Rhonda’s Return

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A lazy Sunday afternoon. The microwave buzzer went, “Ting!” and he dragged himself to the kitchen. Donning kitchen gloves he pulled the plate out of the oven gingerly. She had piled it high before putting it to warm in the microwave.

“Are you trying to fatten me, darling?”

“Yeah, you look as if you need it.”

“The trouble with you is that you have just come from America where food portions are abnormally huge.”

“You might as well get used to it.”

He laughed. “I will never hear the end of this “too-thin” story!”

They passed each other as she was on the way to serve herself and warm it as she had done his. A short while later they sat eating companionably together. She leaned over and fed a spoonful into his mouth, while his hand went around her shoulders. As soon as the spoon was lowered, he pulled her to himself and kissed her with closed lips.

The meal done and the dishes washed, they were soon in bed, rolling over each other. The culmination was her scream as she hit a third successive orgasm, with his tongue sucking up their joint juices, and cleaning her hole, lips and clit of all traces of sex. But the effect was exciting her all over again so that she made that third orgasm.


She had left the country some ten years before and gone to the US to find work, after being retrenched by the international bank she worked in for nearly twenty years while her children had been yet small and her marriage still alive. At first she had become concerned at her husband’s late arrival after work, before it became sleeping out with flimsy excuses of having taken customers to view property and been delayed. That these excursions seemed to occur only on Fridays or Saturdays aroused her suspicions. When she asked him about it he became rude and insulting. She suspected more strongly that he had another woman somewhere. It did not take more than two months before he stayed away for longer and longer periods, and it soon became known where he was spending his nights; between the legs of a woman younger than his firstborn daughter. With time he moved out of the marital home altogether.

This was why, when retrenchment came, she found she had no hope in this country any more, and sought ways of going to the US expecting that she would find work there. She had heard it rumoured that nursing care was very much in demand. And indeed when she arrived in Parkland, Texas she found there was more work than she could handle. Between paying her household and travel expenses she found she was able to send back money for her children’s fees in school and college. sincan escort bayan Five years after this she even had saved a little bit of money, because she had to work three jobs at the same time. Apart from the old people’s home she also did a shift as part of the security team at a hotel, and a part-time job at a small bank. This left her with little leisure time in which to spend her hard-earned cash, getting by on only four or five hours of sleep a night.

This pattern hardly changed at all for the next five years, by which time the children had finished school except the youngest of three who was in her final year at high school. Home beckoned to her more insistently than before; she had been able to play her homesickness down before this, but now it became urgent. So she wound up her affairs in the US, bade her friends and colleagues farewell and boarded a flight for home.

She took an apartment in an Asian’s factory premises, one end of which they had put up a block of flats. Hers was on the second floor, so that her kitchen window overlooked the factory. She never found out exactly what was made there and carried out in multicoloured trucks but loud noises were often heard coming from within, a banging as if something was being hit with great force. Very soon she felt at home, having learnt to ignore the banging and the constant ingress and egress of trucks.

Kevin first met Rhonda at a hike organized by the National Museums. The rendezvous was the exit from a service station. Here the Museum bus would pick all hikers and take them into the forest reserve. When he arrived there, he thought at first that he was the only one to have arrived. He locked his car and looked about him. The business of the petrol station went on apace, while at one corner other customers were buying cooking gas. Public transport vehicles hooted noisily above the din of the touts, each championing the vehicle that pays him, when it was full. But then he spotted a woman in hiking gear and carrying a backpack. As soon as their eyes met, they waved at each other then he walked over to her.

“Hello,” he said as he extended his hand towards her with a friendly smile on his face.

She took his hand and shot him an inquiring look. “Hello,” she replied tentatively. She was reasonably sure that he was one of the hikers, but was not completely sure, not having met him before. To be sure she had not met many of the people on this hike besides her school friend Janice, who had invited her to come along. A member of the National Museum Society was allowed to invite one other person.

