Robbing My Mom

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My name is Rob, which I guess is fitting, and I was 18 at the time of this story. And I needed money, fast. The problem was that I didn’t have any, not only that but I owed it to some pretty dangerous people. If I could, I’d rob a bank or something, but I don’t have the experience or the courage. Something much easier was clearing out the family safe.

You see, I had been a bit of a gambler. I thought I had a sure thing going, a foolproof hold-em poker system, only to go all in with a straight flush and then get fucked by a royal flush for my opponent on the flop. Of course, that opponent was also a front runner for the mob, you know you might be a little fucked when it turns out you can’t pay. So here I am, $50,000 in debt to people who were probably going to kill me if I didn’t get this money by tomorrow.

It was built into the wall of our living room. It had a combination, something that only my mom knew.

My mom’s name was Karen. She was 5’6″ had 36E sized breasts, and was in great physical shape. Her ass was to die for by how firm and round it was. She also had very full lips. My MILF mom was very fucking hot, even after giving birth to me and my sister.

My older sister Carol was also very hot, her tits were almost as big as my moms but only D cup, she took after my mom with her blonde hair and perfect ass. She was hardly ever home though, and mostly only was around for dinner and to sleep.

So, my plan was to wait until around the afternoon on a Saturday, when I knew my mom would be home, usually taking care of the flowers in the kitchen around that time. And Carol would be out with her friends until late into the evening. I didn’t want to force my mom to do this, but unfortunately, I need the money really fast. If not I’d probably be dead in the gutter by the end of the day tomorrow. It was now or never!

I threw a mask over my head first and took my “gun.” Truthfully it was just a squirt gun I had spray painted black, it looked mostly real now though, and I thought if I kept it in my jacket pocket so she could only see the hilt as I held it and pointed it at her, it would look real enough.

An hour before I was crouching in the bushes and thinking up something to say to make me sound dangerous as I robbed my family of whatever wealth we kept in the safe in the living room, I had left, telling my mom I was going to a movie and would probably be out for at least three hours. I figure that way, after I get the money, or gold, or whatever, I’d have enough time to go to the pawn shop, if I needed to, and the mafia drop off point and Mom wouldn’t be in any way suspicious about how long I was out. I just had to make sure to act really surprised when I came back so she knew it couldn’t have been me. I had already stashed a change of clothes a block away, and had just picked up the outfit I was wearing, a normal white shirt and jeans, with a kind of cool but only $1 leather jacket, probably because on the back it said “Pussy Pleaser” with a cartoon cat with sunglasses on a motorcycle picture underneath. I know it’s stupid but it was cheap. It didn’t matter, I just hoped things like that would distract my mom from what I looked like, but with the mask I made with black trash bags and duct tape, along with a kitchen knife to poke holes in the mask for my eyes and an air hole around my mouth.

I put it on while I was kneeling in the garden, no sense walking around the city street like that, I just had to be sure to walk back from my getaway spot in an alley where I dropped my actual clothes. I would be running back there in just a moment to change, sell whatever was in the safe (or not if it was only cash), pay back the mob, and maybe have a bit left over to anonymously give back to my mom at some point in the future. I had already decided I was through with gambling, it was a stupid hobby that was probably rigged anyway. Robbing my mom right now would be the last thing I ever did that wasn’t good or true or just. Yup, totally going straight after this.

Anyway, my mask was on, my spray-painted squirt gun was in my hand in my “Pussy Pleaser” jacket, this would be easy enough.

When I left I made sure to leave the back door unlocked. I had a “oh my god, and I’m the one who left the door unlocked!” speech prepared for after I took everything and already did away with the evidence.

I waited until I saw my mom in the window, water the plants we kept on shelves in the kitchen corner so they got light. It was now or never.

I quietly entered the back door and came into the kitchen. There my mom was, bent over in an apron and a sun dress, her gorgeous ass facing me. I could feel my dick get a little hard as I watched her for a moment, but I knew it was time for business.

“Freeze lady!” I shouted in a deep, gruff voice, sure it was hiding my own voice perfectly, “Scream and I’ll shoot you! Turn around slowly!” I didn’t shout so loud I could bursa escort be heard in a neighbor’s house, but loud enough that my mom knew I meant business.

