Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 03

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Sarah’s Mom

Sally and Sarah relaxed naked on Sarah’s bed with Sarah’s Persian cat, Lady Godiva, between them. They stroked the cat’s soft hair as it purred and flicked its tail from one girl to the other. Their skin was warm and flush from recent orgasm. They had just finished bringing one another off for the second time in as many days.

The girls heard the front door being opened and then closed. “Sarah dear, are you home?” It was Sarah’s mom home from work. She suspected Sarah was home because her car was parked in front. There was always the possibility that she was out with friends in one of their cars.

“I’m here, Mom, in my room,” Sarah shouted out.

“Maybe I should be leaving,” Sally whispered.

“No, stay,” Sarah whispered back and then shouted out, “Sally’s here too.”

“Sally?” her mom shouted back. “Do I know a Sally?”

Sally and Sarah had been friends throughout middle school but had separated in high school. Sarah was blond, cute and well built. She had been a cheerleader and socially active. Sally was thin as a board with a long, thin face, long thin nose and mousy brown, flyaway hair. They had encountered each other at graduation and gotten back together. They shared common interests, most particularly an interest in sex.

“Sally Czarwitz,” Sarah shouted back. “You remember Sally.”

There was silence and then after a few seconds the door to the room flew open, “Sally! I haven’t, …” there was a pause as the smile on Sarah’s mother’s face turned to an expression of surprise and then embarrassment. “… seen you for so long,” she concluded in a quieter tone.

She composed herself quickly and instead of leaving sat at the foot of the bed and began stroking her daughters’ feet. “Is it hot in here?” she asked in feigned innocence.

“I am a bit warm,” Sally responded in an attempt to cover up her embarrassment. “It’s nice to see you again Mrs. Malone.”

“It’s been a long time, Sally. It’s nice to see you again. What have you girls been doing?”

Sarah’s mom knew that Sarah was sexually very active. In fact she had first found her playing naked with a neighbor boy when she was in grade school and they weren’t just “playing doctor,” examining each other. Helen Malone was herself sexually active. Mr Malone was her fourth husband and Sarah’s father had been her second. Her current marriage had lasted over 10 years partly because she and Mr Malone engaged in swinging and were relaxed about sex partners outside of marriage. The swinging lifestyle had broken up her previous marriage because she wanted to do it and husband number three was consumed with jealousy. Marriages one and two had also failed because she couldn’t stay away from other men.

So although Sarah’s sexual activity wasn’t encouraged, it was accepted and never limited. Sarah was fully aware of what her parents did on weekends and Mrs. Malone’s dearest hope, now that Sarah was 18, was that she would ask to come to one of the swingers’ parties and bring along some young stud. She would never ask Sarah to do it so she waited patiently for the request.

“We’ve been shopping for swimsuits for Sally,” Sarah told her mother. “Show her Sally.”

Sally got up and picked up the bag from “Summer Swim and Sun” where they had shopped. She took out the three tops and three skimpy bottoms all made of a lycra stretch fabric.

“Those are darling,” Mrs Malone said. “And small! Going to attract the boys!” She had always liked Sally and was glad to see the two girls together again but that didn’t stop her from looking at the flat chested, chisel faced, frowzy haired, rail of a girl and thinking to herself, “Poor Sally, she needs all the help she can get.”

“Men!” Sarah corrected her mother, “not boys.”

“Oh. yes, men,” for some reason Sarah’s insistence on that noun made her concerned. She trusted Sarah to handle “boys” but “men” opened up a whole category of undesirables. She wondered what she could say or do to help her daughter avoid some stupid choices. “God,” she thought, “I made plenty of them.”

“Try them on,” Sarah insisted. “Let’s pick what you’ll wear to the beach tomorrow!”

Mrs Malone got up, “It was good seeing you Sally. I hope we’ll see more of you.”

“Not much more of her to see.” Sarah joked. “You can stay, Mom. I’m sure Sally would like your opinion.”

Sally wasn’t used to parents commenting on her clothing. In fact she dreaded when her parents did it. Their tastes didn’t fit hers at all. And if it was a sexy outfit or a tight, skimpy swimsuit like these she knew the comments would be overwhelmingly negative. No way would her parents see her in these. She’d wear something over the suit at home or change at the beach. Despite her feelings she said, “Sure, Mrs. Malone, stay.”

