Pt. 07 – I Satisfy Seven Ladies

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Pt. 7 — Seven Nights, Seven Satisfied Ladies

Variety is the spice of my sex life

This is my seventh “adults only” fiction sex story.

I strongly recommend you read all my previous stories, in order, before reading this story.

This is a work of fiction; all of my stories are.

The characters are all adults over (well over) the age of 21.

There may be some typos, if so, please forgive me. I AM HUMAN.

Please enjoy!


Saturday night with the Assistant Elementary Principal

The time I spent getting to know Dianna was fun and I could see a future with her.

No, it was not love at first fuck.

Although my large hard cock (her words, not mine) fit her hot wet tight pussy really, really well.

Having just started my adventures to meet and date (meaning having sex) with pretty ladies, I was far from ready to settle down.

But I liked Dianna, a lot, and I knew she liked me. She couldn’t keep her hands off of me!

She assured me that her breasts were all natural and they were in fact, spectacular.

They were ripe, full, firm and more than a handful.

Capped with the longest nipples I had seen to this point.

Those nipples were perfect for sucking and teething and pulling.

Dianna’s nipples were very sensitive, and her pussy ran like a river once I started playing with her magnificent orbs.

She shared with me that her ex-husband was a plastic surgeon and she still owned fifty one percent of the practice. Despite this guy cheating on her, they separated as friends and in addition to the income from the surgery center, she also received an alimony check for the rest of her life, regardless of whether or not she remarried.

Dianna was just 32, looked much younger due to some of the surgeries she had, and she heard her biological clock ticking.

She also got title to the house and was close to paying it off.

Her lifelong passion was teaching, but she had majored in accounting in college and had worked for one of the large firms. After a couple of years, they paid off her college loans and so she was debt free and then she went back to school and got her teaching credential.

Because she had a management role at the accounting firm, she was asked to move into school management, which required yet another degree.

She wasn’t sure what she would do career wise when she got remarried and started to have children.

That wasn’t my issue. Or would it be if something took root between us?

Dianna did ask me if I would look into the finances of the surgery center. She said she was concerned that her ex was running personal expenses through the business, was likely taking some payments for surgeries in cash and that there might be a fictitious person or two on the payroll.

I replied that I had to think about it and would get back to her with a price for my services

“I’ll give you something to think about” she said as she teased my semi into hardness and sucked me to completion, laughing as she swallowed my salty load.

We planned to see each other again, soon.

Saturday night turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.

The real fun started once I got to Dianna’s house.


Sunday night with the Pregnant Lady

I knew that I couldn’t keep fucking both Leann and Melissa because they were each sharing with me some of the conflicts they were having at work.

Melissa wanted the father of her child (Leeann’s son) to grow up and take responsibility for the child they created, and Leann had her own issues with her soon to be ex-husband.

The first thing I did was to introduce Melissa to a family law attorney who could provide guidance and represent her in court if it came to that.

Then, I arranged through my connections to get Melissa a job in accounting at CalTrans. Not in my department!

But before she started her new job, she came over to my condo for a “farewell fuck” on Sunday night and I pounded her, hard, from behind, giving her strong orgasm after orgasm because I knew it would be a long time before she was going to be able to have sex with a man.

She left my place on wobbly legs and a smile on her face along with a pussy oozing of my essence.

She settled right into her new job and was able to get immediate benefits for herself and the baby.

At the same time, after a tearful explanation to her parents, she moved back in with them way down the valley in Atwater.

We broke it off by mutual consent but parted as friends. Melissa was grateful for the job, the introductions and the other support I had provided. There had been some interest in her photos being used commercially but nothing solid had yet materialized.


Monday night with my EXGF

Rylee was a bit overwhelmed with her job running her parent’s restaurants, so she texted me early the next morning (Monday) and asked if I had room for her that night.

That was code for I’m horny and I want you to fuck me silly.

I quickly washed the sheets and remade escort ankara the bed.

She arrived around lunchtime and promptly stripped off and pulled me into the hot tub for playtime.

(I was on my lunch break from my CalTrans job).

