Reporting Back

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Just before Spring Break, Scott’s dad took him and his brothers down to the coast for a weekend of fishing. That Friday night I passed his house coming home from a date. The date had gone well. Better than I had expected.

The dinner and movie with Susan had been fun, but the drive home had made the date. On the way, we had stopped in the alley behind her house to make out in my car. After kissing for awhile, I unbuttoned her blouse. Pushing the blouse aside and the bra up, I uncovered her firm perky tits with their pink nipples–she must have worn a B cup. They were gorgeous. As I felt one of the hard nipples, she gasped on my mouth.

We began kissing again, as I fondled her. She brushed my cock with her elbow tentatively at first and then overtly. Finally, she had reached to rub it. “Please,” I whispered when she had hesitated to unzip my pants. Looking quickly at me, she had pulled the zipper down and pushed her hand in to fumble for my dick. The shaft was swollen and already slick with pre-cum; she whispered “oh” as her hand slid down it pulling it through the open fly. We continued kissing, only stopping for me to tell her how much I had enjoyed the evening. When she eventually pulled away, I thought we had finished, but then she had lowered her mouth to my wet, hard cock to put it in her mouth.

It was a sloppy inexperienced blowjob. We had made a mess of it. She grated my cock with her teeth a couple of times and jumped when I ran my hand down her back to her ass. At just about that point, I came unexpectedly, making her gag and spit out the cum. Afterwards, though, she had been surprised by the kiss and the cuddling. I think she had expected to be shuttled home and quickly dropped off. Instead, I had asked her to let me sit and hold her. I wanted a second date. I wanted to see, touch, the rest of her.

Driving past Scott’s house, I was weighing that possibility–the damp between my legs and the tingle of her teeth on my cock making me optimistic. Absently, I slowed to a crawl, idly wondering what Mrs. Green was doing and strangely wanting to share my success with her. Remember, eighteen or not, I was a high school senior with a high school senior’s mentality. I had just had a blow job from a dance team captain in my car. I had to share. And Mrs. Green was a mentor of sorts after our casino siteleri first encounter.

It was late. Sometime after midnight, but I could see a dim light through the window of Scott’s parents’ room, her room. Since Scott was at the coast with his dad and brothers, she would be alone. Probably. (Later, I would discover that was not always the case.) Pulling over, I hopped out and followed Chris’s lead–something I had seen him do time and again: I crouched and jogged over to the window. I am not sure why the crouch was necessary, but it seemed so.

Glancing in through the curtains, I could not make out much at first. Then I saw her on the bed, nude. One hand was playing with her bare nipple as the other rubbed something against the soft blonde thatch of hair. I could not make out what it was. Her legs were spread and her knees bent partially blocking the view. Her back arched as she pressed it against herself. My cock was tingling, so I reached in my jeans to rub it as I continued to watch her. As she clenched her ass and arched her back, I eased my hard cock out of my pants and began stroking it more intently.

I had wanted to see her nude. I had wanted to see that blonde pussy again. And now, I wanted to see what else she would do with what was in her hand.

She had begun to buck when she saw me in the window. Something had caught her attention. She jolted up right. Then frantic, she yanked her robe on and gestured at the backyard. Not frightened. She was furious. It was obvious what she expected. And it was obvious that I was about to have to explain myself. Shoving my still hard cock in my pants, I zipped up.

I hopped the fence and moved to the backdoor. It was quiet a moment before the lights came on, and I saw her glance through the curtain. Looking at me, she seemed to be considering before the lock turned.

“John, what in the hell?” She was angry and exasperated. There was something else too. Something other than anger.

“I’m not sure. I don’t know. I just wanted to tell you.” And then I stopped, wondering what I wanted to tell her. In that moment, I realized what she was wearing, standing alone with me in an empty house. She had her housecoat on, but it was open with nothing underneath. She was standing in front of me almost nude. I think I güvenilir casino saw her thighs glistening with wet.

“Well?” Crossing her arms, she looked at me. “John?”

I smiled. Sheepishly. “I got a blow job.” She was taken aback. Raising an eyebrow, she smirked at me, “Seriously? You scared the hell out of me to tell me that?” Although she seemed to be chastising me, she had moved beyond her initial fright and anger.