But Mrs. Malone left. She looked back at her naked daughter now standing next to the bed, remembered when she had a killer body like that, and wished she were 18 again. “She’d have more cocks than she could handle if she came to one of our parties,” güvenilir bahis she speculated. “And if she’d bring a guy with a body to match hers…” she licked her lips in anticipation and desire.

Sarah’s Dad

The tops were white, florescent orange and florescent yellow. The bottoms were black, white and multi-colored with yellow, orange, blue and white stripes that spiraled down from the waist.

“Do white and white first,” Sarah suggested.

Sally pulled on the tight, white, very short tube top and then the similarly tight bottoms.

“Ohh!” Sarah exclaimed, “I think I can see the darkness of your nipples and a hint of a slit! Those will do well. Let’s get them wet.” She pulled Sally to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Pulling the bottoms up as far as they would go she motioned toward the shower.

Sally got in and emerged soaked.

Ahh, that’s what I mean,” Sarah motioned Sally to the full length mirror on the bathroom door.

Sally’s nipples had hardened unter the spray and plainly stood out over a quarter inch under the smooth fabric. A hint of her dark aureoles was also apparent. At her crotch, the bottoms nestled around her substantial labia and exposed a slight indentation in the middle where the darkess of her slit was visible as a gray line.

“I’ll be arrested!” she said, “if I wear this in public.”

“No you won’t,” Sarah insisted. She changed the subject, “I like your hair wet. It’s not so ‘flyaway’.”

Sally looked in the mirror. Her unmaageable hair now lay flat against her head framing her face perfectly. She kept it short to avoid looking like her head had exploded and now it reached barely to her chin on the sides. “I think you’re right. But how do I keep it that way.”

Sarah ran out and returned with some of her father’s hair gel, “try this.” she said.

Sally put some on. Now she would have to wait for the hair to dry to see if it made a difference. She followed Sally into her parents bedroom and bath to replace the gel. On the way out they encountered Sarah’s father.

Sarah was still totally naked and Sarah had just removed the top.

Sarah just said, “Hi, Dad. You remember Sally?”

Sally wasn’t sure what to do. Her first instinct was to cover-up with her arms but Sarah’s calm demenor caused her to stand with her hands at her sides. “Er, hi, Mr. Malone,” she mumbled.

He didn’t remember Sally and the sight of his naked stepdaughter always unnerved him, she was so beautiful, and she had a tendency to wander around nude, and she had shaved her genitals, and there was the way she always posed so nonchalantly. He knew his wife’s fantasy to have Sarah come to one of the swinger parties with a buff boyfriend and he always wondered if it would be okay to fuck her in that environment. “Maybe in one of the really dark rooms or in a game where she wouldn’t know it was him. Now that her friends were of age maybe one of them would come along.” He shook off the fantasies and looked at the girl with Sarah. She looked only vaguely familiar but he said, “sure! Hello Sally.”

Most of Sarah’s friends were real lookers but never walked around almost naked. He first noticed her huge, hard nipples but no breasts. His glance travelled down the flat, thin body to her crotch and his cock stiffened at the glimpse of her genitals under the smooth, thin fabric. “The gap between her legs provides good access,” he thought. She had almost anorexic, but not bony, arms and legs. Finally he looked at her face. he liked large noses and thought her face was reasonably attractive, especially the way her hair clung to her cheeks and framed her face.

He liked the feelings generated in his body from having these naked and near naked young women standing with him so he attempted conversation to keep them around, “So what are you young ladies up to?”

“Sally’s trying on her new swinsuits,” Sarah told him. “Show him Sally,” .

Sally held up the top, conscious of the way Mr Malone was examining her.

“No, put it on, silly,” Sarah said with a laugh.

Sally, pulled the tight top over her head and down over her breasts.

“Turn around,” Sarah requested and Sally obliged. “What do you think, Daddy? will the guys like her in it?”

“The exciting big nipples aren’t as prominent under the fabric but none of this girl’s assets are much disguised,” he thought. He replied, “Yes, yes! I think the guys will like her in it.”

“I think you like her in it, daddy!” she giggled and directed Sally’s gaze to his crotch where his expanding penis was tenting his trousers. She didn’t realize that the “tent” was due more to her own nakedness and subtle flirting than to Sally’s swimwear.

