Riviera Sun , Knickers Ch. 07

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This story continues the adventures of Simon’s time in the South of France and should be read in order. I know there is fun to come for Simon more, as while this series of stories has been chiefly fiction and fantasy. Several elements have a basis on a three month trip I made to the riviera many years ago. So please give me your thoughts and feedback.

…The drive back to the villa was a quiet affair with a palpable sexual tension existing with, in my view, Olivia still on heat, for want of a better expression. I pulled up outside, and Olivia, a vision of elegance, slipped out of the car and floated into the villa. I put the car away and strolled back into the house and on through to the pool terrace. Lucy and Chantal were sitting with a drink and chatting. The evening was still warm and balmy despite being past ten o’clock, a gentle breeze rustling the palms.

The pool lights were on, and Olivia stood talking to Lucy and Chantal with a faint glow showing through her chiffon dress.

“Ah, Simon, there you are, is the car safely put away?”

“Yes, I have also put the cover over it.”

“Good, thank you, Simon, Chantal? Would you be a dear and get Simon and me a glass of Champagne, please.”

“Yes, of course, Olivia,” Chantal replied, getting up and going over to the pool bar and filling two glasses from the already open bottle on ice.

Both Chantal and Lucy were wearing simple loose summer dresses, braless from what I could see. Chantal brought our glasses of Champagne over to us without comment and went back to her lounger.

“Did you have a nice evening, mummy; I assume you won as usual?”

“A lovely and fascinating evening, thank you, Lucy. Although Liu and I were not on our best form tonight, we lost to Judy and Anna.”

“Really! Wow, they must have been delighted. How long is it since you have been beaten?”

“Some considerable time, and yes, they were over the moon, I can assure you! Anyway, it is starting to get late, so Lucy, would you take Simon up to my room and get him ready for me, please!”

“Of course, mummy, the usual?”

“Yes, please, that will be fine,” Olivia said, looking me straight in the eye.

“Umm, excuse me, what’s going on here?” I asked, looking between Lucy and Olivia.

“What’s going on, Simon is that you are going to do as you are told and go with Lucy,” Olivia commanded me firmly.

It appeared I had little choice in the matter, but what on earth did “The usual” mean? Lucy took my hand and led me upstairs into Olivia’s room.

“First things first, Simon, let’s get you undressed, and in the shower, mummy will be up soon and is expecting you to be ready for her.”

I felt like a little boy the way I was being treated but didn’t see that I really had much choice. Lucy leaned into the shower, turned the taps on, and asked whether I needed any help to get undressed.

I told her to help herself, particularly as my having any control over events was not part of what was going on here! There was no seduction in the way my clothes came off, and once naked, I was told to get under the shower, which was more of a wet room design than a cubicle. I stood under the strong jets of hot water and looked for the soap only to see Lucy stepping out of her dress and kicking it across the floor of the bathroom. Her pale yellow panties quickly followed the dress to the floor as she picked up a sponge and some shower gel and walked into the shower with me. Lucy proceeded to very efficiently soap me all over and quietly and firmly stopped any attempt by me to touch her.

“You’re all mummy’s tonight Simon, my only job is to get you ready for her, starting with getting you clean.”

Several minutes later, I was soaped, scrubbed, rinsed and dried by warm, luxurious towels, and wearing a towelling bathrobe. Still naked, Lucy led me out into the bedroom and told me to sit on the bed. She went over to a large chest of drawers, opened the bottom one, and took out a handful of silk scarves.

“Robe off, please, Simon, and lie on your back. Let’s be getting you ready, shall we?”

I didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to realise what was about to happen and, in truth, had not the slightest idea how I felt about it. The bed was obviously antique and solid wood in construction. Each corner had a post similar to a newell post on a staircase, with a thick circular bar running between them. At the head of the bed, ornate cushions hung by loops over the bar. My concern lay with the bed’s size and that if I was to be tied to each corner, I would be split in two!

Lucy climbed onto the bed, patently not bothered by her nakedness started on the job of securing me.

“Now then, Simon, your hand, please,” she said, taking my wrist and positioning it so that she could tie it to the bed head. She repeated the process with my other hand until I was unable to move. The scarves were not so tight that I was sure that I could have released myself with a bit of effort, but I decided to go along with whatever may be in store. Lucy continued to secure my legs and as with my hands, illegal bahis using the bar rather than the corner posts, thus avoiding splitting me in half! I was undoubtedly secure but in no way uncomfortable. Lucy leaned over me, her breasts grazing my chest and kissed me on the forehead. “There we are, all ready for mummy,” she said, raising herself off the bed and leaving the room.

