Queens of the Desert

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Joseph Prince was in his nano-physics bio-chemical lab located in Maryland. Taking a break he enjoyed his pastime of listening to Michael Jackson music and doing a moon walk in the lab. He was wearing a white silk shirt with frills under a black jacket similar to one of Michael Jacksons and was laughing at his rendition of the dance steps. He had a similar top hat with a multi-colored band around it. Joseph Prince had a government contract to develop defenses against terrorists from the Middle East. Upon spilling some of the powdered chemical he was experimenting with, the dust cloud was spread by the fan he had blowing, so after cleaning the powder from the table and the floor, he had decided to take a break. He had designed the powder to have a slight desert palm fruity smell. The powder had tiny crystals in the dust that sparkled with a full rainbow of colors in the light. Joseph Prince wanted the powder to be ingestible by various means including by breathing the air.

Having fun with the moon walk going backwards by the lab animal cage, he could hear the chimpanzees were making commotion, perhaps excited by his dance moves. Laughing and giggling Joseph felt a spray at the back of his head, and turned to see what it was while his mouth was still open laughing. A large squirt of drops and spray went into his mouth and some across his face. It tasted salty and buttery. Swallowing by reflex he wondered where it came from. He looked overhead for any water pipes that may have burst.

Joseph Prince could see that no pipes had burst, and no equipment had stopped working so he assumed all the equipment was ok and the spray was probably some condensation that had accumulated on the ceiling.

The chimpanzees somehow had gotten excited maybe about the dancing or the sparkling chemical dust. Joseph Prince saw that the lab chimps, all male, were all jacking off. (He wondered how they learned this human behavior.)

Joseph Prince went on with his lab work and experiments.

After many days Joseph Prince realized that every time he experimented with his powder the chimpanzees seemed to get sexually aroused. Soon Joseph Prince theorized that the powder had distraction and aphrodisiac properties.

Since his defense contract had to do with Middle East Terrorist groups, Joseph Prince kept in touch frequently with his colleague Roger and wife Patty, who were currently in that region. They spoke frequently and Joseph Prince would get more current news on the social values and trends. Roger spoke of dating and sexual trends, night clubs, and of unspoken behaviors. He noted in passing that some men from Riyadh 150 miles west of Qatar, for example, seemed distracted by young boys, and colorful night life.

Roger and Patty were on a job assignment that required living and traveling in the Middle East. Patty is a ravishing teacher on vacation leave. Their multi-country work visas took them to many areas including Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Istanbul, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, and other Arabic and Muslim countries. They had much fun in the many areas and local cultures. Night life was abundant and the restaurants and hotels were all interesting. In Qatar they visited Club 7 in Doha, the capital city.

At Club 7 Patti had her butt grabbed a few times, and was fondled in the hall going to and from the restroom to pee. Once or twice a hand actually grabbed her pussy. She had heard of journalists having this issue so just ignored it as careless play. After more drinks and another trip to the bathroom to piss, she is fondled in the hall coming from the restroom. Thinking it is her husband this time, sneaking up from behind to grab her pussy, she reaches over in the dark hall and grabs his cock surprised to find she is holding bare skin, and her hand had slipped or been guided into a robe worn by a man with no clothes underneath. He holds her hand on his crotch. She slaps him and he vows to get back at her. By that time others passing in the hall took the opportunity to fondle her in the dark. Patti decided it was not worth telling Roger about. She knew that 90 percent of the population there were horny single men.

Roger being a slim and young looking man also had a few grabs at his butt, and a couple grabbing his cock. One who grabbed his cock like he wasn’t going to let it go looked directly into Roger’s eyes with desire and asked, “Suck cock?”

Taken aback Roger stood there for a minute while his cock got harder, then shook his head, “No,” and pushed the man’s hand away getting his finger hooked on the other man’s finger for a minute, still looking eye to eye. Roger is straight, and so is shaken by this event.

During the dancing Patty also had curious females grope and finger her. One snuck a hand to cup her pussy letting her fingers sink in the material. Other females had groped and fingered her pussy, and asshole, next morning she tells hubby it was a thrill a minute, but still didn’t tell him about the fondling bahis firmaları or about holding the other man’s cock the previous night.

