Road to the Sun Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction. All people are over 18. I would like to thank GrandTeton of his editing and guidance. This chapter is rewritten.


James stood in the entrance way, staring at the letter in his hand. His red eyes gave way to the tears that he had tried to hold back for the weeks since his parents had died. He turned on his heel and headed to the dining room. He slumped into the closest chair and let loose the flood gates.

James jumped as a soft hand touched his shoulder. Turning his head he saw Claire, his oldest sister, standing behind him. Her sad smile and red puffy eyes looked back at him. He was 18 years old, with light brown hair, and blue eyes. She asked: “Well, what now?”

“Mr. Hardwick, our lawyer, said that we have to sell this house, but that we can keep the place in Montana.”

“Montana? What place in Montana?”

“Not a clue. But at least we have some place to go.”

Claire turned and sat in the chair next to him.

“How long do we have?”

“Two weeks. Then we have to be out.”

“Fuck! That’s not nearly long enough! We have so much to do. What are we going to do with everything?”

“I don’t know. He said that we can do what we want with the furniture. The sale of the house should be enough to pay off the bills. And have a bit left over. If we are lucky.”

“Cindy and Melody won’t be happy about this.”

“Nobody is going to be happy. But we all have to do what we can.”

Claire got up and kissed his head, then wandered off. James left the letter on the table as he, too, retreated to his room. He sat down on the bed and looked around. ‘Not much left to sell,’ he thought to himself. He had already sold off a good bit of stuff just to be able to put food on the table and pay for utilities. He got up and decided to sort his clothes; he would need warmer things for the border state.

James was not sure how long he had been working when Melody came in and sat on his bed. She reached out and tugged his shirt, startling him.

“Sorry about that James. I read the letter and just can’t seem to… Well, I just cannot believe that on top of everything, that we have to move in two weeks.”

“I know, it just seems so surreal.”

“Do you know where in Montana?”

“I didn’t read quite that far.”

“I did, and looked it up on mapquest.”


“Fairly close to Saint Mary, on Road to the Sun; that’s just off of Going-to-the-Sun Road.”

“Where the fuck is that?”


“Shiiiit!” James said shaking his head.

Melody stood up and walked over to James. She bent over and kissed his lips ever so lightly. She then left him to his work.

James spent a good bit of time in his room, then came downstairs in time to see Claire setting the table. She looked over at him and said: “Cindy is making dinner and should be done in a bit.”

“Cool.” He didn’t realize that he was hungry till she said that. “Need any help, Cindy?”

“No James, I’m good. Be just a few,” she yelled back.

James started to sit when the doorbell rang. Melody called out that she got it. Mr. Hardwick came into the dining room just a few seconds later.

Mr. Bartholomew K. Hardwick was an older man. He had known the Cromwell’s for years, and the children all their lives. He was not what you would call a friend. He was a lawyer after all, and did what lawyers do.

He was mad with himself, and being so, a bit distracted. However, he was going to do his best for these kids. He owned them that much.

“Oh, I’m sorry to interrupt your dinner.”

“No problem, Mr. Hardwick,” James said, offering him his hand. “What can we do for you?”

“Well, I have some paperwork that needs to be signed, and some keys.”

Cindy came in with food and set it on the table. “What keys?”

“Well, they are for the property in Wyoming.”

“Wyoming? I thought it was Montana?”

“Sorry, you are correct, my apologies,” he chuckled.

“Oh Okay, kinda confused me there for a moment,” James laughed.

Mr. Hardwick reached into his pocket and pulled out a fairly good sized key ring with lots of keys. Melody took them before James could even move, and started to look them over.

Mr. Hardwick then pulled an envelope from his breast pocket. Melody snagged that as well. He looked back at the keys and then the envelope. He only knew what the directions he had received said. “Give the envelope and keys to the children in the event of their parents’ deaths.”

“That’s the directions and the information that you will need for the utilities, schools, government offices and others.”

“Sweet!” Claire squeaked. “I do have a question though.”


“Can we sell the place in Montana and keep our home?”

“The ranch is protected from sale under a condition from the Department of Indian Affairs. It can only be passed on to family members.”

Mr. Hardwick then opened his briefcase and pulled out more paperwork. He flipped through the pages until he found the ones that needed signatures.

