Rendezvous–Vegas Weekend (Saturday)

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The first rays of light came through the large paned windows. It was very early and Carla realized they had drifted off without closing the curtains or even getting under the covers. Her lover was still asleep, cuddled up close to her in the bed they now shared. The delicious musky scent of his naked body came to her as she listened to his even breathing. She knew Don was still fast asleep but abruptly he turned, draping his arm over her side and resting his palm on her breast. She could also feel the heat of his torso against her back. His manhood, very pleasingly hard again, pressed snugly between her cheeks.

‘He has morning wood!’ Carla thought to herself. The thought made her giggle as she reached behind her and caressed him lightly with her fingertips. Wrapping her hand around the shaft, she gave it a gentle tug. It stiffened a little more at her touch. She loved the feel of her lover’s hard cock in her hand. She had only felt it for real for less than half a day, but in fantasy she had felt, stroked, lovingly caressed and had been made love to by it for the last few months. She still couldn’t believe he was with her. They had finally come to be with one another, to share a passion born out of their writing and late night chats via their respective laptops and the World Wide Web.

Don stirred again, this time rolling onto his back, his hard manhood slipping from her grasp. Carla moved to follow him, snuggling tight against his side.

‘If a man could have morning wood, a woman should be able to have morning flood’…she thought further, not referring to the cursed monthly flow, but the wetness of a hot, aroused pussy. She grinned and quietly chuckled at her own cleverness. Besides she had already made him experience one of her incredible squirting orgasms the night before. She had literally drenched his face!

Propping herself up on an elbow, with her hand cradling her head, her eyes lazily wandered down the length of his body. The early morning sunlight streamed in across his prone posture. She reached out and ran her fingers through the curly black hair on his chest before her hand slid further down his body pressing against the muscles of his stomach. Her light tracings deftly followed the trail from his belly button down to the hard-on she saw waiting on her. She knew it was for her now. She had had it last night and she wanted it again this morning. The feel of that hard, deliciously throbbing natural sex toy was in her hand once again, encouraging her to do something, anything with it. The intensity of desire for him pushed her exploration of her new lover further.

Don felt consciousness returning.

He felt the hotel bed beneath his body and the extra fluffy pillows against his head. The passion of the evening before began to swoon back into his brain. He knew it had been real, but part of his mind told him to keep his eyes tightly shut just in case it had been a dream after all. But quietly, slowly the now familiar warmth of Carla’s delicious body against his ignited the flames of passion again. He reveled in the feel of her hand on his manhood and her leg draping across his thigh. The remnants of his fragmented dreams were quickly evaporating as his still sleep fogged awareness attempted to figure out what was happening in real time. Opening his eyes slowly, he tried to focus through the fuzzy haze of his morning sight. His lover’s silhouetted figure moved slowly over his prone body. The hand wrapped around the base of his penis was warm and gentle. Her beautiful mouth was inches away from the throbbing cockhead. He squinted and held his breath as she extended her moist tongue and began tracing patterns around it.

“Oh, wow,” he mumbled, now fully awake, but still not believing he was here with this woman, this beautiful and passionate woman. “Carla, oh wow.” Don called out louder than he had the night before, when she had done that same thing for him, for the very first time in his life. He held his breath as her tongue swirled around the tip of his penis.

“Took you long enough to wake up,” Carla said grinning up at him.

“Wha..? What, oh man.” Don pushed his head back into the pillows, closing his eyes again as Carla used her right hand to slowly massage his shaft. His mind drifted back to the previous day. He had arrived in Vegas with the greatest of intentions but also with the most intense nervousness he had felt in years. But now here he was sharing a bed with a sexy woman, being made love to more times in less than a day than he had in many months back home.

“Well,” Carla said softly in her sweet voice, “I woke up and couldn’t help but notice something…you, well, you had your ‘Little Donny’ wedged between my bare cheeks.”

“Did I?” Don said almost proudly as he smiled up at the blonde-haired, blue-eyed sexy woman.

Carla moved her hand up and down along his penis, her saliva felt slick and wet against him. Her face was still dangerously close to the moistened tip and with each exhale he could feel her hot breath escort sincan touch his even hotter penis. It provided a strange but very pleasant inversely intense cooling sensation. He pursed his lips and hissed with a pleasure deeply felt.