The next day, she enjoys shopping while he befriends some Pakistani and some Lebanese workers and is invited to join them for the evening out.

Roger relates the travels to Joseph Prince over the phone, that when these people have sex on their mind, they drop everything else.

Joseph Prince starts thinking that maybe his new formula could be used as a distraction agent. It dawns on him that the powder may have aphrodisiac properties.

Roger and Patty’s newly befriended acquaintances invited and insisted they come to a private dinner. They went to the dinner party and they got drunk on strong drinks that perhaps were spiked. They were ushered to a separate, smoke filled room. As with custom the sexes had to be segregated. Each room had a hookah and hashish. The slapped man, Subhi from the Syrian city of Idlib is there. Soon Roger’s white ass is in high demand while they dance around in the tight quarters, and is felt off as he moves between the bodies, soon finds his hand inside a robe while a smoke is put between his lips, Roger is very intoxicated and euphoric. He is not real sure how his hand is wrapped around a cock inside a robe. He is not even bisexual. His hand is trained up and down the cock, and down to the balls where his hand is cupped over the balls. He performed a hand job on this stranger. Many hands seem to fondle his ass, while he is jacking off the stranger. He could not know Subhi from the Syrian city of Idlib was now filling him with more smoke and feeling his ass and crotch. Subhi discreetly unfastens Roger’s clothes while keeping Roger’s hand in the other man’s robe.

Soon Roger is standing there naked in front of approving eyes. Roger is made to sit on the edge of a bed, and soon the cock he had been handling was in his mouth. This was a first time experience sucking cock. He was with strangers and didn’t know how to act. A flood of cum squirted into his mouth and his head was not released until he swallowed and sucked it clean. This was his first interracial cum swallow. Subhi high on aphrodisiacs and hashish pushed Roger over such that his knees were on the floor but his stomach was over the bed. Roger felt a cool slick sensation down his crack, on his virgin asshole and then felt a knob pushing against it.

By now his hands were held behind his back. Roger felt the knob pushing in and realized that now it was sliding all the way in bareback until it stopped when the pubic hair from Subhi was against his ass. While Roger’s ass was adjusting, Subhi fondled, slapped, whipped, and spanked Roger. Roger felt the whole routine of fucking and felt weak like a woman. Subhi was fucking him with thrusts so strong that they lifted and raised his body off the bed by his asshole. It was rough kinky sex. Roger felt the cum pulsing through the cum vein and pulsed against his asshole then squirted the cum shot inside his ass for the first time. Roger did feel humiliated, especially in front of the other men in the room. He felt relieved when Subhi pulled out of his ass, and got off. There was a man in the room taking a full video of Roger’s first time anal.

Laying there for a minute with relief, humiliation, and at the same time euphoria, Roger felt his arms being pulled across the bed strapped, and tied to the bed rails with leather straps and BDSM D-loops. Soon he felt another man feeling his ass and balls. More lube was squirted in his ass, and soon another cock was sliding in. This bottom action continued all night and into the next day. He was group married, as they say in this part of the world. During the whole night various cocks were plunged into his mouth and he tasted and swallowed many cum shots, usually without ever seeing the face or race of the man. He had become a bottom and was returned to his hotel with his wife, both with torn clothes and a sore ass.

During the same night Roger’s wife Patty is persuaded to exhibition dance by Subhi the guy she slapped from the Syrian city of Idlib. She was put into an exhibition dance like a belly dance striptease. Patty is quickly and deeply intoxicated. She giggles and laughs as she gets some belly dance lessons. Accepting that belly dancing must show some skin, she lets the other women help her out of some of the clothes and is eventually dancing in her panties getting a lot of lustful attention. She giggles and laughs saying she is so horny that she needs to fuck.

From one side a woman takes the band of Patty’s panties and slides them down; coming up from the other side Subhi takes her in a bear hug from behind and throws her over a sofa, and plunges his cock into her pussy already wet from the sexy dancing. He pulls her hands behind her back while he fucks her. Pulling her hair back and holding it and her hands at the same time while she is speared by his cock, he takes a tube of lube and squirts it in her ass plunging a finger kaçak iddaa in and out to work in the lube, then suddenly takes his cock and pushes the head against her asshole until it starts to slide in. Soon he is fucking her ass with his stomach slapping noisily against it, and he takes his free hand to cup her breast, reaches under and cups her pussy, and then spanked her ass.

