this the Ironman Traverse?” she asked sweetly, as she assessed the climb.

“You got it, it’s a classic.” I said, watching her grab onto the starting holds.

She lifted herself effortlessly and began traversing the obvious lines in the smooth granite face. She presented me with a great view of her toned round ass below the gray shorts she was wearing as she lifted her leg to a high foothold, pulling herself almost upside-down as she re-chalked her hands. She moved with the grace of a ballerina. She transitioned herself into position to the final lunge, which was the crux of the route. Unlike men, who try to power through obstacles, women are more adept at using finesse to move with efficiency. Sarah was no exception. She pulled herself up effortlessly and landed the move that I had just fallen from.

“Can you spot me?” she asked again, indicating she was going to let go, and I needed to assist her landing.

“Go ahead,” I said as she let go, and she fell into my arms.

Her momentum carried me backwards, and I lost my footing, pulling her with me. She landed on top of me unharmed and straddling my groin. Her eyes met mine with a smile as I looked up at her. My face moved upward, and hers moved down. Our lips met for the very first time.

Present day.

“Hey Sarah, I’m home,” I said as I walked into our large foyer, pulling off my tie. “Where are the kids?” I asked, looking out our wall of glass at the lake below.

Sarah and I purchased this house in Coeur d’Alene fifteen years ago. It was a total rehab from the foundation to the roof, which took two years to complete. We picked the house for the location and the fact that it had its own dock. I still remember Sarah’s response when she looked out the back window at the lake below. “This is where I want to raise our kids,” she said as she ran her hands over her baby bump.

We converted the old fishing cabin to the 3900 square foot home that it is today. Sarah picked out everything from the Sub Zero kitchen appliances to the hardwood floors. The 2020 Covid outbreak skyrocketed property values in our area to more than double, when hordes of wealthy urbanites sought properties in locations where you could actually go outside.

I couldn’t hear the kids playing their Xbox, and the TV wasn’t blaring, which is rare for our house. Sarah walked around the corner from the kitchen, wearing her “fuck me” heels and a classy floral print dress. Her heels echoed on our white oak hardwood floors.

“They’re at your parents’ house. They are spending the night. We’re going out for dinner to celebrate you winning your big case,” Sarah said sexily.

“Damn you’re hot in those heels and that dress,” I said, kissing her, “Thank you, we need a night out.”

My 43-year-old wife looked half that age. She was almost as tall as my six-two with her five-inch heels. Her firm breasts were presented perfectly in the navy and pink floral v-cut dress, showing a hint of her cleavage. Her dress cut in at the hips, presenting her toned waist and round ass flawlessly, not that she had any flaws.

I changed into jeans and a simple button up. The last thing I wanted to wear was anything dressy after bahis siteleri walking around in a suit all day.

“So, how was your day?” I asked.

“Good. Antoine worked me hard today. Lot’s of lunges, box jumps, squats, and deadlifts,” she replied.

I grinned at the double entendre that her innocent nature didn’t perceive.

“Oh stop, that’s not what I meant,” she giggled as she realized why I was grinning.

Sarah came from a strict upbringing, and she was very naïve because of it. Additionally, she was overweight for most of her teenage years, and had a low self-esteem because of it. When she was sixteen, her church took her youth group rock climbing, and she immediately fell in love with the sport. She realized she needed to change her body composition if she were to pursue the sport. Her strong will resulted in her shedding fifty pounds in a matter of three months. Although she lost the weight years ago, she still perceived herself as that chunky teenage girl. Hence, she never picks up on when men are hitting on her and has no idea how attractive she really is.

Tammy, who Sarah worked out with for ten years, moved out of state recently, and she needed someone to challenge her. She asked Antoine to work with her three months ago, and he has been her personal trainer ever since. I saw Antoine checking her out on several occasions. Of course, she never picked up on it.

We jumped in my custom Landcruiser and headed out. Overlanding, which is multi-day camping out of your offroad truck, is a hobby of mine. We’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, which is why we set up our home base in Northern Idaho. Having a truck up here that can get you anywhere is an essential tool. We’ve spent many nights in places not many people have seen.

We went to a restaurant overlooking the lake that had great food and drinks. Their chef had a delicious menu, and it had a great casual lounge feel. Sarah knew this was my favorite restaurant, and she had reservations. The cute young greeter sat us at our favorite table overlooking the lake. We didn’t have to wait long before our waiter arrived.

“Hello, my name is Jason, and I’ll be um, your um, waiter this evening,” he stuttered as he looked at my wife and forgot about everything else in his life.

I always enjoyed watching men react to Sarah. It’s almost like watching myself on our own first meeting, and I remember that first magical kiss. His eyes darted from hers when she looked down at her drink menu. He took in her cleavage that was presented quite pleasingly.

He looked to be in his mid to late 20’s with one of those trendy beards everyone is wearing these days. I always thought those were too high maintenance for me. He was well-built and probably spent a fair amount of time in the gym. He finally completed the typical introduction and asked for our drink order.

