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You push slowly, firmly into me and I love that you have to work your way inside of me, even as wet as I am. As the head of your cock enters me I squeeze against you… I want you to push harder, work harder for it… Your shaft stretches me with your second and third thrusts… I often think I like this part best of all — the moment of entry. My shoulders and neck are arched against the pillow, my head thrown back, and I squeeze tighter yet; you can feel me closing around you, caressing your cock…and then finally you are buried fully inside of me. For a moment we stop moving while I relish the sensation of being filled so completely and we celebrate the culmination of months of yearning…your body relaxes against me as you begin kissing my neck while my fingers stroke your back and shoulders. How long we’ve waited for this…how good it feels to finally touch you in the flesh. I have dreamt the feel of your weight covering me so often, your thighs hard against mine…the feel of your skin as I run my hands down your sides and along your ribs. I think I could lie here all night and glory in the reality of it…

Very soon, however, the need to move becomes paramount… resting your weight on your elbows, you watch my face as you arch your back, grinding against me…you are rewarded when my muscles clench around you involuntarily. Again you probe, testing, and I squeeze you…I bend my knees and spread my legs further apart, seeking to have you as deeply inside me as you can be in this position. My eyes gaze into yours, and the smile on my lips welcomes you. This is what I have come for, what we have waited for…all that we were afraid to hope for…

I see your mood change, as with a devilish smile you pull away slowly until only the head of your cock remains inside of me and you wait…seconds tick by as you feel me begin to squirm beneath you, silently begging to be filled again…my cunt is wide open now and ready to receive you and you thrust hard, sharp, hearing my breath leave me with a soft whimper of pleasure as you bury yourself inside me. Then slowly withdraw, and wait…thrusting again…waiting…again and again… until I begin to anticipate your timing and tilt my hips up to receive you as deeply as I can.

Suddenly you pull out of me completely, and I barely have time to draw my breath bahis siteleri in protest before you slide down between my legs and your mouth covers me. You suck my clit for a brief moment before teasing it with your tongue, flicking gently against it…I moan…my cunt is empty and I want you back inside me, but your tongue is too sweet to resist. Your fingers gently spread my lips further apart to expose the sensitive flesh hidden there. Your tongue continues to flutter over me, first slowly and then faster…I am gasping from the pleasure of it, getting wetter by the second – my juices flow faster, combining with your saliva and spilling down my backside to collect on the sheets below me.

I grasp the bars of the headboard, seeking something to anchor me; my thoughts are focused on the sensation of your tongue on my clit. When your thumb pushes into me you feel me rise up in pleasure, arching into you, needing to be filled…the double sensation of your tongue teasing me as your thumb moves in and out of my wetness is such ecstasy…how did I wait so long for this? I want to move my hips in time to the rhythm of your thumb but at the same time I want to stay perfectly still, the better to concentrate on the feel of your tongue against me…the conflict causes me to whip my head back and forth on the pillow as I seek release from the torment you are creating. The soft noises I make gratify you…the knowledge that you can manipulate me so completely with just your mouth and hands is erotic, and you think how much more there is yet to explore…but now you want to bring me to orgasm, to show me pleasure before you enter me again.

I hang on a thread, dangling between the desire to hold back and experience the sensations you are causing and the need to move closer toward release. Feeling it, you exchange your thumb for two fingers inserted inside me…pressing deeply to reach that sensitive spot while your tongue continues to tease me. You know I am close…can hear it in my voice and feel it in the way I am tensed against you, as I raise my hips to press myself closer to your mouth. Just a bit more now, you think…and seconds later you hear me cry out as I close around your fingers. You push them deeper inside of me, feeling the muscles squeeze and release over and over as my body shudders; you think canlı bahis siteleri how good it will feel to have those muscles squeeze around you when you find your own release.

Your mouth covers my clit again as my shudders weaken, and you suck it slowly, gently – prolonging the moment and easing me down to completion. As my breathing slows your fingers are replaced by your tongue, tasting the flavor of my passion…reminding me now of the emptiness there, I become frantic for the feel of your hard cock inside me.

I reach down and dig my fingers into your shoulders, urging you back up to me so I can kiss your mouth. I taste myself on your lips and I run my tongue along them…suck your tongue into my mouth, my eyes closed, savoring the intimacy of it. Still, that empty feeling inside me beckons, and you roll over easily when I move against you. I straddle your hips, and looking down on you I think how solid and strong you feel beneath me. I like it here…I can touch you, run my hands along your chest and ribs…lean over and kiss your mouth, my breasts pressed against you…snuggle myself against your pelvis, feeling your manhood against me.

I scoot down a bit so I can reach your cock with my hand…I want to make sure you are fully hard, and I watch your face as I squeeze you gently, stroking you with my fist. I ask if you like it, smiling at the noise you make in reply, and your body confirms your response by the way you surge in my hand. I squeeze you tighter, pumping you for a few strokes before sliding my other hand down to cup and massage your balls.

I slide up, poising myself above you while I position you at the opening of my sex. You can feel my wetness against the head of your cock, slippery and warm…welcoming… This time when you enter me there is no resistance. You feel me squeeze you as I lower myself onto you, surrounding you with warmth… hear my satisfied sigh as you come to rest inside of me. Your hands are on my hips to guide me and my palms rest lightly against your shoulders as I begin to move on you, slowly, my gaze locked on your face. I want to watch the play of emotions there as we make love, as you slide in and out of me.

I stare deeply into your eyes as I press down onto you again. You aren’t sure which is more erotic – my movements, or the smile canlı bahis on my face as I watch you. You wonder how it can be this good…how it is that I can sense the points of most pleasure, squeezing tightly on you at just the right moments… Slowly…up and down, massaging you… I brace my hands beside you to control my movements, feel your hands resting lightly on my hips. The anticipation of each stroke is intense, the concentration total…they are minutes of exquisite pleasure before my own need breaks over me and I thrust hard onto you…burying you inside me to the hilt. I begin moving faster and harder now, fucking you – working to have you as deeply inside me as I can with each downward thrust. I am no longer watching your face, my eyes are closed as I concentrate on the pleasure of your cock inside me.

Even through my own pleasure I can feel your excitement grow, sense it as you approach release…I move on you harder, faster…now watching you again to gauge the last possible moment… your hands grip me tighter, pulling me down onto you roughly. You are so close to cumming now, a few more thrusts…this time it is you are surprised to feel me slip off of you just when you are ready to cum. Quickly I slide my body down between your thighs and you feel my mouth engulf you; my warm, wet mouth, so like my cunt and yet so different…there is barely an interruption between your last thrust and your cock sliding deep into my throat…you feel me sucking you in, my tongue sliding down you and then you do cum, harder than you can believe…grasping my head to hold me closer as you moan with the pleasure of your release. My tongue still strokes you and you can feel my thumb massaging the base of your shaft, the spot just above your scrotum, and as your orgasm reaches it’s conclusion you feel warm fluid dribble down the sides of your cock and between your thighs as it escapes my mouth. I can feel your back arching against the bed, feel your cock surging in my mouth…taste your cum, and I love the knowledge that I can give you this pleasure…

When I am sure you are complete I slide my lips up to the head of your shaft, using my tongue to clean you along the way – to get every drop of you…and then you feel me slide up your body, trailing kisses along your thigh and stomach until my cheek rests against your belly, my arm draped across your groin. Your hand is still tangled in my hair as your breathing slows, and I wonder if you can sense the smile on my lips as I close my eyes in satisfaction…god how I love to love you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32