Pulling a Short Train on Duty Ch. 01

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This is a nasty story. There’s no love, no romance and little tenderness. The participants do not, ‘make love’—they fuck. They do it in every orifice; there’s ATM and fucking during menstruation. There is no BDSM, but the sex is not gentle—be warned.

I was pulling HQ duty officer one night with an NCO I knew from Vietnam. He was a very sharp, younger than average, Staff Sergeant. I was glad he was on duty with me; he was an outstanding soldier and an enjoyable guy to have around. He would have the duty for the whole week. I had it just for the one night. For him, it was like, ‘working nights’, because he got the next day off.

Nothing ever really happened on this duty, which was the upside. The downside was that I didn’t get the next day off, and was expected to, ‘cat nap’ on the Colonel’s couch. I usually would just study for my night school classes until after midnight, then sleep for three or four hours.

Occasionally messages would be received by the base message center and the NCO would have to go over and pick them up. He’d then bring them back, I would read them and then decide if they were urgent enough to contact the old man; they never were urgent. Nobody ever, ‘dropped’ by. It was boring duty most nights, but it would not be boring this night.

After one of his trips to the message center, he came back with a big, shit eating grin on his face.

“What’s up, Sergeant Bradley? I didn’t know you enjoyed running over to the message center that much.” I kidded him as he returned from one of his many, ‘runs’.

“Well, sir, we’ve known each other long enough for some candor.” He paused, and then continued. “There is one very hot little Spec Four named Carol over there who has flirted with me all week—you’ve seen her—and she gets a little more specific each time I see her—know what I mean?”

I smiled and replied. “What does she have in mind, Staff Sergeant?”

“Well, I invited her to stop by when she gets off duty at 0200. She said she wanted to fuck my brains out.” He paused. “She knows who you are and said she’d be more than happy to take you on too.”

I thought for a minute. The door to the HQ building was locked from the inside for security reasons. No one ever showed up after midnight. As a message center operator, she had every right to be in the HQ building; if anyone showed up, we’d have time to pull up our pants before opening the door. Her excuse could be that she was dropping off one last message before going home, to save SSGT Bradley a trip. This could work.

“I like the way you think, Staff Sergeant.” I responded.

“You can have her first, if you like, sir.” SSGT Bradley replied.

“No, you found her, you fuck her first. Use the old man’s couch. It’s leather and is so old and stained he won’t know anything other than sleeping occurred there.” I replied.

Carol showed up about half an hour later; she was a little cutie. Even in fatigues her curves were unmistakable. She wasn’t bad looking; civilian clothes and a little makeup and she’d definitely turn some heads. She had light brown hair, cut, ‘military female’ short. She couldn’t have been over five foot two.

The three of us chatted for a few minutes, flirtatiously; she and my NCO trotted off to the old man’s office. They were quiet; about half an hour later, SSGT Bradley returned, looking like a pretty happy man.

“Sir, I don’t want you to think I damaged the merchandise, or anything, but just as we were, ‘finishing up’, Carol started her period. She’s a little embarrassed, erotik film izle and told me that if you didn’t want to fuck her, she’d understand.” He paused. “She gives great head—damned fine little cock sucker—and she’s lying in there on the sofa as pretty as you please.”

I responded. “A blow job might just be the ticket. If she’s up for it and it’s not too heavy, I might just fuck the little cunt. Then, of course, there’s always the backdoor.” I got up and headed for the old man’s office.

Carol was stretched out on the sofa in her best centerfold pose, looking pretty damned good in the glow of the desk lamp on the commander’s desk. I could see the string hanging from her bush which clearly said, tampon; well they can be removed as easily as they can be inserted, I mused. I stripped.

I walked over to the couch sporting a major boner. I kissed her and fingered her cunt with one hand while tweaking her pert little nipples with the other. I got up on my knees on the wide sofa with my dick in her face, clearly indicating what was expected. Carol didn’t need any encouragement or instruction.