When my mom turned, her brunette hair falling on her shoulders, her face shaken, her eyes wide and lips trembling with fear. Her dress and apron hugged her body, showed off her large, heaving breasts and tugged as her curves. She looked beautiful, despite the situation, and I was starting to get turned on for reasons I wasn’t even sure about.

“I’ll do whatever you ask!” My mom said, “Are you here to rape me!?” She looked me up and down then, like she was sizing me up. I was suddenly afraid maybe she recognized something about me.

“I’m here for your money!” I shouted as I took a step toward her so that our bodies were almost touching. My mom gulped, but held her ground. She was so close I could smell her sexy perfume and the shampoo she used. The smells combined were somewhat captivating, especially with being so close that her tits almost touched my chest. I was getting horny, but I had to stop these sexual thoughts about my own mother, I needed to get this money and get out! “Now take me to the safe! I need-“

“Relief.” My mom suddenly said, putting words in my mouth. She did something that really surprised me and suddenly grabbed my cock through my pants. I was very hard already, something I hadn’t realized what with the situation being so intense. “I can feel that.” My mom continued as she slowly felt up and down my shaft through my cheap khakis. “You obviously want to rape me really bad right now. I’m guessing you want me to suck your cock first, is that it?” My mom asked with a devilish smile.

Holy shit! What was going on? This was my mom, why was she acting this way? Could she be getting turned on by the thought of a stranger taking advantage of her? Was what I thought was fear on her face when I came could actually have been my mother’s horniness? That and a million other thoughts went through my head right then. But, with my mom practically giving me a hand job through my pants, my mouth just went, “Wha? I mean, ugh! That’s not-“

“-going to be enough,” my mom finished again, “Well, we’ll just see about that.” And my big titted mother suddenly got on her knees and unzipped my pants and pushed them down to my ankles. Was this really happening? I asked myself.

“Wow, you’re big,” My mom said, impressed. I suppose I was bigger than average, my cock was probably 8-9″ long but I’d never actually measured. My mom started to stroke my shaft, “I don’t think I’d ever had one this big before.” She leaned forward and held my dick up as she stroked it, then she sucked both my balls into her mouth. She purred like a kitten while she sucked my nuts and stroked me off.

“Oh shit, uh, mom, I mean, Ma’am,” I moaned out as her long tongue licked my balls and then made its way along the path up my shaft to the end of my cock. I don’t think she noticed me calling her mom, but as long as she wasn’t stopping, I could hardly care if she had or not.

Mom sucked my cockhead into her mouth and her tongue danced around my mushroom tip for a bit. She moaned in pleasure as I felt her swallow my pre-cum. Obviously, my mom liked the taste of my dick. She sucked my cock about half-way up my shaft, I could feel me going slightly down her throat but then she backed off. She came back and sucked my cockhead again, only to then bring my cock all the way into her mouth up to the hilt. Holy Shit! I thought. My mother was deep throating me!

She didn’t move for a moment, then she pulled her head completely off my cock. “What? I’m not good enough for you to throat fuck me?” She said, slightly annoyed.

“No, I mean, yes, I mean, ah fuck it.” I said as I grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved my cock into her mouth and started shoving in and out of her like a maniac. I didn’t even care anymore that this was my own mother. All I wanted was to just get off deep in her throat.

My mom moaned long and low in what seemed like a mix of pain and pleasure. While I roughly fucked her mouth I noticed she had shoved one hand into her apron and seemed to be twisting the ever-loving shit out of her nipples. Meanwhile, her other hand had pushed the bottom of her dress up so she could shove three of her fingers into her cunt, rub her clit with her thumb and shove her pinky into her asshole. Holy fucking shit! I thought as I fucked her throat even faster, feeling the need for release approaching. My Mom isn’t wearing panties! This thought, combined with the feeling of my mom’s warm, wet, sucking mouth on my cock, caused me to start cumming.

The first shot went straight down my mother’s throat. Once I started cumming I let off her head a bit so she was able to push herself off me and I kept cumming on her face. It went all over her face, some got in her hair, a lot went all over her apron and dress on her tits especially.

“Oh, bursa escort bayan motherfucker,” She said, I’m not sure if she knew how accurate she was being. “You’re so nasty, cumming all over a stranger’s face!” She kept finger fucking herself while she was saying this and I kept cumming all over her, I never knew my mother could be such a slut!