When she gesticulated, the robe fell open, revealing the curve of her breasts and the shadow of that bush. After a moment, she smiled and asked, “Well, was it at least a good one for you to do such a stupud ass thing?”

“Not as good as yours,” I was adept enough to add. “But. It went well because of you” I tried to explain my need to share with her.

“Right. Come on in and tell me about it.” She headed to the den and sat on a couch. Patting the couch next to her, she looked at me, “Sit down and give me the details.”

The robe had fallen away, leaving her heavy breasts with their hard nipples and her blonde pussy fully exposed. I stared at her feeling my cock harden again. Enjoying the tingle of my damp hardening cock, I sat down next to her.

“Well?” Putting her fingers under my chin, she gently pushed up. “Up here, John. Look at me. Who was she? Where did it happen?”

“Susan. My car?”

“The cute little blonde going to Texas State?”

“Yes. We had seen a movie, and when I started to drive her home, I asked if she wanted to stop and talk. After we started kissing, she began touching me, rubbing me.”

“Was she enjoying it?”

“I think so.” She wanted details, and I was excited to share them. “Yes. She gasped when I brushed her nipples, but she jumped when I ran my hand down her back.”

“Really? How so? Show me. Was she like this?” she asked leaning over putting her head in my lap. Her face was close to my thick wet cock, but she was not rubbing or touching. I knew she could see the erection, though, through my jeans.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Had she taken out your cock?”

“Yes.” I could feel the throb the precum. I waited, hoped, she would do the same, but she did not.

Mrs. Green was breathing quietly. “She had your cock in her hand. And? What did you do?”

“I ran my hand down her back like this,” I canlı casino said, putting my hand on her back sliding it down to the curve pushing her robe down. As I did so, she lowered her face farther pressing herself against my erection. “That is when she jumped.”

Mrs. Green didn’t say anything. Instead, she rubbed her chin, cheek on my erection and lifted her ass the slightest bit so my hand rested on it. I hesitated not sure how to proceed. My cock was hard, aching. The head was tingling.

“Well?” she asked after a minute before gently biting my shaft through the pants. “Show me what you wanted to do with her. Did you want to finger her?”

Too focused on her thick round ass I did not answer. I slid down her ass. That is when I heard her gasp. “God. Now, find my pussy.”

Searching I moved my fingers down her ass to the wet base of her pussy as she continued to bite and rub the thick aching mound in my pants. My fingers felt the warm swollen lips for the first time. “You’re wet, Mrs. Green,” I whispered almost as a question.

“Of course I am, sweetheart. I’ve been masturbating,” she moaned. “Finger me. Use your fingers.” Panting, she pushed against my hand, “Fucking use your fingers. Push them in.”

I began sliding my fingers through the damp warm cleft as she laid her face in my lap breathing quietly deeply. Once in a while, she would shudder as a finger brushed a particularly sensitive spot, and a couple of times, she encouraged, “There, sweetie. Yes there.” It was a firm little round knob, and she shuddered each time I moved my fingers across it. “She wanted this, sweetie. She wanted this. You rubbing her.”

Suddenly she began panting more quickly, grinding on my hand, drenching my fingers. “Oh fuck, baby. Oh fuck. Give it to me,” she began whispering. Hearing her curse and seeing her squirm was exciting. “Finger fuck that married pussy. Take momma’s pussy.”

She pressed her face into my crotch as I continued, moaning quietly and cursing. “Fuck I need cock. I need this cock in me, dammit. I need you to fuck me. I want your cock in me.” Sometime while I was rubbing her, I came in my pants, I felt the warm flood–and so did she.

After biting my bulge again and holding it with her mouth for a minute, she sat up. Her thighs glistened with wet. Gathering. herself, she looked at me a moment, weighing. “Fuck.”

Fondling my soft spent cock through my jeans, she smiled at me, “John Dickerson. Are you still a virgin?” Slowly, not sure how she would react, I nodded. “Good. Good. Seems like you need a good fuck as much as I do.”

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