My NCO was right; she gave great head. Her little mouth was hot, wet and tight, but she could take a cock all the way to her throat. She cupped my balls with one hand, diddled my ass hole with a finger, and not having gotten laid in over a week, I shot a massive load on her tonsils in no time at all. She took it all without complaint. I kissed her and seriously thought about pulling that little white string and fucking her bloody little box.

I lubed my finger with the combination of cunt juice and menstrual fluid and let my index finger stray back toward her dirty hole. I rubbed her little pucker for a few seconds and just jammed my digit up her rear with few preliminaries. She seemed surprised at the anal invasion, but didn’t resist it. I turned her around on the sofa so that she was leaning on the back with her fine young, milky white rump projecting obscenely in my direction. She started to grab the string; I grabbed her hand and stopped her.

“Not there, little girl, I want your ass.” I told her.

“Okay, that’s okay.” She said, but not very convincingly. I realized that in spite of the fact that she was a little slut, she just might not have given up her back door in the past, or if she had, it hadn’t been much fun.

I worked her tight little pucker with two, then three fingers. Fortunately she’d taken a dump when she arrived at HQ, so her rectum was empty. With three fingers in her dirty hole, she was starting to get into it, moving that tight little rear in small circles, and pushing back against my hand.

I removed the fingers and knelt down to explore her, quite possibly, virgin seat with my tongue and get her lubed up for some serious ass fucking. She really liked the tongue action; I’m sure she’d never had it before. I guessed that she might have given up that sweet little backside before, at least once, and it hadn’t been pleasant. I’d do my best to give her a new perspective on anal invasion.

It was time for the main event. At that age, I was rock hard pretty damned quick. I popped her anal ring with the head of my cock; she flinched, but didn’t complain. We weren’t doing a lot of talking, so I just slowly inched into her bowels, pausing as I sensed discomfort, so that she could adjust to the fullness. It didn’t take that long to get balls deep in this little bitch’s tail. I started a slow, deep rhythm; she started to move with it, like all good little sluts do, no matter film izle which of their holes you take.

Now I didn’t want to hurt her or wear out that tight little shitter, but I had just cum, had good control when I needed it, and that little sphincter was incredibly hot and tight. I also assumed it was, ‘late model’ and almost new. I started a nice even pace and just deep dicked her backside, occasionally coming all the way out to enjoy the gape visual. I went on for a while; I wasn’t watching the clock. I was watching my dick stretch her pooper to the limit. She got into it more and more the longer I sodomized her. She had moved her hand to her little twat and was working the love button.

All good things come, or cum to an end. I dumped a load deep in her anal canal and she came right after I did. I spun her around, not too gently, and presented my deflating cock to her mouth. I didn’t think she was going to do it at first. This was not love, just ass fucking and I wanted my dick in that hot little mouth one more time—and it needed cleaning.

“Clean it, you hot little fuck. It’s only been in your ass.” I said, almost commanding. She complied, seemingly getting off on the taste of her own ass in her mouth. She started cupping my balls again and fingering my shit hole. What the fuck, I thought, turning around and presenting my ass to her face.

“Lick my ass, you little bitch, work that little tongue of yours where it belongs.” I told her.

She went down on my brown eye like a professional, and, after a few minutes of her oral expertise, I wanted another fuck.

I turned her around on the sofa, yanked her butt to the edge and pulled the little white string, depositing the object in the old man’s ash tray. I pushed her legs tightly against her little tits and just started to bang her messy little pussy.

This time, I lasted a long time. It was fortunate for her that her cunt was slimy. It took me a long damned time to get my nuts off. I’m not sure that she came, but I finally did. I made her clean my cock again; it’s a habit that all good little whores need to adopt.

I dressed and went to the head to get some wet towels for her to clean up with. As I took a piss, the pungent aroma of her dark little cunt on my pubic hairs made me realize that I needed to do a little cleaning up, myself.

She was still lying on the sofa, totally fucked out, when I returned. In a little over an hour, the little trollop had sucked off two guys, been fucked by both of us and had been sodomized. She was one tired puppy.

