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This was practically a stream-of-consciousness ‘quickie’ I wrote a few days ago. It’s an attempt at seeing what comes when I try to write start to finish without stopping or over thinking it. Hope you enjoy!


I hovered over her waiting body, my knees near her hips, the heels of my palms on either side of her head. She shifted beneath me and I could feel her heat radiating in our little cocoon bed.

Her lips were already full, kiss-swollen and open for more. I lowered myself and pressed our mouths together again, lips, tongue, teeth coming together in hungry abandon. She tasted like a better version of me, her mouth the sweet companion to mine. I suckled at her, pressing myself against her – chest to chest, hip to hip – until we couldn’t breathe and I had to pull away.

Cloudy with lust, I gasped my way down to her breasts. Round, pale globes almost flat against her ribs, I pulled one up to shape with my hand, then sucked its big, pink nipple into my mouth.

She gasped and arched her back, pressing her soft flesh harder into my face. I swirled my tongue around the rosy bud, nipping here and there with gentle teeth. I could smell her arousal now, and I squeezed her all the harder for it.

I slipped both hands to her ribs and clutched at her, pulling her up from the bed and falling to her other breast in mimicry of the first. I was rewarded with a taut raisin of a nipple, and devoured it wholly.

I could feel her chest expanding and contracting, breathing heavily into my mouth’s ministrations. Crouched over her body, I explored the space between her breasts with my tongue, thumbing her nipples to send shivers down the length of her.

My lips made a trail down the soft plane of her stomach while my hands found their way to her hips. She opened her legs for me and I moved between them, our bodies shifting softly against kızılay escort the sheets.

As I settled back, sitting up on my heels, knees splayed wide between her spread thighs, I looked up into her face. She bit the corner of her lower lip and watched me behind heavily lidded eyes.

I gripped a hip in one hand and with the other I thrust two fingers in, deep and sudden, inside her slippery heat. Her eyes squeezed closed just as her mouth opened wide and she gave me a long, surprised moan.

As quickly as I’d entered her, I pulled out. Disappointment mingled openly with desperation and she reached down greedily, her fingers tangling in my hair as I lay myself down low at the crux of her sex.

I took my time, just the tip of my tongue tracing the outline of her desire-puffed lips before dipping down into the slick folds. I tucked my arms under and around her thighs, hands gripping her legs while she writhed, mewling.

My mouth opened fully to her and I flattened my tongue to rasp it over her, first up through the curling thicket of her apex then down to plunge inside the slit of her opening. She tasted tangy and sharp, the perfect compliment to her hot, velveteen sex.

I found the pebbled nub of her clitoris and flicked it once, twice, then settled in to suckle wide. Her hips bucked over and over into me and I murmured against her, feeling her tremble and clench in response.

A thin sheen of sweat formed across her lower abdomen and she groaned, arching her back while I lathed her already overheated sex.

Two fingers again slipped inside her, this time pumping feverishly in time with her panting. She grew wet, then wetter still and I could feel my own body readying, responding the feel of her desire.

Just as she reached a lilting cry, a chantedOh God!with increasing urgency that let me know – as much as the flush etlik escort between her thighs and the painful throbbing of my own phallus – we were ready.

I flicked my tongue against the opening of her slit one last time, a promise as much as a tease, and then I sat up, rocking back on my heels.

We shifted quickly and she arched her back up high for me as I pinched my erection at its base, dipping it down so that the head nuzzled just inside of her opening. There was a pause, a moment’s hesitation on the brink, and then together we pushed.

Watching her stretch to take me in I worried – like I always worried – that we’d gone too soon. She wasn’t wet enough, or loose enough, or I was driving it in too fast. Chin tucked to my chest, I gripped her hips and pulled out just a bit, seeing how I glistened in her juices,oh, oh, then pushed deeper still.

She opened her legs wider and reached down, pausing briefly to brush fingertips across her clitoris, wrapping her thin fingers around the rest of my cock where it emerged from between she and I.

It was my turn to moan, feeling her push and pull the tight skin over my engorged member as she urged me on, deeper inside of her. Steadily we pushed until I was fully docked, the walls deep inside of her clenching and stretching around me in pulsing, wet arousal.

I tipped forward, sliding one arm under her back and bracing myself over her with the other, outstretched. She dug her heels into the backs of my legs and we kissed hard, my face still sticky with her own arousal.

I pulled back and gave a heavy thrust, head bowing low with the overpowering feel of our wet friction.Oh, God.

Another push, this one even deeper. My testicles hung low, and they slapped against her, pulling a groan from deep inside me.

She was so tight and so slick and so hot all at once, demetevler escort I held on to enough of myself for one more controlled thrust before I tipped over the edge.

Her hands were everywhere on me – scratching down my back, gripping my clenched buttocks, pulling my hair. Her soft body pressed against my hard one, thrusting hard and fast, gasping for breath.

Somewhere towards the end I raised up, one hand clutching the headboard and the other on her low back, pulling her harder toward me, driving me deeper in to her core. She cried out, over and over, moaning and gasping and demandingharder, faster,and then rewarding me with renewed cries when I gave it to her.

I pumped deep inside her, my slick member flashing, glistening, between us in rhythmic pulse until my muscles tightened deep inside my abdomen and, like being flung off a cliff, I came.

I barked out my own cry, sudden and straining. Ears roaring, muscles straining, I sat back on my heels, gripped her hips and pulled hard, driving myself deeper against her than I could fit and jerked with the come – viscous, ropey spurts that seemed never ending, while she rode her own climax on my pulsing shaft.

I was still hard when it was done, the both of us panting and sweating. We kissed and stroked, gentle in the afterglow. I pulled out of her almost all the way and then pushed back in slowly, watching my white come ooze out around the seams where our bodies joined. In and again I pushed with a slowly softening member, still firm and big enough to pleasure her.

She whimpered, sore and bruised sweetly like an overripe peach.

My thumb found her clitoris and gently I urged her on, sliding in and out of her gently in my thick lubrication. She lifted her hips again,yes, yes, yes,and I arched down to catch her mouth in a kiss and swallow the low moan of her fresh orgasm.

When I was too soft to continue, tucked limp inside the sweet nest of her sex, she kissed me gratefully – lips, jaw, collarbone. We smiled and took our time now, gentle caresses and heavy eyelids, until it was time to part and let sleep take us both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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