“And then I had this mischievous idea.” Carla went on as her hand continued to move up and down, applying just the right pressure to his cock. Don’s eyes locked on those talented and pretty fingers. It was almost hypnotic as his eyes bobbed with the rhythm of her hand. They blinked when she slowly lowered her face towards his cockhead. With her mouth just an inch or so away from his penis her lips parted, ready to take him again. Licking her lips briefly, her tongue delicately lapped the tip and the clear bead of pre-cum she had coaxed from it. Then she kissed him before slowly sliding her lips fully around the crown.

Don let out the deepest of groans.

As she slipped him further into her mouth, her tongue was on the underside of his cock, rubbing along the length of his shaft. Positioned between his legs, her eyes remained fixed on Don’s crotch, the look of sheer determination etched on her brow.

“Whoa girl, slow down.” He brought his hand down to her face and traced it along her hairline.

She did slow down. She slid her lips off his cock and smiled. “Too much, huh?”

“No, I just want this to last.”

“There will be more where this comes from.” Carla teased her right hand loosely around the base of his slick penis. She slowly massaged it up and down, before lowering her face and tracing circles along the side of his shaft with her tongue again. Holding his cock in her mouth, she started rubbing her hands up across her lover’s body.

Don exhaled deeply, his eyes closed again and he pushed his head back further into his pillow concentrating on the pleasurable feelings his hard shaft was being given. He loved the weight of her body on his legs and how her hands moved across his body. He loved how Carla paid attention to those little details. It all created such a sensual pleasure and with the added warmth of the sun bathing his bare skin he was in the most blissful place he’d been for a morning awakening in years.

Don inhaled deeply and savored the combination of sexiness and scent of her hair and perfume that drifted up to him. He opened his eyes saw his lover and the bright sunshine now bathing her lusciously naked body. It created a glow around her and their shared bed. Her sparkling blue eyes complemented her sexy face and body. Her face was simply adorable and mischievous at the same time. She was the embodiment of ultimate sensuality.

“You like that, huh?” Carla cooed before returning to what she was intent on finishing. She lightly dragged her teeth across his cockhead.

He closed his eyes again. Don’s legs had stiffened and his breathing became deep and heavy

Carla knew the effect she was having on her lover. Redoubling her effort she traced her warm, moist tongue along the base of his penis, licking and briefly flicking over his scrotum. She licked back up along the underside, her tongue flat and long, lapping at it, as if she were eating ice cream. She licked to just beneath the head and stopped, before flicking her pointed tongue over the sensitive area around the ridge. Then her lips parted and she slowly wrapped them around the head of his cock bathing him in warm moisture.

Don groaned out loud above her as his eyes shot open. He brought his hands down to hers and took them, their fingers intertwined and he gently squeezed her soft, delicate fingers between his. Her lips were wrapped around his cock and she was swirling her tongue and moving up and down. She swallowed his cock as far as she could and Don involuntarily thrust his hips upward.

“Awwgggg…” He went in a bit too far and she gagged.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry.” Don tried to ease back.

“No, no it’s okay, babe. Maybe I need to practice more taking something this big.” She swallowed hard and grinned up at him.

Don couldn’t tell whether she was serious or not…but the thought surely pleased him. “By all means, practice on as you please.”

“I’ll take you up on that,” Carla flashed her best vixen smile and wrapped her fingers back around Don’s hard cock. She slowly moved her hand back up its length applying a firm squeeze the whole way. By the time she made it to the head several drops of pre-cum oozed out the tip. She brought her tongue down and licked at it spreading it all around the taut skin. She briefly brandished her teeth and with delicate precision, used them to graze across the smooth head of his cock.

The intensity of her ministrations made Don burn with the anticipation of another powerful release. He had already felt the intense sensation twice with this wonderful woman after only one night together and he was more than ready for third. He watched and felt her tongue swirl around his crown before she brought her lips down slowly and wrapped them around his thick shaft. She ankara escort made sure to let enough saliva drool out of her mouth to cover her hand and provide ample lubrication. Moving her hand faster, she pumped up and down, hitting against his pubic bone, pressing hard and forcefully against his shaft. She brought her other hand down to his scrotum and slowly massaged his balls, the excess saliva that had dribbled down she spread around them.