Sally felt her face reddening. “Let’s go try on the others,” she said in order to get to a more comfortable environment. “Goodby Mr. Malone.”

Back in Sarah’s room Sarah smiled and said, “Daddy likes to check out my friends and chat them up.”

Sally responded, “I think he was checking you out too.”

“Yeah, he’s cute that way. türkçe bahis I know he wants me but he wouldn’t risk his marriage over it. He gets plenty anyway.”


“Yeah, he and mom go to parties where they have group sex.”

Sally didn’t know how to respond to that. “Which suit next?”

“Try orange with the stripes.”

The Beach

The next day, the girls were at the beach. The striped and black bottoms didn’t show Sally’s slit and the orange top hid her aureoles but Sarah had convinced her to wear the white. Sally brought the orange top and stripped bottom to change into if the white proved too revealing.

Sarah wore a bright colored, tight fitting, very small bikini. Her breasts poked out on all sides and the bottoms just barely covered her butt crack. She pulled them tight around her crotch so they hugged her major labia and revealed a faint hint of her it looked like she had two small foam rubber cushions between her legs.

Sally felt different as soon as she stepped onto the beach. She could tell the guys were staring at her almost as much as at Sarah. One older guy came over and started making small talk. He made them feel creepy so they lost him. Sally was amazed. It seemed as if he had come to her rather than Sarah.

They put down their beach towels and spent some time applying sunblock to each others backs and then to themselves. Sally looked around wondering if any guys would volunteer to help. She thought a few were watching and debating but none came over.

At Sarah’s urging, Sally went into the water while Sarah remained behind and lay on her stomach to sunbathe with her bikini top untied.

Sally made sure her suit was completely wet and then walked out of the water. She could tell that she was getting a lot of attention. She noticed a cute guy watching her and following her toward the beach towels. She remembered how Sarah had been bold and straighforward with a couple of guys at the mall and they ended up fucking. She turned around, walked close to him and then past him. Then she turned suddenly. He was behind her. Medium height, slim, well built with a surfer’s bleached hair and tan.

She walked right up to him and said, “You’re watching me, aren’t you?”

He stammered out an almost guilty, “Yes.”

“Good,” She said. “I’ve been watching you too. I think you’re kind of cute. Want to do something together?” “Uhh, okay, what do you have in mind?”

Sally could tell by the way he looked her up and down, mostly down, that what he had in mind was exactly what she wanted. A little teasing and fore-foreplay would make her experience all the better. She took him by the hand, pulled his arm around her back at the waist and rested his hand on her abdomen at the edge of her bikini bottoms. Then she pushed it an inch inside.

She led him toward the beach towel and he slowly moved his hand further inside the bikini. She felt it touch the top of her slit. She grasped his hand and gently pulled it out. “Geting a bit bold!” she excalimed, turned and gave him a kiss, full on the mouth. Meanwhile she allowed her hand to brush against his swollen penis.

He looked at her in astonishment. She smiled back and kissed him again this time holding her hand against his cock. She grasped on of his hands and moved it to her butt pushing her body against his and making sure his cock was trapped between them. He got the hint and pulled her closer. He started to push his hand down the back of her suit bottom. She pulled it out. “People can see what you are doing back there,” she whispered in his ear. “Remember we’re in public. You can touch me anywhere as long as it’s not noticable to others and not too intimate.”

She turned with her back to him and, contradicting her words, placed his hand at the gap between her hip bones and tummy where the suit bottom didn’t quite touch her skin.. “Ohh!” she said involuntarily. A shiver had run down to her genitals as soon as his hand touched. She leaned back and whispered, “That feels fabulous right there but don’t push in.”

He didn’t obey. She knew he wouldn’t. She smiled and restrained her genital shivers as he put his fingers into the top of her suit bottom next to her genitals. His light touches along with her thoughts of impending penile contact threatened to bring her to orgasm. “I think you better stop,” she whispered as they came to Sarah, “that’s just too arousing for me to handle in public.”

Sarah was talking to two guys in their mid twenties. More accurately they were talking to her and she was making minimal responses, just enough to keep them interested but not indicating any specific interest on her part.

“Hi, Sarah,” Sally interrupted.

Sarah looked up, “Sally!” She noticed the guy with Sally, his hand firmly on her butt. “Who’s this?”

Sally hadn’t even gotten his name so she looked over at him.

“Jason,” he responded extending his hand in greeting.