I cleaned her up, also taking pains to remove the obvious evidence of our activities from the old man’s couch—and ash tray. I sat down next to her and gave her a tender kiss. She really was a pretty little girl, particularly with that, ‘just fucked’ look on her face. It occurred to me that I wouldn’t mind exploring any and all of her openings on another occasion.

The base buses didn’t run at this time of the morning and she didn’t have a car. I told her I’d give her a ride home when I got off at 0600, but suggested she might want to get a little nap in the mean time. She smiled and agreed.

Around 0530, I woke her up and told her to go stretch out in the back of my car; there were some blankets there. I didn’t want her presence at 0600 when my relief arrived to result in any questions.

She appeared to be sleeping when I got in my car a little after 0600, but when she felt the car start to move, she woke up and scampered over into the front seat.

“I’m seks filmi izle married, you know.” She said.

“I didn’t know that. Does your husband know about your extracurricular activities?” I inquired.

“Oh, shit yes. He’s in the service too. He’s queer, but he’s a damned good career NCO; he’s a lot older than I am. There really is a marriage license, but it’s a cover for his situation, and being, ‘married’ with his rank—he’s a Staff Sergeant—qualifies us for housing allowance and allows us to live off base.

She went on. “He’s a platoon sergeant; he’s on the SFC list, so he keeps a room in the barracks, which is where he often exercises his sexual preference. We have reverse schedules, so it works out fine. He’s really a great guy and we’re good friends. He leaves for work just before I get home and vice versa.” She told me.

She continued. “I’ve only taken it in the ass once before; it hurt, it was messy and I wasn’t crazy about it. I have no idea why I let you butt fuck me—I almost said no. It was very different this time; you got me good and lubricated—with your mouth—God that was nasty—and you were pretty gentle. I really got into it; you can have my ass again, if you want it. Licking your bung hole was pretty hot, too.”

She had more to say. “I really got turned on when you called me, bitch, cunt, slut and whore. I am all of those things—well, I’m pretty nice, actually, not a bitch— but basically just a little tramp from Arkansas who intends to get fucked as often as possible until I get out of the fucking service. You were just a little rough with me—I liked that too. I’m not into pain, but I like it rough. Look, I’m absolutely not looking for anything but sex. Is there any chance that we could get together again—just to fuck? How would your wife feel about that?”

I smiled. “When did you figure out I was married?”

She replied. “I saw you at the exchange one day with your wife. She’s an officer too, isn’t she?”

Without answering her question, I asked her one. “You’re not bi, by any chance, are you?”

She answered with a wicked little smile. “I definitely prefer cock, but hell yes, I’ll muff dive and I give as good head to a woman as I do to a man—no arguments on that count, are there?”

I responded. “Certainly not; you’re the best little cock sucker east of the Mississippi. Interestingly, my situation is very much like yours. My wife is bi—they’d kick her out if they found out—but she definitely prefers women to men. Our, ‘marriage’ is a sham, also. It gets us both out of the BOQ, we both draw housing allowance and live off post—in a far better place than either of could afford on our own.

I went on. “The place is large enough so that we can both do our thing without bothering the other. We’ve done a few three ways, but recently, it’s too often been with a girl that wants to fuck her, more than me—not that it’s not hot, but I generally end up fucking my, ‘wife’. She’s cute, but more and more she’s slipping over to the other side and just does it to keep me happy—she tries, but she’s just not into it. Are you interested?”

“That sounds like a great plan, let’s make it happen.” She replied.

As we arrived at her, marital’ home, she leaned over to kiss me. “Thank you for cumming in my mouth, ass and pussy. You know my hours and weekends are open. Call me.” She fondled my cock through my fatigues.

I replied. “I think this weekend looks good, I’ll check with the, ‘wife’. If she’s got no problems with it, why don’t you plan to stay all weekend? If she gets tired of eating you little pussy, I’m sure I won’t get tired of boning that tight little butt of yours.”

“I’d like that.” Carol said, and got out of the car.

To be continued.

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