I gave her a solid fucking and then, both of us naked, gave her one of my now patented full nude body massages while I semi-listened into a conference call from the office.

The subject matter didn’t involve or interest me, but the boss wanted me on the call and so I did what I was asked.

Rylee feel asleep on the massage table; I covered her up with a blanket and left her sleeping while I finished some spreadsheets that were due at 3pm.

I cooked dinner for her, we snuggled on the couch until bedtime and then after fucking for a bit, she fell into a deep sleep, waking up at 9am.

I was already on the computer but that didn’t stop Rylee from climbing under my desk, unbuckling my pants, pulling both my pants and underwear down, and eating a breakfast of hot semen.

For her second course, she performed a “hot latte blowjob” which I enjoyed so much, she did it twice.

Having cum three times in three hours, I was spent.

By noon she was on her way back to Red Bluff, her tummy full of cum and her pussy still dripping from the night before.


Tuesday night with the Divorced Parent from the 6th Grade Dance

It was our first time to fuck.

I had waited a long time for this.

A very long time.

I’m kidding.

From first handshake to fucking her bareback was right at 72 hours.

From being a total stranger to being naked and dancing in the dark between the sheets didn’t cost me a dime.

No flowers, no dinners.

This was another one of those ladies that I didn’t have to invest time or money in.

I actually made money on this lady; she paid me for taking her photos!

I met Sally on Saturday night at the school dance and at the end of the evening she asked me if she could meet me on Tuesday afternoon, after work, so she could have some professional headshots taken at my studio.

I agreed, she agreed to pay me, and I called her on Monday to confirm.


On the big bed in my photo studio, I was kneeling between Sally’s knees, her legs spread wide before me.

I was naked.

My hands were on my hips; my cock was hard, large, wet and a small pearl of pre-cum adorned my slit.

I wanted to say to her “You missed a bit” but the drop had appeared after she finished sucking me, preparing me to penetrate her pussy.

She lay before me, wearing only a smile, hairless below her eyebrows, her eyes glued to my man pipe, the male sexual organ that had most recently been getting better acquainted with her lips, her tongue, her teeth, her throat and her small hands and those finely manicured fingernails.

My cock had been too large for her to take all the way to the base with her mouth, though she tried.

I gave her an A for effort; she truly was an outstanding cock sucker.

I knew that if I had more time to spend with her, I’d have her deep throating me like a champ in no time.

And, despite her sharing with me that she hated the taste of cum, she seemed to enjoy the pre-cum; and with enough time I was certain she’d soon be swallowing my heavy loads.


Sally showed up just a few minutes early for her appointment, dressed to kill.

Professional, yes.

Hot, no question.

The lady I had rated a 6.5, maybe a 7 at the dance was all dolled up and her new rating was, at a minimum, an 8.

Sally greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Her large breasts, fully covered, and somewhat hidden and strapped in on Saturday night, smashed into my chest.

They felt good, they felt firm.

Sally did need some headshots which we were able to take care of in about half an hour, but she had other needs.


She wanted to be noticed, she wanted to be liked; she wanted to be seen as attractive and desirable.

Sally didn’t come out and say this, but even though I was still inexperienced in the ways of women, it didn’t take Einstein to figure out that only a woman in need, perhaps desperation, would chase a guy on a Tuesday night!

I’ll tell you who — a divorced woman with a kid and that kid spent Tuesday night with their dad.

It’s was Mom’s night out and she wanted something that she knew I could give her.

A large, hard cock.


I’d given her a tour of the place and she was intrigued by all that I had going on, but she seemed mesmerized by some of the more risqué photos that I had taken of Rylee that were up on the walls.

So, we took some of those kinds of shots and one thing quickly led to another.

And she got naked, and I got naked and no, we didn’t play doctor.

Touches led to rubbing and kissing and fondling and … I was about to fuck her for the first time.

She hadn’t been laid in a long while and I could tell by the fragrance of her womanhood she was ready.

More etlik evi olan escortlar than ready.

Her pussy was wet; no, drenched.

