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A friend of ours asked us to house-sit his house. Next to his garage was a racquetball court. It took us a few days to get out to the court as we found some ‘other’ pleasurable things to be do, but eventually we decided to try it out have some fun, and work up a sweat.

There are rackets that we can borrow so we go out to the court. We start just hitting it back and forth. While you haven’t played in a long time, it’s obvious that you’ve played before and make some nice shots. Eventually you ask if we should play a game. ‘What are the stakes?’ I ask.

‘What would you like?’ you ask very sexily.

My mind starts to whir and I say the loser – loses his or her shirt. You smile and say ‘who knows where it will lead! You’re on.’ We decide to play to 11. You serve first and your first shot is right down the line and I can’t even get my racket on it. Your point. Oh-oh! It’s going to be a match. Eventually I get the serve and score a few points and lead 6-3.

On my next serve you hit the ball so it bounces about 2 inches off the front wall. You take the next point. 6-4. I then get on a little roll and get the next five points ending the game. You walk up to me kiss me on the lips and say OK take your prize. I pull your shirt over your head and kiss your neck and exposed shoulders, down towards your chest. As I start to reach up towards your bra, you push me away and say that’s the next game. You suggest your bra for my tee shirt. I say lets go.

The next game is much closer. The lead is going back and forth and I’m having a little trouble concentrating on the game. You look so good in your shorts and bra. At 10-10 I realize that if I win the next point I get to see your naked breasts. While we have just spent the past two days being naked 90% of the time I am still excited by the prospect and bear down and win the final point.

I walk over to you and wipe the sweat off your forehead. You say, ‘you win again.’ ‘Now I get to see my Two prizes’, I reply! I remove your bra and replace your cups with my hands over your breasts – bahis şirketleri massaging them. I get erect and have to adjust myself so my prick doesn’t break in half. You wrap your arms around me and we hold each other for a while, with our tongues in each other’s mouths.

When we come up for air, you ask for the next bet. I’m surprised that you want to play another but your really getting into it. I say OK this time it’s your shorts for my tee shirt. You agree and start the next game with two points in a row. I get the serve back but don’t score a point. You line up for the next serve, and I’m watching your breasts hang down and sway back and forth, your nipple is hard, and the next thing I know is that you’ve got two more points and lead 4-0. I think OK I’ve got to get my mind back on the game.

I get the serve back and score three points, but then you make a couple of great shots, you talk about getting lucky but I know it’s more than that. It’s now 7-3. You turn and smile at me and shake your boobies a little and are able to get the next 4 points. You won. I complain, a little, that you distracted me. Well you certainly did but you also played great. You pull off my tee shirt and rub your hands over my chest and then tweak my nipple. You then say shorts for shorts? I agree and we keep going.

I realize that I have to concentrate if I want to win. But with your breasts exposed and swaying as you run around the court I’m having a HARD time. The game goes back and forth and I finally put together a run and win 11-8. This time you walk over to me and I kneel down in front of you. I pull your shorts down over your bum and down in front and you are wearing the softest, silkiest, white panties I have ever seen or felt.

I start to rub my face on the front and you grab my head and hold it tight to you. My hands are massaging your butt and as I slide them under your panties, you pull away and say OK let’s go shorts for panties. I’m getting tired but your still rearing to go.

We start again and I know that if I win this game it’s bahis firmaları over and we can go back to the house. Since you’ll already be naked we’ll find something interesting to do. I take the first 5 points and think I’m on my way. On the next point – your on the right side of the court and hit it down the right side. I go charging over and run right into you. I have to grab onto you to keep from knocking you over.

Our sweaty bodies collide and I feel your damp breasts on my chest. I hold on to you and ask if your OK. You are, and you rub your chest against mine and say ‘I’m fine’ but hold on for another minute. It’s incredible how good our sweaty bodies feel together. By the time we separate I have an erection. We play the point over and you win it, as I’m not able to run like I should. You give me a little smirk and then take the next seven points in a row.

I finally get a point and then we go back and forth each taking a point until it’s 10-9. It’s your serve and you look back at me and smile. You put the serve right down the line and win the game. You tell me to come over. You slide my shorts down to my ankles, taking care to avoid my erect penis. You reach up grab my dick and give it a playful squeeze. Now it’s obviously the last game – undies for undies. You kiss me and say ‘lets finish this’.

You start well taking the first two points. I then come back and get the next four. You seem to be having as much trouble concentrating as I am. I bend over to make the next serve and my erection falls out of my boxers. You make a nice return but I had no chance as I was fumbling with my penis trying to get it back inside my shorts.

Your laughing as you and ‘my point’ and serve. You get the next three points and lead 6-4. I finally get a point but lose the next one. You now lead 7-5. After you win the next point and lead 8-5 I bear down. During the next volley I get the ball in the center of the court and hit it hard, trying to get it by you. Unfortunately it hits you squarely on your left butt cheek.

You grab your butt. It kaçak bahis siteleri obviously stings. I come over and ask if your OK. You smile a little and say you’ll be fine. I rub it a little and you moan and say it feels better already. I pull your panties down a little and can see a big red circle where it hit you. I rub directly on the spot, and you say ‘kiss my ass’ – so I bend over and lovingly kiss it. I’m ready to call it quits but you say no way.

So we continue. I get the next three points and the game is tied. We smile at each other knowing that it’s almost over and we are both now HOT and tired. I get two more points in a row and lead 10-8. You get the next point before I FINALLY get the last point and win the last game and your panties. I walk over to you and tell you that I’ve never played a more enjoyable match. And that’s the truth!!!

‘Now pay up’! I put my hands on the waist of your panties and slowly pull them down. I bring then to my face and inhale deeply. Wow your hot, sweaty, scent is intoxicating. (You may never get those panties back again) I put my hand between your legs and stroke up and down your lips. You are obviously wet and not just sweaty from the workout.

I insert two fingers into your vagina and they just slide right in. I lean you against the wall and press my body against yours. Ohhhhhhh I love the feel of your skin against mine. I have my lips kissing yours and our tongues are being sucked into each other’s mouths. I take my fingers from your pussy and bring them to my lips. I lick them dry. You taste wonderful.

I bend down and slide my penis across your opening. Gently I slide in until I am fully embedded in you. I lift you up and you wrap your legs around me. Using the wall for support you begin to bounce up and down on my penis. I’m holding you up with my hands on your ass – squeezing and massaging as I keep bouncing you up and down on my rock hard dick.

I don’t know if its all the sexual tension from the long workout, the different surroundings, or the new position, but neither of us last long and we both CUM with loud explosive orgasms within a minute of each other and then collapse on the floor. As we lay on the hard wood floor, you ask who won, and I say I think we both did! It was an incredible morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32