Talking with Joseph Prince again Roger said, “I believe if you developed something that could be inhaled or ingested, it could be used as a distraction agent. They love sex of all kinds here even though a lot of it is kept somewhat under the radar.”

This conversation got Joseph Prince to thinking on how to deliver the powder once fully designed and tested.

Joseph Prince was coming back to the lab after hours to check on a couple experiments. As he walked toward the door he could see light coming from underneath it, and the door was not locked. He knew he had some undergrad college students working in the lab that night. When he opened the door he noticed the powder container was open and some was spilled on the table. Looking to the other side he saw movement. He stood quietly to assess what was going on. The coed lab assistants were on the floor laying in 69 position erotically sucking each others cock and fingering their assholes. He never would have placed them as queer, but now he saw it. One pulled out of the other’s mouth and turned him over, quickly he thrust his cock in the others asshole and almost immediately came. The other rolled him off the top and switched positions almost like a wrestling move and within seconds came in the other one’s ass. The anal fingering must have been for the lube.

The chimpanzees were laughing and chattering as always. Joseph Prince noticed they seemed to be aroused.

Joseph Prince walked over and put the top back on over the powder. He was too busy thinking to talk. Finally he asked the two guys, “What are you doing?”

“We don’t know what got into us. We are both totally embarrassed and very sorry.” They had gotten up and were standing there totally nude. Each had a hand holding the other’s butt cheek. “We are both straight, and we don’t know what happened.”

Joseph Prince calmly said, “Ok, well put your clothes back on and finish your work.” Joseph Prince thought the powder was a very strong aphrodisiac, and if a drone or some similar method, were used to dispersed the chemical dust in the air, maybe it could be used to stop the Terrorists. Maybe the chemical dust could be deployed to thwart and turn back attacks.

Meanwhile, back in Qatar, Roger and Patty both became addicted to the hashish. They found their way back to the house where they attended the party. Practically begging they were admitted into the house getting many suspicious questions if they were undercover cops. Finally they were cleared. After frisking and groping them both it was agreed they could have some more hashish if Roger sucked cock and balls.

Patty watched as Roger got on his knees and took the cock in his mouth, kissing and licking the top of it and sucking it all the way to the back of his throat. She could see when it started to stiffen up, but Roger slid it out until only the head was in his mouth. She could tell he was tonguing the top around the crown and the pee hole. His cheeks were billowing in and out as he was trying to suck the man’s cum out, but soon it came out in volleys and he had to hold the man’s ass tightly to keep the cock in his mouth. She could tell he savored the taste as he lingered with the cock in his mouth. Roger had gotten addicted to cum as well and had become a good cock sucker. Roger was informed he would have to learn to deepthroat.

They got about a day’s worth. Roger and Patty went out on the town again and had fun. Both were groped many times, and both were channeled into pumping cocks with their hands. She wasn’t even surprised when her asshole was fingered several times.

The night passed quickly. The next day they went back to the same house for another hit. This time they would have to take it by injection. Both were stripped naked by the man. Both had their asses fondled. Patty had her tits fondled and sucked in front of Roger. Both were required to get on their knees naked and suck cock for a bit to harden it up. Patty was made to lay over the back of a couch while Roger was still on his knees. Roger watched as the man’s cock slid into Patty’s pussy and started pumping. Patty was wet, and he took the cock out and stuck it into Roger’s mouth. Roger was made to kiss and lick Patty’s ass and rim her asshole, then lick and kiss the man’s ass.

Then Roger was made to lay over the couch back next to Patty, and the man stuck a needle in both of them shooting the drugs directly in.

