Quarantine: Morning Pleasures

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It’s early in the morning. I’m sitting in my robe, by the window of our hotel room. I’m watching the sun rise over the city. I’m watching you sleep while I drink my coffee, reminiscing about all the ways I fucked you last night and all the ways I’m going to make you moan today. It’s so good to be back with you.

You’re laying there naked, on your side with your back to me… you’ve kicked off the covers and are sleeping so peacefully. I’m watching the pink morning sunlight creeping down the wall, the window frame is casting shadows across the bed, across your body and across your hair sprawled out over the pillow.

I missed your body so much. I missed looking at you. I missed feeling you. I missed tasting you.

You look so comfortable and relaxed.

Are you comfortable and relaxed, baby?

I’m drinking my coffee, trying not to wake you so I can watch you sleep longer, looking at how your curves catch the light and shadows as they move over you. It’s so quiet. The warm sun light is catching the smooth curve of your hip and the shadows are moving over the curves of your ass and your thighs… hmmmm I could watch this all day. But it’s warming up in here now and you’re starting to stir.

You roll over, gently stretching your arms over your head. The sun light catches your arm, your ribs… and your tits. Oh god that’s beautiful to see. Yeah baby. Your nipples are soft and pink and I’m watching them as you take a long slow breath in as you wake.

Fuck you look so gorgeous in this light. I can’t help it, my cock is starting to get hard for you as I watch you slowly roll over and look at me, smiling.

‘Good morning beautiful’.

I get up with my coffee and come over to sit on the edge of the bed beside you, gently trailing my fingertips around the edge of your beautiful face, sweeping the hair behind your ear. You take the coffee from my hand to steal a sip. Good morning gorgeous, it’s a beautiful day.

You smile, handing me back my coffee, running your hand kaçak iddaa up my wrist and up my arm to my shoulder.

‘It looks that way from here’. You grip my shoulder with your hand to pull yourself up, kneeling behind me on the bed to run your hands across my shoulders and down my chest, pulling my robe open and dragging your nails gently over my skin as you press into my back.

Oh god that feels good. Your touch, makes me so hard. I can feel your breath on the back of my neck where you’re gently kissing me and moaning into my skin.

Oh, fuck yes. Oh god that feels so good. Hearing you… feeling you.

I reach over to the bedside table to put my coffee down as I let you pull my robe down off my shoulders and over my arms. You’re running the palms of your hands up my back, massaging my muscles and my skin.

Oh god I need that so bad. I want to feel you, touching me, like that. My elbows are on my knees and my head is in my hands… fuck that feels so good baby. I’m so fucking hard. Are you wet for me baby?

You reach around under my arm with tour right hand to stroke my cock, leaning into my back and sighing in my ear when you find my huge, pulsating hard on waiting for you. Oh my god, your fingers on my cock feel so fucking good baby. Oh yeah, stroke it for me… fuck yes.

I’m leaning back into you, reaching up to run my fingers through your hair as you lean into my neck, stroking my throbbing cock.

Oh god I can feel your breath, I can hear, your breath.

You’re gripping my cock and squeezing the head, and stroking it, oh god, I missed you.

I twist around to my right, putting my arm around your waist to pull you around in front of me. You straddle my lap as I sit on the edge of the bed wrapping your arms around my neck and pulling me in to kiss you as you get comfortable.

Fuck yeah, I’m squeezing your ass and kissing you… I can feel your tits pressed up against me baby… oh god yes. Your skin… fuck I missed you.

I reach down to stroke my kaçak bahis cock with my right hand for you, I want to fuck you so fucking slowly this morning. I want to feel every inch of my cock, and every muscle inside you.

You want that baby? You want to fuck me slowly? My hard cock, slowly getting deeper and deeper inside you?

Can you hear how hard I am for you right now? Can you hear me stroking it, for you?

You push up a little on your knees, so your wet pussy is hovering right above my hard cock, waiting for me, pleading for me. You’re kissing me deeply and I can taste your desire. I can hear it in your breath. God your fingernails on the back of my neck… fuck. I need to be inside you. Baby, I need, to be, inside you.

I move my left hand down onto your hip, and pull you down, slowly, onto my cock.

You stop kissing me, you stop so you can look straight into my eyes as you lower your pussy slowly down onto me. Oh god, I can feel the tip of my cock pressed up against your pussy… I’m so fucking hard and you’re so fucking wet, and warm, and god I love this. Fuck, baby. Yes. Your eyes… your eyes as you slowly come down onto my cock… oh god I can feel your pussy slowly, opening, up, for, me… fuck. I grab both your hips and kiss you again… I can feel how slowly you’re lowering your pussy onto me… fuck baby… keep taking me inside you baby. Oh god, all they way, fuck that’s it baby. Yeah. God I can feel your pussy taking my hard cock, squeezing around it, so fucking wet. Fuck. I don’t want this to end.

I’m pushing up against you, driving my cock even deeper into you, kissing you hard on the mouth and wrapping my arms around your waist, pulling those gorgeous tits up hard against me while you’re sitting on my cock… buried deep inside you baby. Oh god, yes.

You start slowly pushing up on your knees again… gripping my shoulders to guide your body up… sliding your pussy up the length of my cock, inch by inch, all the way to the tip… my throbbing head illegal bahis is just inside your pussy… your cum is dripping down over my cock… oh god baby yes… just like that… fuck… fuck me slowly so I can feel you… I pull you down onto me again, squeezing you tight around your waist so I can drive my cock back into your pussy harder, and deeper… oh fuck, baby… you feel so good. Is that what you want this morning, baby? I nice, slow fuck? Oh yeah. You’re riding me, slowly up and down, sliding your tight wet pussy up and down my pulsating cock… it’s so hard for you… I want you to cum on me… I want you to ride me, slowly, until you cum…

keep riding me baby… that’s it, oh god your tits… I have to squeeze them. Oh god you feel so good… your nipples are so hard, I want to suck on them while you slowly ride my cock… would you like that baby?

Oh god… I can feel your cum dripping down my balls baby… fuck you’re so wet… you make me wanna cum. God I want to feel you cum, slowly riding my cock. Oh. God.

I can feel your pussy pressing harder down on my cock… pushing down on my thighs with tour legs as I drive my cock slowly and deeply up inside you. I can hear your breath getting heavier… ride me until you cum baby… are you getting ready? I can feel your pussy muscles, contracting around my cock and you slowly ride me… I start pushing up into you a little faster… fuck, it’s too much for you… and bring tour pussy down hard onto me and start riding me harder. I’m still sucking on your tit, squeezing them and watching you bounce up and down on me… oh god baby, here I cum. Oh god you feel so good on my cock… slow down… feel it with me… slow down… I’m pumping my throbbing cock slowly and deeply into your pulsating pussy and I start losing my fucking mind… losing my breath… I let go of your tits to reach up your shoulders so I can pull you down onto my cock slower and harder, oh god I’m going to cum… Oh god baby, keep riding me, cum with me… look into my eyes baby, let me see your eyes when you cum for me, baby. Oh god… you’re breathing so heavy I can hear and feel you cumming for me… oh fuck, here I cum. Oh fuck.. ride me baby. Yes!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32