I was still rock hard but my sexual haze had cleared up enough I could think clearly and went back to my gruff persona. “Look lady,” I shouted at my cum-covered mother, “That was awesome but I need-“

“-to fuck me like a slut!” my mom said, finishing my sentence for me again, though I was going to say “i need what’s in the safe!” “Well,” my mom continued, “what are you waiting for you rapist?” She got off of the floor and walked into the dining room. As she did, she removed her dress completely, and showed her glorious body, especially her enormous boobs, terrific ass, and wet pussy. She wiped some of the cum off her face with her apron then laid back on the table, where out family ate every day. She spread her legs at the edge of the table showing off the very hole I was born from.

Part of me knew that I should probably have left right then, or at least stear things in the direction of the living room so maybe I could get Mom to open the safe. But my dick was doing on the thinking right then. I came into the room and Mom offered no resistance as I lined my cock up with her sopping wet cunt and dove in.

“Oh my god!” My mom shouted as I began to slowly fuck her, “Rape me like you mean it Rob, uh,” For a second I thought she had figured me out somehow but then she added, “Robber!” and I knew I was still safe.

“It’s not rape if you want it slut!” I shouted as I kept plowing my cock in and out of my mom’s cunt as I grabbed her giant tits and tweaked her nipples. I wished I wasn’t wearing the mask, or at least had a bigger mouth hole so I could suck on her nipples, like a good boy should. I kept fucking her, I couldn’t believe how tight she was after having two kids. It was probably the best feeling in the world, fucking my mom right then. “You were begging for me to come in and fuck the living shit out of you! You wanted this more than me!”

“Shut the fuck up and fuck me!” Mom shouted, “I don’t care anyway, fuck the living shit out of me! Uh, this is, ugh, the best, motherfucking, fucking shit, fuck eeevvveerrr!” Mom orgasmed so hard, her pussy gripped my cock as the rest of her body shook in absolute ecstasy, “YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM LIKE A HORNY SLUT YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” Mom shouted. She was insatiable.

It was all too much for me and I started to cum as well, I groaned like a wounded elk as I unleashed a torrent of cum up my mother’s cunt. I could hardly believe this was happening as I filled her up with my creamy load.

“Holy shit,” I moaned as I took my slowly withering cock out of my mother’s pussy and a mix of our orgasmic mess leaked out of her well-fucked hole onto the dining room table. It was such an erotic sight seeing your own cum slowly leaking out of your mother’s cunt.

It was time to get back to business now though, “Look mo-, ahem, I mean, lady. I need that money now, and I need to take-“

“-My asshole now. I know it’s the next step in your rapist needs. You need to fuck me in the ass too.” Mom putting words in my mouth again. I couldn’t believe it! Was she really just trying to get all her holes fucked by me? Or was whatever was in that safe worth so much to her she’d let someone fuck her in the ass to keep them from opening it?

My cock was already rock hard again as my mom flipped over on the table and used both hands to spread her ass cheeks and show me her tight brown hole.

“I bet you aren’t even going to use any lube,” my mom said, “you’re such a rough terrible Rob-ber!” She put a weird emphasis on the first part of Robber, I wondered again if she somehow knew it was me, but if she did, would my own mother let me fuck her in both her pussy and ass? That didn’t make sense to me then. Not that I was really thinking about it, I was too busy preparing for fucking Mom in her asshole.

I lined my cock up, and pushed in about and inch or two. My mom screamed, “Oh fuck! Go slow!” I didn’t care though, getting fully into the “rapist” persona, I grabbed her by the hips and forced the rest of my cock all the way into her ass.

“OOOOOOOoooooohhhh!” Mom screamed out in a sound that started as pain then transformed into pleasure, “You have the biggest cock I’ve ever had!” She shouted and started moaning in utter delight as I started fucking her asshole as roughly as I pleased. I never knew my mother could be such a fan of anal. I wondered if I could convince her to fuck me again without the mask on? But I quickly stopped wondering that as I got really into fucking my mother’s ass.

