Room at The Top of the Stairs Pt. 03

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Keith watched as Miss Strokewell crouched and removed his shoes. Then she stood and he felt her fingers beneath his waist at the front of his trousers. They undid his belt and then the button and zipper of his pants. Now she pulled them down over his bottom and then down and off his legs. Then she pulled his undies down and off too. Keith now stood bent forward at the headboard, his neck and wrists secured in it, naked from his waist down, save his socks. His freshly whipped behind felt openly exposed to the cool air of the room and highly sensitive.

His pretty young Miss stepped behind him and examined him. Keith felt her fingers touch, probe and then squeeze and pinch at his hot, sensitive rumps. “Ooh, Miss!” he whimpered.

“Well! There’s a nicely spanked bottom, Keith sir!” she exclaimed, “Would you like to view it in a mirror?”

“Yes please, Miss!” came the whimper.

The young Miss disappeared from view. Then she returned with what appeared to be a dressing mirror on a mobile stand. She positioned it behind Keith and then angled it so that he could see a rear view of his freshly whipped rump in the mirror before him.

He studied himself. His behind was quite red. “Ooh, Miss!” he whimpered, “my poor bottom!”

Miss Strokewell stood beside him. She bent and fondled his burning rumps with her cool fingertips as she addressed him in the mirror.

“Well, Keith sir, your rumps have taken a good whipping, but I don’t think I’ve finished with them just yet! I can see a few spots I’ve missed! Would you like me güvenilir bahis to attend to them, Keith sir?”

“Yes please, Miss!” came the whimper from the front of the stocks, “but I don’t know how much more I can take, Miss!”

“Oh, don’t be silly, sir! I’m sure you’re enjoying yourself enormously! Why, I’ve had men up here who’ve cum in their trousers whilst I’ve caned them! And they’ve done it without frottaging themselves against anything! Let me have a good look at you!”

Keith watched as his young mistress stepped out of view again. Then she stepped back behind him holding a black rubber spanking paddle in one fist, its thin stiff striking pad being the size and shape of a paperback book. She tucked it under one arm and crouched behind him.

“Back you come now, sir!” she exclaimed as she reached between his parted thighs with a strong right pre-lubricated fist and grasped his rampant erection. Then she pulled it down and back toward her.

“Nngh! Miss!” Keith grunted as he lifted one leg to accommodate the action. Now she’d pulled his erection right back behind him!

She studied the fat, hard bone of flesh as it hung straining in her fist, its knob protruding. “Why, look at you!” she exclaimed, “you’re drooling quite freely! You’re obviously having a very pleasurable time, aren’t you, Keith sir?”

“Yes, Miss!” Keith whimpered.

“Well, I’m going to relieve this big hard thing for you!” she said. “And while I’m doing so I’m going to finish you with my paddle!”

“Yes, Miss!” came the whimper.

“Here güvenilir bahis siteleri we go now, you naughty thing!” she spoke to his bottom and rampant genitals, “You’ll cum onto the floor, please, whilst you taste the pleasures of my little rubber punisher!”

“Yes, Miss! Thank you, Miss!”

“Right then, here we go!”

Now Miss Strokewell began to stroke the big cock slowly up and down in one well lubricated fist whilst she officiously whipped her stiff little rubber paddle across his red, burning buttocks with her other.


“Ouch! Nngh! Miss!”

The little paddle smashed across his left crown! The stinging pain of it, on his already caned flesh, was excruciating! Once again this pretty young woman was proving herself to be the most sadistic young disciplinarian!

And then – “Nngh!” Keith grunted again, this time under the exquisite pleasure of her firm strong lubricated fist as it rode all the way down his rampant length to cover his bulbous, ready-to-burst glans.

The fist held and squeezed and rolled for a moment, causing Keith to writhe and stiffen with pleasure, and then –


– the horrid rubber paddle smacked his right buttock again!

“Nngh! Miss!” Keith grunted. The pain was excruciating! And now the tight, firm, lubricated fist rode back up his length, eliciting another groan of depraved pleasure! Then, as it snuggled and squeezed in his root, ready to descend again, the paddle whipped across his left rump again! This pretty young bitch was playing him like iddaa siteleri a piano, slowly working him towards the most mind bending submissive, buttock burning orgasm!


“Nngh! Miss!”

And so it went on. The slow, relentless, teasing stroking of Keith’s erection, combined with the alternate sadistic paddling of his hot, already abused buttocks, soon had Keith’s mind desperately confused. The cock stroking and buttock paddling merged into one delicious burning, tingling sensation – as if his semen were being somehow paddled from his penis – and he suddenly felt himself cumming uncontrollably in his mistress’s tight firm fist.

“Nngh! Miss!” Keith grunted, “I’m cumming, Miss!”

“Yes, of course you are! And you’ll continue to cum while I stroke your big dick and paddle your fat bottom!”







As the pretty mistress continued to stroke the rampant erection and paddle the fat bottom, Keith’s semen spattered in hot thick gourds from his bloated tip onto the floor between his and his mistress’s feet. The pretty young mistress worked him thoroughly and methodically until he was fully spent. He’d never cum so hard! Finally she withdrew her paddle and fist and stood. She studied her victim. His genitals hung flaccid between his thighs, the latter which writhed together with his burning, twitching red bottom!

“We’ll, Keith sir,” she spoke down to him, “Have you learnt your lesson today about playing with yourself in front of my pretty receptionist?”

“Oh yes, Miss!” came the desperate whimper.

“I’m not so sure! I can see that you need special training! I’m going to take you out of the stocks and show you how to behave properly!”

To be continued in Part Four

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