I had pillows under my shoulders, so I could see Olivia when she walked into the room, although floated may have been a better description. She was wearing a royal blue silk gown pulled tight around her, both sides pulled firmly into her cleavage, accentuating the swell of her breasts, her nipples pressing hard against the material.

A wide tie was cinched at her waist, the lower half of the gown flowing out over her hips. What a glorious sight this woman was, mature, shapely, and so obviously in her prime. I felt my heartbeat quicken as the blood started a natural course to my cock. Sitting on the edge of the bed like a mother about to comfort a sick child. Olivia leaned over and, with the gentlest nibble of my ear, whispered, “You are all mine tonight, Simon, mine and my hot, wet pussy to do with as we please.”

She continued to nibble and lick my ear before moving to kiss me hard and passionately on the lips, her tongue darting into my mouth, probing and exploring. To be entirely passive and unable to react in any way was both highly erotic and frustrating simultaneously. However, I assume this to be the exercise’s whole point of the exercise?

Olivia toyed with me, her hands lightly tracing lines on the inside of my thighs, her lips teasing my nipples, the sleeve of her silk gown brushing my cock. The sensations were incredibly intense and undoubtedly heightened by my being tied up!

While I was happy to allow this gorgeous, mature woman complete control over her needs, to have one’s instincts to touch and caress one’s lover curtailed by physical restriction was excruciating!

“How are you enjoying your stay with us Simon, is it living up to expectations?” Olivia purred as she stroked my cock into life. “Have you indulged your panty fantasies enough yet, or would you like me to add to them?”

Before I answered her, she pulled the pair of pale blue knickers she had been wearing earlier from her gown’s pocket and placed them over my face.

“Are they still warm, Simon; can you smell and feel the dampness from my dripping pussy? My juices were flowing all evening, waiting for this moment to have you all to myself.”

Olivia’s knickers were indeed still damp and warm, the glorious musty aroma of womanhood, oh, how I lusted to taste those juices, to bury my face in her dripping wet pussy! Whether I would get the opportunity was not in my hands though, only Olivia knew what she had in store for me. Olivia bent over and kissed me, pressing her panties’ cotton gusset into my mouth and over my nose. Her hand snaked down my body and grasped my cock firmly, a soft moan emanating from her very core.

Sitting up and taking the panties from my face, she used them to caress my body stopping, at my cock, which she teased with the soft material. She continued to massage my rigid shaft until, after a short while, she shifted herself down to my groin. She placed the panties over my swollen head and proceeded to suck me through the soft blue satin. She sucked and licked until the panties were drenched in her saliva, then, peeling them off my cock, a string of pre-cum sticking to them, she licked it clean.

Moving to the bottom of the bed, she moved up between my legs, her hands caressing their way up my thighs until she was able to lick my balls and on up my shaft. She licked, sucked and played with my cock for what seemed an eternity to me, tied up and powerless to do anything. After this, she raised herself up and, loosening the tie of her robe, let it slip off her shoulders, exposing her perfectly rounded breasts. Her nipples hardened and prominent, her areolae swollen. She leaned forward and played them over my cock.

The whole experience so far had been one of pure agony and ecstasy, an ecstasy of sensations and an agony of being unable to touch or feel Olivia’s glorious body. I ached to massage and feed on her breasts, to suck her pussy dry until she screamed in a trance of pleasure. The robe slid further until it pooled on my thighs, leaving her gloriously naked as she moved between teasing me with her breasts and sucking my cock.

After a while, I actually have no idea how long? Olivia moved up the bed and straddled my abdomen, leaning forward to position her breasts over my mouth. Finally, I was able to suckle on them like a hungry child. My twitching, aching cock was nestled up against her arse, desperate to bury itself in Olivia’s warmth. That, however, was not to be just yet! Once again, Olivia repositioned herself so that now her gleaming pussy was hovering over my mouth.

I instinctively began to lick her until she rode my tongue with a gentle back and forth movement. Her pussy was swollen and dripping. Her clitoris illegal bahis siteleri was erect and sensitive as we found a rhythm that allowed me to suck on her clitoris a while before she rubbed her swollen pussy lips along my tongue. Olivia was holding on to the bed head with both hands, her large pendulous breasts swaying gently, her eyes tightly closed as she moaned and purred with pleasure.

