Redheaded Delight

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I have two favorite things, when it comes to women: red hair, and plump, well-rounded bodies. This is a story about finding both, all in one incredible package.

I am an avid reader, and spend a lot of time at the local bookstores, always looking for new books by my favorite authors, or new authors to try out. For me, a great Saturday night was a couple of hours at the bookstore, followed by several more in my favorite chair, new book in hand. This particular Saturday, however, those well-traveled plans got tossed out the window.

I have a real affection for science fiction and fantasy, and spend quite a bit of time in that section whenever I’m at the bookstore. One Saturday night, I turn the corner to enter the section, and there she was. Flipping through a book by one of my favorite authors. There was no way I was going to pass this opportunity by. I immediately struck up a conversation about that book, and how good the author was. We chatted for a couple of minutes before she moved on, and I actually felt slightly sad that she was leaving.

I moved into the mystery section, and picked up an older book by an author I’d heard good things about, and from behind, I heard someone say how good the book was. I turned, and there she was again. She and I chatted for a few more minutes, and then she asked if I wanted to share a table in the café with her. I quickly accepted her offer, and we moved to the café area. I let her move ahead of me so I could check her out, and I was not disappointed a bit. Her hair was halfway down her back, bright red, and very curly. She had nice wide hips, and a plump, shapely butt, all leading to a great pair of legs, snuggled into a pair of Capri pants that hugged all the right spots. From the bare skin I could see, she was very freckled, with creamy white skin.

We got drinks and settled into a table. kaçak iddaa Her name was Mandy, and she had literally moved into the area 3 days earlier. She was as big of a reader as I was, and loved the fact that there was a bookstore so close to her apartment. We compared addresses, and it turned out that she lived in the building directly across the rear alley from mine. She was a student at the local college, studying English Lit, with the plans of being a teacher someday. Her parents were successful attorneys in her hometown, and they were paying for everything she needed to be out here on her own.

Much sooner than either of us noticed, the bookstore was shutting the door. We’d been sitting for over 3 hours, chatting and getting to know each other. I knew her life’s history, like how she’d walked in on her boyfriend and another guy, going down on each other. I told her about the car accident my late wife had been in. She was coming home from work, and a drunken city employee t-boned her car, killing her instantly. As it turned out, the guy had a history of drinking on the job, and was driving on a suspended license, which the city dispatcher knew when he gave him the keys to the car. I sued for quite a bit of money, and the city eventually settled the case for about 90% of what we’d gone after, since there was so much evidence proving their negligence. I had promptly retired from my job, and spent my days doing whatever I felt like doing.

Mandy and I walked home together, still chatting about mutual authors we had in common. As we were walking, we passed a drunken guy stumbling up the road, and Mandy grabbed my hand as we passed him. I expected her to let go once we passed, but she didn’t. We finished the walk hand in hand, and when we got to her building, she invited me in. I gladly accepted, and we ended up talking until almost 4am.

I kaçak bahis was getting up to leave when Mandy leaned over and kissed me, softly at first, and then with more hunger. All thought of leaving were quickly erased as our tongues danced, and our bodies moved together. I broke away from her for a moment, looking into her eyes for any signs of hesitation. Not seeing any, I kissed her again, and slid my hands under her shirt. She moaned softly at my touch, and I gently fondled her breasts through her bra. She broke off the kiss, and stood up. She turned the lights low, and began a slow, seductive striptease for me. She slipped her shirt over her head, and I saw that her breasts were barely held in place by her bra, they were so large. She reached behind her, and unhooked it, letting it fall to the floor. She lifted her big tits to her mouth, and sucked on her pierced nipples until they were rock hard.

She undid her Capri’s, and let the slip to the floor. She was wearing a tiny little gray thong, and it was darker at the crotch, proving she was wet, and ready to be fucked. I pulled her to me, and buried my face in her crotch, licking her through the panties. I tasted her wetness, and she ground herself against my face, wanting my tongue deep inside her. She pushed me back, dropped her panties, and straddled my face again, allowing me unrestricted access to her tight pussy. She had a fat set of pussy lips, with a barbell piercing at the very top. I sucked that into my mouth, and she moaned her approval of my efforts.

I ate her pussy until my jaws were numb, and she came on my face at least twice, practically screaming her pleasure the entire time. She pulled herself off of me, and quickly undressed me. As she got to my pants, my cock was rock hard, and waiting for her attention. She didn’t disappoint, quickly sucking my cock down illegal bahis like a lollipop. She certainly knew how to handle a cock, and she was using every trick she knew to make me enjoy it. She’d bring me right to the edge, and back away, until I couldn’t handle it anymore. The final time she did it, I grabbed her head, and she got the hint, sucking my cock hard and fast. I groaned, and filled her mouth with my come, and she swallowed every drop like it was life-giving medicine.

She moved up beside me, and we kissed. We laid on her couch for a few minutes, then she led me to her bedroom. She had a king sized bed, and she pushed me down on it, and straddled me, grinding her still-wet pussy against my quickly hardening cock. Before I knew it, she had my cock buried deep in her tight, wet snatch, and she rode me like a cowboy does a horse. Her big tits bounced with every thrust, and she moaned and groaned her way to several more orgasms. I felt her pussy muscles contract and squeeze my cock, giving me the best fuck I’d had in years.

She expertly brought me to the edge of orgasm, and when I shot off, it was the greatest I’d ever had. She lay on top of me until my cock was completely spent, and then cuddled next to me, and we fell asleep that way, both of us totally spent. I awoke a few hours later to Mandy gently stroking my cock back to full arousal, and I flipped her to her knees and took her from behind. I pounded her tight cunt until I shot another load deep inside her, and she collapsed under me, totally spent. We fell asleep again, cuddled together. Over the next couple of days, we explored every possible position, and gave each other pleasure again and again. Mandy and I continued to see each other until she graduated from school with top honors, and then we were married. We’ve been together now for almost a decade, and even after our daughter was born, our sex life continues to be as strong and adventurous as it has ever been. We still walk to the bookstore, and the books we met over occupy a place of honor in our library to this day…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32