“Ohh, Carla,” Don breathed out once again. This was more than he could have ever asked for, not only for being pleasantly awakened on a morning like this but for only the second mind-shattering blowjob of his lifetime.

“Mmmmhmm,” Carla mumbled with her mouth firmly wrapped around his manhood. She moaned louder and longer knowing Don would love hearing her, while at the same time she increased her pace with both of her hands and her mouth.

As Carla continued to bob up and down, all Don could do was simply lie on his back and enjoy the intense pleasure she was giving him. The most intense he knew he had ever felt in lovemaking in his full fifty years. He heard the continuous moaning and slurping, feeling her right hand moving up and down along his shaft as her left gently massaged his balls.

Don’s breath came faster and deeper. Carla’s garbled, moaning sounds were the sweetest sounds he’d ever heard, and they were so astoundingly sexy. With the combination of incredible sensations he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. But for once he didn’t want to last. He just wanted to cum. He wanted to cum for Carla, he wanted to feel himself erupting within her mouth and have the powerful orgasm rock his body.

Don found the strength to lift his head just enough to look down his body toward Carla’s face and in the morning sunlit room he watched her delicate features service him. She moved up and down, faster and faster, harder and harder. His breathing became more erratic as his upper body tightened. His soft moaning grew louder and more urgent, then no longer able to contain his pleasure he let out an ever growing groan. His legs stiffened and straightened out on the bed sheets as he felt that familiar deep sensation build within his gut and slowly expand to his balls and to the base of his cock.

He felt his orgasm with its first ejaculation quickly approaching.

Carla knew his orgasm was at hand. She stopped moving her mouth, but maintained her tongue swirls and increased her speed with her hand. As her tongue flicked over and around his cockhead Don let out a guttural groan as the orgasm took control of his entire body. His body was totally stiff, his back rigid and arched, as the first contraction washed over him. Even at this point he still had not ejaculated but his hips relaxed before he almost involuntarily thrust them hard up into the air over the bed. The thrust didn’t surprise Carla as she was ready for his reaction and as the second wave of his ecstasy washed over him the cum exploded from the tip of his penis, the hot semen erupted into her equally hot, wet mouth. By the time he could spurt again her lips had formed a tight seal and she sucked hard.

Don could almost feel the hot cum being sucked out of his penis.

Carla continued to moan loudly as her lover’s body continued to contract, orgasm and shiver. She moved her hands up and down, but by now she had timed her scrotum massage and her hand movement to his orgasm, squeezing and milking him with each pulse.

Don’s cock and whole body continued to twitch as her mouth sucked hard. He watched her struggle to swallow his load. He knew it had to be massive. He’d been so aroused. Once she had swallowed all he could give her tongue gently, but insistently licked his head throughout his orgasm. Her hand was still wrapped around the base squeezing and massaging with each latent contraction.

Carla kept her mouth tight around his manhood until it diminished to its near normal state. Her hot, wet mouth enveloped his entire flaccid penis, rolling it around with her tongue, licking clean its entire surface. She pulled up towards the head, stretching his soft cock and looked back at Don who was lost in a pleasure induced daze. She let him slip from her lips and ran her tongue along her teeth before swallowing the remaining cum in her mouth, all the while with a wide smile on her face.

“Mmmm, that wasn’t half bad,” Carla smacked her lips.

Don was still too caught-up in the ecstatic sensations to say anything intelligible. Instead he simply grunted a, “Mmm-hmm” and reached for her hands to pull her to him.

Carla crawled up along his body until she straddled his groin, his nude groin pushing against her bare wet pussy. She hummed happily while Don lay there still trying to catch his breath.

As they lay there quietly for several minutes gazing into each other’s eyes, their looks conveyed much more than words could have ever said, even between two amateur authors.

“I don’t…think…I’ve ever been, uh you know…as perfectly…and etimesgut escort bayan as wonderfully as that,” Don finally gathered his senses to speak.

“Don’t be silly,” Carla replied, “it’s not like getting a blowjob is any more intimate than really making love.”

“You just don’t know. I now know what I’ve missed all these years.” Don squeezed her.