“I’ll have the Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow” 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon. That’s the year we were married,” she said, looking up as the waiter’s eyes quickly moved back up to hers.

“Actually, let’s just start with the bottle, thanks,” I said, not caring that the bottle was $450.

As Jason left the table, I laughed and said, “Jason was hot on you.”

“What are you talking about?” she denied.

“You didn’t catch him checking out your tits just now?” I challenged her.

“No, he wasn’t,” she tried to deny again, but her lopsided grin told me the truth.

“Ha, you did see it. Come on, you can’t lie to an attorney.” I laughed.

“Okay, but maybe he didn’t realize he was staring and was thinking about something else,” she tried to minimize, “People zone out sometimes.”

“And the fact that he started stuttering as soon as he looked into your eyes? You really have no clue how beautiful you are. You never having the courage to wear a bikini in public is testament to that. Someday, I just hope you do realize how gorgeous you are,” I said.

“Okay, well maybe he was checking me out. But I don’t get why some young hottie would want to look at an old lady like me,” she said.

“You’re sexy for one. Two, you are not an old lady, and I am glad you caught him checking out your tits,” I said honestly.

“You are happy that our waiter is looking at my tits?” she questioned.

“I didn’t say that. I’m glad you realized that men are checking you out. It reaffirms what I have been telling you for years. YOU ARE HOT! And your hottie waiter thinks so too,” I laughed.

“Well, thank you,” Sarah replied.

Travis brought our bottle of wine, and we toasted to winning my case. This case would pay off our mortgage, put our kids through college, and give us a nest egg to fall back on for life. It was two years of hard work and 16 hour days. We sacrificed a lot in the process, including our time together.

“I have something else to announce,” I said. “We are going to the Mayan Riviera for a week. You may want to buy some new bikinis. No shorts on this trip.”

In the weeks leading up to the trip, Sarah was more amorous than canlı bahis siteleri usual. Our usual two or three times a week routine became an every-night fuckfest. I was not complaining one bit. On the night before our trip, Sarah and I dropped the kids off at their grandparents. When we returned home, Sarah and I prepared for bed and an early start in the morning.

“I’m really looking forward to letting go and opening up to new things this week,” she said as she combed out her hair. “We know we’ve let life get in the way for many years. I miss having fun with you,” she said.

“I know this case took a lot away from us, and I’m blessed that you were strong enough to stand by me through it all,” I said as I kissed her deeply. “We’re finally at a point in our lives where we can spend more time together. Let’s make the most of it, starting now.”

She dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts down and off. She looked up and into my eyes with a smile on her face as she licked around the crown of my cockhead. She planted kisses along the shaft as I sat back on the bed watching her.

She licked lower and took one of my balls into her mouth and sucked on it while licking around it with her tongue. It popped out of her mouth with a pop, and she did the same with the other one, while stroking my shaft lightly with her fingertips.

She kissed her way back up my cock and engulfed my crown, never breaking eye contact with me. She engulfed most of my shaft into her throat, and I could feel her tongue licking from side to side as she bobbed up and down.

She released me smiling, “You like watching me do this, don’t you?”

I smiled, looking at my erection and said, “Isn’t it obvious?”

She attacked me again, sucking my cock like her life depended on it. Sarah is one of those women who really enjoys giving head. I think it gives her a sense of control and power over me, and she always gets aroused while she’s going down on me.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled her off before I came. I noticed she drooled all over me, and her lips were soaked. She was actually so worked up that she was salivating. I kissed her deeply again and sucked on her lips. She was purring.

She was breathing hard, and she moaned into my ear, with anticipation. I kissed my way to her ear and down her neck. Her pink nipples were hard and puckered in arousal. I grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples while kissing her again. Her tongue darted into my mouth.

Sarah arched her back, inviting me to her tits. I dropped down to her perfect breasts and took her right nipple into my mouth. I licked around her nub and sucked it deeply into my mouth. Sarah moaned loudly while running her fingers through my hair and pulled me into her breasts. I did the same to her left breast.

I kissed my way down her flat stomach, tonguing her along the way. She knew what was coming and lifted her hips to initiate the contact. I teased her by kissing around her thigh. I reached up and cupped her soft breasts in my hands while tonguing her labia.

Sarah writhed in arousal and bucked her hips into me. I sucked her labia into my mouth while avoiding her clit. I teased her for several minutes, and I could tell that any contact with her clit would bring her over the edge.

I decided to try something she never let me do. I licked down to her puckered ass and rimmed around it.

She looked down and said, “What are you doing?!”

I looked into her eyes as if I was challenging her to stop me. I could see the lust in her eyes so I squeezed her nipples and moved back down. After a while, I saw her fingers snake down and start to rub her clit. I pushed her hand away to prolong her pleasure.

“Please!” she begged.

I darted my tongue into her ass while pinching her nipples again. I ran my tongue in circles around her ass while she pushed her hips into me. I kept this up as her pleasure increased.

She was really grinding her ass into my mouth while moaning, “This is so dirty! Oh fuck!”