“This pendik escort paperwork signs the ranch over to you folks. I need all four of your signatures next to the yellow tabs.” He handed them a pen.

“Mr. Hardwick? What about the sale of the house?” Claire asked.

” Well… I believe we can get a good price. It should pay off all your parents’ debts, with some left over for yourselves, if we are lucky. I will have an estate agent list it, but it may take a while to sell.”

“What’s going on with the investments?” Melody asked.

“Well, as you know, your trust funds will pay out on each of your 21st birthdays. I know they won’t be a lot, since your parents started them with only fifty dollars. And they could only afford that and sometimes less every month. The stocks, well… some were bogus. Make believe. I’m afraid those are a bust with no chance to recover the monies. Some I have transferred into your names already; however, those will take time to sell. I am still working on the rest; I’m not sure how long that will take. The sale of the stocks will not be enough to pay off the bills either, I’m sorry.”

Claire then asked about his family and made more small talk. After turning down an invitation to dinner, he left.

The siblings ate and had cleaned up the dishes before they all decided to watch tv. James sat down in the middle of the couch. Claire plopped down on his right and Melody on his left. Cindy sat on the floor in front of him and leaned back between his legs.

While they sat there, Melody curled up around his arm. As he looked at the top of her head, Claire laid her head in his lap. Cindy slid down his leg and used his foot as her pillow. James was stuck, and unable to move, quickly became uncomfortable. He sucked it up and just let them pin him in. He must have been tired since he fell asleep sometime after the news started.

James awoke to the sight of Melody’s ass in his face. Pushing himself up, he noticed that all of them were out cold in a ball on the couch. He didn’t want to move but needed to use the bathroom. Extracting himself without waking them was no easy task. He failed miserably by waking everyone. They all filed into the bathrooms and were soon off to their own rooms. Sometime during the night James ended up with all three of his sisters sleeping in his bed. He laid precariously on the edge. He found all this out when he fell to the floor.

“James, are you alright?” Cindy inquired.

“Yeah,” he said, rubbing his hip. Standing up, he looked at the time. 7:15 a.m. Looking back at the bed, James noticed just how beautiful his sisters actually were.

Claire was 20, hard to say what color hair she had. It resembles brunette, but she has some natural blonde, auburn and black. She never dyed it. It was just all natural. She was a bit shorter than James’ 5’10”. So, maybe 5’8ish. And maybe 119 lbs. Powder blue eyes to die for.’Oh my god’ he loved her eyes. She had maybe a C cup and a firm bottom. She laid on the right side of the bed.

Cindy was in the middle, Melody was on the right. They were 19 years old, twins, and yes, they were identical. Except for their eyes. Cindy has a blue eye on her left, whereas Melody has a blue on her right. Cindy’s right eye is brown and Melody has a green on her left. Both have blonde hair and are 5’6. James was not really sure of anybody’s weight, but thought that if they were soaking wet, about 100lbs. Both were B cup size. Cindy was lying on her side and Melody was on her stomach.

James could have stayed there, but he had to drain the lizard. Once in front of the commode and trying to aim his stiff flagpole downward, Melody came in, and just stood there in her purple nightie. Staring right at his hard wood. Eyes as wide as they could get and mouth open. She tried to say something and failed. Closed her mouth and bit her upper lip. Failed to say something again and left.

Upon entering the kitchen, James saw all three of his sisters prancing around looking for whatever. Watching them jiggle and bounce, James noticed that all too familiar growth down below and had to retreat to the bathroom. He was not sure what caused him to hightail it. James had seen his sisters in various forms of dress, even stark naked, and he never got a rise. But for some reason, he had been reacting more strongly to them recently.’Oh well.’ He decided to turn on the shower and went about discarding his pj’s.

The shower finally got warm and he stepped in. He put both hands and his forehead on the wall under the spray. Feeling that warm water cascading down the back of his head, over his neck and then down his back was just what he needed.

The image of Cindy, wearing a two piece Victoria’s Secret black strapless bikini at the beach last summer, just popped right into his head. Her hands were above her head, twisted at the wrist. She was standing thigh deep in the ocean, with a wave crashing behind her. She was wet, the glistening droplets trailing down all of her curves. Her gyrating body and the sultry look on her face flooded his mind’s eye. As his escort pendik cock hardened, his hand made its way to his rod and started its work.

