Redhead Jess and the Gym Shower Ch. 01

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As Jess lifted herself out of the gymnasium pool and began to make her way around towards the Ladies changing rooms David watched her lustfully. She was perfect, there was no denying it. Her long, slightly curly red hair atop fell across her graceful shoulders as she walked, her large breasts jiggling slightly in her bikini top with each step. Her blue eyes glanced at him briefly, disinterested, as she turned the corner into the changing rooms finally giving him a view of her beautifully shaped behind, sculpted to perfection by hours and hours of work in that very gym.

David felt his penis stiffening as he watched her disappear. He looked around. No one there. The gym was generally empty at that time in the morning save the odd businessman in the weights section. And Jess. Just thinking that at this very moment she was probably completely naked drove him mad with lust. He had to see her.

He walked nervously towards the changing rooms. If he was caught he would be in a lot of trouble, but it was worth the risk. He knew that if the showers in the girls’ changing rooms mirrored those in the guys, the shower walls would have 2-inch wide circular holes at around waist height. As he arrived at the shower stalls nearly trembling with excitement and nerves he could hear a single lone shower towards the back row was on. He looked inside the stall nearest him and yes, there were also holes at mid height in these walls.

He now had two options. He could enter the shower next to her and peak through or just wait outside and “accidentally” catch a full on look at her naked body as she stepped out of the shower, pretending that he’d walked into the wrong bathrooms by mistake. He decided to opt for the former option.

As silently as he could he crept into the shower stall next to hers and knelt at the two inch circle, careful to stay back a little bit so as to not be seen. What he saw excited him even further. She was turned slightly away from him, presumably washing her hair as shampoo or conditioner was cascading down across her pale, lightly-freckled skin and peachey behind. David’s mouth opened slightly in wonder and arousal as he started to stroke himself through his blue swimming trunks. He had wanted to see this since he first clamped eyes on that very same behind being put through its paces on the gym floor.

“Please turn around before I cum!!” David thought desperately – he was already so close. Then, as if in slow motion, Jess began to turn and David’s mouth fell open in shock. Where he had expected to see neatly parting lips between her legs was instead a large, semi-erect penis.

David started backwards and lost his footing. Grabbing for canlı bahis şirketleri the shower handle to steady himself he ended up turning and with a sound that in that moment seemed louder than a crashing waterfall, his shower turned on. He scrambled up quickly and peaked through the hole in fear. Then he heard Jess’s musical, educated voice ring out authoritatively. “Ah, you’re early. Good, I was going to get started without you.”

Moments later the full eight inches of her pulsing, pink penis pushed through the hole in front of him and pointed directly at his face. David knew he had to react quickly. Too much delay and she might look through to see what was going on. He could just run off, but then Jess would meet her mystery partner shortly afterwards and realise that it hadn’t been her, assuming it was a her, in the stall all along and as the only other person in the vicinity the blame would fall solely on him. There was only one thing for it. He was going to have to suck her dick and hope to god that either she came before her mystery partner showed up, or that she didn’t show up at all and he could sneak off unchallenged.

Wasting no further time he reached out and grabbed her shaft with both hands and quickly began to lick the tip of her penis.

“Mmmmmmmm yeah… good girl” Jess moaned. Ah, so it was a girl then. David thought about what he enjoyed most when on the receiving end of a blowjob and immediately began to copy from memory. His whole mouth engulfing the head of her penis every second while he flickered his tongue across it.

“Ooooh woooww!” Groaned Jess, louder. “Someone’s learned some new tricks, haven’t they?” To his surprise David was beginning to enjoy himself. He had gone vaguely limp as he had jumped backwards but now he was rock hard again. Jess’s pleasured moans of encouragement he found incredibly exciting, especially since he could control them. He began to suck her dick faster – his head bobbing back and forward and he heard Jess’s gasps of pleasure getting louder and louder.

“Don’t make me come yet, darling, I want to be inside you first!” exclaimed Jess.

Shit. This was not something he had planned for. Within a couple of seconds Jess had pulled her big, yearning cock back through the hole and was already opening the door to his shower stall. There was a moment of silence. He knelt on the floor in his swimming trunks looking up at her in fear – she stood there completely naked, her large, gorgeously rounded and perky breasts sitting beautifully on her chest, her rock hard yet slightly feminine penis pointing directly at his face.

“What. The. FUCK??” Demanded Jess as she glared down at canlı kaçak iddaa him. “You’re not meant to be sucking my cock. You’re not even meant to be here, this is the lady’s changing room!”