I kept rimming her tight ass for several minutes. She grabbed both cheeks with her hands and spread herself for me. I alternated between rimming around her ass and stiffening my tongue and pushing it into her soft tunnel.

Sarah started shaking as I kept up the pressure. “Oh fuck this feels so good! Oh God!” she yelled.

I felt her ass pulsing as my tongue slipped further into her. “Oh yes, yes, yes, eat my fucking asshole, I’m coming!” she screamed as her body convulsed in a full body orgasm.

Her pussy juice was dripping, running down to her ass as I lapped it up. I could see her vagina pulsing as her ass simultaneously clenched around my tongue.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you made me cum like that!” she said.

I moved above her and kissed her hard. She kissed me back softly while coming down from her orgasm.

“That was so dirty.” she trembled.

I looked deeply into her eyes. “But did you enjoy it?” I murmured, as I kissed her again.

“Wasn’t canlı bahis it obvious?” she giggled.

My cock slipped into her with one easy thrust. She was as wet as I could ever remember. She moaned softly as our tempo increased. I leaned back and watched her as I thrusted into her. Her big round natural breasts girated as she met my thrusts.

Her moaning increased as my tempo did also, her tits bouncing with each thrust into her tight pussy. I moved my lips to hers and we kissed again. I pinched her nipples and continued to pump into her, my balls slapping against her ass with every thrust.

I pulled out of her and sank down between her legs again, attacking her clit this time. Sarah pushed her hips off the bed and into my mouth. She took two of my fingers into her as they were pressed against her g-spot. Her orgasm came quickly.

“Oh fuuuuck!” she moaned as her pussy convulsed around my fingers, and I continued to suck her clit. I pulled away and moved up again to kiss her.

As if she knew what I was thinking, she turned over and smiled, looking back at me over her shoulder. She arched her back and wiggled her ass at me. Her ass looked perfect in this position, and it never fails to arouse me. I quickly moved behind her and drove to the hilt. She moaned loudly as I started fucking her again. I grabbed her hips firmly and pounded into her.

“Harder, fuck me harder!” she screamed at me.

Our bodies slapped together loudly trying to find release. I looked down at her puckered pink opening. Everything about her was beautiful. Her ass jiggled sexily as we fucked. I felt her hand rubbing her clit from below.

She was moaning loudly. I continued to ram into her as my balls tightened. I was getting close. I slammed into her as hard as I could.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, oh God!” she moaned, and her pussy convulsed around me as she came again.

Her pussy squeezing me was too much to take, and I erupted into her as we came together.

When we arrived in Cancun, the weather was perfect. After a short shuttle ride to the resort, I was already more relaxed than I had been in years. Something about the tropical weather does that to me.

Our room was an ocean front master suite with its own pool and balcony overlooking the ocean and one of the resort pools. There were dining tables and chairs set up inside the floating shelf area of the pool, just outside of our room.

There were two lounge chairs set up on a private sundeck courtyard next to our patio. We also had an outdoor shower surrounded by greenery in this hidden courtyard.

Sarah and I changed into some workout clothes to go for a jog around the property. We always exercise as soon as we arrive at our destination when we travel. It helps with jet lag to get the blood flowing after a long flight.

I was tying my shoes when my wife walked out of the bathroom wearing workout attire I had never seen or even believed she would wear. She normally wears typical soccer mom activewear pants and a loose sweatshirt at the gym. Now, she had light blue booty shorts that were made of a very thin form fitting spandex material.

If she was wearing any panties, they had to be a very thin thong. Upon close inspection, I could see a hint of her labia through the material. For a top, she was wearing a sexy white sports bra that showed plenty of cleavage.

Sarah turned and posed, “You like?”

I grabbed her, kissed her and told her how hot she looked. I could not believe I was seeing this side of my wife after all these years.

We left the room and explored the resort while jogging. I noticed several men and women checking out my wife as we passed. I could not blame them, she looked hot with her tits bouncing in her new sports bra. The view from behind was just as good as her ass shook with every stride. I was a proud husband.

The shoreline in front of the resort was very rugged. There were several hidden beaches between the rocky alcoves. After twenty minutes of jogging, we noticed a small path going behind the rocks towards the shoreline.

We followed the path for fifty yards. As we rounded a corner, we could hear the obvious sounds of a woman moaning. I turned towards my wife who held her finger to her lips to shush me. We quietly moved towards where the noise was coming from and saw a woman and two men engaged in a threesome just fifteen feet in front of us.

The woman appeared to be in her thirties with brunette hair and medium sized breasts. The way they moved I was sure they were natural. Overall, she had a great body with just the right amount of curves.

She was sucking on a similarly aged white man with a seven inch cock. He had a typical dad bod with a bit of a belly and love handles.

Behind her was a very large black man with a huge cock. He was built like an NFL defensive end, and he appeared to be just starting to enter the woman from behind. He had just the head of his cock in her, and was starting to push forward with what appeared to be an eleven inch dick.

The woman pulled the cock from her mouth and moaned loudly, “Oh fuck, you’re a lot fucking bigger than I am used to.”

He slowly worked his hips back and forth until his groin pressed against her ass.

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