Carla stroked his cheek and looked into his eyes. “Of course there is still nothing more intimate and loving than being together in a union with your ‘Little Donny’ inside my ‘girl’.” She reached down and took his limp manhood in her hand. “Of course, that will just have to wait until at least after breakfast. For now, let’s just lay here and cuddle. After all, we have the whole rest of the long weekend ahead of us.”

“You are so sweet.” He pulled her head to his and gave her a kiss. “But I think I want breakfast in bed. I want a taste of your ‘girl’.” Don pulled away with a sly smile on his face. Rolling Carla onto her back he began to gently stroke her smoothly naked sides and then slowly down to her belly. He added kisses to the stroking as he worked his way down further and further. He kissed and licked his way to her core, her womanhood, her ‘girl’ she fondly called it.

Carla moaned softly all along his venture and she began to shiver and shake in the bed sheets. She threaded her fingers in his hair as he delved between her thighs. “You know, John didn’t much care to perform oral sex on me, though he didn’t mind asking me to do it for him.”

“You’re kidding.” Don looked up over her belly, between her breasts, to her face. “Didn’t he satisfy you in other ways, at least in the early years of your marriage?”

“Sort of. He did okay in the stamina department and I had orgasms occasionally. But it was very frustrating to hear about other women whose husbands gave oral when mine wouldn’t.”

“I can’t imagine why your husband would be so reluctant to go down on you,” he paused, kissed the bare junction of Carla’s thighs, before looking back up into her blue eyes, “in my humble opinion, a trim pubis like this would have my tongue wagging through it as often as you’d let me.”

“I told you I kept my girl nice and neat, didn’t I?” Carla wiggled her thighs on either side of his head.

“Yes, but I never really believed it was this neat, this bare.” He answered with only his eyes above her pubis as he slicked his tongue up between her moist pink folds.

“Mmmm…the hair only gets in the way of good oral sex, doesn’t it?” Carla ran her hand down her stomach and fingered the small blonde patch above her sex. “You know, we’ve shared everything with each other over the last several weeks. You told me something I especially want to believe is so absolutely true, just how much you enjoy giving a woman oral. Do you really do it for an hour at a time…I mean does your wife beg you to stop because she can’t stand the pleasure any more?”

“I’ve never put a stopwatch to it,” Don lifted his head, chuckled and licked his lips, “but I know she likes it and I used to really enjoy giving her pleasure in that way, but she hasn’t let me in awhile.” He stuck his tongue out and wriggled the tip between Carla’s wet pink lips. “Damn, I’ve missed doing this.”

“Mmmmm…I need you to do that for me, Don,” Carla whispered. “I’m a hot blooded woman and not getting good oral has almost driven me crazy. Please, do me!”

“Like what?” Don knew she wanted him to please her more, but he wanted to hear her say it. He needed a woman to tell him she wanted him.

“You know what I want…please.”

“Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it.”

Carla was breathing hard and her hips were undulating slightly as she sought to press her pussy to his face. “Lick me, please,” she moaned.

Don licked the inside of her thigh.

“Nooooo…lick my….lick…lick my…”

“Lick your what Carla?”

“Lick my…girl, my pussy,” she gasped with her eyes shut tight as she grabbed two handfuls of bedspread. Her hips were in almost constant motion making it a real challenge for her lover to stay with her. Her breathing became ragged as she clenched her teeth.

Don worked her outer lips one at a time, sucking each into his mouth, pulling them up, causing her to lift her hips off the bed to stay with him. Meanwhile, he used the index finger of his right hand to very gently caress the edges of her inner labia. In no time Carla’s juices and his saliva had combined to form a small puddle on the ornate bedspread beneath her bottom. He eased up and flicked the head of her very erect clitoris with quick strokes of the tip of his tongue. His experience told him to back off a little and let her come down from the immediate sensation but still maintain contact with both his tongue and lips.

He looked up at her and discovered she was looking down at him from between her high, proud breasts.

A dreamy smile of sexual satisfaction was on Carla’s face. “This is incredible!”

“Well, I may be a little out of practice, but I wasn’t kidding when I told you I can make these sessions last a long time. I am a man who really enjoys going down on a woman, particularly a woman who tastes as good as my…uh mean, you. Mmmmmm…”

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