She had an especially tight ass, which was to be expected, but, having never fucked escort bursa an ass before, I never knew it was going to be so tight and hot. And by that I mean literally hot as my dick felt like it was burning up in the most pleasurable way possible. I loved this feeling and definitely had to find some way to fuck my mom’s asshole again after this ordeal was over.

God I thought, my mother is amazing. Her perfect back and tight ass as I fuck her. I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve lusted after her for so long, who knew I’d get to fuck her if, all I had to do was put a mask on!

I grabbed her boob hanging underneath her now as I fucked her hard against the table. As soon as I did she yelled, “OH SHIT ROB! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM SO HARD!” Did she just use my real name, I thought, but quickly dismissed it as I must have misheard.

Though she was cumming again, I hadn’t yet as I already came twice in under an hour. I suddenly grabbed her and flipped her over on the dining room table, my cock still buried in her asshole as I did so, she yelped in pain and pleasure as I rotated my cock around in her tightest hole. I then pushed her legs up so her knees pressed into her enormous tits, this position caused my mother’s ass to stick up in the air off the table some, the perfect angle to get my dick pushing in and out at a lust-filled speed. My mother moaned out in intense satisfaction as I fucked her ass like a rabid orangutan, or at least an incredibly horny one.

“Oh my fucking god,” my mother sang out as she shook again and her asshole gripped even tighter around my dick, I realized she was having yet another orgasm, “You’re fucking my ass so gooooood!” She shouted.

I could feel my own orgasm start to build. Suddenly I pulled my cock out of her ass and roughly ordered, “On your knees, slut.” My mom got off the table and down in front of my in no time, knowing exactly what I wanted she gripped her tits and opened her mouth, giving me plenty of cum targets.

I shot off first a few rounds onto her face again, and a few bits did fall into her mouth but mostly I just made a mess of her face as cum fell on her forehead, cheeks, and some even got in her eye. Next I aimed further downward and the rest of my cum was all over her tits. She was a total mess.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t admire my handiwork. It was time to get that safe open. “Look lady-” I started to say, but that’s when I heard a noise in the front yard. I spun around and saw that my sister had come home early for once in her life as she was getting out of the car and walking towards the front door. “OH SHIT!” I shouted. Mom and I both scrambled, Mom grabbed her cum covered apron and dress piled on the floor and ran upstairs to her room. I wasn’t even thinking as I ran and grabbed my pants from the kitchen floor and took off into the backyard, naked from the waist down.

I reached my drop off point without more than a homeless man seeing me and laughing. I quickly changed back into my normal clothes while I shoved my “robber” clothes and mask into the bag. Originally, my plan was to just throw them away after, but I didn’t get what was in the safe, so I knew I would need them again. I hid them under a nearby dumpster, hoping they’d still be there when I came back.

I went home. I spent nearly two hours fucking my mom, so getting home now wouldn’t be too soon or too late. I just wondered if the cops would be when I got home.

When I got back, there were no cops, and my sister was on her computer at the kitchen table. I noticed that someone had cleaned up Mom’s and my little mess. I asked Carol if she’d seen Mom.

“Yeah, she seemed to be in a good mood for some reason,” Carol said, “I think she’s upstairs in her room.”

I went upstairs and found my mom folding laundry in her room. She was humming happily to herself.

“Hey Mom,” I said to her as I came in, wondering if she somehow knew my cock was inside of her only a short time ago.

“Hey Rob,” She said happily, she came over and gave me a hug. She lingered for a minute and seemed to be moaning softly in joy as she pressed her face against my neck.

“What’s gotten into you?” I asked, knowing full well the answer was “me.”

I turned my head to look at her and for a second she her face had the same expression she did when she was turned on, staring at me on the dining room table as she waited for me to fuck her. She suddenly kissed me on the lips, not a sexual kiss, though she seemed to linger before pulling away and going back to her happy laundry folding.

“Oh, nothing,” Mom said, finally answering my question, “I just had an absolutely great afternoon. Part of me just wishes it wasn’t over.”

That made my eyes go wide, did my mom just admit to wanting to get fucked again? She might not know it was me fucking her, but that made me think that maybe I should try to get that money from the safe again after all. I guess I didn’t really have a choice. I needed that money fast.

I left my mom alone and went to make plans to do it all over again. Maybe something later that night? I only hoped my sister would be asleep by then…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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