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We’d started slowly. Both Becky and I were in our early 40s. We both carried some painful, emotional “baggage” from our pasts. The strong attraction felled our defensive layers one at a time. Our first date was a month after we met. Our first sex was on our third date.

Our passion continued, long after the excitement of discovering a new lover should have waned. We kept it alive by our eagerness to explore new ways to sate our wants, needs and desires. Not all we tried met our expectations. But, there were some that went beyond.

I waited patiently for Becky as she readied herself in the bathroom, my eyes fixed on the master bathroom door. She knew my preferences and took care in grooming herself perfectly to give me every pleasure I desired from her body.

Opening the door, she strode casually towards the bed. Her eyes watched mine as she stopped to present her nakedness for my viewing. My gaze swept down the smooth softness of her skin, paused at her firm breasts before continuing downward noting the neat, trimmed triangle of pubic hair above her clean-shaven slit. Turning slowly around for my complete viewing, she set a jar on the nightstand before approaching the bed. I asked, “What’s that?”

“Something new for us to try tonight.”

I glimpsed the letters KY on the jar and guessed it’s purpose. I’d tried anal entry with previous lovers, out of curiosity and a mutual desire to explore our sexuality. None had complained, but there was only one willing to try more than once. With them all, I’d been unable to delay my release after wedging into my partner’s constricting tightness. I’d never able to shake the idea that I’d been somehow inadequate. Yet, I could neither refuse Becky nor disappoint her.

Becky came into my waiting arms and we kissed. Our embrace awakened my senses as I tasted her lips. My hands grazed over her familiar form, rekindling the excitement we shared together. Welcomed waves of tingling sensations swept through my body. My thoughts slowly ceded control to my internet casino senses, but for a stubborn resolve to satisfy her desire expressed tonight.

She pulled away and rolled on her back, signaling her complete readiness to give herself fully to my wishes. I brushed over and around the velvet smoothness of her full breasts, increasing the pressure of each stroke. I watched her pink nipples expand as I teased and bent them with my fingertips. Her hand grasped the back of my head and pulled to bring my mouth to the nearest peak. I trapped the swollen core between my lips, squeezed and bent it from side to side. I sucked the tender nub, releasing it several times to draw back and swirl my wet tongue over the crest of her tipped dome.

Becky emitted a low purr and her arm stirred to rise between our bodies. Her fingers fondled my balls, then moved higher to caress and slowly stroke my hardened shaft. My mouth moved to her other breast to repeat the attentions I’d given the nearest one.

My free hand skimmed down across the valley of her waist, over the rise of her pubis, and passed through the small thatch of soft hair. My fingertips glided over the edges of her crevice; drawing off a thin layer of warm, dampness in passing. My palm warmed as I reached the bottom and cupped her lower heated furrow. Becky drew her legs up and out as I rubbed her warm center. I stroked the taut tender skin of her inner thighs, and traced over the twin creases where her legs joined her torso.

I slipped my fingers into the groove of her cheeks. When the tip of my index finger touched her puckered entry, she jerked then relaxed when I pressed and rubbed the opening’s edges.

Keeping my hand between her legs, I rose up on my knees and pivoted to bring my face over Becky’s pelvis. Her two ridges rose dark and shiny next to her pale skin. I ran my tongue down one side of her hairless slit, gathering her dampness. My mouth watered from her taste and I switched to her other side to reap more of her delicious canlı poker oyna dew. Below, my finger tip slipped into her narrow slot up to the first knuckle. Meeting resistance, I slowly flexed it. She loosened and I pushed on into her.

I stuck my tongue into the top of her slit and then dragged it sideways parting her twin swellings and wiping Becky’s creamy juice. When I reached her opening, I brought my other hand down and carefully spread her open. My tightened tongue darted into her wet entrance, lashing at her. My freed hand searched up for her clit. When discovered, I rubbed and pressed on it.

Becky squirmed and moaned in response. I felt and savored her flowing juice on my lips. Her hips quivered. I matched her shudders, inserted a second finger below to further expand her rear cavity walls. Her yelps grew louder, her body shuddered in quick, intensifying jerks. She squealed, “Get….the…KY….”

Ignoring her plea, I stepped up my assault on Becky’s body, wanting to bring her to orgasm – before addressing her new expectation. My mouth and hands joined together in determined effort. Her rigid clit throbbed under my fingertips of one hand while I twirled the two fingers of my other in the tight well of her anus. Her hand clutched my shaft as she screeched. Her hips jolted up against my face, my mouth was drenched with her eruption. I slurped it in and swallowed.

I seized on Becky’s lapse of control to clasp her exposed clit between my lips and buffeted it with my taut tongue. I sucked hard and she exploded twice more. Her surges streamed down and pooled on the back of my lower hand.

Both delighted and relieved with my brief domination of her body, I watched Becky recover. Precum dribbled from my stretched cock – a sign of my own need. My own lust surged forth. I HAD to be relieved. I didn’t care if it was to be gained in a “new” way or not, . Uncounted seconds passed before her breasts ceased heaving and she calmed. Finally, she pulled herself up on her elbows and saw I poker oyna was still erect. Her mouth formed an impish grin as she said, “Feeling a little nasty tonight, are we? Good.”

She reached over and snatched the KY jar. Unscrewing, then discarded the lid; she clasped my wrist to guide my two middle fingers into the salve and coat them with the gel. She returned the jar to the nightstand.

Whirling onto her knees, she pressed her head and shoulders into a pillow and raising her rear in the air. I scrambled up behind as she tossed back a command, “Shove one at a time into me.”

I pause to nip at her rounded globe with lips and teeth while I slid my first finger in. She’d tightened some, but my finger passed in easily. I wriggled it and her muscles relaxed to allow my other finger entry. I twirled and flexed both to widen the passage. Becky arched her back and spread her legs wider to gave me full access. Her head and shoulders rested into a pillow. One arm slipped beneath her.

My fingers expanded her channel. Her hand bumped the base of mine as Becky rubbed her dripping slit beneath. My face was inches from her shiny juice, her fleshy cheeks and our masaging fingers. My need became unbearable. I snapped back withdrew my fingers, clenched the sides of her hips and rammed my fullness into her.

Her screaming gasp seemed distant as my rigid thickness bored in. Without hesitating, I drew back and slammed into her again. Her muscles made a futile attempt to halt my invading cock. Resistance was utterly hopeless with her being stretched and greased.

I pounded away, holding her in place for my furious thrusts. In my ensuing plunges, I felt faint vibrations of her stoking hand beneath. Becky began to moan and drove her ass back to meet my thrusts. I felt the shard of burning heat rise up my shaft, but I pistoned though my bursts of release filling her depths.

My spasms waned, then ceased when I had drained. Still hard, I continued bludgeoning her ass until my balls slapped into new warmth. Becky had came again. I stopped. Her sphincter squeezed my sheathed cock as it shrank. When I finally plopped out, Becky exhaled, “Yeah, lover.”

Her words verified what I already knew. This time, with Becky, I’d been a complete success.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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