Her lower lips were engorged and spread.

Her love button was visible; I had spent ample time devouring her tasty cunt, bringing her several body shaking, screaming orgasms until she begged me to stop.

I could have eaten that pussy all night, but my throbbing cock couldn’t wait any longer.

My hands were on my hips, thrusting my cock out.

Teasing her, I flexed my hardness and it bounced, slapping my belly.

She laughed and I could tell she was impressed by my control.

Her right hand moved from her flat tanned belly south to her pussy.

I’d dined at her Y and knew that she was one very horny lady.

She loved my tongue on her lower lips, on her clit while my right hand spread her cheeks and my middle finger found her rosebud and my left hand snaked up to grab her ample and surprising firm breasts.

I don’t think she’d ever been given so much attention at one time before by a man and I believe that she became overloaded with the pleasure endorphins cursing through her exquisite nude body.


It was a wild fuck session.

I was able to control, delay, my orgasm, all the while I pounded Sally from above, below, sideways, down.

Her pussy was constantly filled with my cock, and I took my time, going slow and fast, deep and shallow, entering her from every angle while she moaned and groaned and came, repeatedly as I controlled her movements with my hands on her beautiful nude body.

I wouldn’t say she was a nymphomaniac, but she loved fucking like no other woman I had met.


I did order in dinner for us and as we ate, nude, in the studio that smelled of raw, unbridled, sex, Sally shared with me her story.

She started by thanking me for giving her such a great fucking, and oh, and the pictures were great too!

I laughed and replied “Anytime.”

Sally told me that she was head of a non-profit. She led the Sacramento Chapter of a national organization and had been married for a few years but was recently divorced.

She said that she was seeing someone, which was somewhat of a surprise to me, given how quickly she jumped into bed with me. Sally followed that up by saying “The person I am seeing is a woman.”

Which kind of stunned me, and I must have looked shocked or surprised because Sally laughed and said “Rick, I had three goals for inviting myself over here tonight. The first was to get the headshots done for my organization’s new website.”

She took a sip of wine and followed that with “The pictures were great especially the sexy ones you took of me.”

I thanked her and said, “Was what your second goal?” to which she replied, “I wanted to get laid, and I wanted you inside of me.”

We both laughed at her directness.

“How did I do?” I asked her and she replied “I’ll tell you when we get finished. We have a few more rounds to go before we’re done.”

“And the third goal?”

“It’s sort of hard to explain Rick, but even though I love my partner, I need to be fucked regularly by a man and I am hoping you’ll be open to seeing me on a regular basis. A dildo isn’t the same as a hard cock. And I like your hard cock.”


Sally was incorrect about a few more rounds.

We ended up fucking all night long, me dumping more than a few loads into her tight wet welcoming pussy.

Sally was highly orgasmic and came more times than I could count.

She slipped out of the building before any of my work neighbors arrived, avoiding the walk of shame.

Before she left Sally kissed me softly on the lips goodbye and laughingly shared with me “My pussy is sore and you’re still dripping out of me!”

I countered with “Is that a problem?” and her retort was “I’m going to miss you and that cock of yours. See you next Tuesday, lover.”

Me, I did my day job from the office upstairs and wondered most of the day how I could be so lucky.


Wednesday and Thursday night with The Boss Lady

Since the wedding I had seen a lot of Leeann.

I had spent more time with her, in person and on the phone, than any other lady I knew.

We always had some serious topics to discuss: her company, her marriage, her son, and Melissa, the girl who was knocked up by her son.

I met with Leeann on Tuesday late afternoon at my studio.

I had the cleaners come in and clean the place, top to bottom.

So, I met her at my studio.

Leeann was appalled when I shared with her all the stuff her son was doing on the road, while on the company dime.

The PI did a great job in words and pictures detailing where he was, what he was doing and how much money he was spending.

I shared everything with her.

(Are you noticing a trend here with Leeann? She isn’t paying any attention to her husband, her business or her son!)