Bang! Bang! The pounding on the door startled James so badly, he fell to the floor. The shower door flew open, and there stood Cindy and Melody.

“Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine; you all just scared the living hell out of me.”

“You’re bleeding from your lip,” Cindy said, just a moment faster than Melody. Both reached out and took one of his hands and pulled him to his feet. James was relieved; he was soft again.

He could not help but notice that both of his sisters were almost as wet as he was.

“Um, ah, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” in surround sound.

“Why did you run off like that?” came Claire’s voice from the doorway.

“I just needed some quiet time. All this shit just has me so worked up, I can hardly think.”

Claire placed her hands on her sisters’ shoulders and led them from the bathroom.

“I know what you mean James. Come along, let James have some time.” As she walked out, she smiled and gave him a sultry once over.

With that they left him to his own devices. He once again tried to relax but found that impossible, and just finished washing.

Walking back into the kitchen he noticed all of his sisters were now dressed in sweat pants and tops. ‘What are we going to do?’ he thought, then Melody asked that very question.

“We have known for a while that we would most likely have to sell the house. We have all looked for a place, and the answers have always been no. I see no other alternative but to move to Montana,” Melody stated.

“No shit, Dick Tracy!” Claire added with a sarcastic roll of her eyes.

“We have until September 1st. We’ll need more cash for the move,” James added.

“I have had some thoughts about that,” Cindy said. “We can sell Mel’s car, keep J’s pickup truck and Mom’s SUV.” They all agreed that would be enough to rent a U-haul, and that Claire’s tips from the grill should cover gas and a few nights at a hotel.

Over the course of the next ten days, they sold off Melody’s car and whatever else they could bear to part with. James’ sisters started sleeping with him every night. Their attire became more provocative by the day. James never had to really try to get glimpses of his sisters. They gave him flashes of bare skin just about every time they moved. They wore panties and something that resembles a mini skirt but with spaghetti straps for a top. Whatever it was hung from their breasts, barely covering them completely. Every now and then James would look at Claire and she would be looking right back at him. Her eyes were soft and she would be slowly licking one of her fingers. When he looked at Melody, she would flush and look at her feet. Sometimes she was stretching so that her top would ride all the way to the base of her breasts. James spent most of the days trying to hide his tented pants.

The packing was done, and everything was downstairs. Everything was placed in the order that it was to be loaded. James was sore and Claire stated that she was beat. Everyone agreed. The girls went to bathe and James went room to room making sure everything was set. James was standing at the bottom of the stairs when he heard the sound of foot steps.

James turned and looked up. There at the top of the steps stood three totally naked and wet women.

“Um, James? We…ah…well, we seem to have packed all the towels,” Cindy embarrassedly confessed.

“Oh, okay. I think I can find them,” he said, turned and stumbled the first couple of steps. Claire tried to stifle a laugh with her hand, but only managed to knock Melody off balance. Melody’s wet feet slipped across the wooden steps but she managed to grab the bannister.

Cindy tried to catch Melody and did so, but by Mel’s left breast. They both looked at each other; Melody turned bright red. Cindy dropped her hand to her side. Neither said a word as they all came downstairs.

James was looking at his sisters more than he was looking for a towel. As Melody got closer to him, James noticed that she was flushed from the chest up. As she passed him, he could see how hard and puffy her wet nipples were. James fumbled with the boxes and eventually handed a blanket to his sister. He looked into her odd colored eyes and she smiled, gave him a wink, and dried off.

James was relieved it was his turn to bathe. Standing in the shower, all he could think about was his naked wet sisters. For the first time in his life, he thought of them as women, thought of them as beautiful, thought of them as hot. He thought of them on the stairs, touching and kissing, licking and tasting each other. Then he painted the shower wall with his cum. All of a sudden, James felt bad. Thinking of his sisters as sex objects ripped at his heart strings. He finished washing, dried on a blanket, then joined his sisters in the dining room.

Claire had just finished putting together their make-shift beds, and was making sure her sisters were comfortable.



“Thank pendik escort bayan you!”

“For what?”

“For stepping up this last month.”