“I’m sorry!!” bleated David. “I made a mistake. By the time I realised that this was the ladies you had already put your cock through the wall. I thought if I just sucked it and finished you off, you might leave not knowing it was someone else… and you seemed to be enjoying it!” He was growing more confident.

Jess softened and a wry smile crept across her face. “OK suckerboy,” she said, “get back to work,” and stepped forward into his cubicle, walking her still erect and pulsing penis directly into his mouth.

He continued afresh, sucking harder and faster than he had been before. Jess held a handful of his hair, moaning louder and louder as one of his hands crept up her stomach, the other cupped her balls. He glanced up at Jess as he sucked, her eyes clenched shut in pleasure, and he had an idea. Without her noticing, keeping up the rhythm on her dick the whole time, he reached his right hand out and squirted some shower soap onto it before moving it round to her lower back. She was too lost in the pleasure of the moment to notice the soap dribbling between has gorgeous asscheeks. Jess’s moans were getting louder and more drawn out – she was approaching climax – he had to act fast. With his mouth still expertly working her cock and his left hand still massaging her ever tightening balls, he stroked his right hand underneath them and quickly found her tight, unexpecting asshole. Without a moment’s notice he gently but firmly pushed his middle finger into her ass. It slid in with little effort, helped by the shower soap that had acted as a perfect lubricant. Jess’s whole body tensed in pleasure and she half-screamed “OH MY GOD!!”

He quickly and rhythmically began finger-fucking her arse and within only a few thrusts Jess grabbed his head tightly with both hands and screamed “Oh Yes! Oh YES! OH YEEESSSSSS!! He rock hard cock somehow grew even harder and a couple of seconds later he felt it – thick white streams of cum came exploding out the end of her cock and Jess continued to shriek with pleasure and gyrated her hips. The orgasm lasted her 10 seconds after which David’s face and mouth were dripping with her load and she went week at the knees.

Still gasping for breath, Jess managed to get out “fucking hell… that was incredible…” While David began wiping what seemed like the entire contents of her balls off his face. He had swallowed some of it, but there really had been too much for that.

David stood up slowly. Jess, breathing heavily, canlı kaçak bahis looked at him. She had just had one of the most incredible orgasms of her life, and she didn’t even know this guy. David, who’s cock was still as stiff as a board, quickly moved in to kiss her. She reciprocated passionately and moments later he was holding onto her pendulous yet perky breasts, sucking her nipples as he had done with her cock only moments ago.

“Oooh slow down – you’ll get me all worked up again!” giggled Jess. She dropped to a crouch slowly bringing his swimming trunks down with her. She gazed at his large, erect penis as he had done with hers only minutes ago, and began to suck.

Damn she was good, but David had something else in mind. He quickly brought her too her feet and turned her around again. Squirting yet more soap onto his hands he again dribbled it between her asscheeks and wiped the rest onto his dick.

“Be gentle” said Jess. “That cock is a lot bigger than your finger.”

David positioned the tip of his engorged, throbbing member directly onto her soap-lubricated asshole and firmly began to push. Jess again began to moan.

“Fucking hell… it’s so big… it’s so big!” she gasped as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into her ass. This felt perfect. This felt like what he was born to do. Taking her huge breasts in each hand, he gently rubbed each hardening nipple as he rhythmically and aggressively began to thrust. With each thrust Jess let out a loud, short, sharp moan of pleasure. She was getting incredibly aroused again already and she felt her large, swinging dick begin to stiffen.

At that moment they heard the changing room door open. Rather than stop, David clamped his hand over Jess’s mouth and continued to thrust – her exclamations of pleasure now mere wimpers between his fingers. Someone walked into the stall next to them and cleared their throat expectantly. Clearly this was the person who had meant to have blown Jess. They paused for a brief second before the voice said “Come on! I haven’t got all day! Get your dick out, Jess.”

Without a moment’s notice David reached around Jess, grasped her fast-stiffening penis and guided it towards the hole.

“Mmmmm” David heard the voice go, and then the unmistakable sounds of a cock being sucked. Quietly, now relinquishing cover of her mouth, David began to thrust into her behind again. Jess was moaning very loudly now. Not only did she have a big hard cock thrusting into her behind, perfectly hitting her g-spot at every entry, her penis was now being serviced by the mouth of the girl in the next stall.

David was close. Jess’s perfect ass as so tight around his cock. Her breasts felt amazing cupped in his hands and the sounds she was making only accelerated the process. The build up was rapid and a few seconds he began to empty his balls into her ass, letting out a loud, contented, masculine grunt as he did so.

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