Both Roger and Patty side by side, were finger lubed thoroughly at the same time. He then continued both by putting a gelatin suppository with lube inside, that dissolves the outside layer and lubricates kaçak bahis the anal canal. The man had this couple, man and wife, by his left and right fingers. Soon he pushed his cock into Patty’s pussy and started fucking rhythmically until she started humping back. At the same time he was fingering her asshole with his left hand and Roger’s with his right hand. A few minutes later he moved to Roger and pushed his cock into Roger’s butthole slowly. As he started fucking Roger he continued to finger Patty’s asshole. Soon he moved to Patty’s butthole and started fucking her ass while fingering Roger’s ass. Then he moved back to Roger’s ass, and back to Patty’s. Trying to make it last, he finally had to cum in Roger’s ass, grunting and rutting, spanking Roger’s ass to make him hump and gyrate. He finally came in large volleys with the base of his cock all the way in to the pubic hairs rubbing around the asshole and butt cheeks.

Roger and Patty’s days became filled with urgency, risk, and peril.

In a matter of days, Roger was made into a cocksucker for cash, sucking balls and swallowing cum, and licking crotch and ass crack. A whore for his wife, he would sometimes bottom for 2 to 3 dozen men in a night. He sometimes swallowed cum 30 to 40 times in a day. His throat was sore and he vaguely remembered at least one cock going down his throat, it must have been his first time deep throat. Often he had to do this while Patty watched. Patty was often made to go into a separate room to entertain guests. This was her first time reluctant experience as a prostitute. Sometimes as a voyeur, Roger watched Patty stripped down by strangers and fucked in mouth, pussy, and asshole, usually taking the cum in her ass. When they had a chance to speak together Roger said, “We need to get out of here before we get caught and arrested for prostitution or gay sex.”

Patty told Roger, “They took video and pictures of us in all those sadistic and fetish acts. I believe we may be blackmailed, and could go to prison or be put to death for homosexual gay acts. Just one photo could ruin us. I believe our lives are in perilous danger. If we don’t get out of here soon, we may be at risk”

After the next day getting hits by needle, they got some to take with them. Leaving the house at dusk they came across a young man in his 20s, who spoke English. Roger got his attention, “Hey can you help us?”

The young man came to them. Roger sucked his cock in public to get assistance to Riyadh. After Roger swallowed his cum, the young man complimented Roger’s blowjob, and turned around. The young man demanded to be butt fucked bareback. Roger complied, doggie style. When they were done Roger noticed police cars arriving at the house where they had gotten drugs. The young man saw the fear in their eyes and realized now that he could also be implicated so he took them through back streets, and got them a ride on a work truck going to Riyadh with a group of workmen. Roger had to take it in his ass while he watched Patty suck off another.

In the next few days they manage to suck and fuck their way to Riyadh 150 miles west of Qatar, where Roger called Joseph Prince. “Hey Joseph, I can’t speak freely right now but we are trying to make it back home. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Yes, from Riyadh make your way back to Bahrain. You can work your way onto a boat to Kuwait. Visit the embassy there and ask for help, and get me current locations and activities of the Terrorist in Iraq and Syria to the north.”

On a street corner of Riyadh, Roger motioned to a nice looking young lady with a friendly countenance. When she thought Patty wasn’t looking she flashed her bright reddish pink panties with white lace at Roger lifting her short dress in a sexy pose showing a lot of leg. The midriff looked sexy to Roger. She was wearing a sexy collar, and wore shiny black high heels.

Roger said, “Hey can you help us? We need to get to Bahrain.”

“Darling you may have come across the right person, but for a price. Darling, who is that sweetie with you?” She reached over an grabbed Roger’s cock through his clothes.

Roger said, “We don’t have much money. Maybe we can do something for you in return.”

“My kind of help does not come free. Maybe the two of you can earn your way with me.”

“Come to my apartment with me and I will make sure you are taken care of if you make me happy.”

It dawned on Patty that they were talking to a crossdresser.

Arriving at the apartment the crossdresser introduced herself as Alice, and got Roger’s and Patty’s names. “First off Roger get on your knees and kiss my crotch. Discipline is good for your. Sniff it good.”

Patty watched to see Roger make the discovery that he was kissing and sniffing a cock.

Alice said, “Now pull down my panties a little honey, and suck my balls. Patty dear come to my back and tongue bathe my entire ass, including the ass crack, all the way down, get it? I need you to rim me.”

“Now stand up and let me take your clothes off.” Alice stripped them both throwing their clothes in one pile. “I know you are in a hurry to get to Bahrain, but we need to take the time to play a little.”

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