From my office studio she called her offspring up and told him that he had 24 hours demetevler genç escortlar to get back to the office and if he missed the deadline, she was cancelling all of his credit cards and terminating him from the company. And that she’d deal with his behavior when he got home.

She asked me for a referral for a divorce attorney which I gladly provided.

(Attorneys pay me referral fees. That is how the legal profession works … by referral).

While she was with me that afternoon, she did several things, some which sort of surprised me but maybe not, given how angry she was:

First, she had her husband served with divorce papers at the hotel at the room where he was banging a cocktail waitress; second, she voted him off the Board of Directors of the company they jointly owned, and fired him from his role as VP of Sales, essentially putting in the unemployment line; third, she changed the locks on the doors of the house, including the codes to the garage door and had her soon to be ex-husband served with a restraining order, after which she cancelled all of his company credit cards, and fourth, she sued the bank that had allowed her soon to be ex to open up the bank account without any legal paperwork from the company authorizing the new account.

Then, after having a wine glass filled with courage, she called her almost ex’s parents, still living and residing near Reno, and told her what all he did and what all she was doing. While she loved them dearly, she alerted them to the possibility that their son would soon be living with them for the first time in over 20 years.

Then we locked up and I took her up to the mountains where we fucked liked rabbits for the next couple of days.

When her son arrived home from the road, Leeann called him and told him to call and cancel all of his company credit cards.

He was to get moving boxes and meet a security guard at her house where he was to pack all of his father’s clothes and belongings up, then drive them to his grandparent’s home near Reno.

And, while he was doing that he needed to be thinking about where he was going to find another job because his position was being eliminated in 30 days.

He was also to write a letter of forgiveness and apologize to Melissa for his behavior; that he was immature and irresponsible.

While her son was working his ass off, Leeann really enjoyed being naked in the woods with me, once I lathered her up with “Bug Off”.

I gave her nude body plenty of love bites.

We got back to the suburbs late on Friday morning.


Friday with Natalie, the Busty Make-up Artist

Natalie had texted me while I was up in the mountains with Leeann that her husband was leaving for an extended trip on Friday morning and that she really wanted to get started on me taking pictures and videos for her IG Only Fans pages.

We arranged to meet at my studio on Friday afternoon for her first photo shoot.

I wasn’t sure what all Natalie wanted me to do for her except to take pictures and some video but when she arrived she made it clear what she wanted.


She wanted me to fuck her.

And who was I to turn her down?

I knew for sure I’d be fucking her ass again!

I was still setting up the studio with one eye on Natalie who was lying on the bed, nude, diddling her shaved pussy and pulling on her nipples when there was a knock on the door.

“Who in the hell could that be?” I muttered and when I looked at Natalie, she had one eyebrow up, but her slowly breaking smile sort of gave her surprise away.

I answered the door to find a beautiful lady, Charlene, dressed in summer clothes, looking even better than when we were together at the Napa wedding.

“Natalie said we were going to spend the weekend together. Did I come to right place?” she laughed as she walked in to my studio.

Lights, camera, action is the order they say things in the movie business.

That weekend, for my second threesome, there was nothing but action.

Maybe I’ll share the details in my next story.

That was seven ladies in seven nights.

The best week I had ever had.


I want close out this chapter out with an update on the Massage School Owner, Jan.

My PI tracked her leaving the massage school and heading to a local hotel, where she hooked up with a handsome state senator from Los Angeles.

Apparently, they had been lovers while at UCLA but broke up at graduation. Jan’s parents did not want her marrying someone who was not Japanese.

The guy went on to get married and started a family and moving up the election food chain, running for office every few years for a more prestigious title.

Being up in Sacramento four nights a week can be hard duty for a married man (LOL), so Jan and the politico hooked up and he basically had two wives.

One on the weekends in LA with kids, and the other was Jan during the week.

The PI had plenty of pictures and his write-up was solid.

He was actually able to get some videos of them fucking.

I didn’t ask how he did that.

Turns out that Jan was a screamer.

And the Honorable State Senator liked to be spanked.


I had other things to do at the moment, but I’d get back to Jan soon enough.


I’ll be back soon for the next chapter.

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