Rough Night

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It had been awhile since we had sex, real sex. That ear ringing, scream inducing, soul shaking, body quivering, mind numbing type of sex. I could also tell by your recent mood and body language that you were bored, and having one of those conversations with you calling me timid and me leaving insulted was not going to happen. There was no way I was going through that shit. I knew I had to take matter into my own hands.

You got up to go shower and I put my plan into action. I pulled out all of your favorite “toys” placed them in a discreet location. Still within my reach but out of site. You came back into the room wearing little black shorts and a white baby-tee top. The smell drifted throughout the room and nothing smells as enticing as a woman fresh out of the shower.

I was standing at the foot of the bed. You went to walk around to your side of the bed and I blocked your path. You looked up at me with a confused expression on your face and asked “What?”

Quickly I grabbed the back of your head by the hair , not enough to hurt but enough that you followed my lead, and I kissed you. Kissed you hard, furious, dominating. I released you from my kiss and I felt you sway. I knew I had you right where I wanted you. I looked down into your eyes and growled at you, “You’re Mine! Say It!”

You half whimpered half whispered, “I’m yours.”

“Good,” bahis siteleri I said, “now get undressed and lie down on the bed.”

“Why?” you questioned.

“I didn’t ask for any fucking questions. I said get undressed and lie down in the goddamn bed,” I said in a hoarse whisper.

I let go of your hair as you began to fumble with your shorts and you lifted your arms so I could help you with your top. You stood there naked in front of me, not as my wife but as a woman ready to be taken by a man.

You sat down on the bed, slid back, and rested you head on the pillow all the while never taking your eyes off me. I laid down next to you and pulled my neck tie from under my pillow. I hated that damn tie. I only wore it to work when I had to, however, recently it had served another purpose. I lifted your hands above your head and slipped the knot tight around your wrists. You struggled at first but the glare I gave you to stop moving spoke all the words I needed it to.

I began to kiss your soft and supple breasts until my mouth found your erect and eagerly awaiting nipple. I kiss it softly and begin to gently flick it with my tongue. My hand slowly moves its way down your moist and ready flesh. I use, as you have so often described, to begin slowly stroking you. Not staying on just one area just getting a feel for how aroused I’m canlı bahis siteleri making you. Next I begin to tickle your clit with my fingers all the gently sucking, licking, and biting your nipple.

I can tell you are close to the edge, but I am not letting you get off the easy. I tease you for a few moments more bringing you closer and closer to your breaking point, and then I pull back. You gasp and whimper, and look at me with a pleading look in your eyes to let you cum, but it’s not gonna happen.

I lean in close and whisper in your ear to turn over. You asked no questions, but turned quickly onto your stomach and got up on your knees putting your beautiful round ass in the air. I grabbed the “toys” while you were getting into position. I walked behind you and knelt down so I could kiss you exposed sex. I don’t stay there long before I stand up leaving you once again unfulfilled. I take the larger of the two “toys” I have and slide it into you. You moan with pleasure as you take every inch of it into you. I slowly start to fuck you with long and slow strokes. As I move it in and out of you it gets wetter and wetter. You womanly scent hangs in the air arousing me to the point where I almost lose control. I take a deep breath to regain my composure, and continue teasing you.

I picked up your smooth purple vibrator and lubed it up thoroughly. canlı bahis I turned it on and placed the head of it just inside your ass. You’re ready for it almost to the point of begging. Your body is enjoying every erotic thing I am doing to you. I gently push the vibrator into your ass, working it in slowly inch by inch. Your body begins to shiver and quake. I start moving both toys in and out of you giving you that double penetration sensation you yearn for, but rarely ever admit to.

Your moaning grows louder and starts to border on screaming. You can’t take it anymore and cry out, “Please just fuck me!”

“Where?” I ask slyly.

“Oh God, anywhere I just wanna feel you inside of me!”

I pull out both toys and take off my shorts. My cock stands erect and ready. I pour some lube between your ass cheeks. You know what I’m going to do, but you don’t protest. I push my cock head just inside your ass, you let loose a gasp of pleasure and pain. You start to push back on me so I know this is what you want.

I push deeper all the way into you. You begin to writhe and squeal as I move in and out of you. Grabbing a nearby pillow you bit down to muffle you screams of pleasure and you cum over and over again, giving you the sweet release you’ve been longing for all night. With one final hard thrust, I cum, deep inside you.

We collapse together my throbbing cock still in your spasming asshole. Still cumming together. I remove myself from you and turn you over. I untie you hands and kiss you gently on the lips and tell you to say it.

“I’m yours,” you reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32