I sensed a change in her breathing, and her movements became slightly more erratic, meaning she was close to orgasm. She was not alone! I expected her to remain where she was until she had cum, but a little frantically, she moved down and, taking my cock in her hand, played it around the entrance to her pussy. I could see she was on the edge of orgasm. Her breathing ragged, and a pained expression on her face until, with a feral grunt, she sank my cock into her pussy. She rode me feverishly as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! For god’s sake Fuck me, Simon, keep your hard cock fucking me! Argh, god, that’s fucking good, oh yes! Again! I’m Cumming again! Now Simon, now Cum with me. I want to drain your balls dry!”

I needed no second invitation! Olivia had lost every ounce of dignity and decorum as she bucked and swore like a fish wife. I thrust myself up hard into her, shooting my load deep inside her, grunting like an animal as my orgasm took control of my senses. Olivia arched her back and her head thrown back. Her pussy held my cock in a vice-like grip before relaxing and collapsing on me, panting and blowing.

“Ooh, mummy! That sounded like you had a wonderful fuck,” Lucy exclaimed as she bounded into the room. She had dressed again by now in the same loose summer dress from earlier.

Despite being naked and sitting on my cock, Olivia was slowly regaining some of her usual demeanour and, sitting up, responded to Lucy. “Indeed, yes, it is fair to say that that was most agreeable.”

I was slightly aghast at the open and intimate relationship this mother and daughter had? “Were you listening to us all the time, Lucy?” I asked.

“Of course! Actually, I was watching most of the time too. It’s incredibly horny watching mummy being fucked by a young buck.”

“Are you shocked, young man?” Olivia asked as she leaned over to untie the scarfs on my wrists. “Lucy, sort the ties on Simon’s ankles, please.”

“Shocked? That’s probably the wrong word. Surprised or curious might be more appropriate. This is you’re your daughter that has been watching you “Being fucked by a young buck!”

“Lucy and I have always been very close due in no small part to my husband’s total lack of interest in anything other than his work. This is fine by me as it ensures our lifestyle, which I have no intention of jeopardising.”

“Mummy and I have no secrets, and I adore her. It’s a bonus that we are so comfortable with our sex lives and are happy on occasion to take a little comfort from each other.”

So there it was, no embarrassment, not a hint of shame, just an admission of an open sexual relationship.

“Enough about us, Simon, you have a final function tonight, and that is to prepare me for bed. You will join me in the shower, wash and dry me and apply my body lotion. While I remove my make-up, you may choose which nightgown I wear tonight. Lucy will show you where to find them.”

Olivia moved off into the bathroom to undertake whatever a woman does to her face at night?

Lucy took my hand, “Come with me, Simon, and you can help me choose mummy’s nighty.”

I had just had great sex with an amazing mature woman. However, I have to confess to feeling slightly bemused by events since? Ah, but what the heck? I was being led by the hand by a pretty young thing, after which I would join a gorgeous mature amazon of a woman in the shower. Why should I worry?

“All mummy’s nighties are hanging here, Simon. She always wears clean every night, so which do you think she should wear?”

“How the fuck should I know what mummy should wear?” I thought to myself. Especially as there were so many! There were various shades of white through to cream, pale and dark blues, dark reds and just one pink, which I thought was odd, except that I wasn’t sure that pink would be an Olivia colour at all?

“I’m going to choose pink as there is only one, and I’m guessing it’s one she doesn’t wear very often?”

“You’re right, Simon, in fact, I’ve never seen mummy wear it, so this should be fun! I’ll straighten the bed and lay it out.”

I watched Lucy fuss around the bed until I heard water splashing and Olivia call from the bathroom. She was already wet and soaping her hair as I walked into the shower. She handed me some shower gel and a mitten, a natural sponge on one side and a loofa on the other.

“I will do my hair while you can use this to wash me.”

So I got on doing what I was told, which, let’s face it, was hardly the most onerous of tasks? Olivia seemed almost oblivious to me, washing her hair as I soaped her back, breasts, and the lower half of her body, including her canlı bahis siteleri pussy! Her clit was still hard and her pussy lips swollen, so using plenty of lather, I massaged her, paying particular attention to her

Olivia was rinsing her hair, her head back, and the water cascading on her face. After what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a few minutes, Olivia pulled me in close and kissing me hard while I continued to “Wash” her pussy. She purred rather than moaned her way to a gentle orgasm, her body trembling slightly, her eyes tight shut.