During the next eryaman escort few minutes, more and more people arrived, making quite a sizeable group. Then the bus pulled in. Due to the constraints of space at the petrol station, it had to leave within a short period, which meant that everyone had to get on fairly quickly. The team leader made sure that everyone who was being picked at this stop was on, before signaling the driver to proceed. Kevin made some effort to sit across the aisle from Rhonda and Janice.

“I do not seem to have seen you before this,” Janice leaned forward the better to see him. “Have you been a member long?”

“Not very. I joined the Society four months ago, but I have not been able to come on a hiking trip. This is my first.”

“No wonder then. I have not been able to attend many of the monthly meetings. I only get time away for the hikes.”

The three contrived to keep together on the hike trail, which took them to the caves down in the river valley. Coming back up from there was one of the trials of the trail. Some sections of the trail were so lonesome that the two women were glad of his company. Indeed a troop of monkeys descended upon them as they paused to have a snack. He was able to trick them away using banana peels while the women put away anything that could be snatched. Confronted by backpacks, the lead male became confused, which permeated to the whole troop. Finally they jumped back into the trees and went off chattering noisily.

They finished off the hike by taking bicycles to ride around the track. Unbelievably, Janice was the more keen, as she did not know how to ride one. Kevin held the back of hers around the track until she managed to balance herself for a short distance. Promising one another to come back another day to give her further lessons until she was expert, they returned to the bus.

That evening at home he called both women, thanking them for wonderful company, which he had not bargained for when he had signed up.

“Anything good is repeatable,” he concluded with each. But Janice’s response was only lukewarm.

“We shall definitely see.”

By contrast, Rhonda was more receptive. “Set up a day and place. But please give me at least two days’ notice.” He then set up a tradition of sending her an SMS every morning to wake her up, with romantic messages. In the evening he teased her pleasantly until she got used to his style. Then he got more close, personal and exciting.

“I send you a goodnight hug right there inside your blankets.” As he expected this made her feel as if he were there with her. Her dreams at night etimesgut bayan escort became those in which she was with him somewhere romantic. He became the first thought on her mind on waking. Soon she found herself wishing he were really doing the things he described in his evening SMSs, which got more and more sexually explicit.

“A very good night to you, as I suck your nipples for you,” This one succeeded in having her cunt throbbing with desire.

Without preamble he asked her out. “Come have dinner with me at Pizza Garden tomorrow night.” Just like that as if he expected to be obeyed like the Lord, high and mighty. She noticed this but she only wanted to see him again in the flesh having seen him severally in her fantasies.

As they ate the large pepperoni pizza, he kept looking at her in a way that made her feel as if he was undressing her. Normally this would have enraged her as ‘sexual molestation’, but having had him in her dreams and fantasies so often, she instead wanted more.

“Did you carry a spare panty?” he asked suddenly.

She drew in a large breath to calm herself. She had no preparation for such a query. Now she needed to phrase her answer carefully, not wanting him to think her wanton.

“Are you going to tear it off with your sharp nails, then?”

It was his turn to be shocked at her direct manner. But then, he told himself silently, I had prepared her for just this. “Dracula I am not.” he answered with a lecherous grin. So it was agreed.

In his house, she grabbed him just inside the door and kissed him while standing on tiptoe. He responded with the same dose. They pirouetted onto the sofa where the kissing graduated to fondling of breast and cock through their clothes. Then it was agreed unanimously by all present that they should adjourn to the bedroom, the path to which quickly became littered with discarded clothing. They arrived in some underwear, which was also soon shed. He had heated her to such a level that foreplay was not needed.

Within minutes of entering the house he was entering her tunnel of sweetness. “Aah,” she moaned as she felt him opening a cunt that had not been invaded in the States and since returning home. It was throbbing with full-blown lust. He fucked her hard and fast delivering her onto the platform of Station Orgasm in scant minutes. He held himself back determined to give her multiple orgasms in quick succession. Which he did. All speech deserted her for the duration, which excited him all the more. After her third or fourth, he allowed himself to step on the platform with her. He felt his hips twist in the throes of his orgasm so that the words he thought he spoke would have made no sense to any listener.

They both knew that from this moment on, they would never be without each other, through thick and thin, in sickness or in health, hell or high water.

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