In a move she had practiced in front of the mirror at home many times she lifted güvenilir bahis siteleri up on one arm just enough to expose her breasts and nipples to Jason and no one else. She extended the other arm limply for him to take, “Pleased to meet you, Jason.”

Sally immediately interrupted. Jason was hers and was going to stay hers, at least for now. Sarah could have one, or both of the other guys. “We’re going back into the water,” she said on impulse.

“This is Sally, I was telling you about her,” Sarah said to the guys.

“Hi, Sally,” they said in unison and Sally realized that Sarah intended one of these guys for her. She felt guilty at her jealousy over Jason. They had always shared.

“Hi,” she said and then in a comment directed mostly to Sarah added, “sorry to greet and leave. We’ll be back in a bit.”

Sarah gestured to Sally to bring her head down to her and whispered with a smile, “have a good time.”

Sally led Jason into the water. When the first waist deep wave hit she deftly lowered her bikini bottoms as if the wave had pulled them down and turned to expose herself to Jason. She feigned embarrassment and pulled up the bottoms. She did the same with the top as a neck deep wave hit.

The she leaned into him and began stroking his cock under the water. It hardened immediately. “maybe 7 inches,” she thought, “perfect!” It didn’t take much of her massaging his cock and balls for him to get the idea. He pushed his hand down the front of her bottoms and began fingering her clit and labia. He knew what he was doing and pushed a finger up her vagina, quickly locating her G-spot and massaging it while still working her clit with his thumb.

She gasped and her body shook as an orgasm hit. “Do you know any place we can fuck?” she asked.

Jason’s Van

“Sure!” he said. “I have a van. There’s plenty of space in the back and curtains for the windows.”

He had to pull out two surfboards and the van was barely adequate for the purpose. It was carpeted but the surface was hard. There was room for her to lay with her legs up but no room to stretch out.

Once inside they knelt facing each other and she stripped off her top. He had stepped out of his swim trunks as he stepped inside. His cock was rock hard from the foreplay and his anticipation. She saw it was uncircumcised, the anticipated seven inches long, a bit on the slim side and curved slightly upward. The tip was like an arrow head, small at the tip and flaring out to its base with a substantial edge where the end of his foreskin rested. His scrotum was compressed and hard with his balls pulled fully into their abdominal pocket.

Whatever the details, male genitals never failed to excite Sally. She fondled his gently while he caressed her flat breasts and kissed them, first gently, then with some force. He twisted her large hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and finally sucked on them, pulling them into his mouth like he was a suckling infant.

He reached behind her and pulled her bikini bottoms over her butt. She was sitting on her heels and rose slightly so he could pull them down her thighs to her knees. She had to release her hold on his organ and pull the bottoms to her feet and off. She spread her thighs and he resumed massaging her vulva that he had left off when they emerged from the water.

She tried to lower her head to blow him but there just wasn’t enough room to lower her head between their bodies. She struggled to the side and directed him to lay flat. His legs were folded against the van door and his head rested on the front seats. She managed to straddle him, kneeling with her crotch at his face and dove ointo his crotch taking the full seven inches into her mouth and stroking around it with her tongue. He had to lift her hips slightly in order to get his mouth on her vulva and began expertly using his tongue and lips.

She was also doing a good job on his cock! “You need to stop or I’ll cum right now,” he told her.

She pulled away, “Condom?”

They had to manipulate their bodies like a Chinese puzzle, parts rubbing against parts in a complex choreography until he could reach into his glove compartment. He turned back to her and once again they knelt face to face.

She took the condom from him and looked down. “You need to be refreshed,” she said. Despite the rubbing of their naked bodies his concentration on the goal of obtaining a condom had caused him to lose his erection.

“I’ll need to start all over,” she said with a smile and a tone that indicated she relished the thought. She began gently massaging the limp shaft with one hand and his substantial two ball sack with the other. Meanwhile he resumed fingering her vulva and G-spot. The tip of his penis quickly emerged from its hiding place in his foreskin and his testicles pulled into their internal pockets.

Sally gently unrolled the condom over the hardening shaft. Her analytical mind tried to determine how the activity she anticipated would be accomplished in the limited space. Missionary would be difficult to the point of impossibility. No matter how she positioned herself there would never be enough room for him to get between her legs. “Surely he’s done this before and knows a technique,” she thought.

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