Releasing me and looking down at my semi-erect cock, she smiled, “You’ll have to look after that by yourself, Simon. I am exhausted but delighted with the way tonight ended.”

I gave myself a quick wash while she rinsed herself down and then stepped out of the shower. The bath towel Olivia handed me was warm, unbelievably soft and huge. I wrapped her in it and proceeded to dry her all over. Olivia rubbed her hair and then created one of those turban things that only women manage to do.

“That’ll do for now Simon, please hand me my robe and get yourself dry.”

Out of nowhere, Lucy appeared with a warm towel and wrapped it around me.

“Here, let me help you, Simon,” Lucy purred.

Lucy’s help consisted of her giving all her attention to my semi-erect cock, “I’ll deal with this later when you’ve finished with mummy.”

Once I was dry with Lucy’s help, I was taken still naked back into the bedroom to complete my final task of applying Olivia’s body lotion. She handed me a large bottle of lotion and, untying her robe, let it fall to the floor.

“Shoulders down, please, Simon. I have taken care of my face and neck.”

Squeezing a large dollop of lotion into my hand, I started to massage the cream all over her body, paying particular attention to her breast and buttocks. I was surprised how much effort was required to get the cream to fully absorb until her skin felt silky and dry. Of course, it was particularly tough having to pay so much attention to Olivia’s gorgeous breasts!

“Thank you, Simon. If you’d just pass me the nightdress you have chosen, that will be all for tonight.”

Olivia slipped it over her head and walked over to a full-length mirror, and checked herself out.

“Not bad at all, I wasn’t sure about this colour when I bought it, but I rather like it, what do you think, Lucy?”

“I think it looks gorgeous, mummy. The colour looks surprisingly good on you!”

I thought she looked adorable and younger, in truth. However, I kept that observation to myself!

Olivia turned from the mirror and walked to the bed. I did feel slightly ridiculous when once in bed, Olivia asked me to kiss her goodnight! But in truth, I had no cause for complaint or a valid reason not to do precisely as I was asked!

And so there it was, the evening was over, I had been well and truly used and abused, a plaything for four gorgeous mature women. If there is indeed a heaven, then surely, I was getting a taste of it during this wonderful trip?

Lucy sidled over to me, taking my hand and pulling me toward the door.

“Come on, Simon, time to let mummy sleep and for me to make sure you get to bed.”

“What about my clothes? I can’t wander around the villa naked, for heaven’s sake!”

“Oh really, Simon! Your room is just along this landing, and it will save me having to undress you again! You can collect them in the morning.”

Lucy led me into my room, and in a single motion, managed to close the door and whip her dress off in the blink of an eye. Moving to stand at the end of the bed in just her panties, she beckoned me with a crooked finger and a wicked grin.

“Your duties are not entirely complete, Simon. I am feeling horny as hell, and I expect you to solve that problem for me!”

I may well have viewed myself as a young stud, but I had to wonder about my powers of recovery after the evening I had had! However, it was apparent Lucy had no intention of allowing me to use the “I’m tired” routine. I moved toward the bed, taking Lucy in my arms. I kissed her hard, one hand on her breast the other down the back of her panties, kneading her arse.

Lucy responded with urgency emphasising her need to be fucked, her hand fumbling, massaging and toying with my cock and balls. She manoeuvered me around and pushed me so that I was sitting on the end of the bed. Then, kneeling on the floor buried her head in my groin, licking and sucking my cock into life. I was happy to let Lucy do all the work, and in no time, my cock was hard and ready for action.

Lucy was enjoying herself with my cock in the same way I enjoy eating pussy. She licked and flicked her tongue all over it, sucked it and let it play around her face until she was finally ready to be fucked. Lucy got me to move on to the bed properly, then took her panties off, threw them onto my chest, got onto the bed, and straddled me. She grabbed the shaft of my cock and lowered herself down onto it. The warmth and incredible wetness of her pussy enclosed my cock with ease. Lucy remained still for what seemed like an age but was probably only a few seconds before she began to ride me with a wild look on her face. Her head was thrown back, and she was oblivious to me as she focussed on satisfying her needs.

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