“You’re welcome, Claire. But I didn’t do it all myself. You and Melody and Cindy helped. And without that help, I would have been fucked.”

“Maybe so, but it would have been all of us that got screwed, not just you,” Melody interjected.

“Damn straight,” Claire said with a smile and a hint of a giggle. “We have a long day tomorrow. Get some sleep.”

James got as comfortable as he could, and laid on his stomach. He closed his eyes and soon felt Claire’s soft fingers rubbing his back. In no time he was out cold.


Claire was on her side running her fingers along James’ back. He was out cold, but that didn’t stop her. She looked at his back, tanned from working in the yard all summer. She was a bit surprised that he seemed to have lost a few pounds. His muscles were beginning to show in his shoulder. His skin felt soft but firm. Her rubbing turned into caresses as she outlined his muscles.

‘Hmmm…18 and he stepped right up to bat when I crumbled.’ He became a man in a split second. She was a little girl again after she broke down at the funeral home. He was now the man of the house. He handled everything from that point on. He wouldn’t even let them sell any of their own stuff when they needed money for bills. “Guys don’t need a lot of crap!” echoed in her head. Smiling to herself, she wrapped her arm around her brother, and said to herself, ‘he will make a fine husband for some lucky lady,’ then she fell asleep.

The next day was a frantic mad-paced nightmare. First: the truck wasn’t there, but James had managed to get a larger one, with an extra day to boot. All for the same price. Second: They had to wait for the larger truck to finish its maintenance, another two hours. Third: it was just after 2 a.m. when they finally finished loading it.

Claire was tired, pissed off and sore.

“We’re done! And I want the fuck out of this place, right fucking now!” Her anger was evident in her demand.

She looked over at James and he could only smile. His smile was warm, caring and understanding. He just nodded. He grabbed the key for the house and the combination lock for the front door.

Outside standing on the walkway, the siblings all looked back at the only home they had ever known. Memories flooded each one and tears rolled down their cheeks. They cried and held onto each other before they wandered off to the vehicles and drove off into the night.

Claire decided that she was hungry, well, not really deciding, her stomach growled. She drove till she found a diner. She pulled the SUV into the lot, followed by Cindy and Melody in the pickup truck. James parked the big truck on the street and followed his sisters.

They sat and ate in relative quiet. All looked beat and depressed. The sky was getting lighter and they were getting more tired even though they had not been on the road long.

“Okay, let’s just find a hotel and stay till tomorrow morning. That way we can get a fresh start,” Cindy offered. Everybody looked up from their plates and nodded their agreement. It took them a whole ten minutes to find a suitable hotel. The hotel offered a heated swimming pool and air conditioning.

“The room only has two double beds,” Cindy stated sadly.

James looked at the beds, shrugged his shoulders: ” Well, at least they are bigger than my bed.” He shambled to the nearest bed and flopped down. He was out as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The girls each needed a bath. One by one they crawled into bed after bathing. Claire was last and ended up in the same bed as James. She glanced at him and smiled as she fell asleep.

Her eyes flickered open to the tv’s noise. She turned her head and saw that everyone was up. Sitting up she asked the time. Melody said 7:15 a.m.

“Wow! I can hardly believe that I slept for so long.”

“So did we sis,” Cindy laughed.

“If you get dressed we can all go down and eat,” Melody added.

The continental breakfast was actually good. The siblings had a good time eating and talking. All too soon they were back on the road. Melody was in the SUV, Cindy took the pickup truck and Claire decided to ride with James in the rental truck. He was leading the mini-caravan as they got onto the interstate.

At noon they entered Atlanta. Claire noted that James got tense. His knuckles turned white on the steering wheel as the traffic became heavier. She could tell that he didn’t like driving in it; after all, who would? She shook her head when the highway turned into a parking lot. James showed proof of his angst, brow furrowed and lips pressed tight. Then he hit the steering wheel with his fist and screamed.

“Fucking hell! I have to piss like a Russian race horse! And we’re stuck here cause fuckers can’t fucking drive! Fucking fucks!”

“Just life in a large city, bro.”

“Well, they can keep this fucking shit!”

‘Well that explains it. He had to use the bathroom, and traffic didn’t help,’ Claire thought. She then started to look for something for him to use. She found a litre pop bottle and drank down the last swallow, then handed it to him.

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